Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Aryan Guard Delusions

Kyle McKee wrote the following post on Stormfront under the heading, "White Nationlist Relocation Program - Destination Calgary":

The Aryan Guard is always seeking new brothers and sisters, if you are interested in relocating to our Calgary area, we will pay the damage deposit for your residence. We believe that through fortifying our current locations with more White Nationlists we can spread the world more efficiently and than in the future branch out further throughout Canada.

If you are interested in moving to Calgary, please let us know.

First, we note that McKee, who is functionally illiterate, has someone to proof read his entries before he posts them now (either that or OdinPatrick, the Canadian forums moderator on Stormfront, has been a busy beaver). Second, the claim of support files in the face of claims made earlier by an Aryan Guard supporter who now lives in British Columbia.

Melissa Brow, originally form B.C. lived in Calgary with her then boyfriend until she moved back. Before that though, she hooked up with the folks who would later form the Aryan Guard. As such she has a pretty intimate understanding of who the Aryan Guard are and what they are capable of.

On March 2, 2007 in a rare display of honesty about the state of the so-called White Nationalist movement in Calgary, an inebriated Stormfront poster “whitepridelady” (Melissa Brow) called out members of the Aryan Guard. The moderators on Stormfront removed the post, but not before one of our sister sites managed to get a copy:

whitepridelady (Melissa Brow's Stormfront identity): OK. This is going to come off very harsh. It has come to my attention that people have been talking about me and my boyfriend here in Calgary… At the risk of my friends being pissed with me I must inform those of you planning to move to Calgary. Apparently there is this great organization that these people are all children. The people you feel are so actively involved in our cause and this so called big organization really does not exist. Most of the people out here don't even live white. They do drugs and men in their 20s have sex with 14 year old girls and get drunk and high and fight anyone they meet which I promise will most likely include you!I think in all fairness to the adults who plan to move out here that you should know these people are children who cannot put you up, who 75% of them have been " white power" for like 2 months and most people in BC and Alberta have known me or of me since I was 15 and I have never done anything but fight for my race and contribute to the cause as a lot of you already now. Unfortunately if I disagree with someone ****ing little girls or smoking dope or doing drugs, NOT TO MENTION THE PROSTITUTE that I GET **** ON for not wanting to come to our meet then some little child needs to talk trash about ME. So fair warning YES there is activism but if you want to drop your life for some children who have no respect for themselves or little girls who ****ed a skinhead who are 15 and roll their eyes at you when you try to explain or teach something to them then come on out! Get drunk , get beat up, HELL have sex with 14 year olds cause thats the only chicks that'll ever be around this so called organization. Activism is great but don't you ****ing dare talk **** about me because noone of you have really done anything you just are freshcuts who think you know everything cause you talk to people on the computer sometimes. LOL. I have done my part and everyone knows that so heads up like I said and take care! Everyone knows I have never done anything to defy my people or my race and I have been generally active for a good 6 years now THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Of course most of these people would not know that because they are 15 and 16 year old kids who haven't even experienced or been willing to pick up a book in their life. Drop outs and oi toys. HAVE FUN IN CALGARY!

Perhaps this could be attributed to the drunken rants of a woman with an agenda, but the information provided by Brow was confirmed by an email received by the same sister site not long before Brow posted the above message. We cleaned up the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of the email, but the spirit remains the same:

I’ll just send you the links to the pictures. The girl who’s account this is with the brown hair is in grade 9. She is 14 I think and that guy, Rob [Reitmeier], is like 20 or something and then with Dallas [Price] who’s, like, well older than us anyways – he’s 19 maybe. Those girls are in grade 9 and they are druggies. [link to picture 1 removed] That guy’s Rob. He’s in that picture with Dallas (the one from the paper) and this is Dallas getting drunk with S*****. [link to picture 2 removed] I don’t know if that’s any help because I don’t know if you want to post pictures of 14 year olds on your site but block out there face or something…. She’s not white power though. She just likes to suck their cocks. Also this guys a skinhead too but I forgot his name. [link to picture 3 removed] He lives in Calgary but he’s in high school I think. For sure Rob and Dallas aren’t [in high school] and Rob is like 20 something. S***** is ************ on ****** if you want to see later if you got more pictures.

So we ask our readers just how reliable the claim made by McKee to provide support really is in light of these tidbits of information?


Anonymous said...

The Aryan guard does not represent all White nationalists and National socialists in Calgary. Stop trying to paint every skinhead as a pedophile when there has been many instances involving ARA affiliates and grossly underaged girls.

noonespecial200 said...

You may say, but we actually have photographic and eyewitness evidence to say that the Aryan Guard are deviants. Your accusations about the ARA are merely libel at this point.

Thank you, however, for your tacit admission that the Aryan Guard is somewhat of an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

It should probably also be noted that part of the reason that there's a labour shortage here in Alberta (and therefore jobs for kids who haven't yet graduated, which was a big selling point further down the thread this post originated from) is that there's no affordable housing. A $14/hr job will have you sleeping in your car (or if you don't have one, a park until you get the boot from brutal CPS or EPS officers who won't think twice about beating your ass) in no time.

McKee did kindly offer up accommodation, mind you, and who's to say that he can't help out with a $1000/month basement bachelor suite? Oh right. He's functionally illiterate, a father and a douchebag. I'm guessing he's not raking in the cash.

My point is that out here in Alberta we're keeping tabs and we're not welcoming any WNs with open arms, especially not the Aryan Guard. Stay home, assholes. Alberta's got no candy for you.


Anonymous said...

I didn't, by the way mean to sandwich father between illiterate and douchebag. I just meant that anyone with kids doesn't exactly have money to burn.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Melissa Brow said. I've been around the Aryan guard a few times and noticed all the girls they "interact" with are under age. I think it's time that they grow up. No wonder why when they hold marches or any kind of event they get shit thrown at them or people wanting to punch them in the face. they are losers and are in no position to stand for white pride, getting drunk, breaking stuff and sleeping with underage girls is nothing to be proud of. Oh, not to mention almost every one of their so called main guys has been to jail at least once. I wonder what kind of example they are trying to set for the young ones who look up to them so dearly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing. I don't understand Kyle's statement here "we will pay the damage deposit for your residence." Hmmm maybe they should work on getting a few of themselves out of their parents basements before they promise to put a damage deposit down on a house for anyone stupid enough to move there. I mean they are starting to sound a little desperate.