Thursday, August 31, 2017

"Proud Boys" Who Disrupted Indigenous Ceremony Receive Slap On Wrist

In July I posts a story concerning five active members of the military who disrupted a ceremony in Halifax being conducted by members of the Mi'kmaw nation and their supporters. The men were also supporters of the Proud Boys, a chauvinistic and nationalistic hate group founded by Gavin McInnes soon to be formerly of "The Rebel" and who has his own history of bigotry to contend with.

I was surprised by the reaction to the story; as of this day the article has been viewed 167,810 times and resulted in national and even international coverage. The top military brass were even forced to acknowledge the situation promising an investigation and repercussions for behavior embarrassing the CAF. I was even hopeful that something might actually happen.

Well.... that hope appears to have been misplaced:
Military personnel in Proud Boys incident return to regular dutyNo criminal charges or demotions against men who disrupted an Mi’kmaw ceremony in Halifax
By Elizabeth McMillan, CBC News Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:35 AM AT Last Updated: Aug 31, 2017 7:45 PM AT
Four of the five Canadian Forces personnel who said they were members of the group the Proud Boys and disrupted a Mi'kmaw ceremony in Halifax on July 1 have resumed their regular duties with the military but remain on probation.
Oh, probation. I guess that's something. Not much of something, mind you.
Newton said the four remaining servicemen, who are now being monitored, must pass a probation period in order to continue with the military. 
He wouldn't spell out the exact disciplinary measures the members have faced but said they were removed from their workplaces and weren't allowed to handle classified material. 
Newton said the members are experiencing professional setbacks and personal consequences in their units and the community. 
None of the men received demotions or were moved as a result of their behaviour. Newton said being on probation limits what they can accomplish professionally.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

WCAI Not Really Enjoying Spotlight As Much As They Thought They Would

Well, it hasn't been a great time to be a member (one of the few) of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam. First they were humiliated in Vancouver resulting in Joey DeLuca and Jesse Wielengablaming others for the failure:

And this past weekend they and the North American Freedom Fighters (formerly the equally laughably names Canadian Combat Coalition) were outnumbered by a factor of close to four to one by the good people of Calgary as evidenced by the videos taken by participants in counter-protest including this one:

But because they are gluttons for punishment, the WCAI, Guardians of Alberta (which had merged with the CCC which then became the NAFF), and the rest of the gang have decided to organize another event in Calgary for September 3:

Now these people do like being the center of attention.... on their terms. But they certainly haven't enjoyed the attention they have been receiving in the press and it is resulting in some internal struggles because keeping track of lies can be really hard.

Let's take Jesse Wielenga as a case in point:

Jesse is currently planning a rally in Winnipeg but has been called out not only by ARC and other anti-fascist and anti-racist activists, but by the msm:
'I'm fighting for Canadian culture' Brandonite defends ‘anti-Islam’ group
In a combative phone interview with The Brandon Sun on Saturday, Jesse Wielenga, a 30-year-old father of two who works as a pipefitter in Alberta and has a residence in Brandon, snapped back at the suggestion the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam Canada is a hate group. 
He insists he is not a white supremacist despite posting a slogan on Facebook with white-supremacist origins. He also refuses to call himself a racist in spite of racist comments he posted and endorsed on social media.
This month, Wielenga wrote the coded term "14 WORDS" in response to a Facebook comment. He also clicked the "Like" button on the comments "1488" and "hail victory," references to neo-Nazi attitudes. 
The messages are recognized as coded terms used by white supremacists and neo-Nazis, which may shield the statement from being perceived as overtly racist.
I will remind our readers of the kind of posts Jesse has made to both Facebook and Twitter which the "Brandon Sun" is referring too for context:

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 27, 2017: Calgary Anti-Muslim Rally and Counter Protest

I'll try to update this as often as I am able to.

I'll start off with the plans of the III% Alberta "security" detail:

If the numbers hold, it looks like there will be between 30 and 60 members of the Canadian Combat Coalition North American Freedom Fighters, WCAI, and III%ers. I'm guessing members of the Street Church may also make an appearance and perhaps some SoO members. On the other side, it looks like there may be 80 - 200 counter protesters based on social media posts. Of course no one will know until the event takes place.

In the meantime, the wit and wisdom of who I and others suspect is Ryan Dean:

Truly, the hallmarks of a superior intellect.

UPDATE 1: Well, it's the "big" day. 

I don't think the III%ers, WCAI, or North American Freedon Fighters are enjoying themselves though:


In the aftermath of another failed rally, Joey DeLuca, posting on Tom's Facebook page, attempts to minimize his involvement in the day's event:

Well, one might argue that cynically using an elderly veteran and national anthem as props would call into question your integrity, but that would assume you had some integrity to begin with since you have once again suggested people be murdered by speeding cars: 

Oh. So NOW you acknowledge the racism and antisemitism that you continuously denied and lied about despite all the evidence? And nice how you throw members of the group you created under the bus. I wonder how Jesse feels about that? 

It's also cute that he seems to think that a splash of new paint and a public adjustment of his message will fool people: 

Hmmm, Joey writes he wants to rescue people fleeing oppression by extremists. Well, conveniently Canada is doing just that. They are referred to as refugees, although Joey had, until today, referred to those same people he now desperately wants to save so that he could eat donairs while lighting up some hash from the the Moroccan Rif as "human sewage" and "parasites."

Joey will forgive me for questioning his Road to Damascus moment here. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

PEGIDA Canada Rally in London, ON

As a result of their first public rally where they were swamped by those who opposed them PEGIDA Canada had been until today very quiet about their protests, instead opting for "flash protests" where the time and location was never announced and disseminated only among participants. They decided to change that strategy announcing a rally to be held in London, ON today. The good people of London, including multi-faith groups, organized to oppose them.

Well, much like the attempted WCAI rally in Vancouver last weekend, there seems to be a substantial number of counter-protesters in London opposing PEGIDA Canada:

In fact it appears PEGIDA Canada and their III% allies are outnumbers approximately 10 to 1:
Most of the people at City Hall were opposed to PEGIDA​. CBC News reporter Amanda Margison estimated there were 40 PEDIGA supporters and 400 counter-protesters.
It does seem however that at least some members of PEGIDA Canada showed up as did some of their ideological allies. For example, III% Ontario member Spencer Polap was apparently present....

....and was apparently arrested:

An arrest appears to be confirmed by the CBC, though they only state the person arrested was from the "anti-Islam side" without providing a name.
UPDATE: It has also been brought to my attention that Spencer Polap is leading this effort to raise money for Kevin "Poodle" Johnston's camera man and blaming an independent journalist for the attack, despite evidence and eyewitnesses placing that journalist at an entirely different location and in other witnesses who in fact call into question Johnston's entire story:

Perhaps our readers would like to contact the police while Mr. Polap is in custody (1-519-661-5670)? And maybe ARC readers will help take this page down?

Other supporters of PEGIDA who showed up include Eric Brazau, Arthur Smitherman, a few members of the Canadian Combat Coalition, Lynn Redden of the Suffragettes Against Silence (an anti-Muslim group she created), and Charlene O'Farrell:
Charlene O'Farrell of Canadians United 4 Canada was present and made a video in which Christopher Hayes of the WCAI (also convicted of threatening the prime minister) and Kevin Goudreau commented.

The comments left on another of O'Farrell's videos are most enlightening as well:

CBC London is covering the event on twitter:

As the event ended, the PEGIDA Canada members and their supporters were lead out by the police:

Friday, August 25, 2017

Anti-Muslim Protest Permit Revoked in Grand Prairie; Another Planned For Edmonton

We had been hearing about plans for an anti-Muslim rally to be held in Grand Prairie, AB tomorrow, however it seems that they have hit a wee bit of a snag:

And while they blame "antifa", Trudeau, communists, George Soros, and the boogyman hiding under their beds, it looks like it might have been the groups' involved own extremist views that caused the government of the community to reconsider the wisdom of issuing a permit:

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Anti-Government Rally in Calgary August 27: Canadian Combat Coalition Collapse and III% Schism

Another day, another futile and rather impotent rally.

The North American Freedom Fighter (formerly the Canadian Combat Coalition, but I'll get to that soon enough) is planning a rally for August 27 because they really don't have anything better to do with their time apparently:

Joey DeLuca, who has otherwise been fairly quiet since his failed efforts in Vancouver, has also started to promote the event:


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Salzberg and DeLuca Finally Respond to Vancouver Failure; DeLuca Blames CAP and SoO

When the members of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (based primarily in Alberta) and the Cultural Action Party (based almost exclusively in British Columbia) along with the Soldiers of Odin no-showed their own rally just because at least 4,000 people showed up who would have none of their shit, Joey DeLuca and Brad Salzberg were both very quiet for quite a long time.

And who could blame them? They were rather humiliated. One might even suggest that they were made cuckolds, at least to use the terminology that they themselves have used to describe those whom they view as their enemy.

Others were initially left to try to explain what happened. The usual excuse of "the counter protesters were paid by George Soros" was offered, as well as impugning the good people who showed up. My personal favorite though is the guy who claimed the reports were the result of "fake news" and that the counter protesters were ACTUALLY outnumbered by the "patriots" by 100 to 1:

Yes, the delusions are very strong with these ones.

Eventually though, DeLuca and Salzberg would have to come out and explain what the hell went wrong.

The first to do so was Salzberg himself who tries to put a brave face on the disaster:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Anti-Fascists Confront La Meute in Quebec City.

In one of the opening scenes of the Charlottesville Vice documentary, one individual stated that he had driven 12 hours from Canada to attend the event:

Well activists were able to track down information about him and one other Canadian participating in the hate rally. At least one of the men is was a member of the Quebec hate group La Meute:
“Twelve hours from our car -- we've been driving from north of the border,” one of the men says in the VICE News documentary, speaking in accented English. “In Canada, hurting people's feelings is basically illegal.” 
According to the anti-racist group, one of those men is a known member of La Meute, a far-right Quebec-based anti-Islam group. 
In an interview with CTV Montreal, however, La Meute spokesperson Sylvain Brouillette said the outed individual claims that he is not a white supremacist but nevertheless voluntarily withdrew his membership Tuesday night so as not to implicate La Meute with his personal actions. 
La Meute, which has hosted demonstrations against radical Islam and illegal immigration, mostly operates as a private Facebook group -- a necessity, Brouillette said, as members fear losing their jobs if they were to be outed. The group, he said, will still go ahead with a planned demonstration in Quebec City on Sunday.
La Meute was at the time planning for their own march/rally in Quebec city to be held today. Reports are that La Meute are wildly outnumbered by anti-fascists and were, at least as of the writing of this article, holed up in a parking garage. Nora Loreto‏ is currently reporting on what is going on:

All You Fascists Bound To Lose


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Vancouver: Massive Counter-Protest While WCAI No-Show

Joey DeLuca and Jesse Wielenga of WCAI have been in the news as a result of their plans to hold a rally in Vancouver along with the Cultural Action Party and Soldiers of Odin:

The media coverage has focused in part on the hypocrisy of Deluca claiming to be a "law and order" advocate despite a long criminal record himself as well as their claims to not be racist even though the vice-president promotes neo-Nazi views.

Joey has responded in his usual bellicose manner:

They do and say what they want, eh?

Well, what happens when 4,000 to 5,000 counter-protesters show up to oppose them?
Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms

Credit: JAEmms
Well, suddenly they aren't so brave:

Yes, the screen shot above is likely from a parody site, but it's still funny.

More to come, but for now suffice it to say thank you Vancouver!

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Very, Very, Bad Week For Ezra Levant and "The Rebel"

That may very well be a huge understatement:
And most recently, even though Faith Goldy firmly stated that she would "stand with Ezra"....

.... it looks like Ezra wasn't as willing to stand with Faith:

Yeah, she actually thought appearing as a guest on a "Daily Stormer" podcast was a good idea given the current shit storm.

However, perhaps the most damaging story ultimately might be these ones:
Yeah.... though nothing has been proven thus far, this if true is a huge deal?
Now, the criticism coming from these sources as well as my own criticisms of "The Rebel" really don't mean much the the tens of thousands of Levant's and "The Rebel's" loyal viewers and supporters. We are #fakenews, lieberals, and probably all on George Soros' payroll because that's the mantra of many of those loyal followers. So the question that should be asked is how are they responding to these stories, especially the claims made by the former correspondent?

Well, thus far it seems that they are split down the middle.