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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

March 30, 2019 Hate Rally: Video of Racist Groups Prove They Were the Aggressors

On March 30, the second day of what Joey Deluca claimed would be a 72 hour "patriot rally" in Edmonton occurred. Much like the previous day, the hate groups which included the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI), Canadian Combat Coalition (CCC), Northern Guard, Soldiers of Odin (SoO), and a smattering of Yellow Vesters were outnumbered by 100s of counter-protesters. Unlike the previous day, the hate groups headed to Churchill Square to reorganize and headed back to the Legislature. Most of the counter-protesters had left by that point but the 40+ members of the various hate groups were still met by more than a dozen counter-protesters who learned that they were returning. In the end the hate groups spent a short time at the Legislature before leaving once again.

Things became tense though when members of the Northern Guard, SoO, and others affiliated with these hate groups were met by anti-fascists as they walked down the road. The resulting confrontation resulted in one counter-protester being assaulted and a member of the SoO being taken into custody though more were involved in the assault.

Since then, the narrative being told by the hate groups which has been disseminated on social media is that it was the hate groups who were the victims claiming that the person who was assaulted had attacked a woman with the flag pole being carried by the SoO member who was ultimately taken into custody. 

Actual video evidence however proves that they were the aggressors, the woman in question was not assaulted by the victim of the attacks by the hate groups, and that there was a premeditated plan to attack counter-protesters:


None of this is surprising since it has become standard for these hate groups to assault people with some degree of impunity then claim to be the victim. During the first rally on Saturday when the WCAI, SoO, Northern Guard, and others were outnumbered by 100s, no one was harmed despite the tired claim that "antifa" attack "patriots" when they are outnumbered. It was only when the members of the hate groups were in greater number than the counter-protesters that people were attacked.

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