Friday, May 31, 2019

Your Ward News update: James Sears fires his lawyer

Today was supposed to be a good day. James Sears was supposed to be sentenced, which would likely have meant handcuffs and jail for him this morning, May 31st, 2019. But then, yesterday news broke that it wasn't going to happen. At least not yet.

I thought maybe it had to do with LeRoy St. Germain's sentencing delay, due to his late Gladue Report, which is also scheduled for July 15th. Perhaps sentencing them both at the same time would cut down on their shenanigans and otherwise make life easier for everyone.

Nope. Nothing that logical.

The Toronto Star reported yesterday evening that James Sears fired his lawyer, Dean Embry, claiming that he had thrown the case. He also apparently plans to launch a constitutional challenge of S319(2) prior to his July 15th sentencing, and, unless something changes, he will do this without legal representation.

For his part, Dean Embry claims he didn't throw the case, and, despite once being described as "vicious and astute" in Your Ward News, Embry appears not to have understood what he was signing up for when he took Sears on as a client. He had trouble controlling Sears during their last court appearance when he wanted to present a lengthy "allocation." Embry stood by helplessly while Sears, during said speech, brought his friend Johnathan forward as an example of someone who's anger was supposedly redirected away from violence due YWN.

To give Embry some credit, he admitted on record that his client's work did devolve into hate speech and called it repugnant. Outside of court, Embry experienced backlash from the general public when a woman threw hot coffee on him at a shop near court. (I can't find the link right now. I'll add it when I do). I suspect Embry is relieved at being dumped by his client. It's a shame, however, that he did not see fit to dump his client first.

In any event, sometime between now and July 15th, the James Sears circus will begin again, this time without the restraints of legal council. One can only guess how, exactly, he plans to "reason with the judge" since he failed to do that last time. To give you an idea what we're in for, here's a clip published earlier on the blog that illustrates his "thought process" when it comes to legal proceedings. WARNING: n-word used.

Yup. Self-representation will be a disaster.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Who Is To Blame For Forest Fires? Apparently Muslims, Left-Wing Politicians, Environmentalists, and "Lazers"

It began in Constantinople -- well, to be fair it actually began somewhere along the silk road in Central Asia -- in 1347. By the time the Black Death had run its course between 1/3 and 1/2 of Europeans who contracted bubonic plague were dead. While some kingdoms, duchies, and principalities were hit hard than others, locations as far as Iceland and Greenland were decimated.

We know that the plague was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis contained in the guts of fleas and carried by Black Rats combined with poor understanding about hygiene as the cause now, but at the time other supernatural and superstitious causes were invoked. The plague was thought of as a scourge sent by God to punish the wicked for their evil. Conversely Satan was invoked as the cause when men and women of unimpeachable repute were struck down. People believed that the disease was caused by cold and wet climates, that it could be prevented by opening northward windows, the pestilence was the result of an unusual alignment of the planets, and that one could remain safe with the right combination of herbs and spices stuffed into the beak of a mask that made it's wearer look like a crow:

Many others however looked to scapegoats. One group included wizened old women accused of being witches. Another group was the old stand-by scapegoat of Medieval Europe:
Jewish people were made scapegoats and accused of causing the plague by poisoning wells, food and streams. They were often tortured into confessions, which only fueled the persecutions. Europe saw the mass execution of Jewish men, women and children, with Jews rounded up in town squares. The burning of Jews quickly spread throughout the Low Countries, Spain, France and Germanic areas. 
A chronicler, Michael de Leone, said that “the Jews deserved to be swallowed up in the flames” for causing the plague with poison. In Barcelona, Jews were killed for the sin of being Jews, not because they were suspected of poisoning. 
Basel burned their Jewish inhabitants on an island in the Rhine. In Strasbourg, approximately 2,000 Jews were burned in local cemetery on St. Valentine’s Day in an attempt to stop the pestilence. The Jews who agreed to be baptized were saved and some young children were pulled from the fire and baptized against the will of their parents. After the burnings, both the councils of Basel and Strasbourg made an oath that Jews would not be allowed to enter the cities for hundreds of years.

There were those who spoke out against this and suggested more natural causes even if they didn't comprehend how (an understanding of microbiology would be centuries in the future) but these voices in the darkness were invariably ignored, ridiculed, or suffered similar fates to those women and Jews who were burned.

Thankfully, we now live in a much more enlightened time when such superstitious and paranoid claptrap could never result in the scapegoating of an entire ethnic group, culture, or religion again. We're all just too clever.


Notorious Islamophobe Sandra Solomon who has been written about a number of times on the blog already is referring to the forest fires in Northern Alberta. ARC has also discussed the phenomenon of much of the membership of groups such as the III% militia and Yellow Vests accusing Muslims of starting the fires. They claim that these fires, "never happened before 'those people' came" despite the very long historical record of fires that often occur naturally. Rather than accept the possibility the fire is the result of a (a) lightning strike (b) careless, but not necessarily malicious human activities (such as tossing away a still hot cigarette butt, driving an ATV through dry tinder, failing to put out a camp fire, etc) they now seem to automatically view every fire as suspicious.

Now it is true that fires have started earlier and have become more intense as northern boreal forests have become increasingly dry as a result of less snow fall in winters and less rain in the spring. In fact this was predicted by climate scientists as a result of human triggered climate change.

But rather than being convinced by the actual evidence, the members of the far-right ARC has been monitoring consider this proof of a leftist and environmentalist conspiracy to destroy the oil industry, impose new regulations to combat "fake" global warming and open up northern Canada to become a sub-Arctic caliphate. They believe that the current federal Liberals and former Alberta NDP government are working with environmentalists and Jihadists to start fires and that the "real Canadian" need to rise up to stop it:

The same thing is being said on other social media sites ARC monitors, including Yellow Vests Canada, a group with over 100,000 members and a movement that people like Max Bernier and Andrew Scheer are courting:

The thread is long, and one could justifiably perhaps accuse me of giving this hate group undue coverage, but I think in this case it is relevant:

Sunday, May 26, 2019

May 2019 Bits and Bites: Michele Tittler, the III%ers, Northern Guard and Robert Jones, and More

This is going to be long and disjointed. I'm also going to miss a lot of stories others are covering. Still, I thought it appropriate to provide a brief summary of what is happening on the far-right during the latter month of May. For starters, this happened:

I'm not holding my breath that anything will actually happen, but I may very well be surprised.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

More Links To Goldy's Support For (and From) White Supremacists

Sometimes when researching other topics one comes across interesting information. For example ARC has often wondered if there was some sort of rift between white supremacist Faith Goldy and white supremacist Lauren Southern. Both worked for Ezra Levant's "Rebel Media" and seemed close at the time:

However whenever she is asked about Southern these days, Goldy demurs.

Then I came across this when looking up information regarding the previous article about Goldy:

Well that's certainly some shade right there.

Since these two occupy the same small ecosystem -- the pond that is the Canadian far-right isn't as big as the American sea for example -- and both fill a similar niche in it I wonder if there isn't some sort of professional animosity taking place.

As Connor MacLeod, ‎Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez‎, and the Kurgan all said, there can only be one.

But really, this isn't the glass house that Goldy should be tossing stones about.

While she has done a very good job of exposing herself by her own words as a racist, ARC has done a pretty good job already of connecting Goldy to a number of hate groups including Students For Western Civilization and ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada) we've come across more information, some of which was published by Canadaland and some which has yet to be published.

Readers will know that the Canadian Anti-Hate Network managed to force Goldy to submit to a compliance audit of her finances related to her mayoral run:

At the same time information regarding her donors was released. Goldy made a big deal about this "doxxing" which would put her supporters in danger (it won't) despite the information already being public and Goldy not seeming to care all that much before she decided to engage in histrionics:

All of these were and are of interest, however it was another part of the disclosure that caught my interest.

ARC had already detailed Goldy's links to ID Canada who were basically helping to run her campaign:

It also appears, based on what Canadaland found, that she hired the suspected leader of ID Canada to provide content and website development:

Tyler Hover has been profiled on the blog here as the suspected leader of then Generation Identity Canada, now ID Canada.

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Hypocrisy of Faith Goldy

During the past few weeks south of the border a number of state governments controlled by Republicans have passed and signed into law increasingly regressive restrictions on reproductive rights in a rather transparent effort to challenge and ultimately overturn the right of women to choose to end a pregnancy. All of these anti-abortion bills have been terrible, however the worst is probably that which was passed in Alabama as it doesn't even consider rape and/or incest as a mitigating factor.

None of these laws are currently enforceable by the way.

The Alabama legislation is so bad that even the likes of Pat Robertson thinks it is extreme. Others on the right have also come out in tepid opposition:

That Ann Coulter's mini-me Tomi Lahren came out in opposition to the Alabama abortion ban isn't entirely surprising since reproductive choice is one of the very, very, few instances where she holds a moderate position. This post did give at least one individual frequently featured on the blog an opportunity to trumpet her own ideological and religious purity however:

I believe the folks on the right call this "virtue signaling":

But then something rather interesting occurred in the thread someone called Goldy out:

The events of Charlottesville have been discussed on this blog and elsewhere paying some attention to Goldy's participation in the event:

Ultimately Goldy was fired from "The Rebel" when even Ezra Levant decided her biased reporting (too biased even for "The Rebel" which is really saying something) and her participation on a neo-Nazi podcast was a bridge too far. In fact it seems that Levant had implied that Goldy had engaged in what would be incredibly unethical behavior with one of the subjects of her "reporting':

The women posting on Twitter as "Liberal, Not Lefty" appears to be a friend of Megan Bobonick. This is significant since Bobonick claims to be engaged to alt-right toad Richard Spencer:

Rather than extinguish this particular fire, Bobonick threw gasoline on the flames:

Now, I truly don't give a damn about Goldy's or anyone else's sex life (still, Richard Spencer?!? Ew!). What I do care about is the puritanical, holier than though hypocrisy of people like Goldy who rail against what they claim to be sexual deviance and the need for some sort of state regulation (i.e. restrictions on abortion and contraception, legal rights for LGBTQ, etc)....

.... often privately engaging in the same acts that they condemn publicly.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Boswick's and Storie's Tête a Têtes With Max Bernier and Paul Fromm

Because I've decided, at least for the next few weeks or perhaps months, to limit the amount of research and writing I've been doing (trying to create a bit of a balance between real world work, anti-racist activism, and a social life) there will be a few articles that are a bit dated but which are still of relevance.

Such as this article.

Over the past number of months we've been paying a bit more attention to unemployed drifters Rick Boswick and Derek Storie who instead of doing something productive with their time instead pretend to be journalists. Of course as we've seen their understanding of journalism means accepting every crack pot conspiracy theory they read, posting drunken rants on Facebook, and threatening actual journalists:

I feel that I need to stress that Boswick and Storie published this video exactly as it has been posted. I have not edited it at all. They think this video makes them appear good.

They've also taken on the cause of a mentally ill man arrested when he arrived an an event featuring the Prime Minister with plans on making a citizens arrest and having threatened to harm Trudeau online:

Now Boswick and Storie have interviewed the usual miscreants associated with the fringe right in the country including Faith Goldy (who is currently trending because of some accusations concerning just how Faith-full she has been) and Kevin "the Poodle" Johnston lately paying special attention to his recent legal problems:

However, they did recently get an interview on May 3 with someone who at one time had some mainstream credibility:

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Report Pegida/YVC Members Boswick & Storie's GoFundMe

In light of PEGIDA Canada's Jenny Hill's failed attempt to crowdfund for her $11,000 judgment, we thought it prudent to bring to the public's attention another PEGIDA related GoFundMe that deserves similar attention and action.

Yellow Vests Canada members, PEGIDA supporters, general hatemongers, and self-professed "Domestic War Reporters" Rick Boswick and Derek Storie also have a GoFundMe campaign to fund their "Facts vs. Feelings" podcast. (Note: we are unclear how they reconcile this name with the fact that they are driven entirely by their emotional response to people who are different from them, such as women who don't want to be pregnant, LGBTQA+ folk, and Muslims.) At least Boswick has moved on from being the VP of the Canadian Combat Coalition.

Special thanks to the National Observer for covering this from a more mainstream angle. We were happy to work closely with them on the piece. You can read it here.

Let's break down some recent episodes of Facts vs. Feelings where they give a platform to hate groups, Islamophobes, and neo-Nazis.

1) In support of Toronto PEGIDA rally, where Storie set off smoke bombs and helped Canadian Nationalist Party member Andre Chiasson, Proud Boy Tim Kelly, Wolves of Odin, Soldiers of Odin, Northern Guard, and Canadian Combat Coalition burn a Quran. 

2) In support of anti-Muslim hate group the World Coalition Against Islam. Also in this video is footage from Islamophobe Kevin J. Johnston who still faces hate crime charges.

3) An interview with noted neo-nazi and white supremacist Paul Fromm. The discussion centered on what they feel is the "persecution" of James Sears, of the racist, anti-Semitic and misogynist Your Ward News, and his hate crime charges. It should be noted that Hamilton law enforcement is also investigating Fromm as a result of his distribution, and agreement with, the Christchurch shooter's manifesto.

4) The pair use footage from alt-right white nationalist Lauren Southern.

5) They were interviewed by white nationalist Faith Goldy.

6) They support known Islamophobe Sandra Solomon.

7) They harassed people, Westboro style, in Ottawa during Winterpride.

The pair recently appeared on a Facebook live with Winnipeg Alternative Media/Todd MacDougall, an "alternative" news Facebook page run by a Proud Boy that claims to be libertarian but is really just an alt-right, super budget version of what Boswick and Storie do. Now that's saying something.

Anyway, they appeared on MacDougall's "show," and confirmed they are unemployed drifters, after complaining that ARC has called them... unemployed drifters. Aren't these the same people who complain about how refugees aren't contributing to our economy?

They also admitted to exploiting their indigenous heritage to deny the claims that they're Nazis. (You can still hate Muslims and be indigenous.)

More to come on WAM and MacDougall at a later date.

Boswick and their friend Cory Scott are now potentially facing charges for uttering threats, due to this video, where they threatened an anti-racist activist and journalist with violence.

They also stalked and harassed this individual outside of the Brampton courthouse:

GoFundMe needs to remove this campaign, and stop allowing hate groups to crowd source on their platform. Please report this campaign to GoFundMe, citing the information provided.

Please report this campaign for violating their terms of service.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Edson, AB Hate Crime Suspect Identified; Linked to Blood & Honour in Alberta

Earlier this week someone drove a stolen vehicle into a provincial building/court house scrawled antisemitic vandalism on the walls in Edson, Alberta. Police said at the time the case would be investigated as a hate crime.

At the time I was trying to remember if I knew anyone in Edson who could have been a suspect but I drew blank.... as it turns out mostly because I'm growing older and my memory sucks these days because it turns out that it WAS someone who I was aware of and who has made an appearance on the blog:
The man accused of driving a stolen vehicle through the Edson courthouse on Saturday and vandalizing the property with anti-Semitic slurs is a part-time rapper who appears to hold a dark fascination with Hitler. 
Kelvin Zawadiuk, who lives in Edson, is a part-time musician who performs under the moniker La Haine, French for The Hatred. 
"He's very clearly, a fairly traditional neo-Nazi," according to Barbara Perry, a criminologist specializing in hate crime at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.
Kelvin Zawadiuk was associated with Blood & Honour when the group was especially active in Alberta. Back in 2011, three members of the hate group were charged with committing a series of assaults in Edmonton as they were engaged in flyering. One of those individuals, James Brooks, was also the "star" of a film being directed and produced by Zawadiuk:
Brooks plays the lead role in a forthcoming low-budget film, Blue Eyed Devil, directed by Edson-based filmmaker kelvin Zawadiuk, about a violent neo-Nazi. 
"James is a really intelligent guy, really charismatic," Zawadiuk said. "He has a real screen presence and he was perfect for this, a skinhead character. It's an ode to the 1970s and 1980s exploitation movies, a character study, a man descending into madness. It's just meant to terrify you."
But Zawadiuk wasn't just interested in the far-right for "artistic" reasons. He also very much shared the ideology of Brooks and the other members of Blood & Honour and was supportive of Robert Reitmeir when the latter was accused (and later convicted along with Tyler Sturrup) of murder:

Despite supporting two members of WEB that had broken with the then Aryan Guard, Zawadiuk also appears to have been close to Aryan Guard founder/leader (later rebranded as Blood & Honour) Kyle McKee and other members of the group:

Finally, Zawadiuk was invited to B&H events in Calgary as recently as 2015, though it isn't certain if he attended:

Now while Blood & Honour in Alberta seems to have declined since McKee and his partner Chelsea moved to New Brunswick to become one of the go-to tattooists for the Northern Guard, the hate group is still a going in the country even as they attempt to remain under ground.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Kevin J. Johnston Hit With 2.5 Million Dollar Judgement

So, remember when Ron Banerjee settled with Mr. Mohamad Fakih of Paramount Fine Foods who sued both Banerjee and Kevin Johnston based on an especially vile slander that a Superior Court of Justice judge ruled that videotaped comments “involve hallmarks of hate” and do not relate to a matter of public interest?

Suffice it to say, Banerjee decided to take the wiser course and Kevin "the Poodle" Johnston is now going to pay heavily for his poor decision:

Upon learning about the judgement, Joohnston responded with the grace and dignity that he is known for:

The lawsuit began two years ago. The reason there was "no trial" is because Johnston refused to mount a defence.

In the two videos he posted, Johnston appears to further libel Mr. Fakih accusing him of perjury and suggesting he has links to terrorism in Burma (he further claimed that Muslim members of the Trudeau cabinet are members of the Muslim brotherhood, promoted an anti-Muslim "documentary" he claims to have produced, and tries to sell viewers t-shirts featuring Rodrigo Duterte).

The first of the two videos however seemed to be devoted to attacking a "Toronto Star" journalist who wanted to ask him about his reaction to the judgement. Johnston can't seem to understand how a journalist might be able to learn about the judgement and calls the journalist a liar repeatedly suggesting that Paramount Fine Foods tipped him off:

Of course, given that the ruling finding that Johnston had libeled Mr. Fakih came out in April, perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that some journalist might have taken an interest in the judgement to come.

Johnston claims he's going to appeal. I don't see that ending well. I would further note that his troubles aren't over has he is facing a lawsuit from Kevin Metcalf....

From May 10, 2019

....and he is facing criminal prosecution:

Don't pity the poodle.

He's had it coming.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Examination of Marc Lemire: Part XIII

Between 2008 and 2013, ARC published a series of articles detailing Mar Lemire's racist past and his involvement with the Heritage Front. I compiled all of the links on this single page:

It has been more than six years since I've added to this series of article that highlighted the history of Marc Lemire's involvement with and eventual leadership of the Heritage Front. When I posted the last few articles I sort of felt like I was beating a dead horse so whenever I had heard of Lemire's name come up in my investigations, such as his participation in the memorials of lawyers Doug Christie and more recently Barbara Kulaszka I either briefly discussed his involvement or ignored it all together.

Chris Edmunds, Malcolm Ross, Michele Erstikaitis, Marc Lemire

I had assumed there was no further use in covering Lemire since I believed he was of no particular significance any longer.

That turned out to have been a mistake on my part, but it is a mistake that journalists such as Mack Lamoureux has rectified:

Those articles on Lemire that I thought of as overkill I'm happy to say helped Mr. Lamouroeux in his research so I sort of feel a bit vindicated in having written them, but full credit to Mack for his dogged work.

I know there was another journalist who had been working on this story as well but she appears to have been stymied by the City of Hamilton for some reason which no doubt will result in a great deal of interesting speculation:

However, Ms. Craggs was able to get Lemire to speak about his involvement with the Heritage Front after the publication of the "Vice" article.
In news that will surprise no one who follow this blog, Lemire lied:
"The Heritage Front stuff dates back to when I was a teenager," Lemire said, linking to an article where he said he's not a Nazi or white supremacist. 
"I reject the Heritage Front for what it was, as I have stated consistently for over 11 years." 
But, as Vice reported, an archived web page from the Heritage Front's website from 2001 shows Lemire distributing flyers saying "immigration can kill" in Hamilton. A post on Lemire's own webpage from that same year also describes him as the "head honcho" of the organization.
ARC first published this a number of years ago:

Hmmmm, 152 Carlton Street....

When this was published on Lemire's website, he would have been 26 years old.

In fact Lemire hosted the Heritage Front on Freedom-Site from 1998 (age of 23) to roughly 2001 when he appears to have moved it to a separate server. Here is an example of one of those early Heritage Front websites (December 2000, I believe):

And here is the HF merchandise page where the hate group sold their magazine featuring former KKK leader David Duke and videos by the leader of White Aryan Resistance Tom Metzger:

Gee, 152 Carlton Street again?

Surely a coincidence.

And here is a request for donations to keep Freedom-Site alive:

There's that 152 Carlton Street again!

Curious isn't it? I mean, it would be amazing if one could link that address directly to Lemire, wouldn't it?

Oh! You mean he had a personal webpage?


And by the way, here is one of the images of the Canadian Patriot Network Lemire designed:

Subtle Marc. Real subtle.

And what did his other website look like when Marc would have been 23?

Tsk, tsk....

The reality is that Marc already tried to snow people regarding his past with the Heritage Front. In that case, he had a willing stooge in Ezra Levant who refused to challenge Lemire's claims because Levant also had an agenda:
Uh, the Heritage Front uh, was active back in, uh, the the 90s and I was a young kid at the time. I had some, uh, interest in some of the things that they were doing in particularly thing like uh opposition to employment equity, things like reducing immigration. So I uh, listened to some of what they were about, and uh, I went away from it. I mean I was involved with them peripherally in my teenage years.
Well, Lemire is right that he was involved with the Heritage Front as a teenager:

CANADA - FEBRUARY 23 Hearing Adjourned Heritage Front leader Wolfgang Droege and his white supremacist supporters leave University Ave. courthouse yesterday. (Toronto Star)

But he was also involved in his early 20s as he continued to count Wolfgang Droege as a friend: