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Goudreau's Peterborough Rally Already Unintentionally Hilarious

When ARC decides to write a story on Kevin Goudreau, it is usually, and justifiably, because he needs to be mercilessly made fun of because dear GOD does he deserve it consistently and frequently. When he receives mainstream press coverage, such as a few years ago when the National Post decided to run a story on him, the attention resulted in Goudreau's already undeservedly inflated ego growing three sizes those days:

Hey look! There's the TOTALLY NOT racist Nick Gallant, founder and president of
the Northern Guard, hobnobbing with two known neo-Nazis! Obviously a coincidence.
So you could imagine how puffed up "the Goudreau" is by all the attention he's receivg in the press because of his planned Peterborough neo-Nazi anti-Trudeau and anti-immigrant rally scheduled to take place this Saturday. In the most recent story by the CBC, Kevin suggested he would sue those who dared refer to him as a neo-Nazi:
One city councillor however was incensed tweeting that the group’s leader, Kevin Goudreau was a “neo-nazi” and the group should not have been allowed to hold the rally on municipal property. Goudreau refutes all such labels against him or his small group saying it’s an effort by leftists to marginalize and demonise their message. For his part, he claims he will begin defamation lawsuits against anyone who labels him as a “neo nazi”.....In a written statement to RCI, Goudreau said “They call Jews like Ezra Levant and our Jewish friends, Nazis, it’s just fear-mongering. White pride is preservation of culture and heritage as we support our Native Pride friends and everyone has that right. We are not in favour of proposing hatred or supremacy over any other groups”.
The city of Peterborough initially decided to give the Goudreau a permit based on their belief that the protest would be peaceful, however given the Goudreau's history and recent rhetoric, one has to question the nativity of the person who granted the permit (see here and here as examples).  It seems though that decision has been reconsidered and a permit would not be issued however the Goudreau still plans on soldiering on.

This brings me the point of this particular article.

In addition to his planned rally, the Goudreau has been crowing about how an "antifa comminist" meeting had been infiltrated and exposed as the dangerous terrorist he and others have claimed them to be:

The reality is a little less dramatic.

A newly formed group, Peterborough Against Fascism, posted an open invitation to a public meeting to discuss how to deal with the Goudreau's rally on Saturday. As it seems difficult to infiltrate an event that everyone was already welcome to attend, at least one person with I think it can be generously claimed ill will in mind attended the event and made an audio recording.

So here, in all it's reasonable and rather glory, is more than an hour and forty minutes of the dulcet tones of hard hitting political discourse about strategy and and community outreach:

Yeah.... and how is any of this scary?

It actually isn't until an hour and ten minutes into the recording that what the Goudreau and others believe to be the money shot:

Again, reality seems to conflict with the fantasy when one listens to the context in which the confrontation is clearly one of educating people about what Goudreau actually is and believes and not allowing his lies to go unchallenged.

But of course Goudreau and others who haven't actually listened to the recording (but who are passing it around social media) are thrilled because they believe it serves as confirmation of their contention that anti-fascists are violent.

I suppose one might dampen the Goudreau's joy if.... oh, I don't know.... someone managed to get a copy of the video he created in response to the apparent revelations in the recording while threatening to throw a brick through a counter-protester's window and his insistence that when the conditions of his release for his assault charges have been completed he's going to assault those same counter-protesters when he sees them?

Oh, wait! That's exactly what I did!

Here is the complete video of the Goudreau getting drunk on mid-strength beer while having a bubble bath. I have however added some appropriate annotations:


Now news that a neo-Nazi (please, PLEASE, sue me Kevin) is planning a rally has resulted in some push-back from unexpected quarters. For example, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel posted this video on Facebook yesterday:

While Ms. Rempel may be rightfully upset about the planned rally and willing to condemn it and those participating, I can't help noticing all the really nasty anti-Muslim and racist posts in the comments made by supporters after the video. One might conjecture that the Conservative demagoguery vis-à-vis M103 and her own clouding of the issue has resulted some in the Conservative accepting that the non-binding motion was just the first step towards shariah law.

Still, baby steps.

Then there is Georges Hallak who had been the driving force behind the September 30 protests.

Hallak, who has already attempted to distance his protests from Goudreau's and who has condemned Goudreau as a racist is having his own difficulties trying to coordinate the dress code protests planned for Saturday. In a video posted today he addresses T-Shirtgate as well as the Goudreau Peterborough event:

He's also been posting about Goudreau and supports efforts to deny him space to speak:

The problem Mr. Hallak is finding though is that his supporters, by and large, seem perfectly happy to associate with neo-Nazi:

Really, this exchange sort of says everything one needs to know about the anti-government and anti-Muslim movement in Canada right now.

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