Monday, March 28, 2011

Paulie Plays Fast and Loose With the Truth

Before the bonehead march that occurred on the 19th, we had posted a news article regarding a reservist who was being investigated as a result of charges that he intended on attending the march and held racist and extremists views. Ever since the Somalia Affair (click here for the CBC overview), the Canadian military has been very sensitive to accusations of harbouring racists and have worked to remove those individuals holding these views.

Well it didn't take Paulie too long to jump at the opportunity to condemn the military for attacking the young soldier who was simply exhibiting European pride:
The comment we highlighted is one that we would like our readers to pay very close attention to. In fact, here it is again:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's Old is New Again: John Beattie Planning, "White Pride" Event in Minden, ON

We've mentioned William John Beattie a few times on these pages as he occasionally posts on Stormfront. To give our readers a bit of an idea about Beattie, here is one of his more recent posts:

His other posts are more or less as coherent most of the time

Beattie's main claim to fame is that, in the 1960s, he was the leader of the Canadian Nazi Party, though he now is the, "leader" of a group by the name of the British People's League, of which he appears to be one of the few members. So, why should we cover this relic of the 60s now?

Perhaps inspired by other recent marches and in an attempt to relive the, "good old days" Beattie is organizing a "White Pride" celebration in Minden, Ontario:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paulie Comments on Calgary March Which He Characterizes as, "Very Successful"

We're about to bring our exclusive coverage of the events of March 19 to a close soon, but we certainly can't conclude the discussion without some input from the grand old man of the bonehead movement, Paulie Fromm.

This past Tuesday, Paulie (pictured here drinking more red wine paid for by his poor followers) spent the first part of his new radio show commenting on the "White Pride" march that took place last Saturday. Now normally we don't like to link to bonehead websites, but we decided to link to this one because it is really, really funny.

Let's just say that while Paulie might have a face for radio, he really doesn't have a voice (click on the link to see what we mean; it really does become quite painful after a while).

Friday, March 25, 2011

Are We Childish? Yes. And Your Point?

Since it's been almost a week since the, "big" event, we thought we would have a little fun with the help of a dear reader/contributor who loves playing with Photoshop.

In a post in which we see the Blood & Honour crowd crying that they aren't able to go to city hall, one can't help but notice Mike Gaio's efforts to rally the troops. One of our readers made the following observation:

I can't stop laughing at puddles in this video!!!! He [Gaio] seriously has some little man syndrome going on... hahahaha "OK guys lets go! I'm the head honcho here now, all you big guys follow under my tiny command." I'd like to rename him Napoleon. 

Well don't we have a treat for you! Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to Michael "Napoleon Puddles" Gaio:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Thoughts on Racist Gang's Use of City Transit

We were aware of the efforts to convince private bus companies in the city of Calgary to deny boneheads planning on marching this past weekend. It appears that the efforts may have been successful:

However, the flip side of this is that they may have ended up getting free transportation.

There has been a lot of concern, justifiably so, about the boneheads being provided with transportation from the location of the march on Saturday on a city bus:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Article from Someone Who Attended the March: Originally Published in "See Magazine"

Confronting Racism — Important Opposition

No reaction would be dangerous, says one Calgary activist

CALGARY — It’s 10:30 a.m. on a chilly Saturday morning and a crowd of around 200 is milling about in front of Calgary city hall. Organizers are updating demonstrators with information received from people at outposts who are keeping an eye on members of Alberta’s latest incarnation of a neo-Nazi group — Blood and Honour.

“They’re moving east on sixth,” says an organizer in a cowboy hat and aviator sunglasses. His name tag reads “Gandalf.” 

Distortionism? What Does that Even Mean?

So we continue to watch the boneheads fall all over themselves to explain why their super successful march on Saturday could have been even more supper successful had everything gone right. You know, except for the multiple arrests that took place before the march. And the fact not a single American came even though many said they would. And that only 16 boneheads participated and the brave, Spartan warriors were held up by some bike cops who eventually called in a bus to take them home where we assume milk and cookies awaited them.

What we didn't speak about in a lot of detail was the lead up to the big event. We did post a note by Mike Gaio who warned the reds that they were, "coming hard." Our friend "Keaton" (William Brant) offered that hopefully the anti-racist would "attack first" which would allow the boneheads to then act in "self-defence":

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey Natalie. You Claimed There Were 30 of You.....

Well, if that's the case, where are the other 14?

"But we want to to city haalllll...... and those big meanies won't let us!"

UPDATE: Despite the whining that they were prevented from reaching their destination, Bill Noble says that the march was a success.

Countdown to delusional rambling in 10....


People Can Change: Another Example

No commentary really necessary:

Published: March 22, 2011 9:00 AM
Updated: March 22, 2011 9:14 AM

Just 10 years ago, ex-skinhead Daniel Gallant would have never imagined a day when he would help organize an anti-racism rally and hug a gay man.

"Absolutely not," the 36-year-old said Monday shortly before he did both outside the Prince George courthouse where about had 75 people gathered for the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, designated as such by the United Nations to mark the deaths in 1960 of 69 protesters at an anti-apartheid rally in South Africa

Monday, March 21, 2011

Calgarians Comment on "White Pride" Rally. Consensus? Fail.

We've been enjoying some of the YouTube video uploads regarding the "White Pride" march that took place on Saturday. If the marchers were intent on making themselves into public laughing stocks, mission accomplished:

The completely lovely... er... CompletelyLovely also managed to gain herself an audience of bonehead who exhibited their racial pride by, in at least one case, suggesting she should be hung for daring to mock them (such thin skin folks!):

Reitmeier Whines

Robby doesn't seem to think we were fair when we commented on his arrest:

Yes Robby. You were the victim. Again.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aftermath: Identifying Boneheads

So we've been looking at the photos that have been sent to us and that have been published by the media. So far we have been able to identify a few of the 16 (not 30m Natalie) boneheads who were present. They are, in no particular order:
  • Natalie S.
  • Michael "Puddles" Gaio
  • Curtis Erickson
  • Jonathan Besler

"White Pride" March a Failure? Not According to Boneheads

Hey, we call them boneheads for a reason.

The "Calgary Sun" published the following article:

Last Updated: March 19, 2011 11:09pm

Calgary police, out in full force in the downtown, kept sparring white-pride supporters and anti-racists a safe distance apart for several hours Saturday.

Given about 200 anti-racists and 16 white-pride supporters — with a shared history of confrontations — chose to hold simultaneous rallies, dozens of police stood guard between the two and kept the factions a block apart.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Edmonton Bonehead Case Delayed Two Weeks

These four had been promoting the march that occurred on Saturday and would likely have attended had they not been otherwise, well, busy.

And while we are happy that these men are facing the consequences of their actions, we do find ourselves saddened by this brief article as well:

Annual neo-Nazi march in Calgary fizzles

So it has been universally determined by most thinking people that the bonehead march today was a complete failure. Here we have an account published by, "The Globe & Mail" a little while ago:

Annual neo-Nazi march in Calgary fizzles 
Canadian Press and Globe Staff
Globe and Mail Update
Published Saturday, Mar. 19, 2011 4:50PM EDT
Last updated Saturday, Mar. 19, 2011 5:48PM EDT
With the movement's foremost figure in prison for the second year in a row, an annual neo-Nazi march in Calgary has flopped. 

There was plenty of anger but no violent confrontation after police kept neo-Nazi and anti-racist groups apart at parallel rallies in downtown Calgary Saturday. 

About 200 members of Anti-Racist Action Calgary gathered at Calgary city hall after word that the neo-Nazi group, Blood of Honour, was planning a march. 

But the 16 members of Blood of Honour, chanting “White Pride Worldwide” found their paths blocked by Calgary Police officers, including riot squad members, who cordoned off several streets in the downtown. 

"The anti-racists succeeded."

One of the first msm accounts of the bonehead march and counter rally:

Two arrested during white pride rally, counter demonstration
By Jen Gerson, Calgary Herald March 19, 2011 3:01 PM

At least two protesters were believed to have been arrested during a white power rally, and anti-racism counter demonstration held downtown on Saturday morning.

First Account of the Rally and More Pictures.

We received this report of the march from one of our longtime readers. Suffice it to say that the boneheads seemed a little bit deflated by the turnout:

Reitmeier Arrested During March

Despite claiming that the members of WEB would not be appearing at the march we knew that they wouldn't be able to keep away. Here is Robert Reitmeier being taken into custody at city hall at around 9:40 am, before the anti-racist rally was to begin at that location:

We might guess that Benson, Martin, Brozny and other WEB were perhaps lurking around somewhere nearby as well.

Twitter Updates of Rally

Found here.

Also here.

By all accounts, between 12 and 15 boneheads showed up to march, however it seems as if the police stood in the way of any contact between the racists and the anti-racist activists. Three people appear to have been taken into custody, one from the anti-racist side and two from the boneheads. This, however, isn't entirely certain.

We're sure we'll be able to provide more details soon.

Very Well Written and Researched "Globe" Story on Calgary WN Movement

Normally we would post the whole article, however it is quite extensive and detailed so we invite our readers to go directly to the source:

Calgary’s in-your-face neo-Nazis take to the streets

Full disclosure. ARC was in contact with Mr. Wingrove and provided some background information about the Movement in Calgary. We hope that we were at least a little bit helpful, but even if we weren't it is evident that Mr. Wingrove was able to provide the general public a great deal of insight into the racist movement in Calgary. Perhaps the one quibble we have with the article is with the labelling of some of the pictures. Two of the photos in the story seem to identify the subjects as Aryan Guard supporters, however they are in fact members of W.E.B. This however is pretty minor and doesn't take away from the article itself.

The article was timed to come out during the morning of the march on Saturday, which we guess is today (damn insomnia).

We have also included a link to the article in our selected bibliography on the left side of the blog.

Friday, March 18, 2011

March on Saturday

So, will the boasts of the boneheads turn out to be true that this will be their biggest showing in Calgary yet, or will it, as we suspect, be a dud?

Not entirely sure.

No matter how it turns out though, we ask our dear readers who attend the counter rally send us their pictures and accounts of how things go down. We also ask our readers who may wish to show their solidarity with the anti-racists to head to City Hall downtown to attend their rally.

O, that a man might know
The end of this day's business ere it come!
But it sufficeth that the day will end,
And then the end is known.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

McKee Pleads Guilty: Sentenced to 27 Days

Oh, don't think for a moment that we forgot about Kyle McKee's hearing today.

Today, Kyle McKee plead guilty to charges of uttering threats which were directed at Jason Devine. As a result, McKee was given 60 days. As he has already been in custody for 33 days, he will spend another 27 days in a place where he will be unable to harm anyone.

And yes, we are disappointed that it wasn't longer.

Still, there were a few other interesting things we learned today during the hearing. We had received word last night that Lee Ebel had been released sometime yesterday and we passed that information to our friends in Calgary. According to Devine, who wrote about the hearing today, Lee Ebel was present in the court house and attended the hearing.

More Trouble For Boneheads Planning on Attending Calgary Rally

We suspect we know who this is (meaning, we know exactly who this person is), but as he is a minor we won't publish his name.

Military investigates racist claims by teen who plans to attend Calgary white pride rally

By Jamie Komarnicki and Jason van Rassel,
Calgary Herald
March 17, 2011

As Calgary police gear up to monitor a white pride rally on Saturday, a Winnipeg-based teenage Canadian Forces member who’s apparently intending to attend the event is being investigated by the military over “serious allegations of racist activity.”

Capt. Karina Holder of the Canadian Forces Military Police said a probe was launched after the allegations came to light this week.

The 17-year-old reservist’s name isn’t being released, but Holder said he’s a “recent entry” to the Canadian Forces.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Black Book? Who the Hell Are the Black Book?

First, we've been made aware that someone with the initials "K.S." is interested in contacting us. We are open to a discussion so we ask that you leave your email in the comments and we will be in touch with you (we prefer not to talk by phone).

That said, we were mildly amused when we read one of the latest articles, albeit a brief one, concerning the events planned for this Saturday:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

W.E.B. Claims They Will Not Attend March 19 Rally

We aren't usually in the business of acting as a press release for bonehead gangs, and we really think our readers need to be skeptical about this for a variety of reasons, but we figured we would post this message which purports to be from Robert Reitmeier since it concerns W.E.B.'s participation in the bonehead rally on March 19.

W.E.B. Will not be attending any planned C-18/ATB event in Calgary this year. reasons are our own. Take from this what you like. From past experiences it has proven the media likes to use our pictures/videos in these events while labeling our members/associates under false names and incorrect affiliations.


We take this with a grain of salt (for instance, it might not even be Reitmeier who wrote this message), though given the antipathy W.E.B. has towards any group in which Kyle McKee is a member, it shouldn't be unexpected that they would decide not to participate.

Anti-Racist Rallies That Have Been Organized

We aren't sure what will come of the bonehead rally that was scheduled for March 17, however if there is anything that goes down, we would ask our readers who take pictures to share them if they are willing to do so. If you have our email, send them to us directly; if you don't have it then leave your email as a comment and we will get back to you (your email will not be published).

In the meantime, we would like to let our readers know of the anti-racist rallies being held in Calgary and in British Columbia.

First, this announcement from organizers of the rally in Calgary:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tremaine Going to Trial

Man. Body blow after body blow this week.

Neo-Nazi Terry Tremaine (pictured in the picture -- taken August 22, 2010 -- to the right of Paul Fromm) is scheduled to go on trial on hate crimes charges:

Former U of S lecturer Terrence Tremaine to stand trial on promoting hatred charge

Leader-Post staff
March 14, 2011
REGINA — A former university lecturer will stand trial on a charge of promoting hatred.

Terrence Cecil Tremaine, who previously lectured at the University of Saskatchewan, learned Friday that the case would go to trial after Regina Provincial Court Judge Bruce Henning determined the Crown had offered enough evidence during a preliminary hearing that a trial was warranted.

To March Or Not to March?

First more on the bonehead arrest front. Most of our readers who are well versed in their knowledge of the Canadian WP movement will recognize the name Jordan Hamelin. Since he was a minor for much of the existence of this blog we haven't specifically mentioned him by name, however he has been a player of sorts for some time..... and our longtime readers know exactly what we are talking about so we'll leave it at that.

We received a report today claiming that Hamelin has been jailed due to parole violations. So far we haven't received a secondary source to verify the accuracy of this report, but the source that provided us the information has been pretty reliable so we thought we would go with it. Hamelin and other Hamilton-area boneheads had stated they planned on attending the March 19 WP rally in Calgary this coming Saturday, so we don't know if this has changed any of their plans.

Of course it begs the question, will there be a march at all? As John Marleau pointed out on Stormfront, the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour/Combat 18/ATB/MENSA/Friar's Club has been left devoid of experienced organizers as a result of some recent arrests:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bernie Miller Tries to Shut Down ARC Blog

First, thanks to John Marleau. Without you leaving the comment, we wouldn't have been able to read Bernie's status update.

Looks like Bernie Miller (who goes by the pseudonym "14aryan88" online) is a bit troubled by being outed:

Let's take down the ARC blog!

Here's the link to report them [provides link], pick the report as "Posting personal information" and fill out the short form and send it in to Google! I am sending about 10 reports a day and I have a few others sending around the same!

Miller then goes on to provide a website to complain to Blogger about us.

Marleau later comments, "I just filled it out" which allowed us to read the update.

Gee. We thought you guys believed in freedom of speech.

Poor Bernie here doesn't realize that he's engaged in an exercise in futility. If he were to read the requirements for a complaint, he might find the following:

Another Blood & Honour Member, This Time in Calgary, In Custody?

Continuing the theme of the last few weeks, we've learned that another bonehead, this time in Calgary, may currently be in custody:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow. Nice Job Todd Babiak. More on Edmonton Bonehead Assault Case.

We were sent a link on Facebook that posted a screenshot of a recent "Edmonton Journal" article regarding the alleged hate crime that occurred in Edmonton last month:

After a brief search, we found the article in question online. Suffice it to say Mr. Babiak does a fantastic job exposing the bankrupt views of these people:
Hate-crime incidents unlikely to build neo-Nazi popularityRacist philosophy can't do any better than remain on fringe 
By Todd Babiak, Edmonton Journal March 12, 2011 EDMONTON - This week, the Edmonton police hate crimes unit charged four men with assault and other offences. 
The men were distributing flyers for a white nationalist organization called Blood and Honour, which will hold a rally in Calgary later this month. 
 One of the accused, Keith Virgil Decu, claims to be a druid on a metaphysical chat group and lists German neo-pagan spirituality and cooking as interests and activities on his Facebook page. Another of the accused, James Brooks, is an artist. On his Facebook page he claims the charges stem from a "horrible night" of "drunken stupidity."  
Brooks, when we spoke on the phone this week said he was "a well-established artist." 
His tone was exceedingly formal. 
"I guess I'm someone you'd call a revolutionary, visionary artist. I like to push the boundaries. But my art has nothing to do with what happened that night." 
Brooks plays the lead role in a forthcoming low-budget film, Blue Eyed Devil, directed by Edson-based filmmaker kelvin Zawadiuk, about a violent neo-Nazi. 
"James is a really intelligent guy, really charismatic," Zawadiuk said. "He has a real screen presence and he was perfect for this, a skinhead character. It's an ode to the 1970s and 1980s exploitation movies, a character study, a man descending into madness. It's just meant to terrify you." 
Travis Watzenberg, from Blood and Honour, confirmed that Brooks and the other accused aren't members of his organization.  
"We're the figureheads and speakers of the movement," he wrote, in an e-mail, "the intellectual types if you will. Blood and Honour is more of a philosophical group. I don't think these guys were deliberately trying to make us look bad but they've succeeded in doing so." 
There is an online photograph of another of the accused, Jason Anderson, posing with a punching bag, a Nazi flag and two pitbulls, but other than that it sounds like those involved with white power would be more comfortable in a chandelier-lit salon, sipping Liebfraumilch, watching kinky art films and reading quotations from Mein Kampf than punching people outside nightclubs. 
Some historians find the roots of German nationalism during the Renaissance, when the dominant Italians mocked them for their lack of sophistication. Its eventual peak, as Nazism, was also a reaction to feelings of humiliation and inferiority after the First World War. Hitler was a frustrated artist, a romantic idealist, a loser with a desperate desire to win. 
Leaders of contemporary white nationalism have borrowed from Hitler's reading list -misreadings of Arthur de Gobineau, Friedrich Nietzsche and Oswald Spengler -and they've expanded it to include their own versions of decline: immigration, multiculturalism, pluralism, demographic trends and race-mixing. These men are, like their spiritual leader, unhappy and underemployed, the authors of absurd, self-pitying terms like "reverse racism." 
The fact is, if you're a healthy white man and you can't succeed in Alberta, in 2011, there's only one person to blame. 
In Canada, we protect everyone's right to sit in salons and philosophize, to publish books and make movies about the superiority of the poor, picked-on white race. The philosophy will be as weak, as limiting and destructive as it ever was, as it is for all racial nationalists -white, black, Asian, aboriginal or Arab -for religious or even ideological purity. 
When hate remains in the realm of free expression, we're all better off for it. No one is going to rid the world of these ideas. They belong in the marketplace. The trouble is, no matter how inconvenient it may be for the classy intellectual neo-Nazis, it's an inherently violent philosophy. From time to time, young men with trouble finding girlfriends or jobs or hot cars are bound to start believing the speeches. 
"We do strongly advocate for freedom of speech," said Const. Ken Smith of the Edmonton police hate crimes unit. "We have no trouble with people having white nationalist views."
Despite the four men charged with hate crimes this week, Smith does not sound worried.
"These guys clearly see this is not a popular societal opinion," he said. "It's a unique issue. You don't see one person, not one, standing up and saying, 'I know why he did that.' No one's with them." 
The revulsion we feel at seeing a swastika is more powerful than any arguments a white supremacist can make at a rally. Zawadiuk is on to something: we are terrified, and bewildered. It remains important for us to express, freely and respectfully, that we do have trouble with white nationalist views.

While we really enjoyed his article (which seems to use some of what ARC had written as source material, at least in part), Bernie Miller (who is using the pseudonym "Travis Watzenberg" below) appears somewhat troubled by it:

Well, at least we enjoyed reading it.

Sieg Fail. Again.

We had heard rumblings of a rally organized by boneheads aligned to Combat 18 which was to take place today in London, Ontario. There were claims that upwards of 50 members of the violent bonehead gang would show up, a number that was repeated yesterday in the "London Free Press":

Neo-Nazi group plans local protest
Police: Councillor upset

By Joe Belanger The London Free Press
Last Updated: March 11, 2011 9:38pm

Police and city officials are bracing for a protest Saturday by a “violent, neo-Nazi” group outside city hall.

The Free Press has learned upwards of 50 members of the so-called Combat 18 will gather at 1 p.m. Saturday, but it’s unclear of its focus.

Bonehead Admits Assault; Claim Self-defence

Well it looks like "14aryan88"has admitted that the incident involving four Edmonton boneheads assaulting bystanders unprovoked did in fact occur, despite claims by Brooks to the contrary. Except that he's saying that none of them have anything to do with Blood & Honour. And that they were attacked first and are the real victims:

Sorry if this rings just a little bit hollow to us. For example, where did said shovel come from? When we hit the town bar hopping, as a general rule we don't take garden tools with us.

It's at this point that we figure we should introduce our readers to "14aryan88" formerly of the White Nationalist Legion, but which was absorbed by Calgary's Blood & Honour movement:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Something That Might Inspire Some Hope

We will continue to discuss the upcoming marches that are being planned in Alberta and, as we are now aware, Ontario (no, not Toronto.... he-who-will-not-be-named couldn't organize a trip to the zoo for more than himself), but today we thought we would post something a little different.

We in the Collective don't believe that once an individual has embraced a racist ideology, that that person is forever lost. We are honestly very happy when people who were once ardent racists have summoned the courage to look deep within themselves and realize that they have been wrong and that they want to change. We have been sent numerous emails from former haters who are sorry for the pain they have cause others and are now trying to lead productive lives and even prevent others from following the path that they once felt trapped by.

The following is from one such individual. We received permission to re-print a section of that person's email here:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arrest Made In MLK. Jr Day Terrorist Act; Canadian Link

Well, sort of a Canadian link. It's more than a bit tenuous, but we need a bit of a break from the usual boneheads we cover.

As some of our readers may be aware, Congressmen Peter King began his McCarthyite hearings on the "radicalization" of American Muslims. Word is that during the hearings when mention was made of neo-Nazi terrorism, Mr. King responded that there hadn't been a terrorist act committed by a neo-Nazi in years. Evidently he was unaware of the arrest made the day before of Kevin Harpham, former member of the National Alliance and prolific poster on the VNN forums (as discovered by TPM) under the name, "Joe Snuffy." Harpham is accused of planting a rat poison laced explosive device along the path of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade route. And not a fake one designed to intimidate. This was the real deal.

But we suppose this type of terrorism isn't of concern to Mr. King, just as the IRA (whom King actively supported in the 1980s and 1990s) aren't a concern either.

Uhm, Does This Seem a Bit Naive?

We aren't going to post the who article because it is a rehash of what was posted yesterday (you can read it here if you wish), but when we read this part, we sort of had a collective, "wtf" moment:

The group is scheduled to hold a rally in Calgary this month, which is expected to draw people from all over North America. Smith doesn't believe the rally will provoke more hate crimes , but said police will be keeping a watchful eye.

"I believe they will peacefully demonstrate and express their views. I hope and believe this was a one-off where this group went out and decided to do something criminal that night," said Smith, who noted police are aware of similar groups in Edmonton, but he doesn't believe they are growing in size.

"We have no concerns about the views they have. They have the right to express that, but not when it becomes criminal."

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Brooks Proclaims Innocence and More on Anderson

Guilty by association is always the case. A horrible night in which I am now deemed something that I am not by a night of drunken stupidity by me and some newly acquainted individuals, of whom I decided to partake in drink with. Then we have the twisted facts and over embellished stories by the media and others there due to what was said.

So says James Brooks, one of the four men accused of being involved in what has been described as a hate crime on February 12. Brooks evidently posted this on his Facebook profile yesterday and a mutual friend sent it to us.

Apparently it was all a big misunderstanding. Brooks was never a member of Blood & Honour. In fact, he barely knew any of the other three who were involved in the crime.

More on that later.

In the meantime, shall we introduce our readers to one of the other accused in the crime? Yes, I do believe we shall:

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Accused Named In Suspected Edmonton Hate Crime: James Brooks One of the Accused

Not to long ago, we learned that the White Nationalist Legion, which seemed little more than an Internet group, had folded itself into the larger Blood & Honour movement as represented by the former Aryan Guard in Calgary. We knew a few of the names of the people involved, including Bernie Miller, Kosak, and James Brooks. And now, due to their gross stupidity, we suspect we now know a few more names now:

Crimes motivated by hate, police say
The hate crimes unit of Edmonton Police has laid numerous charges against four men who allegedly assaulted two men and a woman and made hateful comments against lesbian or gay and non-white people on Whyte Avenue last month.

Oh, you are a naughty, naughty boy John Marleau!

John Marleau is currently on probation (perhaps in relation to the incident involving the attack on the LRC worker). One of the requirements of that probation is that he not consume or being in possession of alcohol.

How's he making out with that?

Here are a few pictures of Marleau at the birthday party of a girl who is around 16 years old (most of the others were minors as well). The title of the album these photos come from was "A******'s Birthday Party. SO MUCH BLOW... EVERYWHERE." Also included are his comments asking that the photos be removed, as he knew full well he was in violation of his probation:

Monday, March 07, 2011

March 2011 Bits and Bites: The "Where Are They Now?" Edition

As we continue to creep up on March 19 when the planned bonehead rally may or may not occur (what, with McKee in jail and all) we thought we would take a moment to look back at one bonehead who had fallen off our radar for a while and another who we wish would fall into a hole.

That latter person is Richard Martin. Big, dumb, and ugly has managed to find his way to Calgary and is presumably living with his life partner Andrew Benson. That is until he inevitably screws up and ends up back behind bars himself.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Evidence that Some Aryan Guard Members May Have Known Who Was Involved in IED Attack in November 2009

First of all, kudos to our friends at the One People's Project.

Back in November 2009, Tyler Sturrup and his girlfriend Carolyne Kwiatek were the targets of an IED attack. Sturrup was a member of WEB and Carolyne had formerly been in some sort of relationship with John Marleau (for the sake of your stomach, try not to picture that) so it was suspected that Marleau and other Aryan Guard members might have been involved. Marleau was arrested, but released when it was determined there wasn't enough evidence to hold him. However, after searching his residence where bomb making materials were found, a warrant for Kyle McKee's arrest was issued. McKee and a 17 year-old co-accused took off running, almost being caught in Saskatchewan. Both were eventually captured in Manitoba, first the 17 year-old, then McKee himself. McKee was transported back to Calgary to face charges. Unfortunately the Crown prosecutor decided that there wasn't enough evidence to link McKee to the crime of attempted murder, so an agreement was reached whereby McKee would plead to lesser charges.

Not long after the IED attack and during the trial, McKee's friends in the Movement rallied around him and proclaimed his innocence. When attempted murder charges were dropped. Paul Fromm celebrated the release of, "political leader" Kyle McKee. Former Aryan Guard member Bill Noble chimed in:

Situation in Libya: Gaddafi Victim of Jewish Propaganda Campaign and Evil Zionist (Not Really)

Well, at least according to disgraced former member of the Canadian diplomatic corp., Ian V. Macdonald by way of Paul Fromm:

Anyone with any knowledge of the Canadian racist movement shouldn't be surprised by Macdonald's defence of the Gaddafi regime which is currently trying to hang on to power, killing thousands Libyan citizens in the process. In 1987, Macdonald organized a Canadian delegation to Tripoli to commemorate the American bombing of Libya the previous year. Warren Kinsella also noted a link between Macdonald and the Gaddafi regime:

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Aryan Guard Vandal Sentenced Delayed

Not long before the IED attack which would overshadow the story, the msm and our blog covered a story regarding vandalism at a Jewish community center in Calgary. We were sent information about who may have did it a few weeks later, but as the individual was a minor, we didn't publish the name at the time. Eventually the individual was arrested and later plead guilty resulting in Calgary's first hate crime conviction.

Today we learned that the sentence would be delayed until after his meeting with a victim of the Holocaust:

Thursday, March 03, 2011

American Front Leader David Lynch Murdered

On March 2, 2011, David Lynch of the American Front was murdered in Sacramento, California. At this point we are not aware of any arrests having been made or motive behind the murder. Another person, a 33 year old woman, was also shot, though she is expected to recover.

We usually confine our research to the state of affairs in Canada, however this story does have a number of Canadian links. For example Paul Fromm has been a featured speaker at a relatively recent American Front function, as evidenced by the photograph on the right. There are a few other connections. Lynch lived in Canada for a time according to the following story:

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Boneheads Turning on Paulie?

Oh, K.G. You make it so hard not to make fun of you.

No, we're not going to discuss, "he who shall remain unnamed" even though the exchanges on Stormfront are hilarious. However, when we were reading through the comments, we did come across one that we felt we should share with our readers:

McKee Trial Rescheduled

We received a message confirming that McKee's trial (or perhaps hearing) has been pushed back to March 9. Apparently he has an outstanding warrant in Saskatchewan, perhaps related to the pipe bomb incident in November 2009. Speculation, but we don't think it an unreasonable guess on our part.

We'll keep our readers up to date with information as we receive it.