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Far-Right Organizing in Vancouver Lockdown Protests with Police Complicity

A hotspot for anti-lockdown protests has been Vancouver. Our friend @nolifeneet has been tirelessly tracking and reporting on them on Twitter, and was kind enough to provide a guest article, detailing the protests, who is involved in them, and why they are so problematic.

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Many first became aware of Vancouver’s anti-lockdown protests on Twitter, when conspiracy theorist videographer Dan Dicks posted photos and video clips of a small rally in which he repeatedly said they would not “drink the kool-aid” by quarantining themselves. It quickly trended on Twitter, gaining mockery from celebrities.

Despite this negative publicity the “No More Lockdowns” protests in Vancouver have only grown. While last week’s protest, which organizers claimed to have numbered around 80-100 would seem small, they stand out by the fact that no other protests of comparable size are still occurring, and that like-minded “patriot” groups are often so lacking in competence to even achieve those numbers. And this time they have another advantage: they don’t have to worry about those pesky anti-fascists getting in their way (at least so far).

As a result these “No More Lockdowns” protests are being used to consolidate a far-right movement, giving them opportunities to organize and network that they would not have had otherwise. This article will try to explain and examine how, showing that far-right elements have been involved at each protest. It will avoid going into the conspiracy theories they have advocated, such as those targeting Bill Gates, 5G, microchips, vaccines, China, the World Health Organization and a Winnipeg microbiology lab as those have already been covered more in-depth elsewhere.

April 10th

The first rally was organized by Susan Standfield-Spooner. Standfield herself does not seem like the kind of person who would organize with far-right groups. A look through her Facebook profile at the time would have shown her supporting various vegan and environmental causes, including the Wet’suwet’en solidarity movement. But she was an advocate of “natural health,” and opposed vaccinations. As news on COVID-19 and Trump’s feud with the medical and scientific establishment went on, her feed would show a rightward shift in the source for links she would post.

This first protest numbered about 25 people, but Susan didn’t just get all of these on her own. Well-known neo-Nazi Brian Ruhe helped by using his e-mail list to promote it. He claims to have an e-mail list of around 1000 locals, which he seems to get more additions to by talking to people in the street for his vlogs. At this protest, he claimed to get 10 people from it to arrive, saying that this was a good number for him. Two people in his video of this protest, who go by “Tony” and “Raymond” appear in past videos of protests with Brian Ruhe, who he describes as “members of the Brian Ruhe Show Group,” thus supporters of his Internet show. Tony had also recommended that Ruhe interview Susan Standfield for his show. Other participants were also friendly with Ruhe, knowing who he was, in fact he said one tipped him off about anti-fascist “Know your local neo-Nazi” posters.

An imperfect overview of the participants in this rally can be seen in this Twitter thread:
Standfield knows what strange bedfellows she has, even from the beginning. She promoted Brian Ruhe’s videos of the protests, even though a single click onto his BitChute account would have directed people to a number of recently uploaded videos supporting Adolf Hitler. Probably in response to backlash from friends or others, she made a video saying she would not judge other protesters (while making a comparison to other unspecified controversial activists). She also encouraged people to trust “independent media” which refers to YouTubers like Dan Dicks and Ruhe, not serious journalists.

Other participants included a Yellow Vest supporter and Donald Smith, a known entity at right-wing events in Vancouver and Edmonton. According to Smith's Facebook, he has been charged with uttering threats against an individual. Last year, when Soufi's restaurant was being harassed by the far-right, Smith called and harassed the restaurant, then uploaded the video of him doing so to his now-deleted YouTube account. 

Other conspiracy theorists including Dan Dicks also referenced David Icke, best known for his eccentric beliefs about shape-shifting reptilian creatures controlling the world, but who also has a record of promoting Holocaust denial and the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion forgery. Brian Ruhe himself also tried to push his neo-Nazi beliefs onto attendees, saying “white Nordics” will save the world and that China was in danger for being under “international Jewish guidance.”

April 17th

This one was described as “impromptu” and was done in alliance with #OperationGridlock, the Trump-endorsed and partially astroturfed protests going on in the US the same day. Nonetheless she went and Ruhe also took credit for helping organize it. Another noteworthy participant was Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, a failed candidate for the xenophobic Peoples’ Party, who has also done speaking events with longtime white nationalist figure Paul Fromm.

Dan Dicks also mentioned in an interview how many supportive people were just finding out about the protests in Vancouver because of his videos. Dicks himself has a history of giving softball interviews to white nationalists, fascists and other fringe figures. For subsequent protests, many attendees would state that Dicks and Ruhe’s videos made them aware and want to get involved in the protests.

April 19th

This protest also had numbers around 30. This time Standfield claims to have contacted the police a day in advance, for which they shut down a lane of traffic for the participants. Standfield seems to have some experience in activism, albeit privileged NGO forms of it (she says the system works) and has shared simple skills with generally inexperienced far-right figures that they will likely use in the future to try to grow their movements. 

Brian Ruhe said beforehand that he helped organize the event.

Some participants wore MAGA hats, and children were present. Several male participants got confrontational with hecklers, yelling insults at them, with some women involved advising them against it. Many shouted rhetoric against the Chinese government, calling hecklers traitors who should move to China. One of the Yellow Vests who was most vocal had writings in marker on his vest stating "Globalists no more," "stop SOGI-123," "Trudeau must go," "ISlam IS not a race," and "Preserve my people - end the experiment we are not lab rats - ETHNOCIDE."

An amusing aspect of this march illustrating the socio-economic status of attendees was real estate speculator Chris Verolli crying at people to pay the mortgages for his condos, while complaining that people were laughing at him.
Mak Parhar, a flat earther who had the business licence for his yoga studio revoked for falsely claiming hot yoga could cure COVID-19 was also in attendance. He makes a few references to a flat earth meet-up group and at least one other flat earther was there. He is vocally aggressive to others, even mocking people who mind their own business if they are staying on their apartment balcony or wearing a mask. At the previous April 17th protest, he referred to YouTube as “JewTube.”

Many participants also thanked the police for their “VIP treatment,” including Susan Standfield, Brian Ruhe, and streamers Marco Pietro and Chris Verolli, who are becoming prominent in this small circle. 

April 26th 

This recent protest was the biggest one they have had yet. Standfield estimated that it had between 80 and 100 participants, which would violate BC public health authorities’ “ban” on gatherings of more than 50 people. Ruhe estimated an even higher 125 people. Some may discount their favourable estimates as too high, but from videos it definitely looked larger than 50.

Although they had a relatively higher turnout, they faced a lot of hostility from apartment-dwellers who booed them, some even making videos of themselves doing so. A couple marchers also complained of having eggs thrown at them from apartments. It appears that people will still find ways to resist while staying in quarantine, although whether or not this will be enough to discourage them remains to be seen. At least two lone counter-protesters tried to oppose the march on their own, one of which was apparently arrested for getting into a physical confrontation of some kind, however the precise details of what went down haven’t been confirmed by any trusted sources.

Again, Brian Ruhe took part in organizing, describing himself as a “chant organizer” while also mentioning taking part in a Zoom video group organizing it. On his two hour video of the protest he gives out his business card advertising his show, promoting his beliefs about Rothschild and Rockefeller conspiracies. Everyone appears to be comfortable with his involvement, in fact before the march Standfield complained of being “Hitler shamed” while saying the real fascism was the lockdown (a common sentiment these protesters share.)

And by the way, a couple of the participants were coughing. Hopefully what they have is just the flu.

Police Complicity

It goes without saying that organizing in large crowds like this is itself bad for health. It’s even worse when this gathering is entirely devoted to promoting pseudo-scientific misinformation to the public that some may believe and follow. Participants who livestreamed the protests would approach people and push such misinformation, including (in Mak Parhar’s case) the absurd belief that COVID-19 isn’t even real.

In addition to the misinformation, there has also been an increased amount of hate crimes against Asians in the city, with nine anti-Asian hate crimes reported to police so far this year (as compared to 12 throughout all of 2019). Some of these protesters agitate against China, which they put the entire blame for the pandemic on, while warning of an impending yellow peril. One expressed a belief that Asians were going to drive whites out of the city.

But despite the public health risk and racist rhetoric, police have acted irresponsibly with these No More Lockdowns protests, treating it as they say they would any other demonstration during ordinary times. Police have given a weak PR statement to CTV: “We will continue to educate the public around social distancing measures and the importance of it," but this contradicts their actions on the ground which contribute to doing the exact opposite.

According to Brian Ruhe, police even went beyond the protesters’ expectations, closing off an extra lane for them that they did not even ask for on April 19th. Participants have viewed the police protection as an endorsement of their message, using them to dismiss thoughts that they are doing something wrong by endangering peoples’ health.

Police should not have to give fines to avoid sending people the wrong messages.

Astonishingly, at least some in the Vancouver Police want to double down on the resources they spend on these marches. At the end of the April 26th protest, one officer told Standfield, Ruhe and others that he would ask for more officers to be deployed for the next protest, so they can better handle the few counter-protestors who confronted them, while complementing the marchers as “nice people, for the most part.” There seems to be little regard for public health, or the message police are sending to people about the seriousness of the pandemic.

Media Failure

Media too has also been a disappointment, with it rarely mentioning the far-right elements involved in these protests. Some may mention Dan Dicks but don’t tell anything about him beyond using his preferred labels of “alternative media.” Some, like CTV News, also like to mention Mak Parhar’s quirky flat earth beliefs and recent hijinx, but do so at the expense of all else, making them appear goofy and harmless.

Some of these people are also regulars at protests and controversial events, and have much material online making their faces easily recognizable. It is quite astonishing that the media never seems to recognize them or draw these obvious connections.

It’s not like the media can claim ignorance either. MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert made a public statement online saying the events were organized by Holocaust deniers, yet when quoting him outlets either do not include that part or do not elaborate on who he means to confirm it as true. In Brian Ruhe’s video from April 19th, Ruhe introduced himself to a Vancouver Sun reporter and gave him his business card advertising his Internet show, mentioning that he had been covered by the Sun previously. The Sun oddly did mention the questionable decisions of police to escort the marchers, but then the article was edited later to give less emphasis to this.

As to be expected, right-wing partisan attack outlets have been even worse, whitewashing the protestors as being just concerned about the social and economic effects of the lockdowns who are unfairly maligned.

Closing Observations 

As we see, the No More Lockdowns movement in Vancouver attracts an odd assemblage of fringe groups and tendencies, including “natural health” anti-vaxxers, the Brian Ruhe Show Group, Flat Earth Vancouver, Yellow Vest holdovers, Peoples’ Party supporters, small business owners, and unassorted supporters of Donald Trump and conspiracy theorists David Icke and Alex Jones. These all cross-pollinate, with each promoting their theories, material, platforms, and sources of information to each other, and in some cases even their protest organizing skills. 

Due in no small part to being bolstered by the VPD, the protesters are getting emboldened. Although plans are subject to change, some have expressed their desire to protest outside the BC Public Safety Minister’s house this coming Sunday (May 3rd, which will begin at Science World). Leaders have also been floating around the idea of doing a “children’s march,” thinking that risking infecting their children will somehow garner sympathy.

Paul Fromm is also showing support for a rally organized by 9-11 truther Ryan Kulbaba, in Surrey, BC scheduled for May 2. It's unclear whether he is attending.

Brian Ruhe is promoting it as well. 

I have sensed no sign that the Vancouver protests have any major advocacy organizations  assisting them, as comparable protests in the US have allegedly had, although they clearly see themselves in alignment with these protests (which have had a similar infestation from groups such as Proud Boys and III%). While some participants have shared promotional graphics from the shady “Free North Patriots” group that Press Progress recently covered, they don’t seem to have had any of a role in organizing the Vancouver protests, although one protest in Surrey for Saturday, May 2nd is being promoted on their Facebook page. Likewise, a modified form of the “yellow poster” used to promote events in the US has been used by Standfield, and after the first protest they started using yellow protest signs.

Not all lockdown criticisms come from conspiracy theorists or the far-right of course, though don’t expect much serious criticisms from these people, and whatever well-meaning people getting caught up in this are clearly getting in the wrong crowd.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Winnipeg Neo-Nazi Exposed - Justin Hjalmarsson

ARC received a tip earlier today from antifascists about swastika imagery at a home in Winnipeg: a swastika has been spotted in the backyard of a home with a confederate flag in the window.

The swastika carving in the backyard. ARC has no record of a Free City Skins.

After an investigation by both local antifascists and ARC, it is strongly believed that this home is the same one from a Winnipeg Free Press story in 2017 about a family from Eritrea being terrorized by a racist in their neighbourhood:
The Eritrean family survived for years as refugees in Sudan without protection, rights or much hope for the future. When a Winnipeg church sponsored them, they thought they’d be coming to a place of peace and security to build new lives for themselves. 
That was before they’d ever even heard of a white supremacist. Nearly a year after moving to Canada and being menaced by a neighbour with a Confederate flag in his window, the family feels it may have to move from its quiet North Point Douglas street. 
They said they’ve received racial insults like the n-word, verbal harassment and threatening gestures from the man who has driven his pickup truck toward them as if he’s going to hit them when they’re walking down the street, and mimed aiming a rifle and shooting them while saying "go back to where you came from." 
"This place has so many opportunities," said the youngest son who starts Grade 12 next month. His oldest brother, who is working and recently bought a car, is grateful for their decent, affordable housing. 
"Everything is good — everyone is nice — except this guy," said the eldest. 
The family shouldn’t have to move, said Sel Burrows, chairman of the North Point Douglas Residents Committee. "The entire street is on their side," said Burrows, who’s received calls on the committee’s tip line more than once from neighbours concerned about the newcomer family being menaced by the resident notorious for his Confederate flag and "Hail Satan" sign on his truck. 
One caller said the man was making threatening hand gestures towards one of the young family members, pretending to load a shotgun, taking aim and firing at the teen. 

CBC spoke to Hjalmarsson in 2017:

A Point Douglas man who has a confederate flag hanging in the window of his home says he believes in "white power" but doesn't force his beliefs on anyone. The man spoke briefly to CBC News after a number of people living nearby said they were victims of the man's unprovoked racist remarks. 
Kayla Bewer moved to the neighbourhood about a month ago and said she's heard the man yelling at an elderly woman and her grandson who appear to be Latino. "He yells racial slurs to them tells them to go back to their country and stuff. It's just heartbreaking to hear ... I can't believe anyone would say anything bad about her," said Bewer.

A person the CBC interviewed details a harrowing account of Hjlmarsson driving his truck toward them, forcing them to jump out of the way:

"[He] hit the brakes as they jumped off the road out of the way, and obviously that was terrifying for them," Wiebe said. "Whether or not he was physically trying to run into them or just trying to scare them or send a message or whatever the case, it's obviously very terrifying." 
The man, who didn't give his name, declined a request for an interview but agreed to answer a few questions. He let CBC news inside his home and showed us a swastika and Nazi symbols painted on the wall. There is also a large confederate flag painted on the ceiling that stretches the length and width of the entire living room. 
The man didn't deny hurling racist slurs at his neighbours. When asked why he said "Why come here? Get a free house and then go on welfare? Hate it," he told CBC News. The man said he has had several fights with a black neighbour and has told him to "get off my f--ing street."
The man said he has had several fights with a black neighbour and has told him to "get off my f--ing street." 
 Despite claiming that he doesn't "force his beliefs" on anyone, weaponizing them to terrorize families in the area is doing just that. Neighbourhood residents report that Hjalmarsson is escalating.

A resident told local antifascists, "I get tired of his BS...He called my wife a s---- last week. His behaviour usually escalates when the weather gets nicer." Residents also report that he makes intentional efforts to intimidate the others on the street.

A search of the address brought up the owner, and from there we tracked it to a man named Justin Hjalmarsson:

Source: Hjalmarsson's Facebook profile

Source: Hjalmarsson's Facebook profile

Hjalmarsson's facebook profile

Hjalmarsson seems to be quite taken with the ovcharka dog breed, and a sign above his door warns of "ovcharkas on duty." A confederate flag hangs in the window, and celtic crosses on the fence.

A photograph taken by Winnipeg antifascists and provided to ARC - April 25, 2020

Google earth shows the same flag in the Window, in 2014: 

A review of Hjalmarsson's social media profile further confirms his ideologies, and violent fantasies.

In this video from his Facebook profile, Hjalmarsson's mother, Gail, speaks German to their dog and a Nazi flag is clearly seen on the wall:

In addition to being a neo-Nazi, Hjalmarsson also supports the Hells Angels

Winnipeg is, historically, a very unfriendly city for fascists. From the Battle at Old Market Square in 1934, where hundreds of antifascists squared off successfully with the Winnipeg-based Canadian Union of Fascists, to more recent events, such as the less-than-warm welcome for the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party, a massive rally against hate in 2017, and the mass mobilization against postering efforts by The Base and Patrik Mathews.

Given Winnipeg's history, it's likely that Hjalmarsson has exactly the kind of support he deserves there - none.

If you have any further information on Hjalmarsson or the Free City Skins, email us at 

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Far-Right Conspiracy Theories Rampant During Pandemic

It's not a surprise that the far-right have latched onto every conspiracy under the sun with respect to Covid-19; this is where they live. It's also not a surprise that they're willing to put people in danger in order to bolster what they believe to be the truth, while maintaining that everyone else is the problem. The far-right exists because of conspiracy theories, be it the ZOG, white genocide/demographic replacement, the dangers of the UN and globalism, QAnon, or a fake pandemic and 5G. It takes a skewed worldview to buy into those ideas, and they feed off each other. Fear begets fear.

Our friend and ARC founder Kurt Phillips recently wrote an article detailing some of the conspiracies we've seen. In the UK 5G towers are being set on fire by people who believe they are causing the novel coronavirus. Lifestyle and parenting "influencers" are sharing these ideas without consequence. Anti-vaxxers have jumped on the train, too. When Trump called it the "Chinese virus," they felt vindicated and emboldened.

The issue has been covered widely by media, and yet social media companies have yet to crack down in any meaningful way from preventing the spread of these noxious ideas. Although YouTube has just announced they are suppressing videos about 5G, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram seem oblivious.

Coronavirus misinformation has stoked xenophobia, created relentless demand (and considerable profit) for products that are unlikely to help anyone, added considerable confusion to an already uncertain situation, and has only continued to multiply...
...Anti-vaxxers think the virus is an effort to force vaccines on them, possibly orchestrated by Bill Gates. Others blame 5G networks. Then there’s the one everyone should always be expecting. “One of the oldest stereotypes about the Jewish people is that they have power to manipulate these global events to their benefit,” says Oren Segel, vice president of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. “[The theory is] that the Jews have created the coronavirus in order to try to gain power at the expense of others.”
Hate group Northern Guard has uploaded a series of documents to their private Facebook group. In one dated April 5th titled "Update on the war against the deep state/world elites and the current covid19 crisis," author, moderator, and Invermere, BC chapter member Steve Gutsch outlines a laundry list of conspiracies related to Covid-19:
It appears that there is a concerted effort to shut down the satanic pedophile rings around the world and many arrests have already occurred and thousands of children are being rescued. Real news of this will be disclosed soon.
We are still being told of the internet and MSM platforms going to be shut down for several days, but the timing of this is not confirmed. 
Another area of concern while we are sequestered inside our homes is the continued rollout of the 5G network and the installation of 5G towers everywhere. The more I read about 5G, the more concern I have of the health implications of this high frequency radiation platform. I do not believe 5G is good for humanity and that it is a form of weapon against us to be used by the globalist elites.
In another document from March 28th with the same title, Gutsch writes:
My interpretation of the research regarding this virus is that it was developed in a research lab near Winnipeg and then stolen and taken to China by Chinese intelligence agents. The patent for the virus does list Bill Gates as one of the patent holders through the Gates foundation, and it is believed the virus was developed as a bio-weapon and is a part of the de-population agenda. It is not 100% clear how the virus was released from the lab in Wuhan China, and we may never know the truth of that, however the virus is real and is now spreading globally. 
…AIDS/HIV, Bird flu, Swine flu, SARS, MERV, H1N1, Ebloa, Ecoli, Zika, West Nile, etc…These are all man made patented viruses that have been released upon the world in the past 4 decades (co-incidentally Agenda 21 was signed near 30 yrs ago). 
Of course, his real concern is their liberties:
Of much more concern are the steps in restricting our rights and freedoms to supposedly “combat” the virus. Our local chapter in small town Rocky Mountains (Invermere) was actually called today by both the town mayor and the RCMP warning us not to gather for our weekly protest or face incarceration and fines of $1000 (not sure if group or each person would be fined). Our chapter is small. The province has said no groups larger than 10 people are to gather or be fined for disobeying. We only have 4-6 show usually so why did they need to call us and threaten us with jail and a fine for not even breaking the restriction? Seems odd to us, especially when we see people going into the grocery stores without any protection and in numbers larger than our protest would have been. Is the covid19 crisis serving another purpose? We know the deep state is panicking. They have lost in every attempt to remove Trump from office.

Ricardo Duchesne, the former University of New Brunswick professor who left his job due to his views, has promoted racist Dr. Teresa Tam trutherism on his ethnonationalist website, Council for Euro-Canadians, in an article authored by a GTA-area blogger named Kidist Paulos Arast. Arast, who, interestingly, is a woman of colour, runs a few hodge-podge blogs focusing on "art and culture," with a "western civilization" bent.

In an article on the CEC website, Arast writes:

There is plenty of information available to satisfy one's curiosity of Tam's qualifications, all of which far exceed those of the author of the nonsense above

"Misinformation about the global panic"

The comments on the post are typically about whether or not Tam is transgender: 

A comment by Sally Ann Cunliffe, an East Coast blogger with multiple websites who regularly trolls and posts nonsense conspiracy theories. Like Duchesne, Cunliffe is an official member of the Canadian Nationalist Party

Duchesne himself is promoting conspiracies on Twitter, claiming that the purpose of masks is to eradicate any white identity: 

As well as racist Dr. Tam truther conspiracies: 

And claiming that China is the "biggest menace to whites:"

Resurrection Europa, a white nationalist and conspiratorial account frequently promoted by Duchesne on Twitter, is overt in their racist conspiracy claims that the virus is a Marxist plot created by China to invade Canada, and frequently posts about the dangers of vaccinations.

A particularly vile tweet, praising a clip of a man threatening people in the Chinese consulate in Australia with a bullwhip

Duchesne's insistence that the virus is being utilized to replace white people hasn't been overlooked by others in the game:

Fromm promoting Duchesne's idea that the virus is being used for white replacement

Fromm is also promoting the conspiracy that the virus was cooked up in a Winnipeg lab, and secretly ferried to China for release - a conspiracy that has been debunked by the journalist from the original story on the Winnipeg lab

Over on Facebook, the patriots are neck-deep in conspiracy theories. Izidor Sarvari, a Yellow Vest organizer from Calgary, has stated repeatedly he refuses to follow the health guidelines laid out, and believes it is a hoax.

One of the signs found at the Calgary Yellow Vest weekly rallies, this one from April 11, 2020. Police cruisers can be seen in the video. It appears the protesters were left alone. 

Izidor and Nick Smart, another Calgary YV organizer, are planning a march protesting the social distancing orders for April 12, 2020.

Georges Hallak, of the Canadian Coalition for Concerned Citizens, is spreading conspiracies that the virus is being used to prevent Trump's re-election in November, and that it was intentionally released by the Chinese, who now have blood on their hands.

Comments under the above post

Hallak's followers claiming China should be "bombed back to the stone age," and "wiped from the face of the earth"

Ruddi Bruce, an anti-Muslim Yellow Vest, is uploading videos claiming that the pandemic is "psychological warfare." He recently had Alberta Wexiteer Jon Mihalich, who was recently profiled by The Walrus, spoke about how the virus is a "set-up," and we are "on the brink of war." Interestingly, they both claim to have abandoned Wexit as an idea, as separation is no longer viable.

They go on to talk about 5G, and Mihalic states 5G is "killing people."  The 5G/Covid-19 conspiracy is one of the most popular ones gaining traction. It claims that 5G towers, via radio waves, and not the virus, are responsible for the deaths in China, and that the isolation measures imposed by governments is a ruse in order to install wide-spread 5G towers without public knowledge. In the UK, at least 20 5G towers have been set on fire as a result of the conspiracy theory.

The 5G/Covid-19 theory is scientifically impossible.

Ruddi also posts conspiracies about how the virus is a depopulation tool:

And how empty hospitals support the conspiracy that the virus is a hoax:

Alongside 5G, the "#FilmYourHospital" campaign has become very popular with the far-right. Stephen Garvey of the NCA has uploaded footage of him entering, and being removed from, emergency rooms: 
There is plenty of documentation as to why hospitals are not as busy as we would normally think right now, but that doesn't matter to these people. Most are in it for clicks and clout. 

Derek Storie, one of the biggest proponents of the "campaign," has been uploading footage to his YouTube channel:

Circling back to the 5G conspiracy, one of the most widely shared stories circulating right now is the interview with David Icke, the British conspiracy theorist who believes in reptilians controlling humankind, and claims a number of world leaders are, in fact, reptilian. 

In the interview, Icke encouraged further arson against 5G towers in the UK. 

It's both baffling and frightening that the set who believe the media is intentionally lying to us will also promote the ideas of Icke. And yet, promote it they do. Over and over again. 

Failed Canadian Nationalist Party candidate Gus Stefanis

Duke Willis, leaning into the antisemitism, which is the root of these conspiracies

Vaccines are another major topic, ranging from the typical anti-vaxx "dangers," to the belief that vaccinations will carry micro ID chips, the test itself infects people, and those who refuse them will be hauled off to camps. 

As it stands, healthcare guidelines are not preventing them from gathering, albeit in small numbers. This weekend, Yellow Vests in Calgary were watched by police, who sat in their cruisers. Due to the small numbers, it's entirely possible that they will slip through the cracks, given most cities have a rule of 5-10 people gathering. It's shameful that they're being permitted to rally and spread these dangerous ideas.

In Estevan, Riedel and his friends got together for a convoy and rally "for front line workers."
Odd, considering the type of content Riedel has been posting nonstop to social media:

It's easy to laugh them off and call them crazy, however it's a grave a mistake to do so. It isn't just them they're harming, this time. The world is moving through a global pandemic, one that has the potential to cause major disruption. They've shown they're comfortable putting people at risk, either by perpetuating these myths, or by flouting the necessary behaviours that society must participate in to flatten the curve. These ideas have a very real possibility of harming people. These people are a threat to our health.