Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Information on the W.E.B. No-show On March 21

For months, the members of W.E.B. had been trumpeting their efforts to organize they "White Pride" march and rally for March 21. They were ridiculed and mocked by erstwhile allies turned enemies (the Aryan Guard which had previously organized the event and who's membership's own legal problems have been well documented on these pages) and by anti-racists who all agreed the average W.E.B. member couldn't organize his own sock drawer, never mind an event such as which they proposed. But W.E.B. insisted, INSISTED, that there would be a march, and the continued insisting that there would be a march until 3 days before it was to have occurred.

And........... then they canceled it and said they wouldn't be able to organize it in time.

Shocked! Shocked we were!

At the time, we had speculated that it was their own legal problems that had resulted in their inability to get the ball rolling. And, as it turns out, we were correct.

On K.H.'s Facebook profile, as she brags about, "standing up for the White Race" and junk like that, others noted that the bing, strong, virile males of the movement couldn't be bothered to show up (Bertsch, Besler and "Willis" not withstanding). That's when Dustin Johnson provided a justification:

No contact orders, eh?

And the legal woes don't yet appear to be over. As far as we know, Tyler Sturrup is still in jail, and Robert Reitmeier had a court appearance today as well:

The master race. We think you need to work a little harder on that because frankly, we don't see it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ann Coulter. Whatever.

She also criticized the media for being liberal and Democrats for whining about their rights under the First Amendment.
"They're always accusing us of repressing their speech," she said. "I say let's do it. Let's repress them."

She later added, "Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the First Amendment."

So said the hero of Canadian speechies (and a woman we think Ed Kennedy would like to father children with given how he fawns over her) Ann Coulter during a speech in Gainesville, Florida in 2005. This quote, as well as others even more detestable, have been repeated ad nauseum during the last couple of days as Coulter engages in her speaking tour of Canadian universities.

As we write this article, Ms. Coulter is about to take the stage at the University of Calgary. Well, not the university itself. She's now speaking off-campus for security reasons based on claims that she felt threatened in Ottawa, resulting in the cancellation of her speech there; this cancellation has sent the speechies into an apoplectic rage as they demand heads roll.

We know we should care about Ms. Coulter. She writes and says things that are vile, hate-filled and disturb every sense of civil discourse. We should be frothing at the mouth in rage that "Coultergeist" has even been let into Canada.

But...... we're not.

Not even a little bit.

Now don't get us wrong. We believe that what Coulter writes and says is everything that people say it is and people have a right to exercise their freedom of speech to denounce and oppose her and her rhetoric.

Problem is, we're not entirely sure Coulter believes what she writes or says either.

We remember when Coulter was just one of a number of political talking heads making the rounds on t.v. news and talk shows in the late 1990s. We were first introduced to Coulter as a semi-regular on the Bill Mahr program, "Politically Incorrect." At the time, there was really little to distinguish Coulter from any of the other political talking heads on both the left and the right. She was, in retrospect, extraordinary by how absolutely ordinary she was. She was a generic conservative, often picked to "debate" a generic liberal. She acted the way other conservative pundits acted. Spoke from the same script. Really, the only time she actually stood out to any of us is when she was rocking the eye patch for a while.

Being a political pundit in the United States is a bit dog eat dog. If you want to have any staying power, you have to find some sort of gimmick (Tucker Carlson's bow tie as a somewhat nerdy case in point). Once you have your gimmick and you achieve a certain level of notoriety with the base you're appealing to, then that's when you get your own talk show on FOX (if you're a conservative) or MSNBC (if you're a liberal). Or, if you're aren't consistently capable of hosting a full hour of television, you write books. But these are relatively rare considering the number of talking heads that are out in the media trying to get their big break. Most end up back working as junior partners at small law firms, a fate that Coulter could easily have fallen into herself.

So, what is a generic conservative pundit to do if he or she doesn't want to start punching a regular clock? In Coulter's case, things didn't look very promising. He grasp of policy was (and still is) weak. She was moderately attractive, though not as much as she'd like to think, but there were a lot of other more attractive pundits so that gimmick wasn't exactly unique. But Coulter did come up with one that has turned out to be a gravy train that just won't stop.

Ms. Coulter decided the best way to gain a significant fan base was to write and say the most outrageous, shocking, intolerant, ignorant, insulting rhetoric she could think of. And it has worked, and continues to work, beautifully.

Coulter has been wildly successful by appealing to the ugliest parts of her fan base's intellect and emotion. This approach has made her an embarrassment to mainstream conservatives (she's been fired as a columnist for a number of conservative publications), but her admirers eat it up. She's made millions on books with simple titles (simple titles for simple minds perhaps): Treason. Godless. Slander. Guilty. All in an effort to manipulate the base emotions of her mostly male readers (right down to the slinky, formfitting dresses she models on the covers) who already are inclined to believe that Democrats, liberals and progressives are not people with whom they have they fundamentally disagree with on a variety of issues, but as a cancer in the body politic that needs to be destroyed with extreme prejudice. She's helped contribute to a polarized political environment in her own country in which civil discourse is not only rejected, but stomped into the mud.

And she's laughing all the way to the bank because she's managed to fool the rubes who really think she believes what she writes and says.

Take the current controversy that has the speechies frothing at the mouth. Ms. Coulter cancelled her speech at the University of Ottawa because of the threat posed by protesters. As Kady O'Malley, Scott Tribe, and Dr. Dawg have pointed out, it seems just a bit contrived. Sort of like something a controversial speaker and writer would do to drum up controversy. And has it worked! As an example, by our last count, there was something like 15 threads on Free Dominion concerning the cancellation of the speech in Ottawa. And boy are they pissed! Hell, this beats the 7 threads they had created last month attacking us for a postering campaign started by a completely different group.

Add to this that Ms. Coulter plans to file a human rights complaint against François Houle who had the temerity to ask Ms. Coulter to please be respectful and show restraint. Only people who love Ann could view that mild mannered email as a hate crime, but such is the power of Coultergeist.

Anyone want to bet if she sells out her speaking engagement in Calgary given the free publicity she's getting?

Now in Calgary, Ms. Coulter isn't above continuing to use the cancellation of the event in Ottawa to create controversy and, thus, more publicity to put bums in the seats and people buying her books. Now she's clumsily attempts to use regional tensions to further her efforts:

"It's quite a country you have here," Coulter told Evan Solomon, host of Power & Politics, on CBC News Network on Thursday. "I'm more determined than ever to turn pretty much from Calgary through the west into the 51st state now. We got to save the good Canadians."

"Save us from what, Ann?" Solomon asked.

"From the crazy liberals. From the crybabies," Coulter answered, sporting sunglasses. "How did Canada go from being the country that sends us all our best comedians to a bunch of whining, crying babies that can't take a joke?"

And though most people, including conservatives, will reject this view, it will have it's support in the Canadian branch of the Coulter fan club.

Coulter went on to say this about freedom of speech in Canada:

"I have discovered that Canada's approach to free speech, and that is speech they like," Coulter said Thursday. "It's not free speech if they are going to say, 'Yes, you can have free speech as long as you don't say X, Y, Z.'"

When asked what her message to Canadians was, Coulter answered: "It's a lovely little country. I do recommend that you get free speech. It's a lot of fun."

From the sound of things, you're going to be in luck Ms. Coulter. It appears that there will be a number of people who will be exercising their freedoms as they protest your presence in Calgary. And we don't expect you or Ezra or Mark or the FreeDom crowd to complain because, well, it's just not free speech if you only allow the speech that you agree with. Right?

However, as far as we know, no one in the ARC Collective will be participating in the Calgary protests. We do support those who will peacefully voice their displeasure with Ms. Coulter and her views, but we think we'll sit this one out.

Instead, most of us are going to stay home and do what poor Ann and her empty, dusty womb will not be able to do tonight.

We're spending time with our wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends and children. With people we love, and who on good days love us (and on bad days must love us more for putting up with our shit).

And with that, so ends our contribution to the plethora of blogs, forums and news sites that have managed to find themselves involved in the Coulter hysteria. And it does end because we've got better things to do.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two Interesting Characters Emerge Out Of Calgary and Vancouver

To write that the anti-racist rallies in both Calgary and Vancouver were wildly successful would be an understatement. So successful where they that very few boneheads actually showed up to try and counter the anti-racists. We here in the Collective hope that these events, held peacefully, will continue far into the future.

The boneheads, on the other hand, are just a little bit shell shocked. Only a handful even bothered to show up; these include one who was arrested for assault and one was removed from the scene by police in Calgary, and only one known racist showed up in Vancouver, though he seemingly made a point of not bringing attention to himself. Concerning the Vancouver march, this post pretty much sums up the reaction from the bonehead crowd:

Hell, it almost seems despondent. Perhaps someone needs to be placed on a suicide watch?

However, there were two interesting characters who showed up. In Calgary, one lone male was seen sitting near the anti-racists holding the following sign:

Ah, David Lane's 14 words, eh? And we like the part about pride not equaling racism. A nice touch. Too bad it's bs when coming from Mike, who posts as "Ich_verstehe" on the Aryan Guard forums:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Willis Is Not A Nazi Part 3: So, Willis Has A Name

Our friend Willis, who again is claiming (again and again) not to be a Nazi, had a court appearance today. And we learned his full name:
Man charged in fight at rally denies white supremacist ties 
By KEVIN MARTIN, Calgary Sun    Last Updated: March 22, 2010 4:41pm 
The alleged white supremacist charged with assaulting a photographer at an anti-racism rally denied Monday he’s a skinhead. 
William Kaiser Miettinen said the chest tattoo he displayed to demonstrators isn’t a white supremacist symbol, but simply a Celtic cross. 
“I’m not a skinhead,” Miettinen told provincial court Judge Jim Ogle. 
“I was not part of that (neo-Nazi) demonstration,” he said, of a planned white supremacist march the anti-racism crowd was rallying against. 
Crown prosecutor Bev Bauer, who asked that Miettinen be held without bail, said the accused attacked photographer Jason Beers with his skateboard when his picture was taken. 
“He ripped open his shirt displaying multiple tattoos in support of white supremacist groups,” Bauer said. 
When Beers began shooting, Miettinen swung at him with his skateboard in what Bauer called “an unprovoked assault at a peaceful demonstration.” 
But duty counsel Bob Haslam, who acted for Miettinen at his bail hearing, suggested Beers’ conduct may have contributed to the incident. 
“I wouldn’t agree with my friend that it’s totally unprovoked, this is a photographer shoving a camera in his faced,” Haslam said. 
Ogle agreed to release Miettinen, who is charged with assault with a weapon, on $500, no-cash bail, with a condition he stay away from Beers. 
His case is back in court on April 13.
So, it's William Kaiser Miettinen, is it? And you're not a Nazi, eh?

You know, you might be able to convince more people of that if you didn't attend Nazi marches alongside the likes of John Marleau:

Or seig heil along with members of the KKK, Aryan Guard and W.E.B. members in front of Nazi flags:

And put on a damn shirt! You're almost 30!

Another friend commented elsewhere on "Willis":
If you're 13 and hang out at the skate park you may recognize "Willis" as that creepy older guy who likes to buy cigarettes for underagers and "teach" them how to bare knuckle box. If you were at M21, you'll recognize him as the shirtless wonder who tried to assault a photographer with his skateboard...while 60 cops looked on. 
Needless to say, Willis got his point across on M21 -- and that point was that he's both violent and dumb. He's been charged with assault with a weapon and released on a $500 no-cash bail. At his hearing on Monday morning, Willis pitched a sob story about how he's not really a Nazi or racist and it's all just been one big mistake. Someone should tell Willis that if you cover yourself with racist tattoos, throw around the "seig heil" salute and assault people at an anti-racist demo while yelling white power slogans, no one is going to believe you when you say you're not a Nazi.

Monday, March 22, 2010

And How Did Things Go in Vancouver?

By all accounts, really good:

Vancouver antiracists claim victory when neo-Nazis fail to appear at SkyTrain rally

By Carlito Pablo

Except for the supposed neo-Nazis, practically everyone turned up today (March 21) at the Braid SkyTrain station.

A rally for white pride that had been widely talked about didn’t materialize. But the counter-demonstration took place even with a no-show by the very people the protesters intended to shout down.

Among the crowd was the Vancouver chapter of the Anti-Racist Action, a group that includes skinheads, leather-clad youth, and individuals with spiked and brightly coloured hair.

Activists of various types–from labour organizers to avowed communists, gays, migrant-rights advocates, and the now familiar hooded and masked protesters who were likely at the February 13 anti-Olympic riot–also showed up.

Even a choir appeared. Lingling Claver, a member of the Solidarity Notes Labour Choir, noted to the Georgia Straight that one song the group rendered was a version of the "Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika", a popular protest song during the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa.

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart also came.

“I’m here because I received an e-mail that really offended me,” Stewart told the Straight. “It was an e-mail that suggested that there were some people who are going to be challenging the diversity that we have in our community. I knew that some folks were coming out here to protest that perspective, and I wanted to join them.”

There were cops from at least three law-enforcement organizations–the New Westminster police department, RCMP, and transit police.

The rally, which drew about 200 people, began and ended with no major incident. There was a minor altercation involving two young passersby and eventually, a cameraman with Global TV.

According to rally participant Maryana Payette, two men shoved their way through the demonstration after disembarking from the bus and were on their way to the SkyTrain platform.

One of the men allegedly spat on a banner and was shouted at. When the same fellow was at the SkyTrain station, according to Payette, “He was still like yelling things and then the guy said, ‘Well, I may not even be a racist but I hate gay people.’ ”

A number of rally participants came up the escalator to confront the two men, and so followed the police, as well as the Global TV cameraman and other media representatives.

Activists repeatedly asked the Global TV videographer whether he would use a clip that supposedly caught one of the men saying he hates gays. The cameraman insisted that his equipment wasn’t on when the supposed comment was made.

Maitland Cassia of the Anti-Racist Action sported a newly shaved head at the rally, and he maintained that based on a now pulled-down Facebook event, 48 individuals declared they were going to attend a demonstration by the group Advocates for White Civil Rights.

“And if our presence forced them to cancel that, I consider that a victory for multiculturalism in Vancouver,” Cassia told the Straight.

Well done ladies and gentlemen. And thank you Mayor Stewart for your support.

Pictures found here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two Boneheads Identified

We received a message from the photographer who took the picture of the bonehead and who the media claim was struck in the head:

I had to give a police statement about Willis hitting my camera from my hand with his skateboard but the article says that he hit me in the head which is a complete lie. I wish I had a way to contact the author to get the article changed... Two nazis showed up near the beginning and were peaceful and did some interviews. A Nazi girl showed up later and got arrested and taken away and I have her photo as ARA surrounded her and then there are pictures of her in city hall getting frisked. Later, Willis showed up and that is where he hit my hand with his skateboard and got arrested.

We also received a number of pictures taken by the photographer. We won't post all of them now, but we will post a few of the photos relevant to the statement that was made to us:

The two men, far left (Jonathan Besler) and far right (Leyton Bertsch) on the photo, are the individuals whom the photographer wrote were the two Nazis who were peaceful and did some interviews.

This is a photograph of K.H., a bonehead originally from Ontario with whom we've had some contact with in the past. She was "dating" Robert Reitmeier for a brief period until he apparently, and unceremoniously, tossed her aside.

K.H. being frisked after being taken away by the police.

Jesus, does Willis own a shirt? Yep, Willis again. He was the one who, after this photograph was taken, took a swing at the photographer with a skateboard, knocking the camera from his hand. Willis was arrested soon after this photo was taken because of the incident.

If you have pictures for us, you can send us your email and we will get in contact with you. Just post your email as a comment. We will not allow your email to be posted and when we contact you, we'll provide you with our contact information.

Anti-Racists Rally in Support of Diversity; Boneheads Mostly a No-Show

We had predicted after the collapse of the Aryan Guard that there would likely not be a rally. W.E.B. had suggested they were organizing the march, but they called it off less than a week before it was scheduled. While this could have been a red herring to throw off anti-racists, those opposed to the Aryan Guard and W.E.B. still held a rally.

Yesterday, anti-racists spoke about the events that would be occurring today:

Anti-racists wary over white supremacists cancelling march

Even though a march by members of Calgary white supremacist groups appears to be cancelled, anti-racism activists vow they’ll still show up in force at a City Hall rally Sunday.
Members of the Aryan Guard and White European Bloodlines were expected to march through downtown for the third straight year Sunday, however organizers said through an Internet posting that it is now cancelled.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Suspected Vandal Arrested in Winnipeg.

Hey, guess who was right. Again.

Man wanted for Calgary racial graffiti arrested in WinnipegCalgary HeraldMarch 19, 2010 2:02 PM 
CALGARY - Authorities have arrested a man wanted on warrants in connection with anti-Semitic graffiti that was spraypainted on Jewish monuments in Calgary.
Calgary police just made the announcement and Chief Rick Hanson is scheduled to provide details about the circumstances of the arrest in a briefing with the media later this afternoon. 
The 18-year-old Calgary man was wanted on Canada-wide warrants for mischief to property and inciting public hatred. Calgary police believe it's the first time they have laid hate-related charges in connection with defacing a place of worship. 
The Youth Criminal Justice Act prevents authorities from releasing the suspect's name, because he was 17 at the time of the crime. 
Anti-Semitic slogans and Nazi symbols were spraypainted on signs at the Calgary Jewish Centre and Holocaust Memorial in Pump Hill, as well as the Chabad Lubavitch centre in Woodbine. 
© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Calgary Sun" Supports Scherger Being Fired

We posted a link to an article regarding the firing of Rene Scherger, a City of Calgary worker who was responsible for a number of rabid anti-Semitic websites, last week. We also mentioned that he had originally been outed by three conservative blogs.

Yesterday, the "Calgary Sun" which leans just a wee bit towards the conservative side of the political spectrum chimed in supporting the firing of Mr. Scherger:

City right to fire bigot

Last Updated: March 17, 2010 10:18pm

He’s right, there is a conspiracy — a conspiracy to keep venomous bigots from being paid on the public dime.

And so a Parks Department foreman finds himself looking for work after being fired by the City of Calgary for planting seeds of a different sort in his spare time — namely the seeds of hate.

The 56-year-old foreman is accused by the city of running an anti-Jewish website and affiliating himself with other anti-Semitic sites, all while clearly identifying himself as a city employee.

A letter, purported to be the official letter of termination given to the foreman last month, reads “You were the owner and creator of an anti-Semitic website in the public domain.”

It goes on to say, “The content (including linked content) on these websites was abhorrent and contrary to the values the City promotes.”

City sources confirm the man was fired following an investigation by the city’s legal department into websites directly linked to the employee, which railed against Judaism and Zionism.

Officially, being a personnel matter, the city can only say an investigation of some sort took place and the matter was dealt with.

“An issue was brought to our attention that we took very seriously,” said Anne Charlton, director of parks.

“It was a matter of an employee-employer relationship and we have dealt with the issue.”

The termination letter offers more clues as to the city’s case against the foreman, which was put together under the guidance of the city’s top solicitor, Paul Tolley.

Tolley was placed on the case in January, after an anti-racist blog exposed the employee and his handiwork, describing him as the “Canadian Jew Hating Freak of the Day.”

It took a matter of weeks to decide the foreman must be fired.

The termination letter explains to the former employee, whom the Sun has chosen not to name, exactly why a pink slip was included with his final paycheque.

“Your conduct was harmful to interests of the City and incompatible with your duties as a City employee and public servant,” it reads.

“Amongst other things, the City has an obligation to provide a workplace and services to the public free of discrimination. It can not knowingly employ someone who has repeatedly published anti-Semitic material.”

The sites in question, once open to the public, are now restricted or shut down — suffice to say, they were filled with bile for all things Jewish, and their disappearance is a victory for all but a narrow-minded few.

Still, the Internet is rife with the kind of racist vitriol that would make a sewer feel dirty — the discovery of another stash of hatred is no big surprise.

Where the city foreman really messed up is to boast about his job in the public service, while promoting intolerance based on race and religion.

Obviously, it wasn’t a very bright thing to do. It’s a decision that cost the parks worker a career spanning more than three decades, and while he’s become something of a folk-hero among white power groups littering the Internet, that won’t pay his rent.

The former foreman wouldn’t speak to the Sun Wednesday, but has in the past denied ownership of at least one of the blogs written under his name.

He did have noted Caucasian-purist Paul Fromm call in his stead — an interesting choice, given Fromm’s association with the white power movement.

Fromm, the head of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, calls the firing by a blow to free speech.

“I think it’s atrocious — he expressed his views on his own time,” said Fromm.

“If he doesn’t have the right to his non-violent political views and at the same time have a job, I think a lot of people are in peril.”

If that means firing people who promote hatred while collecting a public paycheque, it’s the kind of peril the City of Calgary should promote.

We never took a position on whether we believed Scherger should have been fired, but we're not about to cry crocodile tears that he has been removed from his job.

UPDATE: It's the "Calgary Sun" and not the "Calgary Herald." Stupid and careless mistake.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update on November Vandalism of Jewish Centre

A few weeks before the Aryan Guard basically collapsed, individuals whom we speculated were associated with the Aryan Guard vandalized a Jewish centre and other locations with Nazi symbols.

Today, the police have an unnamed suspect:
Unnamed man, 18, wanted for Calgary racial graffiti  
CALGARY - Calgary police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for an 18-year-old man in relation to a number of racially motivated graffiti incidents last year. 
But police added they cannot name the man, since the crimes were committed while the suspect was 17, thus putting him under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.   
Police say they issued the warrants after a thorough investigation on the vandalism at various locations in Woodbine and Pump Hill. Targets, including the Calgary Jewish Centre and the Holocaust memorial, were marked with anti-Semetic slogans and signs last November. Police say the suspect is facing charges of mischief and hate-related offences. 
© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald
We were provided with the name of a suspect a few weeks after the incident took place. This individual was also 17 when the vandalism took place, but turned 18 soon after the new year. If it is that person, he's the one we believe was with Kyle McKee when he was on the run from the police. If tht's the case, that individual may still be in Winnipeg, or he could be back in Calgary. He's also in a leadership position within the Aryan Guard (and is a administrator on the groups web forum) as a result of the older members being in jail, starting the splinter gang W.E.B., or having moved on with their lives.

The other suspect is the youth who was originally arrested with McKee and charged with attempted murder. That youth would also have been 17 when the incident occurred, turning 18 in December of the same year. Because of the publication ban, we can't write anything else.

We suspect the former suspect rather than the later based on information provided to us. We also believe that there was a female involved too. Finally, as a truck was seen in the video stills, we can speculate on the posibility of Kyle McKee's involvement.

Additional Links:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

W.E.B. Calls Off March

As we approached March 21, the some of the folks on Nexopia were asking an obvious question of the boneheads:

An answer of sorts was provided by someone who appears to have links to the Aryan Guard, the rival of W.E.B.:

"Murder.Squad" then goes on to expand on his earlier response:

Now, it's not a surprise that a person with ties to the Aryan Guard would be dismissive of anything W.E.B. tries to pull off. Also not surprising is that John Marleau is echoing these sentiments on the Blood & Honour forums:

Uhm, neither Jason nor Bonnie have anything to do with this blog, Johnny. If they did, don't you think they'd admit as such? It's not as if they're delicate flowers who are too shy to be public. But we know how frustrating it is that you've no idea who is behind the blog. It's okay. We understand.

And you're making fun of anyone's appearance or weight John? You know what they say about people who live in glass houses, Johnny......

In reality, Marleau is full of it. Word is that he won't confront anyone unless he has at least a couple of other people with him, and even then he's the last to enter the fray. But that's hardly the point here. Marleau tries to take the high road and say that they need to stop infighting. How long does he take the high road? Not very long.

Doesn't seem confident that W.E.B. will be very successful. Also seems a bit bitter that not many people took the Aryan Guard up on their offer. And you're telling us that Paulie didn't pay his own way? We guess we know why he was willing to support the Aryan Guard while he was being paid.

Curious to see how that goes down.

Awwwww! Does Johnny have a broken heart?

Well, speculation time seems to be over. Reitmeier posted the following on his Facebook page today:

Pretty short notice and quite abrupt. Seems all is not well in W.E.B. land:

Sounds pretty bleak. Perhaps this has something to do with Robby's emo attitude:

UPDATE: Regardless of whether the boneheads plan on marching or not, anti-racists are still planning on meeting and commemorating March 21 in the way that it was originally intended:

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed annually on 21 March. On that day, in 1960, police opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville, South Africa, against the apartheid "pass laws". Proclaiming the Day in 1966, the General Assembly called on the international community to redouble its efforts to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination (resolution 2142 (XXI)).

Links to UN and UN System sites:

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination]

International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination


Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

Working Group on the Effective Implementation of the Durban Declaration

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (Cyberschoolbus)

World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (2001 : Durban, South Africa)


International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Fight Against Racism, Discrimination and Xenophobia

Promoting Tolerance


The additional resources links on this page are provided for information purposes only and do not necessarily represent an endorsement by the United Nations.

Amnesty International

Anti-Racism Information Service


European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (Council of Europe)

European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia

European Network Against Racism

International Federation for Human Rights

International Movement against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism

Internet Centre Anti-Racism Europe

Minority Rights Group International

Racism and Human Rights (Human Rights Watch)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Edmonton Shooter Has Killed Before

Not surprisingly, Bill Noble and his steel trap mind has cracked the case:

Or maybe Noble is an idiot?

In fact, Dave Burns was convicted of manslaughter back in 1974:

Alleged Edmonton shooter killed teen in '74

Last Updated: Sunday, March 14, 2010

The alleged gunman in an apparent murder-suicide at an Edmonton car dealership Friday was convicted of killing a teenager in the 1970s.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, Dave Burns pleaded guilty to manslaughter after the fatal stabbing of Garvin Dale Inglis, 18, at a party in Winnipeg in 1974.

The report says the two fought over a spilled drink. Burns, 19 at the time, was sentenced to four years in prison.

Co-workers have identified Burns, 55, as the gunman in a fatal shooting at the Great West Chrysler dealership near Stony Plain Road and 178th Street on Friday.

Police have not identified the shooter or the victims, but they do say a man with a gun walked into the dealership at about 7:50 a.m. MT and opened fire.

He shot two people, killing one and wounding another, before turning the gun on himself.

Garth Inglis, the cousin of Garvin Dale Inglis, told CBC News Burns should not have been walking the street.

"It just upset us all that the guy got away with [killing my cousin] and didn't get punished for it. Like, to get a couple of years for going home, getting a knife coming back and killing another person and you only serve about two years in jail, like, there was no justice," he said.

"If they hadda punished him the way he should have been punished he wouldn't have been able to do it again. That guy in Edmonton, that more than likely didn't do anything wrong, would still be alive."

Sources have identified the dealership's parts manager, Garth Radons, as the person who was killed. His wife was one of the first police officers on scene and it's believed she found his body.

The second victim is in critical condition in hospital.

Co-workers say Burns was recently suspended for making racial comments.

The dealership was to remain closed over the weekend. It was expected to reopen Monday.

Autopsies on the victim and the suspect are scheduled for Monday.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Killings in Edmonton Appear Racially Motivated

If any of our readers could shed some light on this incident, please contact us.

Edmonton shooting a racist: co-workers

Co-workers say the alleged gunman in a fatal shooting at an Edmonton car dealership on Friday was recently suspended for making racial comments.

Police say a man with a gun walked into Great West Chrysler near Stony Plain Road and 178th Street at about 7:50 a.m. MT and started shooting.

It's believed he shot and killed one man, shot and injured another man and then turned the gun on himself.

Sources have identified the shooter as Dave Burns, an employee who was recently suspended for making racial comments.

Co-workers say he didn't get along well with visible minorities, and some went as far as to describe him as a white supremacist.

They also tell CBC News that Burns had a swastika tattooed on his body and had a very hot temper.

Sources have identified the dealership's parts manager, Garth Radon, as the man pronounced dead at the scene. His wife was one of the first police officers on scene and it's believed she found his body.

A third employee is in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

A Facebook memorial page set up in honour of the victims had more than 200 members and dozens of posts by Saturday afternoon.

One person described Radon as "the sweetest guy ever" whose "smile lit up every one around him."

We know there are people associated with the Aryan Guard and W.E.B. in Edmonton, but we doubt any of them would be involved (the shooter was previously employed, which sort of rules out any of the AG or W.E.B.). We also know of a bonehead living in Edmonton (according to our most recent information) who murdered another bonehead in the United States during an argument, but we wouldn't want to make any accusations which might be unfounded.

UPDATE: The accused shooter is, as has been reported on numerous news sites, appears to be a man by the name of Dave Burns. Burns was suspended for two weeks for having posted sexually explicit pictures on a staff bulletin board. He appears to have been in his mid 50s. Some reports state that he had a Jekyll and Hyde personality and was quick to be offended, though it was also reported that he "had a good side" as well. He was active in the Alberta 4X4 scene, serving as president of the ECO Four Wheeling Society he co-founded (link takes you to an archived website):

Online, he appears to have posted under the username, "MastaFace":

Burns may have also been a member of a website Given what Mr. Burns is accused of having done (and if this is the same MastaFace), this entry about his job is especially eerie:

I've been doing what I enjoy for 20 years now

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rene Scherger Fired

A few months ago we sent out unexpected kuddos to bloggers with whom we often find ourselves in stark disagreement with. Those bloggers managed to "out" a City of Calgary worker who was posting pretty nasty anti-Semitic rants on his blog and on other websites.

Well, Paulie just dropped in to Stormfront to let people know there was yet another martyr for the cause:

Now, we aren't the "anti-racists" Paulie is referring to in this particular case. As we mentioned before, we were beaten to the punch by Jay Currie (who, as it turns out, seems to actually be a pretty decent photographer), Blazing Cat Fur (or Mr. Kathy Shaidle), and Sassy Wire. And what does Paulie think of these three radicals?

Ironic, no?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Request For Information

Someone left us a message concerning an arrest in Division 51. We would like to ask that individual to provide a link to the information or a copy if at all possible.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Blood and Honour Plan Vancouver Island March

More and more, it really looks like if there's going to be any march in Calgary this month, it's going to be a bit of a disaster:

With the likes of McKee, Sturrup, Reitmeir, Marleau and others either in jail or under house arrest, we can't imagine anything organized will be much more than an utter failure. We could be wrong though which is why we hear that counter demonstrations are already being organized.

Still, it is the march season it appears, and there appear to be two marches planed on March 20 and 21 in British Columbia.

The first is one we covered here a few weeks ago. UPDATE: We had originally included the names of the two individuals who set up the website promoting the event, as well as the event notice on Facebook which was associated with the Facebook group, "Advocates For White Civil Rights," when we wrote about this event some weeks ago. Not long after, a woman, claiming to be the husband of one of the subjects of the article started complaining and threatening criminal proceedings if we didn't remove his name. On March 27, 2010, she sent us a section of the criminal code in an effort to intimidate us. After we stopped laughing (as the part of the criminal code she cited had absolutely nothing to do with this issue, and we were well within our rights to publish the information as her husband and his friend had their names publicly associated with both the march and the group, making it public domain), we decided, what the hell! We'll grant her wish. Instead, we'll post pictures of the now strangely missing website for Advocates of White Civil Rights. If names happen to appear on the picture, well, we could hardly be blamed for that:

Nazi Posters At Carleton University

We had been informed of this a few days ago but were not at the time in a position to write anything. The university newspaper provides the relevant information:

Racist Posters

A swastika-bearing leaflet for the National Socialist Party of Canada (NSPC) was found in the Atrium Feb. 26 by a Charlatan reporter. The flyer shows a picture of Jane Creba, the teenage girl killed in a Toronto gang shootout in 2005.

“The Negro gang members should never have been in Canada in the first place,” the flyer reads. “Open borders and lax immigration standards were as responsible for [Creba’s] death as the Negro thugs who killed her.”

But Jeremiah Valentine, the man convicted of Creba’s murder, was Canadian-born, according to the Toronto Star.

Several more flyers were found and confiscated Feb. 25 by the department of university safety. The flyers are “not acceptable on campus, and if we see them again we will remove them again,” wrote Len Boudreault, the director of the department of university safety.

Boudreault said he was not aware of any organized campus group endorsing the flyers. Carleton’s Equity Services said they were aware of the flyers but declined further comment. The Creba leaflet, among others, is freely downloadable from the NSPC website.

A representative from the NSPC could not be reached for comment.

The best known NSPC member is the founder Terry Tremaine who is currently on trial on hate crimes charges. We don't know if this postering was done by a member of Tremaine's group (he had claimed numerous members with little proof, though we suspect a handful of members scattered through the country) or just someone using the NSPC name.

If any of our dear readers have any more information, we'd be very pleased to hear back from you.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Kevin Goudreau: Just Because

For the past couple of weeks Kevin Goudreau has managed to cause boneheads and anti-racists to find common ground on one single issue:

That he is an ass clown and should be made fun of until he cries.

We would like to do our part in such a noble effort. Mainly because we have the collective maturity of a group of 13 year old boys telling fart jokes to each other. But in this case, the fart jokes have a noble purpose.

We start with something from the early 1990s, then we add our own little twist:

In that fight i was kicked in the face by Red when i wasnt looking and didnt mouth off to anyone or say anything, was kicked in the face while i turned to talk to my preggo girlfriend and fought 15 Hammerskins inside and outside the show and ask Red i was Seig Heiling and yelling White Power! As i was punching them all back and stood my ground, ... never ran and never went down then went it was over a Hammer named Adam said holy fuck you did good welcome to the Hammerkins and he paid for my cab for me and my gf who left together and Marc Fucked-a-jew Clairoux was hiding and was a fat HF guy that hid and never said or did shit and people who know Marc know how much he lies to create a fake image and nobody says anything now because he got tougher and their affraid of him now and his H.A. brother who he tried to send after me like a bitch and im not affraid of anyone and you will see why very soon... I never i said i won goof and i dont buy trendy wp clothes im no slave to fashion and im more upper class than you and your a gutterskin compared to me and i finally know who you are and hope Mike sent you my message. 150 lbs btw and dynomite comes in small packages, im way tougher now you old geezer. - Goudreau, February 22, 2010

Those who are making this crap up out of thin air will be dealt with like jews and the ones who spread the lies will stop when they know the truth and see what happens to people that make up these fictional and delusional lies out of their creative minds - Goudreau, February 22, 2010

Im also in the Maclean's magazine 1995 may issue and have met thousands of people from coast to coast in 20 years and nobody can confirm who or what jack is. - Goudreau, February 22, 2010

Donald Duffy went to jail because he was a heatbag dealing drugs and paranaroid getting high on his own supply and sucking the Devil's glass cock and because i wouldnt hang out with the poser dealer that wore a bomber his drug and braindamage induced paranoia blamed me for his arrest so get a grip Donny and stop lying, you got paperwork or witnesses? No you dont so shut up. - Goudreau, February 28, 2010

Women dont run from me and its a fact like to gossip and spin yarns thats all there Sharp boy... Any woman who has met me can vouch for my ladiesman rep and none here have met me... Yes they are arent they, the low level foot soldiers arent to bright and their sucking up to a fat ugly chick thats crazy lmwao if they met her theyd need a few pints to get aroused.
- Goudreau, February 23, 2010

Ummm recall when you told me you and [Nazi Mom] were planning to tie me to a lampost and taking turns raping me? Lmwao oh my how we forget in the park after you dropped your pants to pee in the park in front of me,classy btw and kissing then and after walked you home behind your apt in the dark ally with your bf Dave upstairs and you said hes a push over and wouldnt care and we could do anything in front of him? Remember or were you too drunk? - Goudreau, February 23, 2010

My organization is the White Nationalist Front. - Goudreau, February 24, 2010



Ask any of the 1995 skins in Moncton and Riverview and Hillsboro. Your too young... And 1 leader out of 3 Me, Andy and Tom. Im not dropping lastnames with scum here and MASH was a name we flirted with having... Guess who i met in person today? :p i wont devuldge that in front of scum. - Goudreau, February 24, 2010

Im here to lay down the law once and for all to you feeble minded half-wits that you sheeple have to stop your jealous back bitting, bullshitting, outright lying about others in the movement and unite instead of these ridiculous fantasies you conjer up to make someone look bad because they are a threat to your power or illusions of power and trying... See More to be kewl and being envyous of me and others you kids gotta learn its not right and its degenerate to do so, i have shot down all your wild claims and fabrications and have put you all in your place and spanked you like children now be good kiddies daddy is tired nighty night and ill be back tomorrow to shut more yaps and prove more sheeple wrong and thinks its funny how many are now silent, be good and no infighting. L88r 14 wordSS - Goudreau, February 23, 2010

Isnt it like watching freaks in a circus or a car accident? You just cant look away and you see how she makes it all up as she goes its so bizzar to watch and been watching it all unfold for awhile to see who im going hunting for and whom will be forgiven for being involved in this travesty and not 1 truth has been told about my fight pic and btw Dara how did all my pics i never uploaded END UP ON ARC!? DONT SAY ALICIA I KNOW YOU SENT THEM ALL THE PICS IV NEVER UPLOADED! - Goudreau, February 22, 2010

Im a ladies man Jon i look mean in my pic but according to those that know me and met me im quite hot. - Goudreau, February 22, 2010Its just you jackoff because your stalking my woman and besides being in Hearts of Hate you can order from White Pines pictures and my Maclean's 1995 may issue pic inside cover, been to a Zundel protest at Metro-west Detention, organized PF meetings in the GTA and have have recruited for many orgs and fliered 10 cities in 5 provinces in 20 years ... See Moreand always been loyal to the cause and done my part and all this fb drama and bs doesnt change that and i know who i am and what iv done and dont have to prove myself to punks and net nazis that are retired and retarded and iv always been around and always will be so gnight kids have fun and keep it white. 14 wordSS *YAWNS* L88R - Goudreau, February 22, 2010

Lmwao jackoff is jealous ask Paul Fromm and Marc Lemire how long iv been around since Wolfgang is gone you cant ask him but we spoke from 1991 until 6 months before he died. - Goudreau, February 22, 2010

Marc is mad because i confronted him at Jack astors after a Zundel protest for stealing my idea for Frontline magazine which i invented on my HF KINGSTON WEBSITE as IRWIN BAUER my Alias for that site. - Goudreau, February 22, 2010

Ask Fromm, iv given 2 speeches out of 3 meetings and theres 100 more but they dont want to be part of the fb drama and dont want to feed into it and some tagged on these pics that have met me and just think this is as ridiculous as i do. - Goudreau, February 22, 2010

Oh, shucks. How did that last one get in there? Oh well.