Saturday, May 31, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part III (Trouble in Paradise)

The bromance between Southern Ontario "Skinhead" founder Max Hynes and his newest member Brodie "Bee Fresh" Walsh has continued through it's honeymoon period this week. Here they are wearing matching hats:

Our guess on the next SOS product placement? Beer koozies. Still, it can't be a bonehead photo without at least one person being shirtless, in this case a decidedly doughy Walsh. Really, we're surprised to see Hynes in a tank top as we had grown to suspect that he might have sensitive nipples considering the number of shirtless selfies he takes. He's back to form in the next photo though:

Max, you do understand that you don't have to feel the need to flex in every photo of yourself? It seems you're trying a little too hard.

And, uhm.... you boys know those are walking sticks right? Hard to be menacing when you look like you're into cosplay from "The Hobbit":

And this one is for you Brodie:

But not all is well in SOSville. Our previous article wasn't very well received as evidenced by the well considered, and totally not functionally illiterate, response by Mr. Brodie Walsh:

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part II

In one of our previous posts, we briefly introduced our readers to the Southern Ontario "Skinheads'" most recent member:

Meet Brodie Walsh, aka "Bee Walsh" aka "Bee Fresh" aka "Straightt Menacee." On the surface, Brodie seems to be a perfect fit for the SOS. After all, he has started posting the appropriate "White Pride World Wide" photos:

And he likes taking shirtless selfies almost as much as Hynes does:

There's just one fly in the ointment. You see up until very recently, Mr. Walsh styled himself as a bit of a rapper:

There are a lot more of Walsh, "freestyling" than the example we provided above. That being said, the reality is that Walsh really isn't all that out of place considering the number of members/associates who have or had been immersed in this particular subculture.

But really, it isn't Walsh's past involvement in the urban music scene that we find problematic. It's stuff like this that is cause for concern:

The Woodstock Police Service has arrested and charges five city residents as part of its investigation into the trafficking of crack cocaine.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jon Latvis: Fan of Right Sector and Hitler (Not So Much A Fan Of Himmler)

Right now the Ukraine Presidential election is underway. The vote has been disrupted in the Eastern part of the country where pro-Russia separatists have vowed not to let the election take place in the part of the country they control.

Here's the thing though. We know that the situation in Ukraine is not black and white and there is a whole hell of a lot of disinformation on all sides. And neither the pro-Ukraine nor the pro-Russian side come out smelling all that rosy for a multitude of reasons. On the pro-Ukraine side, one of those reasons include the thuggish ultra nationalist party, Right Sector.

Right Sector, at best, are boorish hooligans and at worst neo-Nazis. By any measure, they are not a group one would want to associate with in any way, shape, or form.

Unless you're Jon Latvis.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fromm Supports Gary McHale. Again.

NOTE: Thanks to our friend for sending us the link to the McHale video. Very much appreciated.

Back in October when Gary McHale (he of Caledonia infamy) threatened to sue him because he published accurate information about the man, Warren Kinsella decided to crowd-source his defence. Specifically, he was looking for the following information:

that McHale is anti-Native
that McHale is anti-police
that McHale has spent time in jail
that Paul Fromm showed up to express support
that the Northern Alliance showed up to show support

As we have some background knowledge about the latter two, we were eager to share some of what we had. For example here we have not only Dave Ruud of the Northern Alliance (and his lovely bride), but also Melissa Guille of the Canadian Heritage Alliance at the October 15, 2006 Caledonia protest:

Love the "Urban Terrorist" t-shirt, Davie.

And in January 2007, Paulie decided that he would show some love to Mr. McHale:

We're not sure if Mr. Kinsella ever received the files we sent to him. In fact, the lawsuit was eventually thrown out of court and there didn't seem to be as much of a need for the documentation. Still, one thing that bugged us is that we knew that Ruud had done an interview while he as at the 2006 protest and that there was video. Unfortunately, we didn't think to save the video and all we have as evidence of it's existence now it this link here.

Cut to this past weekend. Apparently the Caledonia outrage machine that McHale helped stoke isn't doing the job of keeping McHale's name in the public as well as it used to, so McHale has decided to hitch his wagon to this particular cause now:

 Legal battles proliferate as Trinity Western goes to court 

McHale has taken it upon himself to speak for the oppressed Christian community. Not all Christians, mind you. Seemingly just the ones who have decided to discriminate against homosexuals which sort of puts McHale's "champion of the downtrodden" shtick into perspective. Anyways, on May 16, 2014, Gary McHale and his merry band protested outside the Law Society of Upper Canada. And at the 2:41 mark, look and see who shambles into focus while McHale speaks:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fallout from the Free Press Article

First, it looks like the Southern Ontario Skinheads have a new member:

More on Brodie Walsh later. Trust us. He's a real catch for the SOS and sure to fit right in.

Back on May 9, "The London Free Press" published an article on an event hosted by an associate of the Southern Ontario Skinheads which, while billed as a birthday party, also appeared to be a gathering of the boneheads which is sort of like the gathering of the juggalos, but with less face paint and more racism:

The reaction to the article? Not exactly unexpected.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Southern Ontario Skinheads Outed

First, and in deference to our friends who actually ARE skinheads, it needs to be made clear that no one in the SOS is actually a skinhead. They've co-opted the look and, to a degree, very selected elements of the skinhead culture, but it's only window dressing. They are, and always will be, boneheads.

And now the boneheads in the SOS are known to more than the relatively small circle who are part of the Canadian racist movement or who make a point of monitoring the movement in Canada. And that is not a good thing if you are an SOS bonehead:

London skinhead party on police radar

By Jennifer O'Brien, Randy Richmond, The London Free Press
Anti-racism activists are warning about the rise of a new neo-Nazi group in Southern Ontario and a celebration planned for the Victoria Day long weekend near London showcasing their strength.

But the man hosting what’s billed online as a White Pride World Wide celebration, and who’s connected to the group, says there’s nothing to fear from either the gathering or white pride views.

“It’s just a birthday party for me and my daughter, too,” said Jared Gilkes of Dorchester, east of London.

“It’s not white power, it’s white pride. All I am about is being proud of our own race. It’s not hatred. It’s about pride in your heritage, not hate.”

Some members of the group, Southern Ontario Skinheads, have been invited because they’re friends and he has joined them on rallies.

“But I’m part of no group. I put up on my (Facebook) wall: anybody that comes leave your attitudes at home,” Gilkes said, shortly before inviting a Free Press reporter and photographer to drop by May 17.

There’s more to the new group than white pride and the long weekend gathering than a simple birthday party, warn anti-racism activists.

“In reality, it appears to be an excuse for members of the Southern Ontario Skinheads from London and Kitchener, like-minded individuals, and a contingent from the biker culture to get together,” said a spokesperson from Anti-Racist Canada.

Anti-Racist Canada, which describes itself as a non-violent collective of people battling hatred, has been monitoring the Southern Ontario Skinheads (SOS) for just over a year.

The group has at least 12 members, the spokesperson said. “Things have picked up during the last few months and there seems to be more growth.”

SOS recently handed out flyers in Kingston in April, and members posted photographs on their Facebook pages of a small run-in with police and some members of the group giving the Nazi salute.

Several members have criminal records and some were connected to Western Canada’s violent Blood and Honour, a white supremacist group involved in physical attacks on non-whites, Anti-Racist Canada says.

Provincial police said they’ve been monitoring the group for some time and know about the party.


We had access to the Facebook group announcing the gathering as well so we were able to speak to some of the questions posed by the "Free Press":

Friday, May 09, 2014

May 2014 Bits and Bites

This will be relatively short. First, we would like to provide our readers with what looks to be a bit of a preview:

We have a feeling that the lives of the Southern Ontario Skinheads are about to become a lot more public and, perhaps, a lot less comfortable. And that all might be happening very soon.

More on that later. In the meantime, we offer our readers the wit, wisdom, and silver tongue of Mr. Hynes who waxes poetically about the nature of the fairer gender:

Yeah, hard to believe these people have a difficult time maintaining relationships. Or forming relationships in the first place. But.... wait.... is that Bernie Miller we see? Why yes it is! Miller has just recently completed his house arrest stemming from an incident in Edmonton which also resulted in Kyle McKee ending up serving a year in jail. It's sort of funny that an ally of McKee, someone who is suspected of being involved in the assault on Hynes in the summer of 2012, would be communicating with Hynes. Even more funny when you consider who Miller is pictured with in Miller's profile photo:

That there sidling up to Miler is Eric Marshall, one of the two men (along with Jessie Lajoie) who assaulted Hynes after being lured into the trap with promises of a sexual encounter with Ms. Kissack.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Kyle McKee Writes in the Third Person Now

There was a little update regarding McKee's alleged involvement on the attack against Max Hynes, a one time ally now rival, that took place in the summer of 2012:

White power leader denies role in Kitchener ambush

KITCHENER — The leader of a Calgary-based white supremacy group denies he orchestrated a vicious attack in Kitchener to mete out internal discipline. 

Kyle McKee, 28, a former Kitchener man who heads a neo-Nazi organization called Blood and Honour, was named in court last week when two other people admitted their roles in the plot. 

The facts accepted by Jessie Lajoie, 25, and M.K, 24, specified meetings with McKee while he was in custody for alleged hate crimes in Alberta preceded the armed attack here in the summer of 2012. 

Now free on bail, however, McKee denied involvement in the ambush of Max Hynes, a former group member lured to the park by M.K with a promise of sex. 

"I've never been questioned about it, I haven't been charged and it definitely hasn't been proven," McKee said in an interview from Calgary this week. 

Const. Jeff Gren, the local detective who investigated the case, confirmed McKee hasn't been formally accused of the crime. 

"The short answer is we simply lacked the evidence to proceed with a charge against him," he wrote in an email. 

Gren would not say if McKee was interviewed because it could adversely affect the investigations conducted outside Ontario. 

Hynes, 21, was described in court as a former Blood and Honour organizer in London who had a falling out with McKee "due to a number of unauthorized activities." 

He was hit in the head and slashed twice in the stomach by Lajoie and alleged accomplice Eric Marshall, 26, after they travelled here from Alberta to get him.

That Jessie Lajoie, Eric Marshall, and M.K were involved in a violent attack against Max Hynes would likely have received only a little mainstream media coverage in addition to the focus we would have given it. However at least one bonehead has been keeping the story alive on Stormfront as well:

Gee, ain't that a coincidence? "Freedom Fighter" suggests that the journalist who wrote the original article was incorrect but will soon make some corrects. Lo and behold a couple of days later, and the promised article appears.

"Freedom Fighter" joined Stormfront on May 31, 2013 and has been sporadically active (89 posts as of May 2, 2014) ever since. He has suggested that he is a new but also a long-time activist:


It didn't become too long before this "relatively new" Stormfront member took an inordinate (and surprisingly detailed) interest in the affairs of Kyle McKee. We earlier noted that when Hynes was trying to promote the Southern Ontario Skinheads on Stormfront, "Freedom Fighter" very quickly stepped in to offer his unsolicited $0.02:

He claims that he doesn't have knowledge about the case despite providing some fairly accurate information.... you know.... for someone who doesn't really know any of the parties involved.

"Freedom Fighter" also has an odd interest in the past annual marches that McKee's Blood & Honour (as well as their forerunner Aryan Guard) used to organize:

Come on Kyle! Who you think you're fooling? (Update: Thanks for catching that for us)