Thursday, June 27, 2019

Chris Vanderweide Arrested and (Wait For it) Far Right Infighting

As a result of his actions (assaults) in Hamilton at a Pride event and Toronto after a Pegida rally, Chris Vanderweide had been ridding rather high as a result of the praise he had been receiving from members of hate groups such as the Northern Guard, the Canadian Nationalist Party, and the Yellow Vesters including Rick Boswick and Derek Storie who are now seemingly advocating the killing of their ideological opponents:

Vanderweide himself had taken to bragging about his crimes online (while adding a new one)....


He also started making promises to appear elsewhere... as well as indicating he really doesn't understand the meaning of memes:

Yesterday morning Vanderweide continued acting in a manner that indicated he considered himself untouchable:

Well, life sometimes comes at you hard because shortly after posting this....

Yeah, he was finally arrested yesterday:

Better late than never I suppose though there is at least one or two others who should be facing the same charges.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Blood & Honour/Combat 18 Listed as Outlawed Terrorist Organizations

I created the blog in November 2007 in large part to monitor the Aryan Guard, a Calgary-based hate group founded by Kyle McKee that I saw as having an incredible potential for violence. Eventually the Aryan Guard "patched over" to become Canada's first official (though there had been individuals affiliated long before) branch of the Combat aligned Blood & Honour.

As both the Aryan Guard and Blood & Honour, this hate group was implicated in numerous assaults, arson, a pipe bomb, weapons charges, uttering threats, and attempted murder. Two former members who created the rival WEB were later charged and convicted of murder. Another Blood & Honour group aligned with Volksfront was also implicated in a number of assaults.

My primary goal had been to warn people about this group. Though I've certainly expanded the scope of the blog significantly since its original creation, I've tried as best I could to keep tabs on the members and supporters of Blood & Honour as they became much more discreet online but no less dangerous in the real world.

As such, I view news as a significant event in the effort to combat hate:

I was interviewed by Vice News earlier today when the news of the designation of Blood & Honour and Combat 18 as outlawed terrorist organizations. I was asked about the activity of the group in recent years and noted that while not engaged in the overt activities of the past, it was still very much active as this 2016 screen shot indicates:

Rather than engaging in marched in Calgary or, as in the case of the last march Edmonton, the Calgary Blood & Honour instead engaged in surreptitious flyering and nearly monthly get togethers sometimes featuring guests who had been in the news:

I kept track of these events and while they were reasonably good at maintaining security, their failures were duly recorded:

More recently, Blood & Honour has been promoting a camp out that is to take place in both Alberta and New Brunswick:

McKee himself no longer lived in Calgary. He and his partner have moved to New Brunswick where McKee now runs a tattoo business.

Based on interactions on the business' Facebook cite, he seems to be one of the go-to tattooists for members and friends of the Northern Guard in the province:

I also mentioned in the interview that as happy as I was that Blood & Honour and Combat 18 have been designated at terrorist groups, I also hope to see further scrutiny on groups such as the III% militia, Northern Guard, Proud Boys, Soldiers of Odin (or any of the other Nouns), and the Yellow Vesters which often serve as "gateway drugs" so-to-speak for entry into even more extreme groups.

On this readers need not take my word for it:

Long time readers won't be at all surprised to know that long-time figure in the hate movement Paul Fromm is a bridge between the extremist Yellow Vests and the even more extreme Blood & Honour:

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Ten Pointed Questions for CPC MP Alex Nuttall

Something stinks in Barrie Ontario. In March of this year, on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Barrie City Councillor, Keenan Aylwin, called out two local CPC MPs, John Brassard and Alex Nuttall, for remaining silent after Scheer spoke at United We Roll. He also pointed out that Nuttall was Facebook friends with Faith Goldy and stated that the two MPs were "playing footsie with white supremacists." They didn't take kindly to this accusation, but, instead of doing something productive, like denouncing white supremacy, they decided to sue Aylwin for defamation instead.

I assumed Barrie city council would stand behind Aylwin, but unfortunately, I was wrong. Instead, on June 12th they voted unanimously to reprimand Aylwin, and demanded that he remove the "offending" Facebook post. As reported by Fatima Syed in the National Observer, the Integrity Commissioner had introduced a new code of conduct, and Council found Aylwin had run afoul of it "by denigrating a fellow elected official in a public forum and fail[ing] to treat him with "dignity, understanding and respect.”

As Syed's article explained, council had a tough choice to make. If they voted to reprimand their colleague, it sends a message that they are censoring criticism of dog whistle politics, but if they didn't reprimand, they would potentially be disrespecting the role of the integrity commissioner.

While I appreciate this is challenging, it is worrisome that councilors would rather repeat "He broke the code! He broke the code!" than fully consider the important issues of racism, dog whistle politics, and censorship, before making what this writer believes was a blind decision en masse. 

Even after having a couple of days to consider it further, the councilors remained unmoved. On June 14th, Global News reported that they decided to uphold the reprimand. In response, Brassard opted to drop his lawsuit, stating that “I am satisfied with the findings made by Council and the Integrity Commissioner." Nuttall also dropped his suit on the same day and it seems the matter is considered closed. 

Except, it is anything but. The issues that prompted Aylwin's Facebook post remain, and now there is the added concern of politicians being censored for speaking out about other elected officials. Aylwin reflected on his experience with Syed:
“I think the problem here is that there are some politicians out there that are walking a very fine line (and some would call it dog whistling), where in one breath they will denounce racism, as they should, and then in another breath will support groups like the Yellow Vest movement or United We Roll that we know are rife with white nationalist elements and hateful elements. And they fail to make the connection between the harmful views and those in those movements and the creation of an environment where violence can fester. If there’s anything we can learn from my experience, it’s that there is a great risk to calling out white supremacy in this country.”
The fine line Aylwin mentioned can come in the form of associations, dog whistling, enabling, or blatantly offensive remarks, among other things. Given that Nuttall was indeed Facebook friends with Faith Goldy while she was on that platform, more digging was in order. 

Based on what I found, I have some questions. 

As I don't want to get sued, I will say up front that I found no direct posting of Nuttall's that indicates beyond a doubt that he is "playing footsie with white supremacists." What I found were several troubling social media associations and potentially related concerns that should be addressed.

I'll start with the most pressing:


1. If Nuttall is concerned enough about his reputation around the issue of white supremacy to sue for defamation, why on God's green earth is he still following Faith Goldy on Twitter? 

It seems like common sense that if you don't want to be accused of playing footsie with white supremacists, don't follow them or their sympathizers on social media. 

2. Speaking of following white supremacists, why was he Facebook friends with Kevin J. Johnston, the white supremacist who targeted Barrie's mayor, until at least late May?

It appears that sometime since this Tweet went live on May 23rd, Nuttall unfriended Johnston.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Hamilton, Halifax, and More on Pegida Rally in Toronto With Special Appearance by a Former Canadian Nazi Party Leader

ARC spent the weekend covering the Pegida rally in Toronto and counter-protest as well as the events that resulted afterward, however we neglected other important news of the day.

In Hamilton, the Yellow Vesters continued to protest outside city hall as they've done since the winter. The extremists who attacked members of the LGBTQ community at the Pride event the previous weekend weren't there as they were participating in the Toronto Pegida rally (and then assaulting counter-protesters there too), but there was still a contingent in Hamilton including a few familiar faces:

Justin Long, associate of Paul Fromm and antisemite in his own right, was expected to be present however this has marked one of the few times that Tim "Braying Jackass" Kelly and his Proud Boys (many of whom seem to have more gray hair than I do thus stretching the definition of "boy" well past their best before date) since the Tim vs. Tim episode.

Moving on to Halifax, Steven Garvey has been inexplicably trying to make inroads into a city that has no interest in him and his ideas. He's been told this in no uncertain terms but he just can't seem to let it go. This weekend he was shown yet again that he and his National Citizen's Alliance are not welcome:

Evidently 3 members/supporters of Garvey showed up at his rally.

They were met by 150 people who told him to take off:

As in Hamilton on June 15 and Toronto this past Saturday, there was an incident in which counter-protesters were attacked:

Oh, but don't worry. An arrest was made.... of someone who knocked off Garvey's baseball cap:

Some of the local media in turn is focused on whether or not it is polite to damage a racist sign:

Alternatively, they've decided to give a racist a platform:

Back to Toronto, Rick Boswick had a court appearance today for his harassment of a Toronto-area journalist. He has been ordered to make another appearance on July 15. In the meantime he claims that they have filed criminal charges against counter-protesters who, you know, they attacked on video.

But before I get to the rally, an interesting development has occurred:

ARC has written about John Beattie, former leader of the Canadian Nazi Party from back in the 1960s as well as the more current though equally racist British People's League, for years now. More information can be found on these sites in addition to ARC

The man is now in his 80s at least, but he's still as nasty a bigot as he ever was.

ARC has written about Beattie's support of the Canadian Nationalist Party led by Travis Patron, but it also seems that he has networked with people associated with the Pegida rally in Toronto on Saturday:

Special shout out to yours truly. ;)

The two individuals claim to have been present at the rally on the side of Pegida. They destroy the idea that Pegida Canada isn't anything but a hate group.

No doubt the people with Pegida will deny this, but given what their supporters such as Wayne Peters believe, it is hard for them to argue otherwise:

And the violence?

They're only fooling themselves if they genuinely believe themselves to be the victims:

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Ron Banerjee: "Let's get into a big fight right inside the Eaton's Centre." Attack After Pegida Rally Looks Pre-meditated

We're still going over the events that occurred after yesterday's Pegida rally. Ron Banerjee who was also in attendance (though we didn't know it at the time) posted a grainy video of an attack inside a Toronto mall:

We later learned that the mall was the Eaton's Centre.

Later in the evening Rick Boswick and Derek Storie alluded to other coverage of the event in which they admit to committing assaults in the guise of a "citizen's arrest."

That video was posted on Boswick's YouTube channel and it doesn't make them look good.

I've cut out most of the walking (there's a lot of walking) but kept in the relevant details including:
  • Ron Banerjee goading the counter-protesters and telling them where they are going while also making threats about what will happen.
  • As they walk towards the Eaton's Centre Banerjee saying to Boswick, "lets get into a big fight right inside the Eaton's Centre" to which Boswick replies, "yep."
  • The fight in which involved several of the far right rally members (Nouns of Odin, Canadian Nationalist Party, Yellow Vesters, homophobic street preachers, etc) attack counter-protesters with fists, feet, and weapons.
  • Chris Vanderweide being lauded and then bragging about using helmets as weapons.

It is hard to view this as anything but pre-meditated at this point:

And of course, they are happy as pig in shit:

UPDATE 1: More indication from the video that the far-right were planning on assaulting counter-protesters:

UPDATE 2: Seems that some of the Nouns of Odin, aside from Chris Vanderweide decided not to attend the Pegida rally due to animosity towards some people involved.

Annette Morrison is the "alpha" or "queen" of the Wolves of Odin (because 1. they all need ridiculous, self-aggrandizing titles and 2. none of these groups are especially original). We also learned that Chris Vanderweide appears to have deleted his Facebook profile which we find especially interesting.

UPDATE 3: We have a statement from the man who was taken to the hospital.
As is visible from the video and security footage, all I had done was usher families away from the Nazis within the centre, and got suckerpunched after picking up one of the signs they dropped. I did not make any effort to fight back, instead allowing the attack on camera to unfold. You can clearly see me stop Ylli Radovicka (AKA John Moretti) from utilizing the sharpened metal pole he had used as a weapon on others by grabbing the weapon and refusing to let go. 
What's not visible on video is Chris Vanderweide taking swings at passerby, including at a security guard's head which I stopped by reaching behind the guard and blocking the piece of wood with a cross he was carrying. That particular security guard thanked me for my actions. 
Not only did I not engage in criminal conduct, but Radovicka, Vanderweide, Boswick, and the CNP had done so on camera whilst facing criminal trials for threatening journalists. As i stated before security brought in paramedics to check me over, Christ-inspired nonviolence towards evil has resulted in a theatrical victory against neo-Nazism.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Violence After Pegida March: Northern Guard Attack Counter-Protester an Rick Boswick Admits to Assaulting People

Well, this didn't take long:

As counter-protesters were making sure the fascists left the Toronto downtown after the Pegida rally, this video shows two members of the Northern Guard assaulting one of them. ARC has heard of a number of instances of counter-protesters being isolated at attacked. One evidently ended up in the hospital.

UPDATE: Another incident which occurred on a downtown mall involved numerous fascists attacking a single counter-protester; Chris Vanderweide (the man who assaulted two individuals with a helmet at the Hamilton Pride event) was thick in the middle:

Rick Boswick and Derek Story posted the following video which, and I know they don't actually believe this, incriminates them as having engaged in assaults (at least Boswick) themselves:

Holding someone on the ground, tearing off an article they are wearing by force, and taking a picture or video of the encounter isn't a "citizen's arrest." It is assault, and I'm not sure that the judge in Boswick's court appearance will be especially impressed should Boswick actually publish the video he claims to have produced.

I'm still working on other videos from earlier in the day, however here are a few highlights from Wayne Peters' video and commentary:

I'll have more on this as well as the events that took place in Hamilton involving the Yellow Vesters led by antisemite and Paul Fromm associate Justin Long as well as Tim "Braying Jackass" Kelly's Proud Boys tomorrow.

Pegida Canada Rally In Toronto Vastly Outnumbered

Given the events in Hamilton, we expected that there would be a large contingent of the far-right attending the Pegida rally in Toronto today. We also expected a much larger group of counter-protesters who would come out to oppose them.

We were half right:

Their numbers certainly improved, but the hate groups -- Pegida, Nouns of Odin, Yellow Vesters, Canadian Nationalist Party, etc -- look to be outnumbered by close to 4 or 5 to 1 minimum. Vice journalist Mack Lamoureux has been covering the event from the start:

Not surprisingly, Chris Vanderweide also showed up to continue bask in his 15 minutes of alt-right infamy:

Now while Chris is clearly visible and could be arrested, the police seem to be more concerned about the people who have been peacefully opposing the hate groups:

I'll be posting more soon. Also watching a live feed from the Pegida side (suffice it to say they are sort of losing their shit about being outnumbered yet again). Yellow Vester Wayne Peters from Alberta is present. His first live feed cut out after more than an hour. He did a brie second live feed before it too seemed to cut out:

I'm currently down loading the first video but a few highlights in his commentary are:

  • When the counter-protesters troll the Pegida side about being paid by George Soros, Peters actually believes that this constitutes proof of the ridiculous claim.
  • Urged people to spy on groups such as YVCE to help "add to his case file."
  • Refers to the LTGBTQ community as "alphabet soup" community.
  • Claims that abortion rights are leading to the murder of full term infants and that this is a means to diminish the number of "real" Canadians and to bring in immigrants to replace "our people."
  • Claims that people supporting diversity are supporting the end of their blood line.
I'll post more on that when I finish the download and start looking for clips.

Now the police have said that the hate groups aren't marching:

I'll believe that when it is confirmed by other parties.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Rick Boswick and Derek Storie: More Fallout From Attack on LGBTQ Community By Far-Right

The days since Christian Taliban members, Yellow Vesters (as represented by Rick Boswick and Derek Storie among others), Canadian Nationalist Party members, and a Wolves of Odin have been interesting in that it tells us a great deal about the mindset and character of the people who attacked LGTBQ members and counter-protesters at a Hamilton Pride event.

The face of that violent encounter has become this guy:

Chris Vanderweide was caught on camera striking two individuals with the helmet he was wearing. Despite wearing faux body armor and said helmet, Vanderweide claims he and the other far right protesters were not there to start a fight which is a rather unbelievable claim given the footage.

Still, it hasn't stopped Boswick and Storie from trying to turn him into a hero for the far right akin to Kyle Chapman:

The edited video has been shared quite widely on YouTube and has attracted comments from the usua assortment of alt-right shut-ins:

For his part, Vanderweide has tried to monetize his new found infamy:

Not surprisingly, Go Fund Me removed this page:

Hey, grifters gotta grift, eh?

But despite what they seem to believe is a "slam dunk" which proves their claim to have been the victim of a violent attack by counter-protesters despite.... you know.... the actual video evidence they themselves have provided, Boswick and Storie have been frustrated that they haven't been able to control the narrative because normal people can actually see what happened.

As such, they are lashing out and urging their members to harass those who have either spoken out against them or provided coverage of the event that doesn't paint the far right as patriotic superheroes: 

I'm not sure if two unemployed drifters and members of hate groups
really constitutes what Canada is.

They reserve special ire for yours truly:

By the way, suggesting your side has "real hitmen" as an implicit threat doesn't help your claim of being non-violent:

"Lawrence" who also attended the protest and was taken into custody expresses his concern about moles in their movement providing us information:

First, duh!

Second, it really isn't that hard to figure out what you all are up to, so don't flatter yourselves that this is an Operation Overlord sort of thing.

However, even in their own circle, people aren't especially happy with the publicity Hamilton has garnered for their movement:

Even Leigh Stuart apparently isn't happy:

Are we instigating civil insurrection that will lead to conflict? Fundamentally yes.
That's quite the admission Rick despite saying this earlier in the evening:

Oh, I suppose I should have mentioned that I grabbed the videos Boswick and Storie posted a couple of nights ago?

They really, really, hate when I do that. ;)