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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Willis Is Not A Nazi: Part 2

It would seem that the Aryan Guard is still trying to convince you, our dear readers, that Willis is not a Nazi. As posted on Stormfront by Temperalles on September 3, 2008:

Now there's a bunch of tards on some site called '' trying to say Willis is a Nazi because he's in a photo throwing a straight-arm salute. Well I guess all the ancient Romans were Nazis as well.

It occurs to me there's just enough people out there naive enough to buy the fallacious deduction put forward by the Reds, so I thought I'd point out that National Socialists are not the only people to use the straight-arm salute. Because it is a gesture which goes back much further in history than the NSDAP of less than a century ago, non-National-Socialists also use it, often as a symbol of White Pride, other times merely as a salute. Just like the Triskelion on the flag behind him, it's a symbol with broad heritage overtones, and by no means of specific enough symbology to boil anyone down to any particular ideology.

My God, if the Roman salute were a Nazi symbol, you'd never see a Third Positionist using it... and they do all the time.

Yes. That's right. Willis wasn't throwing up a Nazi salute in that and the other photos that we have. No, that was a Roman salute:
The Oath of the Horatii by Jacques-Louis David

Now what is the difference between a Roman salute and a "Hitler" salute?

For the Hitler salute the right arm is raised at an angle of about 45 degrees above the horizontal and slightly sideways to the right, and is almost always accompanied by the exclamation of the words Heil Hitler! said in a firm and usually loud voice. If standing in front of a superior the heels might be clicked simultaneously. At rallies and meetings the arms of the crowd may also be raised while rhythmically shouting sieg Heil.

Sort of like this then?

So, the Aryan Guard expects you to believe that Willis, surrounded by people who are shouting "Heil Hitler" and "Sieg Heil" is not a Nazi, in spite of the fact that he's giving the same "salute" as everyone else at the March 21 pre-rally festivities. Does this not stretch credulity just an tiny little bit? Would not a reasonable person believe that Willis, who is attending a rally organized by Nazis who are all giving the Hilter salute, and who is photographed with these same Nazis (numerous times) giving the same salute, might just support their ideological point of view himself?

Temperalles continues:

Judging by the amount of libel on that site, Willis is going to have to make his lawsuit bigger.

Somehow we don't think the Calgary ARA are too concerned with this threat.

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