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Friday, July 25, 2008

Citizens Are Mobilized

We have said that we are not members of Anti-Racist Action (ARA), however we do support the aims of non-violent movements that oppose racism. In that vein, we will post the following announcement by ARA Calgary, a group that uses non-violent means to educate citizens about the dangers of the Aryan Guard and other such movements. ARA Calgary has acted within the law in their activism and have only acted in self-defense when they themselves have been attacked.

Anti-Racist Action Calgary have a proven record of success when it comes to shutting down racist groups such as the Aryan Guard. In recent years the efforts of ARA Calgary contributed to the collapse of Glenn Bahr's and Peter Kouba's racist group Western Canada For Us (WCFU) after only a few short, though active, months of existence in Alberta.

Anti-Racist Action General Meeting

Topic: Aryan Guard NOT welcome in Calgary. A discussion on tactics and actions to oppose neo-Nazis in our community.

On July 30, Anti-Racist Action will be holding a general meeting to discuss how best to oppose the racist, neo-Nazi gang the Aryan Guard. With the recent revelation that the Aryan Guard is offering cash incentives to re-locate racists to Calgary, it is more important than ever that Calgarians who believe in democracy and oppose racism get organized. Anti-Racist Action believes that opposing neo-Nazis is not a job only for the police and politicians, it is the responsibility of every Calgarian.

The meeting will focus on a discussion of tactics for confronting and opposing the Aryan Guard and will be led by a small panel of anti-racist activists.
  • What: A general meeting about how to oppose the Aryan Guard
  • When: Wednesday, July 30. 7:00 pm
  • Where: The Old 'Y' Common Room - 223 12 Ave SW
  • Cost: Free. Donations accepted.
*Based on attendance at the last meeting, ARA advises that those who wish to have a seat should arrive early.

About ARA: Anti-Racist Action is a loose federation of groups dedicated to confronting and opposing racist groups such as the KKK and neo-Nazis wherever they appear. ARA was founded in Minneapolis in 1988 and the Calgary chapter has been active off-and-on since 1992.

Media: Anti-Racist Action will contact the media it wishes to speak to directly. To help preserve the privacy of participants, no cameras or recording devices are allowed in the meeting room.


Anonymous said...

Calgary ARA shut down WCFU? I always assumed that it was Richard Warman and his friend Sgt. Camp who were involved.

Have you just added the notion, linking Warman to the ARA?

Nosferatu200 said...

Um, no we haven't.

Could it be possible that numerous groups and individuals working independently and separately from one another, with little or no knowledge of the others' activities, managed to put the WCFU on ice?

We would also include NAARR ( amongst those who shut down Western Canada For Us.

Anonymous said...

Glenn bahr is the biggest goof there is, He is still living and working in Edmonton he calls himself white pride but just crews people over..