Monday, June 17, 2019

Identifying Hamilton Homophobes, Yellow Vests, and Canadian Nationalist Party Members: We Have Photos

There has been more media coverage of the assaults that took place at the Pride event in Hamilton this past Saturday:
Mayor Fred Eisenberger wants to make sure violence at Hamilton Pride festival never happens again 
Right-wing and religious extremists converged on Saturday’s Gage Park Pride celebration leading to violence and shouting matches....
According to witnesses, yellow-vested protesters — who have been regularly staging gatherings on Saturdays at City Hall — along with religious extremists, converged on the annual Pride Hamilton event Saturday afternoon at Gage Park. 
This led to numerous brawls and shouting matches. Several individuals were led away by police, but no charges laid.
Former Hamilton councillor Matthew Green said a group of Gage Park area residents — in support of the event — brought a 15-metre long black curtain to try to block attendees from seeing the homophobic signs.
He said last year's celebration — which he also attended — saw "a group of ultra-right religious people attending for three or four hours spewing vitriolic and hateful language ...
"This time they didn't come by themselves. They came with some of the yellow vest ... fascist people, dressed in combat gear and were there specifically to escalate into violence."
The City Hall protests and the one at Gage Park, he added, are attracting extremist right-wingers from outside the city.
"I think we have a very real and present problem ... 
"We have people coming in from across the country seeing Hamilton as fertile ground for a new neo-Nazi movement. And the response politically has been lacklustre." 
He said the police need to lay charges more often, rather than taking an approach he described as "holding the line, but not necessarily enforcing the law."
By Sunday ARC and others began trying identify the Christian extremists, Yellow Vesters, and Canadian Nationalist Party members who were present at this protest as well as an anti-Trans protest occurring in Vancouver at the same time which featured one of Max Bernier's PPC candidates with the Nouns of Odin providing "security."

Now thanks to an anonymous supporter, we have some high resolution images.

Probably the most aggressive and violent individual was the individual who on Facebook used the name "Might Guy":

Well, "Might Guy" has a name:

Another individual who was caught in the act of an unprovoked assault was "John Mark Moretti"

UPDATE: His real name looks like it may be Ylli Radovicka:

Hate "preacher" Philip Ness-Thomas loudly accused the counter-protesters of engaging in violence as his own members assaulted them:

Rick Boswick and Derek Storie provided very useful coverage of the attack, though they actually seem to believe that is supports their claim of being victimized (it decidedly does not):

Kudos to Derek as this appears to be the least high he's been in a photo or video this far.

Now ARC would like to ask readers to help identify other members.

For example there are these two individuals (UPDATE: Guy in white t-shirt goes by the name Tomek Skii):


This dude who looks like he's going to blow a gasket (UPDATE: Fabian Castillo):

This lady in a hoodie auditioning as an extra for "The Nun":

UPDATE: Goth Granny (which would be an awesome name for an actual grandma or an industrial metal band) has been identified as Darlene Burgess:

Burgess also seems to be suffering from a serious case of cognitive dissonance: 

A rainbow flag, eh?


I thought only cowards wear masks?

Of COURSE he would be wearing a MAGA hat, a Stars and Bars t-shirt, and a Yellow Vest.

It's an asshole trifecta!
UPDATE: No name yet, but this seems to be the guy:

And this guy who is just happy someone invited him to something:

We also have representatives from the Canadian Nationalist Party who helpfully identify themselves by their cheap shirts:

I think it is safe to say at this point that anyone who wears anything Trump related
is probably a really shitty excuse for a human being.
UPDATE: "Bad hair cut" has a name now:

Jesus dude! Your mother let you out of the house with that haircut? I could
do better with a medium sized bowl and a pair of garden shears.

These are all people we need to identify. One other CNP member whom we don't have a high definition photo of is this fella whom we may have a partial ID on:

According to a video posted on the CNP YouTube channel promoting (you won't be shocked) the Yellow Vest movement, the character above idenities himself as Gus:


So folks, let's do some work, shall we?

I'm not about to hold my breath, but hope springs eternal

UPDATE: More folks that I didn't catch the first time.

"Lawrence" is ubiquitous at these sort of events. Here he is being taken into custody, though it seems he was released soon after.


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