Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Decline of the Aryan Guard: Part 1

This article, the first in a three part series, will act as a summary of what most already know about the recent troubles of the Aryan Guard. We will be publishing additional articles during the next few days. Consider this first article to be a refresher on the more recent Aryan Guard antics and an appetizer for the main course to come.

On March 21, 2008, between 25 and 40 members of the Aryan Guard, Western European Brotherhood (W.E.B.), Klan members, unaffiliated neo-Nazis, and National-Socialist Party of Canada leader Terry Tremaine marched in the name of “White Pride” (a euphemism for White Supremacy, intimidation, and ethnic hatred) on the day designated by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The spit in the face of Calgary civil society, organized by the Aryan Guard was opposed by 100s of anti-racist activists in Calgary. Though vastly outnumbered, that the Aryan Guard and their allies were able to march in the first place and to gather such a relatively large number of like-minded individuals indicated that they were a growing threat in the community.

As it turned out, and in spite of later gimmicks such as advertising they would pay the damage deposit for any “White Nationalist” who moved to Calgary to join them and the hosting a “Free Speech Conference” which saw Paul Fromm, Terry Tremaine, and Bill Noble as the keynote speakers, the March 21 rally appears to have also been the peak of the Aryan Guard. Since that date it has been evident that things have started to go down hill for the Aryan Guard, but even we were surprised to learn just how much trouble the racist gang of thugs were actually in.

We began to wonder about the status of the Aryan Guard when they started advertising on Stormfront their “White Nationalist” relocation plan whereby they would pay the damage deposit of any “White Nationalist” who would relocate to Calgary into join what they called a growing movement. We were joined in our mocking of this plan by the mainstream press in Calgary who wondered how successful the movement was if they had to try and bribe people to come join them. Later D.A. of Nanaimo, BC called out the Aryan Guard on Stormfront, saying a friend moved to Calgary in order to take advantage of the offer but found that it really was a great deal of hot air. Still, the publicity did result in national and international news coverage for the Aryan Guard.

We now move from the ridiculous to the bizarre with another embarassment. On August 23, 2008, Aryan Guard members were implicated in an incident on the Siksika First Nations Reservation near Gleichen, AB. Some Aryan Guard members, who were attending a local house party, were involved in vandalism of buildings on the reservation, punching holes in buildings with pipes and bats. “Temporalles” of the Aryan Guard women’s auxiliary Valkyrian Legion (which we believe was created by Bill Noble) has claimed that the Aryan Guard members arrested were in the process of trying to help a White youth who had been attacked by First Nations or Lebanese-Canadians; we can only assume that the Aryan Guard members mistook a mall for a person as the reason they attacked a building. She even claimed that once caught the Aryan Guard members were subjected to police brutality:
After arrival, search parties were sent out to find the White-victim and to protect him from further attack. One search party was assaulted by men claiming to be RCMP officers. Three Guardsmen were abducted, one punched repeatedly in the face, chest and ribs by a uniformed ruffian while another was struck in the chest with a steel pipe. The uniformed thugs spewed threats of further assault and capture, including threatening to allow local gangs to attack the Aryan Guard members. Upon capture, an officer is reported to have drove around town, rolling down the back window, exposing a handcuffed Aryan Guard member to local gangs and non-White civilians, while telling these individuals that the member was a "piece of sh**, White trash Nazi skinhead" and encouraging them to attack him if they ever see him. The White Civil Rights Activists who were victim of this savage assault were than taken to what seemed to be a sort of local "government" detainment center. The apparent police officers threw the Guardsmen into cells isolated from one another, however they tried to instigate violence from Native prisoners by locking the Guardsmen in highly Native populated cells and yelling demands along the lines of "These guys are Nazi Skinheads, they hate Indians! Here you go! Have fun!" The individual who was assaulted by the uniformed thug with a metal pipe was left handcuffed in the cell while other prisoners began forming together talking of an assault, the activist was left helpless to defend himself from any sort of attack. The uniformed assailants spoke of charges as well as many other threats, including an apparent banning from the Town and future physical attacks against the Guardsmen by the uniformed men as well as locals. No charges were written up. The attackers posing as government enforcers also accused the Guardsmen of kicking a hole in the wall of a bank with their boots, and of having intent to rob the bank; this claim in itself is almost laughable considering the factors involved. The uniformed assailants and their disgraceful actions are being monitored and legal action concerning the event is being considered. The 16 year old White Victim from the earlier attack is in good condition to this date.
Not surprisingly, the Stormfront posters who commented on this Aryan Guard article bought the story out of hand, though even some of these individuals thought that it stretched the boundaries of credulity.

The Aryan Guard moved from bizarre to farcical with their efforts to claim that Aryan Guard associate “Willis” was not a neo-Nazi but a kindly social activist who sought to get at risk youths off drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. This, in spite of his participation in the Aryan Guard organized rally on March 21. This, in spite of his attendance at Kyle McKee’s pre-rally party where he was seen throwing up the Seig Heil, or Nazi Salute, with known neo-Nazis. Again, Temporalles feebly tried to claim that Willis wasn’t giving the Seig Heil, but the Roman Salute and was considering suing for defamation of character.

We won’t hold our breaths.

Now, as we have written, these incidents led us to believe that the Aryan Guard was in starting the process of becoming irrelevant (we haven't even discussed the sex scandal, Bill Noble's odd analysis of the law, and the known legal issues of some Aryan Guard members). But as we’ve learned over the past two weeks, these have merely been the tip of the iceberg and that we had yet to even scratch the surface of the dysfunction that is the Aryan Guard.

We will begin to tell that story soon.

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