Saturday, September 09, 2017

Woman Who Verbally Attacked Jagmeet Singh Tied to Rise Canada

ARC's readers are already well aware of the incident in which a woman verbally attacked NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh at an event in Brampton, ON. Of course the woman isn't named, but activists were able to figure out who she was pretty quick:

Jennifer Bush has been a frequent attendee at a number of anti-Muslim events including those held in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto and is suspected of being involved in the anti-Muslim protests of the Peel school board. Ms. Bush also looked familiar and while I initially couldn't place her, a journalist was able to make the connection.

Bush, along the dude who tore apart a Quran at a Peel Region District School Board meeting in March, and Ron Banerjee, participated in an event hosting then Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch who was at the time stoking fears of Muslims for fun and profit.

UPDATE 2: She also appeared at a protest at a Mississauga where she and the Rise Canada crew harangued children:

In fact, it appears that Bush herself is a member of Rise Canada based in part on her response to one of Banerjee's passive aggressive rants directed towards Ronny Cameron:

Others have also made the connection:
For a while, Bush actually spoke of herself in the third person when commenting on stories about the incident on social media, though she was quickly outed as the person who heckled Mr. Singh. Banerjee tried to continue the facade that "Jennifer" was simply some concerned citizen troubled by Mr. Singh's refusal to address her concerns:

Bush herself appears to have dispensed with the charade, at least for now:

The video that Benerjee posted of Bush's "side of the story" not only trots out the same tired anti-Muslim tropes we've gotten used to, but reminds us that he hates Sikhs as much as he does Muslims and that Bush herself doesn't appear to fall far from the tree:

UPDATE 3: Arthur Smitherman also appears to be a fan now:

As a reminder of Banerjee's Islamophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, Sikh-hating, Trump-loving rhetoric, and that of the rest of Rise Canada, here are a few choice tweets from the man himself:

UPDATE 1: A further response from Mr. Singh.
UPDATE 4: I think Ron has a crush on Bush.


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Shameful ignorant behaviour...doubt you will post this. Get your facts straight Seiks arent muslims.

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It's important to highlight this. It's good work linking all the threads together here to read. The most important message is that you can't appear to be mainstream and reasonable if you've gone on public record using phrases like 'smelly pakis' and 'ragheads'. They have no credibility and need to be laughed off as a hateful fringe movement that will eventually cross the line and move outside the law.

I can't love anybody who shares these vile views. I do love that we live in a society that allow them to express themselves lawfully.