Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sandra Solomon Had a Bad Day In Winnipeg

Though not nearly as bad as she has been claiming.

Toronto-based Islamophobe Sandra Solomon is on a cross country tour promoting her particular brand of bat-fucking-insanity to an audience who, outside of other Islamophobes and anti-fascists, ask the question, "who the hell is that crazy lady and why is she blocking my way to the supermarket?"

Today Solomon was in Winnipeg with a handful of local supporters. The reception she received was not to her liking as those opposed to her came out to verbally oppose her.

Which to Sandra Solomon is equivalent to a violent assault:

Uhm, no. No, that's not what happened. Not even close.

As the good folks at Pegida Watch noted:
Sandra Solomon was not assaulted in Winnipeg today but predictably, Solomon and her supporters are using the lie that she was in an attempt to raise money from her gullible followers, just like she did after supposedly being injured in a car accident - only to miraculously recover enough within days to fly to Washington and spend hours on end standing at a protest, waving a flag and a megaphone.
Those involved in the counter-protest offer this take which is corroborated by other witnesses and a video:
Earlier today Canada's #1 Islamophobe and top reactionary decided it was a good idea to come and spew her vile hate speech and conspiracy theories at City Hall here in Winnipeg. She and about 5 of her supporters draped In Canadian flags showed up on Main Street and was quickly confronted by us. 
An altercation occurred when her supporter attacked one of our comrades. This is the complete opposite to what Never Again Canada and her self is reporting. Solomon was never attacked or harmed in the process however after being attacked our comrade was detained (later released without charge) the police set up a 10 ft line between us and the haters. 
We managed to keep them off the street make her speech inaudible, shouted her and her supporters down and got passersby an observers to join us in denouncing her and her paranoid politics. We basically did it the only way Winnipeg could do it and that was make her and her minions look like complete clowns in public. 
After being unsuccessful on trying to get public support (pretty hard in one of the most diverse areas of Canada) her and her followers left with their proverbial tails between their legs. We found out later that they proceeded to the safe space of the isolated Manitoba Legislative Building. Had we known we would of followed her there, luckily the legislature is cut off from the main streets of Broadway and Osborne so they probably had a little hate fest in their safe space with no real automotive or pedestrian traffic. 
What you see on Never Again Canada and her Facebook is a flat out fabrication and sensationalized​ information to Garner sympathy and get other reactionaries to fund her sham of a movement. No matter who shows up on Treaty 1, [be they] Soldiers of Odin, Sandra Solomon, CCCC, WCAI, or any other "Patriot" group they will be met with resistance from not only FF1 Antifa but the citizens of this great multicultural, diverse and inclusive city. Let today be a lesson for any of you who want to spew hatred and ignorance here, we are waiting, we are watching. PEG CITY DON'T PLAY.
Solomon is continuing on to Regina tomorrow....

....and will be in Calgary on June 3 where she will no doubt continue to make friend and influence people in the same manner she did in Winnipeg.

Monday, May 29, 2017

June 3 in Ottawa: Trouble-a-Brewin'

I think the best way to start this article is by making fun of the financial management of Joey De Luca of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI). As ARC's readers know, De Luca and Ryan Dean (of the over the top Canadian Combat Coalition) are planning a protest in Calgary to coincide with a "Million Canadian Deplorable" march on parliament in Ottawa. To that end, De Luca decided to purchase red "WCAI" t-shirts (really, what are with these groups and their love t-shirts?) because he wanted to see a sea of red at both his and the Ottawa event.

He has recently posted an image of one of said t-shirts:

Wow. He bought $500 worth of natural cotton apparel? So, buying in bulk, that would be.... what? Maybe 40 to 50 t-shirts? Maybe 30 he's charged more for the silk screening. Not a lot, but I suppose if they are all being worn by Calgary supporters, then visually it would still be decent a show of unity. And at least it was, as De Luca puts it, "$500 well spent."

De Luca's friend Ryan Dean also picked up t-shirts for his group, which resulted in a rather eye opening discussion:

Hahaha! Rape jokes are sooo funny! You stay classy Joey!


No, really, WHAT?

You're telling me that Joey De Luca spent $512 on a total of 12 t-shirts?

That almost $43 per shirt!

Holy fuck! Did they see him coming with "MARK" labeled on his forehead a mile away?

Joey. Baby. I hate to tell you this, but 12 t-shirts aren't a sea!

Hell, they're barely a puddle!

If this is the kind of financial management one can expect from the Dear Leader of the WCAI, his supporters better be sure to ask for separate bills should they ever go out to drinks with him.

UPDATE: It would seem that Ryan and Joey might be a bit embarrassed by this revelation as this portion of the discussion has been removed from the thread:

And that gets me to the point of this particular article. Whether in Calgary or in Ottawa, these anti-government Islamophobes are really, really, bad at organizing things.

So let's now move east and discuss the state of the June 3 rally on Parliament Hill.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Racism and Violence Within WCAI and Canadian Combat Coalition

It seems that Joey De Luca is having an especially bad day:

Based on what De Luca's friend and ally Ryan "Alberta" Dean of the Canadian Combat Coalition states, these posters were found today in Calgary and they are all pretty pissed off about it:

Given that Ryan Dean is the same fella who created this, we have a hard time feeling sorry for his claim that posting De Luca's actual posts as evidence is illegal:

By the way, what exactly is a, "tratior" Ryan?

In any case, De Luca himself has been trying to push back on suggestions that he and the WCAI is a hate group:

But because De Luca is really dumb, he undermines his own argument by posting things like this:

"Muds and fags," eh?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lindsay Thurber High School: WCAI and CCC Still Refuse To Accept Reality

This past Tuesday, members of the WCAI, Canadian Combat Coalition, Soldiers of Odin, III% members as well as a few local supporters protested outside of a Red Deer, AB school because they believed a fight that occurred there the week was before was evidence that Syrian refugee students were targeting children and facing no punishment; later they also claimed that there was mass sexual harassment and assaults being committed against the students of the school.

Later, the school principal and the superintendent went out to speak to the protesters, calmly explaining that all the students involved in the fight were suspended for five days each and that there has been no indication that the new claims about sexual assaults being committed by Syrian refugees against female students were occurring, however if such behavior was occurring that they would urge students to bring this concern to the administration.

The protesters, satisfied that their concerns had been addressed and, as reasonable people, all thanked the principal and superintendent and left knowing that the grainy video and the claims made that the Syrian kids were not punished were all false and that they needed to be more careful about believing anything they see on the Internet.


Just kidding!

No, they're still going ape-shit and are now supporting the harming of the principal because they didn't like that he didn't confirm their biases:

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Red Deer Anti-Muslim Protest Update: A Look At Two Parents

If you haven't read the first article on the story concerning the Islamophobic protest that took place today outside a Red Deer high school, we invite our readers to first click on this link.

Also, for people who claim not to be racist, the Islamophobe protesters' supporters don't seem to like brown folk at their rallies:

But I digress....

Upon watching one of De Luca's videos in which he and others question school officials, I couldn't help noticing one figure (the original video has been edited, shortening it to the section readers should pay attention to):

Yes Joey, let's see how that looks on the news hour.

Since Ms. Lyle has provided her name to the media, she is now a public figure and as such her claims warrant some scrutiny.

Not too long after the protest, WCAI and CCC members started to comment on the media coverage:

There are three figures of interest here, including an old friend:

You all remember Thomas Trenerry right? Formerly a member of the Calgary-based Aryan Guard and later Blood & Honour?

However these two posts are perhaps more interesting for reasons that I hope will soon become apparent:

The readers may have noticed in the last article that I mentioned while I and others don't believe there is a mass of parents who fear their sons and daughters are being subjected to assaults and sexual abuse by Syrian students, we do know that WCAI and CCC have been in contact with at least one parent:

Ron Briggs is someone associated with the III% movement. He suggests that "Chad" is the father of one of the boys involved and was unjustly punished for trying to be a peacemaker while the "Syrian instigators" got off with no punishment.

Maybe, but as someone who was involved in the Alberta school system as recently as six years ago, I know how hard it is for a student to receive a five day school suspension for a first offense. That said, if the offense is serious enough, then perhaps five days could be warranted?

Both Briggs and Dean provided their direct messages with Chad in an effort to coordinate the protest:

I was able to find Chad Lyle on Facebook and while he is now using his own photo for his profile picture, he had been using this one as early as this weekend:

WCAI, Canadian Combat Coalition, Soldiers of Odin, and Others Harass Staff and Students At Red Deer High School

Yesterday I alluded to an event being planned by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) and others that would not be discussed until after the event took place. I and others in the know wanted to be sure to (a) make certain the school and the police were aware of the plans and (b) we didn't give them any undue attention.

Yes, I wrote school.

Fight at Lindsay Thurber leads to student suspensions

Yeah, a fight took place at a high school last week, much like fights have been happening at Canadian high schools for decades. Had this been a regular fight, our friends with the WCAI wouldn't have given it a second thought I'm sure. However, one fact stood out which resulted in a school yard spat being turned into an act of potential terrorism against "Canadian" kids:
School officials acknowledge that some of the students involved in the altercation were Syrian, but are refuting social media comments claiming the discipline for those students was not the same as for others.
Yeah, by this point you all know what is coming:

De Luca and his confederates planned a protest for today at Lindsay Thurber High School in Red Deer, Alberta based on a claim that Syrian students were beating up Canadian kids and were not being punished because those Syrian students were, "acting within their faith" and that they needed to be tolerated. A rational person would question this claim, particularly when the school stated that all involved were punished.

But then we aren't talking about rational people here:

Honestly though, who should parents at this high school be more concerned about? The immigrant kids or a man who has been convicted of drug trafficking and assault causing bodily harm?

Some of the comments left while De Luca conducted his live video are as follows:

Monday, May 22, 2017

WCAI Planning June 24 Rally; Hilarity Inevitable

The Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI Canada) in concert with the Canadian Combat Coalition (again, really?) is planning three events in the coming few weeks. The first is one that will not be discussed until after it takes place; I believe ARC's readers will understand why I made this decision when it is reported on. The second is the June 3 event that was to take place in Edmonton to mirror the "A Million Canadian Deplorables March Against Trudeau" in Ottawa, however the shit storm (see here and here) that resulted has caused Joey De Luca and Ryan "Toot" Dean to plan their own event in Calgary.

But the third event on June 24....

Oh baby!

It will be a MASSIVE rally on June 24! Hundreds, if not thousands, if not HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS will attend!

With live bands!

Internationally "known" guest speakers!

A pig roast!

Balloon animals and cotton candy!

Well, maybe not that last part, but given the hyperbole that Joey De Luca has engaged in, who knows?

One has to give Joey credit for his ambition I suppose.

Still, even before the infighting really took off, there were some signs that there might be trouble in paradise:

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Toronto Proud Boy Profile: Ron Stubbings

Reprinted with permission from the original author.

By now some people are familiar with the wannabe frat boy right wing cult called the Proud Boys. Their schtick is a constructed hyper -“masculinity” mixed in with racism, misogyny,homophobia and stale internet memes. They have started to show up at demos and have thrown fists when they can get away with it. And some people have felt that they have been able to get away with a lot. There is a concern out there that the police have protected the Proud Boy bigots from harm while turning a blind eye to their violent actions and provocations.

Let’s meet one of them. Ron Stubbings. (Ron Banerjee, Ronny Cameron, now Ron Stubbings...why are they always called Ron?) In his late 40’s Ron can hardly be labelled as a boy in chronological terms. It would be unfair to even say he had the mentality of a typical boy as most boys do not harbor such vile hatred.


Ron wanted to be an Anglican priest and studied theology at UofT, then he wanted to be a comedian. He now seems to have decided to take a new career path as a full time hater.

Here is a bio from his comedian days:

and another one that gives a bit more info:

Ron is now all about the Proud Boys. Here is an editorial he wrote for their magazine:

The editorial is a strange piece about the merits of fighting (I think, it is badly written) and he name drops his brother “the Deputy Chief of Police for the Toronto Police Service.”

Infighting Amongst Canadian Islamophobes: Part 7 - Meanwhile in Toronto....

As the founder, lead writer, and currently sole member of ARC, I often find it funny that the people who are the quickest to diminish the reach and influence (such as it is) of the blog are among ARC's most dedicated readers. Case in point, the article posted on May 16 detailing the criminal records of the founder of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (Joey De Luca) and his Saskatchewan representative (Christopher Hayes) resulted in an almost immediate response from De Luca:

"They are too well organized to be unpaid grass roots."

First, I don't think Peter Straw understands what grass roots means.

Second, if I was being paid, would I be using Blogger as a platform?

Third, aren't you the same people who say that if a Muslim (refugee, immigrant, or Canadian-born) commits any sort of crime, that person and their entire extended family should be deported to.... somewhere?

Finally, he is overestimating my connections. Really dude, I'm just someone with a laptop, Internet access, and too much time on my hands.

Still, it is fun being thought of as a member of some sort of nefarious cabal. Now if only George Soros would cut me one of those checks I've been hearing about.

But more than the revelation that much of the WCAI leadership ARC is aware of are violent criminals, De Luca seems to be most upset with the ongoing series detailing infighting amongst anti-Muslim groups in Canada.

It would appear that Joey De Luca has declared the infighting to be over and that from this point on there would be a united front against the government, Muslims, anti-fascists, liberals, immigrants in general, wearing white after Labor Day, mimes (I could actually get behind that initiative), basic literacy, and tartar build-up.

Hopefully everyone got the memo.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What Was Learned From Islamophobe Rally in Ottawa on May 6

The following is the second article submitted by an Ottawa area-based reader and activist who has been researching the Soldiers of Odin and associated individuals and groups. The first article focused on white supremacists within the Ottawa-Gatineau SoO). This article is focuses on what was learned from the May 6 Islamophobe protest that occurred on Parliament Hill, as well as perhaps providing insight into the organizational skills of those planning the June 3 protest also scheduled (maybe) to take place on Parliament Hill.

On May 6th, local Islamophobes showed up to another Facebook event called by the CCCC. This time, they were planning to walk from the human rights memorial to Parliament and hold their rally there, where they had planned to have a safe space backed by the RCMP and a fenced perimeter. The anti-fascists showed up earlier to the memorial, so that the Islamophobes rallied somewhere and made their way to Parliament Hill, where seven Soldiers of Odin were waiting to escort them. In the meantime, four members of the all-new Ottawa Proud Boys chapter, which looks like it's made up partly of SoO rejects, went to the memorial seemingly to distract the anti-fascists, who eventually did make it to Parliament Hill to face down the Islamophobes.

The anti-fascists being the only group in possession of a megaphone, they easily disrupted the speech component of the rally; it might not even have been necessary however, since this time both the PBs and the SoOs were busy hurling insults, rape threats and whatnot to the anti-fascists, targeting women in particular.

It's unclear what they were trying to achieve with this rally this time, other than try to intimidate local anti-fascist forces. Some of the SoOs even tried to jump antifascists on their way out of Parliament Hill.