Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Canadian Freeman Movement

If you happened to watch, "The National" this evening on CBC, you might have also watched the documentary at the end on the Canadian Freeman movement:
A new but expanding group called the Freeman-on-the-Land has caught the attention of Canadian police because of the violent activity of associated groups in other countries.

Some call the Freemen a harmless fringe movement. However, as The National's Adrienne Arsenault reports, the group may be larger and, for some, more worrying than it appears.

The documentary characterized the Canadian Freeman movement as being distinct from it's America counterpart; whereas the American movement is more far right with a focus on guns as well as a number of cases of overt violence (including the murder of over 20 police officers), this documentary appears to claim that the Canadian version is more leftist in nature and might even be considered to be intellectually on par with that of the Occupy Movement.

Readers of this blog know that isn't really an entirely accurate characterization.

We've talked about Bill Noble on occasion regarding his Freeman views (he claims, incidentally, to have given up his Canadian citizenship and as such is no longer subject to Canadian laws), but we haven't spoken about his Freeman guru, "Sovereign."

That's an omission we plan on rectifying.

Stay tuned.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Media Coverage of Alleged Prison Sexual Assault of Calgary Neo-Nazi

We certainly haven't forgotten about the allegations that a member of a Calgary racist group that we have covered here was sexually assaulted by two other inmates. And we would reiterate that no matter how reprehensible the views that the alleged victim holds there is no justification for or humour in rape (while the vast majority of our readers seem to agree with us, there are a tiny number who don't; we suggest that you don't expect to see your comments on the subject published).

A new story in the news this week regarding the trial taking place:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bonehead Family Values

Sometimes, we wonder how the boneheads we focus on in this blog can live with the cognitive dissonance that runs throughout their lives?

Bill Noble and a case of arrested
development. How many diapers
would that guitar have purchased, Bill?
Earlier this week, Bill Noble wrote an editorial for what he claimed was a mainstream magazine. In it, he spouts off the usual claptrap about the persecution of, “White Nationalists,” anti-racism as a code for being, 'anti-white,'” and accusations of genocide. You know, the tired, old, repetitive shtick that has become all too predictable and which bares no resemblance to any objective reality.

But it was the last part of the article – the last sentence in fact – which caught our attention. Not because it says anything new. No, it’s because of the disconnect between what he claims to support and what he actually lives.

As White nationalists, we seek to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. And as Communists threaten that existence and that future, they must be defeated.

Like a lot of politicians who use the phrase, “for the children” when they want to ram some sort of regressive policy down our throats (see Minister Toews’s recent efforts), Bill here uses children as a justification for what he and other boneheads do. This led us to wonder….

Just when was the last time you visited YOUR son and the mother of your child, Bill?

Friday, February 17, 2012

American Holocaust Denier Visiting Vancouver?

Mark Weber, the director of the infamous Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review, is said to be coming to Vancouver on Friday, February 17 to give a speech. We aren't yet certain if this is the case, however we were told that Weber would be speaking at the Grouse Inn (1633 Capilano Dr., North Vancouver) at 8:00 pm.

It would also appear that Weber, if he is going to Vancouver, will have a guest:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You WILL Feel Like Taking a Hot, Cleansing Shower.....

...... because we sure as hell did.

We would like to show you, our dear readers, a picture. However it's not the kind of photo that we would like to make a habit of posting as it is sexist and exploitative. We imagine that most of you will likely, and rightfully, be offended by it as it depicts women as merely a sexual object as if that is the sum total of her self-worth.

Trust us. There is a point to this:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Out of Context

"We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population." -- Margaret Sanger
The quote above has been used by anti-choice proponents in an effort paint Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, as a racist bent on eliminating African-Americans. This is echoed by the current campaign to portray reproductive rights as an attack on the African-American community.

The truth, however, is quite different. Here is the part of the quote that is not often included:
"We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."
So, in context, the quote might mean something very different:
According to New York University's Margaret Sanger Papers Project, Sanger, in writing that letter, "recognized that elements within the black community might mistakenly associate the Negro Project with racist sterilization campaigns in the Jim Crow South, unless clergy and other community leaders spread the word that the Project had a humanitarian aim."
This is not at all to say that Sanger's views on race were not problematic to say the least -- she was certainly a product of a time which viewed people of colour as lesser peoples -- but even here her views were not conventional:

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Uhm, So, What's Up Stormfront?

During one of our nightly visits to Stormfront, we noticed that instead of the normal forum headings we're used to seeing, instead we found this:

We thought to ourselves, "Now isn't that curious? Wonder what's up?"

Given the recent news about the recent hack of neo-Nazi websites, you could imagine that this piqued our interest, as it did on some other hate sites such as White News Now:

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tony McAleer: We Gotta Have Something to Hope For

Back in the early 1990s, Tony McAleer was a neo-Nazi based out in British Columbia best known for Canadian Liberty Net (a virulently racist telephone telephone line), being held in contempt of court for continuing said hate line when the courts ordered him to shut it down, his courting of the and self-promotion in the media (including American talk shows) and his management of at last one racist rock band. He also, very early on, understood the potential influence of the Internet, then in it's relative infancy, in promoting racist views to a much wider audience.

By the mid 1990s, McAleer had fallen off most anti-racist's radars as he didn't appear active any longer. By the 2000s, he was in some ways a footnote in the history of the racist movement in that his primary mode of disseminating racist propaganda, telephone phone messages, had been so eclipsed by the Internet that the idea of having to call a phone number to hear pre-recorded racist diatribes seemed almost silly. We forget that these quaint little telephone lines really did have a significant impact for their times and that Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act was in many ways a reaction to this new use of the technology.

One of our members was re-watching "Hearts of Hate" a few months ago and was reminded of McAleer's role in the 90s. As McAleer has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth, that member decided to see if more information could be found about what McAleer was currently up to. Our member found his website and was surprised by the direction that McAleer's life seemed to have gone in.

Yesterday, in part as a response to the series of assaults allegedly carried out by members of Blood & Honour, McAleer was interviewed by the CBC about his time in the movement and how (and why) he eventually got out.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Senior Targeted by Boneheads

On Friday, the CBC covered the story of a 63 year old man who was having his life threatened online because he was reporting racist diatribes on Craig's List. The posts he was reporting often called for the murder of individuals because of their ethnicity, religion, and sexuality.

As a result of his efforts, Mr. Campbell himself became the target.

Now, how did our bonehead friends react? First, former Heritage Front member and friend of Marc Lemire posted the following on Facebook:

This was followed by Craig Bodeker of the United States who has an interesting concept of what freedom of speech means:

Not that we're at all surprised though. Expect more of this should Sec. 13 be removed from the Canadian Human Rights Act:

Man who monitors Craigslist for racist postings becomes victim himself

Police in B.C. are investigating death threats against a man who has complained about hate speech on Craigslist’s Vancouver website, CBC News has learned

Cran Campbell, of Delta, B.C., says he regularly monitors the Rants and Raves section of the popular website and flags postings he believes are racist, hateful or threatening.

Campbell said he also reports some of the more vicious comments to police.

Delta police are now investigating death threats against the 63-year-old retiree that have been made in comments brazenly posted on Craigslist.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Well Now, This IS Interesting.

The folks at Free Dominion don't like us.

At all.

And that is a profound understatement.

We have made certain comments regarding their support for people like Lemire and Fromm. Not just for their efforts to eliminate Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, but have actually promoted them as men of character and of not being racist or of having said anything anti-Semitic.

And we are sure that Fromm and Lemire have been very careful about what they say around the Fourniers so that they can continue to count on their support. After all, the Fournier's would never voice support for an overt National Socialist. Right?

Uhm..... well..... funny you should ask that question because....

Good catch, BCL.

Not claiming that he and Noble share the same views (Mark writes this himself) but again we have to say, talk about the company they keep!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Response to Nazi Leaks By the Boneheads

It was only a matter of time before the boneheads on Stormfront commented on the Nazi Leak hack.

Suffice it to say there is some concern:

Thursday, February 02, 2012

CBC Radio Covers Nazi Leaks

"Cyber Hate"

UPDATE: The CBC covered the fallout of the Nazi hack revelations, contacting a number of those individuals who's names, email and home addresses, and phone numbers were released.

And surprisingly (or not) one of them is friends with a Free Dominion regular. Now, we certainly will not suggest that the good folks at Free Dominion support the views of those individuals who's identities were revealed. We just find it.... interesting. 

Neo-Nazi member calls hacking 'an invasion of privacy' 
Names leaked by computer hackers in EuropeCBC News Posted: Feb 2, 2012 6:01 PM PT 
Some Canadians whose associations with white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups were recently revealed, are defending their involvement with the organizations, while others deny having anything to do with the groups anymore. 
CBC News reported Wednesday that the names of 74 Canadians were found in files leaked by computer hackers in Europe who were intent on exposing hate movements. The identities were revealed on a website called, which is now offline. 
“It is an invasion of privacy,” said Joel Henry, of Langley, B.C., in a telephone interview with CBC News Thursday. 
“I have my beliefs and I still have my beliefs,” said Henry. “It’s just certain members of the group want to go out and beat the s--t out of people and I don’t condone that.” 
McLean Welsh, of Nanaimo, B.C., who is attending school in Quebec, sought to distance himself from one of the hacked organizations. 
“I could be on the list because I bought a couple T-shirts off that website a couple of years ago,” said Welsh, when reached via Skype. “For instance, the shirt I’m wearing right now.” 
Welsh said he has severed his ties with the group. 
“I joined the Stormfront once and it just didn’t appeal to me,” said Welsh. “Because as soon as you say you’re proud to be white, you’re automatically associated with a Nazi party.” 
Membership not illegal 
New Westminster police detective Terry Wilson, head of the B.C. hate crime team, said he and his colleagues aren't sure if the hacked information is useful for their purposes or not. 
Wilson also cautioned that the RCMP is not trying to police how people think, but will step in once individuals’ actions break the law. 
“Membership [in these groups] is not against the law,” he said. ”It’s when your motivations make you do criminal offences, that’s when it becomes a police issue and that’s when the B.C. hate crime team and other hate crime teams across the country get involved.” 
Police and government security organizations should be able to make use of the hacked information, according to Simon Fraser University professor Andre Gerolymatos, who has written extensively on espionage. 
“Any information is good information,” said Gerolymatos. “Something that comes like this is sort of a small bonanza. And at the very least it can verify information that [authorities] already have.”
With files from the CBC's Natalie Clancy

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

CBC Discusses Nazi Hack

We alluded to this in the previous post. This evening an investigative report by the CBC has helped to expose the views of the boneheads we cover here. The focus of the story was on the hacked emails and websites that were published not long ago.

We were sent some of these files independently by our friends in Europe and North America. And while we don't plan on publishing anything from those files right now, they certainly have resulted in a number of new lines of inquiry. Here are a few initial observations:
  • The racist movement in Canada is fractured as hell. There is even more infighting and paranoia than we had thought there was (and we already knew there was a lot). Members of even the same groups turn on each other at the drop of the hat. Yeah, we know that it doesn't seem like we're telling our readers anything new, but it really is far more prevalent than even we had expected.
  • For all their talk of family and the "14 words," the racist movement is rife with infidelity, domestic abuse and cheating the system (i.e. welfare fraud)
  • Violence and support for violence is endemic. In spite of (or perhaps because of) the factionalism that exists, these people are extremely dangerous.
  • On a specific note, we know that when Kyle McKee was on the run from the police that he was eventually picked up in Winnipeg. What we learned confirmed our suspicion that the person he was staying with was Bill Noble.
And Bill, you really aren't helping your case all that much when you do interview but please keep it up because it makes our job a lot easier

Update on Macdonald and BC Blood & Honour: Posts on Hammerskin Forum

Tonight on "The National" a story will air concerning the racist movement in Canada. Much of it will focus on the recent hack of far right websites and email addresses, including those of Canadian racists known very well to us and to our readers. However there might also be some focus on the assaults in Vancouver.

So it seems appropriate then to post some of the screenshots of Shawn Macdonald's posts on the Hammerskin's webforum.

We can't be sure exactly when Shawn had his account removed, though it is likely he did so around the time he was deleting his posts (and the entire Canadian section) from the Blood & Honour forum he helped moderate. Also, changing your name from, "Big Mac" to "Big Cheese" really isn't fooling anyone.

Some of these posts are quite interesting in that Macdonald heavily promoted combat sports as training for WNs who, as Shawn himself says were already, "familiar with street fighting." But we'll let our readers peruse the screen shots and let us know what they think: