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A History of Violence: 1960 - 2020

Well, here it is. We think that most will agree that this will be the best article posted on the blog, or at the very minimum the most informative and perhaps most useful.

The following is a living document. We will continue to add information as we continue our research and as new incidents occur. We encourage our readers to help us in this project. If you are aware of an incident that can be backed up with secondary sources, please share those incidents with us for inclusion in the timeline. These include any incidents that occurred before 1989 as well (we can, and have, change the title to fit the information). If you are unable to provide a secondary source for the incident you shared with us, we will try to do so ourselves.

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Forward by Nosferatu200

We have Mark Fournier of Free Dominion to thank for this article. On June 28, 2010, Mark Fournier posted a lengthy piece concerning his take on the G20 fiasco in Toronto. While we have the entire missive saved, here is the relevant section that concerns us:

To keep this in context, 20 years prior to Mark Fournier having written this claim concerning ARC being responsible for, "almost every incident of serious political violence in the past twenty years," in Canada, the then eldest member of the Collective was 13 years old and living in a relatively isolated farming community two hours from the nearest big city. The author of this timeline was 7 years old. 

Since then Mark has continued to make this claim against ARC and the ARA, as well as continuing to claim that ARC and the ARA are the same organization:

We've gotten used to ARC and the ARA being claimed as being one and the same and while we have a good working relationship with ARA chapters, we are indeed different groups that have different methods. But even still, when Mark claims that ARC/ARA members are responsible for most of the political violence for the past 20 years, we began to wonder what that actually looked like.

If we exclude the histrionics (claims of forcible confinement, for example, which is laughable), Mark and the Free Dominion crowd have only three incidents that they keep talking about to prove that the ARA (and apparently ARC) are violent, organized, criminal terrorists:

1. An attack on Garry Schipper's rented home by some protesting the Heritage Front's propagandist. This is the one claim that at least has some basis in legitimacy.
2. The firebombing of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel's Toronto home. In fact, the only group that claimed responsibility was a small Jewish extremist group that had been linked to the Jewish Defence League.
3. A fight between young ARA members and a group of neo-Nazis that left one person fighting for his life. Even  Mark admits that it was the ARA member who was stabbed and almost killed and the bonehead charged with attempted murder, though he and others then claim he had it coming.

That's it. In 20 years, Mark was able to come up with three incidents, one of which resulted in no serious injuries to the boneheads but left an ARA member in critical condition and one in which the only people still claiming an ARA link (the firebombing) are those associated with the boneheads. If they are trying to be a violent group of Canadian terrorists, the ARA are really, really bad at it. 

Mark's statement did get us to thinking though while we sat around having a few beers. If we were to look back at the past 20 years, what would the level of bonehead violence look like? We figured that the numbers would be pretty high, but in all honesty most of us were too lazy to actually do the necessary research. Except for one of our members who did just that.

When "NomDeGuerre200" considered the question and suggested an article, the rest of the Collective had no idea how much research the author would engage in nor the level of information provided. 'NomDeGuerre200" made a point of only using information that could be verified by reliable secondary sources, mostly media based. We know there is more out there, but what has been created is, we believe, the most extensive timeline of neo-Nazi/racist violence in Canada covering more than 20 years (and as we will continue to add to the document, both before 1981 (we originally began at 1989) and after 2011, the list will no doubt become even more comprehensive).

And with that, we give you "History of Violence."

"A History of Violence: 1960 - 2020" by NomDeGuerre200

Montreal, QB - Six charged with assault during demonstration

Six Hungarian immigrants faced charges stemming from an anti-Semitic demonstration and assault outside a downtown café in Montreal. They denied it in court and pleaded not guilty. (TSAS)

A Jewish businessman’s store in was vandalized and robbed. $7,000 stock of records was destroyed and anti-Semitic slogans were painted on the inside walls. Thieves stole $1,400 worth of cigarettes, television tubes, and diamond record needles. In total between $10,000 and $25,000 worth of damage was caused to the store. The Toronto Telegram reported a damage estimate of $10,000. Another report mentions swastikas painted on a McMaster University professor's home. (TSAS)
Toronto, ON - Jewish and non-Jewish youths fight
"A rumble between youths, Jewish and non-Jewish, took place at Lawrence and Bathurst. It progressed from name calling. The non-Jewish boys minimized the racial overtones." (TSAS)

Toronto, ON - Members of synagogue attacked
"During a sod turning ceremony for a synagogue at Locksfield Ave. and Maxwell St. in Toronto a fracas ensued by the residents and the members of the congregation. One boy was injured slightly when hit with a hockey stick. Another perhaps was pushed down during the hassle. Police were called to break up the disturbance. Residents were protesting the traffic conditions that the synagogue would create." (TSAS)

Toronto, ON - Canadian Nazi precipitates fight
"A dozen men led by Canadian Nazi David Stanley disrupted a meeting of 1,000 civil rights supporters at Toronto's Royal York Hotel including the Rabbi Abraham Feinberg and James Fainer, founder and leader of the Congress of Racial Equality. It led to a physical altercation. Stanley was physically dragged out, and knocked to the floor. His other supporters were manhandled out the door." (TSAS)

Amherstburg, ON – Black youths shot at

“Three black youths were kicked off the premises of a model-car raceway after hearing a shot fired over their heads. A cross was burned on the main street of Amherstburg, Ontario, the primarily black First Baptist Church was desecrated with a warning that “The Klan is coming,” and the town sign had “Home of the KKK” printed on it. Two weeks later attempts were made to burn the church down.” (TSAS)
Toronto, ON -  Canadian Nazis involved in riot
"Eight onlookers jumped John Beattie and 78 of his followers, ripped their swastika banner to shreds and chased him from the Allen Gardens in Beattie's second public speaking incident. Police rescued the marchers, and charged all but one with unlawful assembly. Beattie and five others spent the night in jail because they couldn't raise bail. Among the people who were part of the Nazis was David Stanley. More than a dozen unmarked police cruisers converged on the scene of the scuffle as the marchers were rousted. Four mounted constables galloped into the crowd to keep it back. None of the attackers was apprehended." (TSAS)
Toronto, ON - John Beattie's Nazi Party involved in another violent incident
"William John Beattie, leader of the Canadian Nazi Party, organized a rally at Allen gardens in Toronto. Apparently Samuel Kaplan jumped on Beattie's back as he was being escorted to a police wagon. They tried to troop Nazi flags through the park. The group was mobbed by spectators and several members of the party were beaten with their own flagpoles. An estimated 4,000 people had gathered to hear Beattie speak. About 30 Jewish groups organized a counter-rally and many more turned up to watch. A number of people were arrested and charged. Eight men (self-styled Nazis) were charged with a variety of offenses including causing a disturbance, assault, and carrying weapons." (TSAS)
Toronto, ON - Jewish youths attacked
"Forty teenagers attacked 30 members of the Beth Shalom youth organization with chains, baseball bats, and lengths of rubber and/or plastic hose. Police said the attacking group went to the island for a prearranged rumble with Italian groups. Two teenagers and a man received reformatory sentences ranging from nine months to two years for their part in an attack on the above date on a Jewish youth group at Centre Island across from Toronto harbor." (TSAS)
"Two juvenile members of a self-styled Nazi group were charged with plotting to manufacture a bomb that exploded in the east-end Paul Sauve Arena. The bomb was thrown into the entrance way of the arena during a dance, to attract attention to their 'Nazi' group. A small amount of gun-powder and a box of wooden matches was used to form the bomb. No damage whatsoever was caused by the device. A third juvenile was also involved in the incident. A judge claimed that the youths wanted to resurrect the Nazi party without even knowing what a Nazi was, and that their object was to 'get talked about.'" (TSAS)
Toronto, ON - Bombing at Yugoslavian consulate
"An explosion at 4:08 a.m. blew in the front door and shattered the windows of the two-storey wood and brick Yugoslavian Consulate in Toronto. Windows of other buildings as far as 10 blocks away were also blown out by the force of the explosion. The bomb consisted of ten sticks of dynamite wired together, and was thought by police to have been thrown at the door from a passing car. Total damage to the Consulate building was estimated at $5,000. Attributed to anti-communist Yugoslavians. Coincided with the 21st anniversary of the Yugoslavian constitution. Exploded in front of the building. The blast smashed windows in nearby homes, apartments, and businesses. Gauged a hole three feet long in a flagstone sidewalk, blew out the Consulates window. Fascists and Nazis were blamed." (TSAS)

Attorney for the Chicago 7 William Kunstler was assaulted and slightly injured during a speech  in Toronto after members of the Edmund Burke Society stormed the stage. Prior to the assault the Burkers had been heckling Kunstler so a spokesperson was invited to state the groups views. Paul Fromm took the stage and poured water over Kunstler’s notes, resulting in Kunstler pouring water over Fromm.
Toronto, ON – Edmund Burke Society precipitate riot.
“In May 1970 the Burkers counter-demonstrated against ‘the last of the big Communist anti-Vietnam war demonstrations in Toronto’ … The ensuing violence resulted in widespread damage to property, numerous injuries, and almost 100 arrests, 90 per cent of them supposedly left-wingers, the remainder Edmund Burke Society supporters. In later years, it was revealed that the rampaging demonstrators and the destruction actually were precipitated by Edmund Burke Society infiltrators into the left-wing ranks. The purpose was to discredit the anti-American peacenik movement.” (Barrett, 59)(TSAS)
Toronto, ON - Edmund Burke Society members involved in riot
"Anti-Lenin rally in Toronto. The demonstration was planned by 300 member Ukrainian Student Club of York University. Meanwhile newspaper reports also indicated 400 anti-Communist demonstrators and eggs were thrown and some spat upon the people there. The Edmund Burke Society (EBS) was also involved. Inside, the EBS members overturned tables and battled guests and police while being ejected from a banquet honoring the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth in Toronto. A smokebomb was hurled and a Red Flag burned outside the meeting. It led to one injury. Police said no arrests were made. They denied a claim by a member of the EBS that he was stabbed in the shoulder or back, while being thrown out. Police say the wounds were caused when he was dragged across glass littered floor. Ten EBS members attended." (TSAS)
Hamilton, ON – Progressive Book Store Vandalized

Progressive Books and Periodicals located at 441 Barton St. East in Hamilton Ontario were victims of bricks which were thrown through the four plate glass windows of the store. A group of youths were seen jumping out of the store after it had been wrecked, but police said that no one in the crowd outside could identify the youths." (TSAS)

Toronto, ON - Edmund Burke Society and Vietnam War protesters fight
"A protest march from Queen's Park to Naten Phillips Square in Toronto which involved about 500 anti-Vietnam protesters and about 100 members of the Edmund Burke Society became violent. The scuffles took place at Nathens Phillips square. Two arrests occurred: Vujica Radivoj Savin (charged with assault to cause bodily harm) and Kenneth Roy Wilson (charged with common assault). One article mentions one injury to a police officer. And another mentions two injuries to two different policemen Michael Burke and Robert Waddell." (TSAS)

Police arrested two men after receiving tips of a plot to assassinate Soviet premier Alexei Kosygin in Toronto. Raids on a number of homes of several Edmond Burke Society members yielded weapons and what spokesperson Paul Fromm characterized as, “equipment.” Earlier in the week Edmund Burke Society member Geza Matrai attacked Kosygin while the Soviet premier was visiting Ottawa.
Toronto, ON – Edmund Burke Society members assault men in Chinatown
“The Edmund Burke Society walked through Toronto's Chinatown chanting red out, kill Mao, and waved Canadian and Nationalist Chinese flags. They approached a Communist Chinese bookstore, and when they spat on the Chinese men who assembled at the door, a fight ensued. Partially involved in the demonstration was Professor Michael C. Hwang, of Taipei Formosa who photographed the demonstration and was involved with the movement in Formosa and in the United States to block China's entry to the UN." (TSAS)
Toronto, ON – Edmund Burke Society members attack audience in Convocation Hall, University of Toronto
“Quebec labour leader Michel Chartrand and lawyer Robert Lemieux, referred to later by a former Burker… as FLQ communists, were the targets. As the Toronto Daily Star (29 March 1971) described it, Edmund Burke Society members hurled a stink bomb, threw stones through windows, and sprayed the hall with a mace-like substance. The building caretaker had to be treated for temporary blindness, and a Toronto Telegraph reporter also hospitalized after being kicked in the head and abdomen.” (Barrett, 60)
Toronto, ON - Four letter-bombs were sent to Jewish targets (TSAS)


Toronto, ON – Geza Matrai arrested during rally

Soon after being released from jail as a result of his assault on Society premier Kosygin, Matrai and a female companion was arrested and charged with spraying mace during a gay rally at the St. Lawrence Hall. He fled to Miami where he became active with Alpha 66 (an anti-Castro group) after claiming political asylum; he was soon arrested in Miami as well (Barrett, 87, 168)
Geza Matrai, circa 1970s

"Geza Matrai and an accomplice sprayed anti-personnel gas causing ear, nose, and throat irritation inside the packed, 450-seat auditorium at the St. Lawrence Centre’s Town Hall during a conference about homosexuality. The crowd was driven out, and one man was treated at the hospital. Matrai and his companion were sentenced to sixty days." (TSAS)
Ontario – Western Guard member arrested
“[A] Western Guard member was placed on probation for fifteen months for possession of a dangerous weapon and for assault on a ‘professional poverty spokesman.’” (Barrett, 87)

Tearlach Mac a' Phearsoin, self-proclaimed (and very confused) Imperial Wizard of the Confederate Klans of Alberta, accidentally shoots and kills a guest in his home with a .22 revolver. Mac a' Phearsoin was charged with criminal negligence.
Toronto, ON – Incendiary device found as a result of theater bomb threat.

“The Metro police bomb squad removed an incendiary device from outside the New Yorker Cinema, after receiving a telephone bomb threat. Both the theatre and Canadian Press received the bomb threat calls. Bomb squad detectives stood guard over a hot and bubbly device left in the Yonge St. theatre showing, ""The Garden of Finzi-Continis;"" the movie was about Italy’s treatment of Jews during the second world war, especially the 1938 persecution of Jews in Italy. An attendant at the New Yorker theatre discovered a package in the men's washroom and rushed it out of the building to a sand saltbox. Bomb squad investigators removed the package and took it to a remote section of the beach. Members of the Jewish Defense League were to guard the downtown Toronto theatre to prevent the placing of another bomb. Police found a clumsy firebomb in the men's washroom on the following Sunday. Celia Airst stated that the theatre would be guarded for as long as it plays the movie. " (TSAS)


Toronto, ON – Lawyer and wife assaulted after viewing movie

“A young lawyer was punched and kicked while his wife was spat on as a right-wing demonstrator lashed out after the opening night of the movie ‘Hitler: The Last Ten Days’" (TSAS)
“A man [Thomas Reade] closely associated with [Martin] Weiche in London, ON was sentenced to twenty-eight days in jail for ‘assaulting a Jew, an East Indian, and a White race traitor.’ Another man, whose association with the radical right increased after he was arrested on a weapons charge (he testified on behalf of the defence  in the Zundel trial) was  sentenced to two consecutive nine-month terms.” (Barrett, 87)
Surrey, BC - South-Asian family intimidated and attacked in own home
"Police were called to the home of a Sikh family... after a smoke bomb was thrown against the rear of the house. Later that evening, another smoke bomb was ignited beside a truck in the driveway. The incidents were attributed to youths who were yelling Hindu, Hindu. Two rocks were also thrown into the living room." (TSAS)

Toronto, ON – Fascists attack crowd while celebrating Mussolini’s birthday

“Forty members of [the Western Guard] carrying placards, shouting slogans against blacks, were

Toronto, ON - Fight between Western Guard Part and communists
"A confrontation took place between the Western Guard party and about 30 members of the Communist Party of Canada - Marxist-Leninst (CPC-ML). The latter marched to the former's Ashdale Ave. headquarters. Nine people were arrested, while one Western Guard member and one police were brought to the hospital. The Guards were armed with swords, billies, knives. The guards were celebrating the birth of Mussolini. The fight broke out when a Western Guard member hit one of the CPC-ML marching in front of the house." (TSAS)
involved in several fights with spectators in the Yonge St. Mall during the weekend. Several skirmishes broke out between demonstrators and onlookers. Pieces of wood, chains, and cable were produced and several people were injured after being hit with the weapons. A crowd of 2,000-2,500 was present - they were holding a demonstration following a party celebrating Mussolini's birthday. Four men were arrested. Arthur Boyes charged three metro policemen with assaulting him at the demonstration. He said that his nose had been broken by one of the policemen. Gerald Doyle charged the police officer with assault." (TSAS)
Doyle had previously been implicated in the 1971 Alexei Kosygin assassination plot while then associated with the Edmund Burke Society.
“A group called ‘the White People’s Vigilantes’ (again almost certainly a Western Guard front) showed up at a meeting at the University of Toronto organized by supporters of the liberation of Mozambique. Chairs were turned over, the glass doors were smashed, and people were sprayed with mace and a fire extinguisher.” (Barrett, 86)
"About 8-15 Western Guard members attacked people (mainly students) at a meeting held at the Medical Sciences Building at the University of Toronto, in support of native rule in Portugal's African territories. The Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Portuguese African Colonies sponsored the meeting. Approximately 250 people attended. Attackers shattered four glass doors and a glass plate window. Tables were also overturned. There were 56 people injured. The Western Guard denied responsibility and claimed that the attack was attributed to a group calling itself the White Peoples Vigilantes. Thomas Read was found guilty in connection with assault and property damage. He was found guilty of smashing a large plate glass window on the university campus. He was sentenced to 28 days in jail." (TSAS)
“Along with several others, [Jacob Prins] was charged with assault in connection to a melee at CITY-TV.” (Barrett, 97)
“On a CITY-TV program ironically called ‘Free For All,’ Western Guard members went on the attack. A nine-year-old boy was slapped in the face, and a black trumpet player was hit with a piece of aluminum piping.” (Barrett, 86)
"About 25- 30 Western Guard members started a fight in the studios of Channel 79, a Toronto television station where a black musical group was performing. A metal pipe struck the leader of the band “Crack of Dawn.” The Western Guard members were dressed in Hitler costumes with insignia. They broke up the audience participation television program called ""Free for all,"" and inflicted violence and damage on those present. Don Andrews was charged with assault. A woman suffered severe internal bleeding. They clashed with black musicians hired for the show. Andrews was acquitted of assaulting the wife of a black musician 1/30/1975. The show was taken off the air for ten minutes." (TSAS)
The auditorium of a school that was to host a meeting of the Committee Against Racism was vandalized. The resulting fire destroyed the stage and resulted in $2000.00 of damage. Along with the fire there was graffiti including the statement, “Keep Canada White.”

Toronto, ON - Community newspaper threatened
""An envelope, daubed with red paint apparently simulating blood, stating 'Prepare to die' was placed in the office door of ''The Islander,' a Caribbean community newspaper." (TSAS)
Toronto, ON - Stick of dynamite mailed to community newspaper

"A black community leader in Toronto received a stick of dynamite in the mail, along with a note:
'Watch your step ------. We are! We can make it explode.' The note was signed by the 'White Nationalist Revolutionary Party.' The stick and note were delivered to the office of  'The Islander,' a Caribbean community newspaper edited by the recipient." (TSAS)
Toronto, ON - Jamaican High Commissioner sent dynamite
"The Toronto-based White Nationalist Revolutionary Army sent a stick of dynamite to the Jamaican High Commissioner." (TSAS) The group had also sent a stick of dynamite accompanied by a threatening letter days before to a Caribbean-Canadian community newspaper.

Toronto, ON - Communist Party HQ firebombed (TSAS)


Toronto, ON - Western Guard affiliates assault master of Bethune College
"Two men, who described themselves as members of the Nazi Underground (affiliated with the Western Guard), attacked and injured Ioan Davies, the master of Bethune College at York University. The animosity stems from the college's namesake, a hero for the Chinese Communist army's war against the Japanese. This incident followed two men describing themselves as Nazis who had made anti-Semitic remarks to Davies." (TSAS)
Western Guard (formerly the Edmund Burke Society) leader Don Andrews and two other men were charged, “with arson plot, planning to disrupt an Olympic soccer game at Varsity Stadium involving an Israeli team, illegal possession of weapons and explosives; the latter concerned window-smashing and painting swastikas and racial slogans on synagogues and other buildings.” (Barrett, 88) Andrews and co-defendant Dawd Zarythshansky were both convicted and sentenced to two years and to 18 months respectively. They were however found not guilty on the charge of planning on disrupting the soccer match for lack of evidence.
"Andrews and Dawyd Zarytshansky, Western Guard members, committed arson against the home of Marlee Archambault in Toronto. They suspected her of being a communist. Neighbours noticed the fire in time and the it caused about $100 worth of damage. Andrews was arrested 07/16/1976. In 11/1977, Western Guard members were put on trial for arson and mischief. On 02/01/1978, Andrews and Zarytsharsky were convicted of possessing explosives and conspiring to commit arson." (TSAS)

Toronto, ON - Immigrants and good Samaritan assaulted
"James Carson, 61, suffered a broken nose and a cut leg New Year's Eve when he tried to help two men he described as Pakistanis, who were being assaulted on a subway train at Rosedale station. The two Pakistanis were also injured. Two youths were charged with assault causing bodily harm and put on probation for assaulting East Indian immigrant Gurmail Singh and Carson on subway." (TSAS
Toronto, ON - Tanzanian immigrant attacked in subway station
""A Tanzanian immigrant, 49, was thrown from the platform of the Islington subway station. The victim suffered two broken legs and spent four and a half months in hospital. The incident occurred after three youths taunted visible minority passengers on the train and then blocked the man's exit. On 11/09/1976, two men were convicted of assault causing bodily harm." (TSAS)
Toronto, ON – Wolfgang Droege convicted of assault
Future founder and leader of the Heritage Front, Wolfgang Droege is fined $100 after being convicted of assaulting a reporter. (Barrett, 88)

Toronto, ON - Guyanese man assaulted in subway station
"Two Toronto men were charged with attacking a Guyanese man at a subway station. The two men, along with a third, knocked the victim to the ground and kicked him. He was taken to hospital and treated for cuts and bruises." (TSAS)

The home of an East Indian family was Edmonton was stoned by a group of white youths. In another incident, a gang of white youths goaded an East Indian Canadian into a fight at a city high school be chanting racial epithets; the individual was beaten by the group and kicked while he was on the ground.

Vancouver, BC - South Asian man and woman attacked in university parking lot
"Six white people in the parking lot of Simon Fraser University attacked K.A. Jayaseenian, an East Indian. The story also mentions Amritavalli, an Asian student on a Canadian Commonwealth scholarship, who was only in Canada for six months, when she was kicked and insulted on the street." (TSAS)

Toronto, ON - Man attacked in subway station by KKK affiliates
"A white male and female punched a black male in a Toronto subway station and sprayed tear gas in his face, temporarily blinding him. They also verbally abused his white companion. The attackers were found to have Ku Klux Klan cards on them when police arrested them. The two were convicted of assault and possession of a prohibited weapon." (TSAS)

Vancouver, BC - Three family members killed in fire started by white supremacists
"Attempting to intimidate the members of an East Indian family, two young men from Richmond and Vancouver set fire to a chesterfield on the porch of the family's home. The resulting house fire claimed the lives of the three people inside. The two men were found guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced to eight and six years respectively." (TSAS)

Winnipeg, MB - KKK supporters attacks Black youths
"A group of Caucasians wearing Ku Klux Klan T-shirts attacked four black youths, slashing one of them in the face with a knife." (TSAS)
Burnaby, BC - Nigerian students face ethnic intimidation from KKK
"The homes of Nigerian students attending British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Westminister and Burnaby were spray painted with racist slogans. Garbage was also dumped on their porches and lawns. There were three BCIT Nigerian students at each home. The racial slogans contained the letters KKK. It is widely believed that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) initiated the incident. B.C. KKK organizer Dave Cook denied any connection between his group and a racist attack on two suburban homes occupied by eight Nigerian students." (TSAS)

Richmond, BC - Three Fijians beaten
"Three Fijians were beaten by a group of Caucasian individuals armed with baseball bats. Their car was vandalized and the men were seriously injured." (TSAS)
Delta, BC - Firebomb used in attack on family
"A gas-bomb was thrown into the home of Gurder Singh Sidu, an East Indian family living in Delta, B.C. A five-gallon container of gasoline was hurled through a front window and on to an unoccupied bed. The main floor of the house was destroyed and severe smoke damage was caused to the second floor. The family's three cars were also damaged. Two young men were seen running away. The same house had been vandalized in the past." (TSAS)
Surrey, BC - KKK Members arrested on weapons charges
"Approximately 30 Ku Klux Klan members held a cross burning on a beach near Marine Dr. in Surrey, B.C. Police raided the ceremony, checking individuals for criminal records and outstanding warrants; two rifles and a shotgun were seized." (TSAS)
Delta, BC - South Asian family's home firebombed again
"Four firebombs were thrown at the Kuldip Gill’s home in Delta, B.C.. The Gill family is of East Indian descent. Two of the bombs hit an outside wall, and firemen doused the resulting flames. The other two bombs hit the pavement near the home but did not ignite. The owner claimed that his family had received threatening calls, and that windows in the home had been previously broken. The victims' home was located about three kilometres from the home of another East Indian family, which was heavily damaged by a firebomb the previous month. Craig Harland Mouseau was sentenced in Delta provincial court to nine months in prison." (TSAS)
Merritt, BC - Church firebombed
"At 3:00 a.m. explosion occurred in an East Indian church in Merritt, B.C. The explosion caused damage estimated at $5,000. No one was in the building at the time. Firefighters speculated that someone had thrown dynamite through a window and that the blast it created blew out the church's windows and doors. This incident was one of several attacks on the East Indian population in the area, which police suspected were committed by racist right-wing groups." (TSAS)
No discussion of Canadian racist violence can be complete without reference to "Operation Red Dog."
In 1981, a number of Canadians were arrested in a bizarre plot by Canadian and American white supremacists (led by Don Black who now runs Stormfront), with Mafia funding, to overthrow the government of the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica. The plan, called "Operation Red Dog," was to have netted the supremacists a base of operations and lucrative illegal businesses. It was foiled by the FBI, and the participants were arrested. Those Canadians who were involved in the plot included Wolfgang Droege, Larry Lloyd Jacklin, Marion McGuire, James McQuirter, Charles Yanover, and Harold Woods.
Matsqui, BC - Farmer's home damaged
"Four Caucasian males set fire to an unoccupied home, and two cars owned by an East Indian farmer in the Fraser Valley community of Matsqui, B.C. The damage that was caused was estimated at over $6000. The cars were destroyed and the house was gutted. There was no indication of injuries. The four men were charged with arson." (TSAS)
Vancouver, BC - KKK suspected in ransacking of rape shelter
"The Vancouver Rape Relief House was ransacked. The previous day, the Centre received Ku Klux Klan hate mail and threats for its public and vocal opposition to the Klan, which was becoming increasingly active in the Vancouver area." (TSAS)
Vancouver, BC - Man died after assault
"Three Caucasians beat up a 21 year-old man of Indian origin during a late night attack, in downtown Vancouver. He died due to injuries sustained in the beating." (TSAS)
Richmond, BC - Three men beaten with baseball bats
"Caucasian individuals armed with baseball bats chased three Fiji Indians... The Caucasian’s then smashed the Indians’ cars, dragged them out, and beat them." (TSAS)
Vancouver, BC - Sikh man murdered
"Three Caucasian individuals beat and kicked 29 year old Khuspal Singh Gill, an East Indian Sikh, on his way to work in Vancouver, B.C. Gill died from his injuries. The police spokesman said that the murder was not racially motivated because Gill's wallet was missing and his pockets were turned inside out. Police posted a $10,000 reward in connection to the murder. Other rewards totaled $22,000. Rallies on October 4 and October 17 in the area where Gill was killed were sponsored by the B.C. Organization to Fight Racists and Fascist Violence. Four men were charged in connection with the murder." (TSAS)
Vancouver, BC - South Asian man shot with needle
"Ajit Singh Phunal (or Jit Thunal), 59, an East Indian/Pakistani man was shot at with a pellet gun in Vancouver. A knitting needle penetrated Phunal’s abdomen carrying the message 'with compliments of the KKK,' while he waited for the bus. Thunal suffered a puncture wound to his chest, but was not seriously injured. He told police later he believed the attack was racially motivated." (TSAS)
On a routine traffic stop, police found two ounces of cocaine and 5000 pills in James Alexander McQuirter's car. When they went to search his home, they were threatened by another KKK member who waved a loaded shotgun at them.
Montreal, PQ - Vandalism at nightclub
"An act of vandalism occurred at '"Chez Tonton,"' a Montreal nightclub frequented by African and Carribean Canadians. The term '"KKK"'was spray-painted across the front of the club. '" (TSAS)

Vancouver, BC - KKK members assault bookstore manager
"Five members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) distributed racist and fascist literature outside the Communist Party of Canada - Marxist-Leninist (CPC-ML) headquarters in Vancouver. Alan Hooper, a member of the KKK, assaulted the manager of the bookstore when [the manager] opposed the provocation. The police were notified. The police, according to CPC-ML, were reluctant to lay charges. Only after repeated attempts on the part of the manager of the bookstore did a Justice of the Peace agree to lay the charges of assault. In August, Hooper was convicted of assaulting a member of the CPC-ML. He was charged $100, placed on probation, ordered not to have any further contact with the man he attacked, and to keep off the block where the CPC-ML bookstore was located. Conspiracy to commit murder was also tossed out." (TSAS)
James Alexander McQuirter was an outspoken Canadian racist who helped start the Ku Klux Klan in Toronto in 1976. He soon became the group's "grand wizard" and opened a public office in Toronto's Riverdale neighbourhood in 1980. At its peak, McQuirter claimed, the Ku Klux Klan had over 2,000 Canadian members; police estimated the number at about 70. McQuirter's imprisonment was largely responsible for the group's decline in Canada. While in prison for the Dominica plot, McQuirter (then 24) was sentenced to serve eight more years in prison after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder. He had paid an undercover policeman posing as a hitman $2,000 to murder former Klansman Gary MacFarlane, who he believe was interfering with Klan activities (see 3:41 of video link). McQuirter also received a concurrent sentence of five years in prison for forging cheques, passports and other documents. 

Toronto, ON - KKK members plead guilty in Dominica conspiracy case
"Three Ku Klux Klan members pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit murder. The three members were conspiring to murder a former Klan security chief. One of the defendants was already serving a term for conspiracy to overthrow the government of Dominica." (TSAS)

After disembarking from a flight in Huntsville, AL, federal agent search Wolfgang Droege and his luggage. They find a Teflon dagger on his person and 4 ounces of cocaine (he claims the dagger had been a gift and the cocaine was for the purpose of financing “the movement”). Droege was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison, but he was released and deported back to Canada in 1989. (Kinsella, 261)

Surrey, BC - IED mailed to Canadian Immigration Centre 
"A beer bottle containing gunpowder, with bolts wrapped around as shrapnel and with a battery connected to a flash-bulb as an improvised initiator for the charge, was placed at the front door of the Canadian Immigration Centre in Surrey, B.C. The device failed to function properly, and thus no injuries or damage resulted from its only partial ignition. A note was found 'protesting the policies of the Immigration department and saying third world people were being "dumped" into Canada.'" (TSAS)
Toronto, ON - Newspaper editor assassinated
"A lone gunman assassinated the editor of a pro-Communist newspaper (Tricolorul), funded by the Romanian government, using a .22 calibre semi-automatic rifle. The attack occurred in his Toronto apartment at about 10:30 a.m. He was also stabbed in the chest and his wife was wounded in the attack. The victim, a Romanian national, had been in Canada for seven years. Roman Revenge claimed responsibility for the attack; however, the ritualistic stabbing pointed to the Iron Guard. Police concluded that this attack, and the attack in Montreal on 01/20/1986, were carried out by the same person - the prime suspect being a Montreal resident." (TSAS)

Ottawa, ON – Members of the Aryan Resistance Movement (ARM) shoot immigrant

Neo-Nazis Mark Bauer, Brian McQuaid and a 16 year-old young offender fired a weapon at the home of Jaajpe Ladan. Ladan was hit in her face but survived. In May 1988, after a Crime Stoppers segment on the crime was aired, the three men were arrested. All three would plead guilty to criminal negligence causing bodily harm, and were given two-year suspended sentences and ordered to stay away from one another. Bauer was the leader of the Ottawa chapter of ARM, one of the publishers of the racist magazine Canada Awake! and played in the white power band Cross. No mention was made of the perpetrator’s white supremacist views during the trial or the sentencing. (Kinsella, 311)
Toronto, ON – White Supremacist Charged For Extortion and Death Threats

Detlev Michael Kiklas and one other mane were arrested and charged after a third man claimed he had been threatened with death for failure to pay a debt. Kiklas and the co-accused were faced narcotics charges. 
"White supremacist Detlev Michael Kiklas and another man were arrested and charged for extortion and death threats. The victim claimed that he was threatened with death for failure to pay a debt." (TSAS)
Toronto, ON - Molotov cocktails thrown at human rights lawyer
"Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the North York home of a lawyer who had earlier done research on behalf of the Canadian Jewish Congress of Inquiry on War Criminals. One bomb went through a living room window and started a small fire causing an estimated $1,500 damage; the other bottle shattered on the window ledge. A police spokesperson ruled out political motives, claiming that the lawyer was an unlikely victim of Nazi extremism and that the attack was very amateur. The firebombs comprised gasoline-filled soda bottles." (TSAS)
Calgary, AB - Mosque firebombed by neo-Nazis
"Several jars filled with a flammable liquid were tossed inside a Calgary mosque in the early hours. The fires were quickly contained, and damage was limited to holes burned in the carpeting, wooden floor, and walls. A large swastika and a racial slur were spray-painted on the driveway. A few days later a group calling itself the 'New Revivalists of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei' claimed responsibility in a letter to the 'Calgary Herald' and threatened further attacks. It also claimed responsibility for two earlier acts of vandalism at the mosque, stating that the three incidents occurred at midnight on three consecutive Fridays. In the 06/12 incident, two windows were shattered and jars filled with paint were thrown inside the mosque." (TSAS)

Imperial Wizard of Alberta’s Invisible Empire, “was charged with gross indecency, following a complaint by a mentally disabled teenager…” Mac a' Phearsoin was fined $1000.00. (Kinsella, 33)

Two members of Mac a' Phearsoin’s Invisible Empire Association’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit property damage and serious injury by use of explosives. The targets were a Jewish businessman and the Calgary Jewish Centre. The two men would be convicted and sentenced to 5 years in prison. (Kinsella, 33)(TSAS)

ARM member Richard Arbic brutally assaulted a Carleton University student Michael Jeffries in an unprovoked attack. He was later convicted and sentenced to 90 days. “Evidence given in court established that Arbic had joined two other Nazi skineheads in kicking and beating Michael Jeffries at a local bar. Jeffries was left with serious head and chest injuries; when he was arrested by police, Arbic gave a false name and was concealing a knife. A weapons charge was dropped when he agreed to plead guilty to assault.” (Kinsella, 318)(TSAS)

Chris Newhooka Heritage Front member originally from Nova Scotia, attacked a Vietnamese shopkeeper in Toronto, leaving him blind in one eye. (TSAS)

21-year old Kevin Dyer Lake, an ARM (Aryan Resistance Movement) bonehead, was found guilty of murdering 15-year old Tony Le and sentenced to 12 years. Le, who had come to Canada as a Vietnamese refugee, was fatally stabbed in the heart after he intervened in a New Years Eve confrontation between his friends, Dyer Lake and another neo-Nazi. Le’s friend, 18 year old Mukesh Narayan, also tried to intervene and was stabbed five times by Dyer Lake. (TSAS)
Two men including 25-year old Jeffrey Paul Jusczel, a Hammerskin, attacked a fellow Toronto neo-Nazi. Juczel beat and choked the victim, stole his money and credit cards, and dragged him naked through the streets while continuing to beat him. The victim, who was left crippled by the attack, was found lying near railroad tracks with a gash in his neck. Jusczel was charged with robbery, aggravated assault, endangering a life and choking. He fled, ending up in Colorado where he would be charged in the killing of a friend who was a fellow Hammerskin. 
Daniel Sims and Mark Swanson, 19-year old members of the Final Solution Skinheads and followers of Terry Long of the Aryan Nations, attacked Keith Rutherford in his Edmonton home. Rutherford was a retired radio journalist who had 30 years prior broadcasted an expose on an alleged Nazi war criminal. He was kicked in the groin and left blind in his right eye as a result of being struck in the face with a club. Sims received an 18 month sentence and Swanson received 8 months. Rutherford filed and won a civil suit against Terry Long, alleging that one month before the beating, the attackers and several other neo-Nazis (including Cpl. Matt McKay) had been at Long’s home when it was suggested that he be hurt.

Boulder, CO – Jeffrey Jusczel gets 27 years for Colorado murder

25-year old Canadian Hammerskin Jeffery Paul Jusczel was sentenced to 27 years after pleading guilty to second degree murder of 22-year old Norman Dale Hillier, a fellow white supremacist. Jusczel and three other Hammerskins beat Hillier to death and threw him over a cliff after he stole $25 from one of the men. At the time of the murder, Jusczel was using the name Jeffery Paul Greszik and was a fugitive in Canada wanted on charges of assault after crippling another neo-Nazi.
Provost, AB - Threats made at Aryan Nations rally
"The Church of Jesus Christ Christian-Aryan Nations (“the Church”) held a rally in Provost, Alberta and displayed a KKK White Power sign, a Nazi flag and swastika, and conducted a cross-burning event. In attendance were Terry Long, leader of the Aryan Nations in Canada, Kelly Scott Lyle, founder of Calgary’s Final Solution Skinheads, and Carney Milton Nerland, the Saskatchewan leader of the Church. Massive media attention focused on the hateful display and the Aryan Nations organization, and in December of 1990 and January of 1991, several human rights complaints were filed against the Church as well as individuals involved in the Church and its activities. The hearing took nearly five months and the Aryan Nations decision recognized that free speech was not without reasonable limits and that human rights protection required a complete understanding of the political and social reality of vulnerable minority groups." (TSAS)

Carney Nerland, a Klan member and leader of Saskatchewan’s Aryan Nations chapter, shot Cree trapper Leo LaChance in the back as he was leaving Nerland’s gun shop. Despite Nerland telling a police officer, "if I am convicted of killing that Indian, they should give me a medal and you should pin it on me," he was charged with manslaughter instead of murder. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was given a sentence of 4 years, of which he served 16 months.  The case prompted a public outcry when Nerland’s racist associations were learned, and when it was later revealed that he had been an informant for the RCMP. Nerland left prison in 1993 and entered the witness protection program. A commemorative  statue of Leo LaChance stands outside the Prince Albert courthouse.

Gordon Kuhtey, who was walking in an area of Winnipeg known as the “gay stroll,” was beaten, stoned and thrown into the Assiniboine River. Charges would not be laid until 1996, when 4 men were implicated in his murder: Matt McKay, a member of the Manitoba Klan and the Final Solution Skinheads in Winnipeg, and Northern Hammerskin members Robert Welsh, James Lisik and Gary Kuffner. One year after the murder, McKay, a member of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, would be implicated in the Somalia Affair scandal after he was caught on tape saying “we ain’t killed enough niggers yet.” The four were tried for murder in 1997, but the charges were suddenly dropped after it was proved that the star witness wasn’t in Winnipeg at the time of the murder. (TSAS)
Three teenage affiliates of the Confederate Hammerskins, including one 16-year old Canadian, shot an African American man named Donald Thomas as he sat on the back of his truck. Prior to the murder, the three teenagers had gotten drunk and decided to “shoot a black person.” The Canadian teen was tried in 1993 and initially received probation. Public outrage led to a second trial and different charges including engaging in organized criminal activity, for which the teen was sentenced to 40 years.

Sean Maguire, an Aryan Nations member from Idaho and a Heritage Front affiliate, was arrested and deported from Canada on weapons violations after a car occupied by himself and Grant Bristow was searched and found to contain a 12-gauge shotgun and an assault rifle.
Calgary, AB - Synagogue firebombed
"Two Molotov cocktails were thrown through a window of the Jewish Memorial Temple in Calgary. The two Molotov cocktails failed to ignite." (TSAS)

Heritage Front member Leslie Jasinksi was connected to a plot to seriously harm Jewish community leaders in Toronto. It was reported that HF member Ken Barker had told Wolfgang Droege that Jasinksi planned to walk into the Toronto offices of the Canadian Jewish Congress and "take out some people."  The threat was investigated by both CSIS and the Metro Toronto Police. Shortly thereafter, Jasinski was involved in an armed robbery on a coffee shop in Oshawa.
Heritage Front members Ken Barker, 31, and Leslie Jasinksi, 25, were charged with armed robbery and weapons offenses in connection with a hold-up at the Gem coffee shop in Oshawa. Jasinski was affiliated with the Christian Identity movement and had been kicked out of a Toronto KKK chapter a year earlier for being emotionally unstable. CSIS had also investigated him for allegedly plotting to seriously harm leaders in Toronto's Jewish community. During the heist, Jasinksi had brandished a sawed-off shotgun and stolen $275 from the teller. Several weeks later, another Heritage Front member, 21 year old Phil Grech, was arrested when he fled to Barker's apartment after robbing a bank in a clown mask. There, police found a cache of weapons including ammunition and shotguns, a crossbow, a sword, batteries wired to a timer to look like a bomb, as well as a police scanner, neo-Nazi propaganda and a wad of cash. Barker was subsequently arrested and charged with robbery, possession of a prohibited weapon, careless storage of a firearm, possession of a dangerous weapon, use of a firearm in an indictable offence, disguise with intent and possession of an explosive device. Jasinski was arrested after he showed up at Barker's court hearing to confess to the coffee shop robbery in order to clear him. Barker was briefly jailed for weapons possession, but the robbery and explosives charges were thrown out because police didn't have enough evidence to convict him. Despite Jasinski confessing to the coffee shop robbery, police were unable to use his statement against him and he was also released with the order to refrain from possessing firearms and explosives for the rest of his life. In 1995, he would be identified as the Toronto representative of an Aryan Nations militia that never actually materialized. Grech pleaded guilty to the bank robbery and received 18 months in jail.
51-year old Yves Lalonde was beaten to death by 4 neo-Nazis while jogging in Angrignon Park in Montreal.  The perpetrators, all between the ages of 15 and 17, admitted that they targeted Lalonde because they thought he was gay, and that they routinely sought out gay men in Montreal parks to beat up.  One of the attackers said he had attended a White Power Canada meeting the night before the killing, and all of them said they belonged to a white supremacist gang.  Lalonde was bludgeoned with a baseball bat and sticks, fracturing his skull and rupturing his liver. The youths received three years of detention for second degree murder. Two weeks after these arrests took place, Daniel Lacombe was murdered at a rest stop in Joliette. Five young men aged between 16 and 19 were eventually charged with manslaughter. They too were linked to White Power Canada. (Kinsella, 350)
Hours after attending a protest against British Holocaust denier David Irving, a home belonging to 55-year old Monna Zentner, who was Jewish, was gutted by fire. As the home was unoccupied at the time (Zentner was living next door), no one was hurt, but the fire caused $100 000 in damage. Irving had been invited to speak at European Sound Imports, a Kitchener stereo store that distributed anti-Semitic hate literature.  For several weeks leading up to the incident, Zentner had been picketing outside the store to protest Irving’s scheduled visit.  The fire was ruled an arson and was suspected to have been set in retaliation by Irving supporters. Zentner’s house would again be firebombed the following year, and a former Heritage Front member would later accuse the organization of being responsible

Johnny Sharbnow, a 29-year old neo-Nazi, was shot to death by two fellow WNs on the way to the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho.  19-year old Tim Biscope, of Alberta, and 23-year old Adam Elteto were charged with second degree murder. Biscope received a 19-year sentence and returned to Edmonton after his release.

Richard Manley, a security enforcer for the Heritage Front and for George Burdi, was arrested after an investigation by Canada Customs on allegations that he was importing a gun part to convert semi-automatic weapons to fully automatic. A police search of his home uncovered several weapons including an AR-15 assault rifle and an Uzi automatic pistol. (TSAS)

Several hundred people gathered in Ottawa to protest a planned RaHoWa concert, culminating in fights on Parliament Hill that led to assault charges against 4 neo-Nazis. George Burdileader of RaHoWa and the Canadian branch of the World Church of the Creator, was sentenced to one year in prison for kicking then-ARA member Alicia Reckzin in the face, breaking her nose. Burdi has since left the movement.
22-year old Tyrone Alexander Mason, a Heritage Front member who was resigning from the organization, was kidnapped by Drew Maynard and brothers Elkar Fischer and Eric Fischer, all members of the Church of the Creator. Both Fischer brothers were members of the infamous Canadian Airborne Regiment, and Eric Fischer was a former sergeant and the head of security for the Heritage Front. During the ordeal, Mason was handcuffed, beaten, and threatened with injections of window cleaner. The attackers believed Mason had been responsible for stealing a Church of the Creator computer that contained a membership list and names of neo-Nazis in the Canadian military. In a police raid on the residence of 6 Church of the Creator members, a cache of guns was discovered and the three kidnappers were arrested. The charges against Maynard were eventually stayed because the charges took too long to come to trial. The Fischer brothers pleaded guilty to kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault causing bodily harm and threatening death, and received a plea deal sentence of 30 days.
Wolfgang Droege and fellow Heritage Front members Peter Mitrevski and Chris Newhook were charged with assault in relation to an attack on anti-racists that took place at Sneaky Dee’s bar in Toronto, following a militant ARA demonstration outside the home of HF member Gary Schipper.  Droege was charged with aggravated assault and possession of dangerous weapons and in 1995 was sentenced to 5 months in prison. Newhook was sentenced to 12 months for possession of a dangerous weapon and assaulting an officer with the intent to resist arrest. A police officer testified that he witnessed Newhook chasing an unarmed man with a sawed-off baseball bat that was decorated with swastikas and SS symbols. Mischief charges against anti-racist protestors who had been at the demo outside Schipper’s home were dismissed.
Following a RaHoWa concert in Toronto, Jason Roberts Hoolans and two other WNs went looking for a victim to beat up. They attacked 45-year old Tamil refugee Sivarajah Vinasithamby, who was left brain damaged and partially paralyzed as a result of being repeatedly kicked in the head. Hoolans’ lawyer admitted that the attack was racially motivated, and Hoolans himself told the court, "I am proud of my achievements and proud of my country. I don't hold extreme racial views. I am proud of my race."  But before sentencing he begged the court for another chance, offering to do community service speaking out against racism. Hoolans, who was described by Wolfgang Droege as a “hanger on” of the Heritage Front and had ties to the Church of the Creator, was sentenced to four years in prison for aggravated assault.

Neo-Nazi drug dealer and Heritage Front member Paul McGraw was charged with assault with a weapon and uttering threats in relation to an incident at the Headin’ West store in Kitchener.  McGraw, Gary Danicki and one other neo-Nazi were asked to leave the store by its Jewish owner, Elliot Eisen. In the attack that ensued, Eisen was shoved, had cowboy boots thrown at him, one man tried to punch him, and McGraw told him that “he was going to kill me and kill all the Jews.” Eisen’s 18-year old son was also spat at and two merchandise displays were overturned. While in court on the charges, McGraw gave a Nazi salute as he exited the prisoner’s box and was greeted outside by his pregnant 16-year old girlfriend (McGraw was then 20 years old). At the time of the charges, McGraw was on probation for a 1992 assault in Toronto and had outstanding charges in Nova Scotia for theft, possession of stolen goods and assault. (TSAS)
In August of 1993, a home owned by Jewish anti-racist activist Monna Zentner was destroyed in a second arson. The first attack on the home occurred in 1992 when it was firebombed after a protest against Holocaust-denier David Irving who was speaking at the European Sound Imports Store. In May, Zentner was an observer at a Nazi gathering in the store during which the owner, Michael Rothe, handed her a copy of “Did Six Million Really Die?”  That same month, Zentner received a phone call in which “he (the caller) said there would be a second fire on Nov. 7 (the anniversary of a previous fire at her house) and he hopes the Jews would burn and he hoped I would die too in the fire.”  90 people marched through Kitchener in support of Zentner. Later that year, Elise Hategan, a former member of the Heritage Front, testified that the organization had been responsible for the fire.
The Somalia Affair was a military scandal that began with the death of Somali teenager Shidane Arone at the hands of peacekeepers in the Canadian Airborne Regiment who found him hiding near the Canadian base and accused him of planning to steal supplies.  Arone was subsequently tortured by Cpl Clayton Matchee and Trooper Kyle Brown, who were on guard duty. Cpl Matt McKay, a white supremacist, suggested that Matchee use a ration pack or phone book to beat Arone so that it wouldn’t leave a mark. Matchee and Brown proceeded to beat Arone, sodomise him with a broomstick and take “trophy” photos of the torture. Burn marks were left on his genitals. Matchee, who is Native, also told another soldier, “now the Black man would fear the Indian as he did the white man.” Arone died as a result of the beatings, his last words reportedly being “Canada! Canada! Canada!”. The killing took place weeks after Canadian soldiers shot two unarmed Somalis in the back, killing one of them. In that incident, allegations were made that the victim had been killed while lying on the ground, and that trophy photos of his corpse were taken. Two other Somalis had also been killed on that tour of duty. Matchee and Brown were arrested and charged with murdering Arone. Matchee attempted suicide, leaving him with brain damage and unfit to stand trial, while Brown was convicted of torture and second degree murder and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. 
One year later, a lifted publication ban led to the release of the photos of Arone’s murder, causing a public outcry and inquiry into the Canadian Airborne Regiment. The investigation uncovered a culture of racism and white supremacist activity in the CAR, including a Confederate flag being used to decorate 2 Commando’s barracks and a video of racist hazing rituals in 1 Commando which showed a black soldier being walked like a dog on a leash, the phrase “I Love KKK” written on his back while soldiers screamed about white power. It was alleged that hate literature floated around the base camp and that soldier Mike Abel, who died in Somalia, was a member of the KKK. Pte Brocklebank was also videotaped making racist and violent statements. Cpl Matt McKay, who was an associate of Aryan Nations Canada leader Terry Long, was photographed making a Nazi salute in a Hitler t-shirt.  McKay had also hung a swastika in his army barracks and was a past member of the Manitoba KKK and the Final Solution Skinheads in Winnipeg. He was quoted as saying that he went to Somalia to “shoot me a nigger,” and was caught on video saying, “we ain’t killed enough niggers yet.” He later told Global News that CAR soldiers had set up a trap for Shidane Arone. McKay would later be implicated in the 1991 homophobic murder of Gordon Kuhtey (charges were dropped). The Canadian Airborne Regiment disbanded in 1995 as a result of the Somalia Affair.

22-year old neo-Nazi Darryl Wesley Sutton was sentenced to life in prison for killing an 18-year old street kid named David Murray Quesnel. Quesnel was beaten, stabbed and left in a bathtub to die during a party at a Toronto rooming house. (TSAS)
Northern Hammerskin member Sacha Clouatre was arrested for firing blanks at employees at Carlos & Pepe’s Restaurant in Montreal. When police showed up, Clouatre pointed a gun at an officer and was subsequently shot by the officer in the shoulder. Clouatre pleaded guilty to 4 counts of assault with a weapon and received a suspended sentence. (TSAS)
Brant Smith, a member of the Northern Hammerskins, spent 60 days in prison after he pleaded guilty to pointing a firearm at someone. In 1998, he would also be charged in a series of attacks on patrons at Montreal bars. (TSAS)

A violent brawl in the subway between neo-Nazis and members of Anti-Racist Action ended with a 19-year old ARA member being stabbed in the stomach and jugular vein. Two neo-Nazis were charged in connection with the attack: 22-year old Adrian Kaddie, charged with attempted murder, and 19-year old Kristian Brandes, charged with aggravated assault, possession of dangerous weapons and assault with a weapon. (TSAS)
Paul McGraw was arrested in Toronto after fleeing assault charges in Kitchener-Waterloo, where he had broken a woman’s arm with a bat.  During the incident he also attacked two other people and was charged with break and enter and assault. (TSAS)
Chris Newhook assaulted two black women on a public bus in Toronto.

17-year old Michael Amann-Ewaschuk was fatally stabbed in the subway by 22-year old Frank Chisholm during a confrontation over neo-Nazi symbols on the bomber jacket of one of Amann-Ewaschuk’s friends. Amann-Ewaschuk was identified by the Metro Hate Crimes Unit and several classmates as being a racist skinhead, and before being killed he reportedly was planning to attend a white power concert in London later that month. During the concert, several bands dedicated songs to Amann-Ewaschuk, and George Burdi claimed that a WP compilation CD would be released in his memory. During the trial, a reporter had his nose broken after being attacked outside the courthouse by several of Amann-Ewaschuk’s neo-Nazi friends. Chisholm, who at the time of the murder was on probation for slashing a man with an Exacto knife, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received a 9-year sentence. (TSAS)

Chris Newhook was sentenced to three years in prison on ten charges including assault, assault with a weapon, and issuing death threats to young people.
Nirmal Singh Gill, a 65-year old Sikh caretaker at the Guru Nanak Temple in Surrey, was beaten to death in the temple parking lot by neo-Nazis Nathan Leblanc, 27, Radoslaw Synderek, 24, Robert Kluch, 26, Daniel Miloszewski, 22, and Lee Nikkel, 18. During the investigation, plans to murder more Sikhs were uncovered, including what was referred to by the assailants as “Plan B” – killing hundreds of Sikh school children. Miloszewski told undercover agents that the group needed money to start a racial holy war and that he wanted to kill thousands of non-whites. While in prison, Nathan Leblanc wrote a letter to John William King, who had been convicted in the brutal racist slaying of James Byrd Jr.stating, “you should have been given a medal ... [the victim] should have been left by the side of the road as an example to those who would cause the destruction of our glorious white nation." Nikkel and Kluch were sentenced to 15 years in prison; Synderek, Miloszewski and LeBlanc received 12 years.
Neo-Nazis Richard Stack and Steve Lavallee were arrested for an attack on two anti-racists. Stack, Lavallee, and 4 of their friends waited outside a Montreal bar and attacked the anti-racists as they left. The anti-racists successfully repelled their attackers, even breaking the arm of one of them, and were charged with disorderly conduct. Stack and Lavallee were charged with assault. Outside the courthouse during proceedings, bonehead Steve Legault, who had come to support his friends, was filmed attempting to attack an anti-racist. One week later, Steve Lavallee would also be charged in connection with a series of planned attacks on Montreal bar patrons.
Steve Legault trying to attack an anti-racist outside the courthouse
Paul McGraw was charged with break and enter, assault, assault with a weapon and possession of a dangerous weapon. McGraw, then 24, and 28-year old Christopher Watt broke into an apartment and assaulted a man for a drug debt, kicking him in the head, face and shoulders, and stabbing him in the stomach with a butter knife. Charges were stayed after the victim couldn’t be found. McGraw has a history of intimidating witnesses. 
Four planned attacks on patrons took place at the Montreal bars Blizzarts, Biftek and Roy Bar, injuring an estimated 30 people. The attacks were carried out by 8 members of the Vinland Hammer Skins and Berzerker Boot Boys. Arrested in connection with the attacks were Brant Smith, Claude Brunet, Daniel Brunet, Sylvain Quiron, Mathieu Dubois, Jonathan Cote, Steve Lavallee and Alain Letarte,. When police made the arrests, they uncovered caches of knives, switchblades, mace, pepper spray, assault rifles, telescopic sights and silencers. The arrests resulted in 240 separate charges. Although charges were only laid for 4 attacks, other attacks by neo-Nazis had taken place at various Montreal bars for over a year, and typically involved rushing the bar and attacking people from behind using weapons like pepperspray, baseball bats, crowbars and batons. (TSAS)


Calgary, AB - White supremacist is charged in commando-style raid on bank 
Paraphernalia found in
Patrick Ryan's home
31-year old Darnell Bass, a Sergeant in the Canadian Airborne Regiment, and 30-year old  Patrick Steven Ryan, a white supremacistdressed up as security guards and staged an armed heist on a Brinks armored car at the CIBC branch of a Calgary mall in an attempt to steal $400 000. The robbery, which ultimately failed, involved the use of tear gas and a hail of almost 90 gunshots, and has been described as “the most violent hold up in Calgary history.” Bass and Ryan had been childhood friends in Saskatchewan, who met when they were both members of the Royal Regina Rifles cadet corps. Bass would go on to serve 7 years as a combat soldier in the CAR before it was disbanded in 1995 due to the inquiry into the Somalia Affair  and accusations of rampant racism in the unit. Ryan, who was a former Brinks employee, was alleged to have been the mastermind of the plot. Two months earlier, Ryan’s girlfriend, a Brinks guard, had helped him steal $134 000 from a CIBC branch in exchange for promising her money to pay for breast implants. After the second robbery, Ryan immediately fled to Europe, allegedly leaving behind instructions to Bass to kill his (ex-) girlfriend if he was imprisoned. A police raid on his apartment uncovered a host of neo-Nazi literature and paraphernalia, including an Aryan Nations flag, a David Irving book, and a number of white supremacist films. He was eventually caught by French police and extradited to Canada, where Bass testified against him. Bass blamed his own involvement in the robbery on the disbandment of the CAR and the end of his military career. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit an armed robbery and received a 7-year sentence. Ryan, who had originally been charged with robbery and attempted murder, was convicted on robbery and weapons charges, ordered to pay Brinks $74 000, and sentenced to 8 years in prison, ultimately serving less than half of that. (TSAS)
Ajax, ON – White Supremacist Murdered 
Ennio Stirpe was charged with murdering Michael Kiklas. Kiklas had been involved with Stirpe’s ex-wife Kathy Ford, the sister of two future Toronto councilmen, one of whom (Rob Ford) would be elected mayor.

Paul McGraw was charged with conspiracy to commit assault, conspiracy to commit extortion and obstructing justice.  McGraw had tried to arrange for an inmate to be beaten after he allegedly identified him as the owner of a sawed-off shotgun that police had discovered in McGraw’s car in 1997. He also attempted to have the inmate falsely identified as a sex offender so he would be assaulted in prison. The conspiracy to commit extortion charges were laid against McGraw and his girlfriend for trying to enlist a man to settle a drug debt through intimidation.  The plans were discovered after police wiretapped McGraw’s phone on an unrelated matter in which they feared he might try to intimidate witnesses in an ongoing murder investigation.
Source: Kitchener-Waterloo ARA
Dwayne Finlayson

Dwayne Finlayson, who was an organizer for the Heritage Front in Prince Edward Island, and fellow neo-Nazi Jonathan Petrie attacked two Japanese women and one Canadian woman of Japanese ancestry in downtown Charlottetown.  They smashed pizza into the face of one woman, shouted racist insults and physically attacked a bystander who tried to intervene.  Charges of inciting hatred were dropped in exchange for Finlayson, who has a history of violent offenses, pleading guilty to assault and causing a disturbance. He received four months in prison and 24 months probation. Petrie also pleaded guilty to assault and causing a disturbance, and was additionally charged with failing to appear for his sentencing.  Dwayne is the cousin of Carl Finlayson who committed suicide in 2010 and had previously been involved with the Heritage Front in PEI and the Brotherhood of Klans in Regina.
Chris Newhook beat an aboriginal man who asked him for a cigarette.
Sacha Montreuil

Montreal, QC – Christian Thomas is beaten to death by neo-Nazis
39-year old Christian Thomas was beaten into a coma as he was leaving the bar Chez Helene in Montreal, and later died from massive head trauma. Charged in connection with his death were neo-Nazis Sacha Montreuil, 26, Adam Guerbuez, 25, and Frederic Morin, 22. Also at the bar that night were fellow neo-Nazis Mathieu Carriere, Jonathan Cote, Isabel Forget, Steve Lavallee and Stephen LePage (Cote and Lavallee had previously been convicted in a series of Montreal bar attacks in 1998 and were not supposed to be in a bar). Though witnesses claimed that up to 10 people were involved in the attack, only Montreuil was charged with murder, with Guerbuez and Morin being charged with assault and the remainder of the Nazis testifying as witnesses against Montreuil.  Guerbuez and Morin were ultimately acquitted. Sacha Montreuil was convicted of manslaughter. (TSAS)
Victim Aylin Otano-Garcia
Two 15 year old boys were charged with first degree murder after they bludgeoned to death 15-year old Aylin Otano-Garcia, a classmate they had lured to a secluded sandspit. Otano-Garcia had immigrated to Canada from Cuba when she was 6 years old. The teen responsible for planning the murder was fascinated by Adolf Hitler, made reference to his “racist, Nazi beliefs” and said that he killed Otano-Garcia because he didn’t like immigrants. He received a 7 year sentence, while the other youth received 10 years.
22-year old Donna Marie Upson, a KKK and Aryan Nations member who was also known as “Baby Hitler”, was sentenced to two years in prison for threatening to kill Elias Mutales, a black pastor. Upson was also convicted of threatening to kill black people and threatening to destroy property at the Victoria Road United Baptist Church. Upson reportedly had 5 previous convictions for racially motivated crimes, including assault with a weapon and uttering threats, and had ignored a previous court order to receive anger management counseling. On appeal, her sentence was reduced to 13 months.
Laval, QC – Richard Germain murders his ex-girlfriend 

Victim Christelle
15-year old Christelle Lavigne-Gagnon was stabbed to death on the street by her ex-boyfriend, 20-year old neo-Nazi Richard Germain. Germain had been harassing and threatening Lavigne-Gagnon for months. After the murder, he attempted to kill himself twice by slitting his wrists and jumping into a river. While in detention awaiting trial. he attempted to hang himself in his cell, landing in a coma for several days. Jean-Sebastian Pressault,  then head of the Laval KKK, came to the trial to show his support for Germain, stating, “he’s our buddy and we respect him like this”. Germain was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 11 years.
Richard Germain
Montreal, QC - Jean-Sébastien Presseault convicted of numerous crimes
Between January and May, Jean-Sébastien Presseault was convicted of extortion, forcible confinement, conspiracy, two counts of "failure to comply with an undertaking," and obstructing a police officer.
Jean-Sébastien Presseault
An arrest warrant was issued for Donna Marie Upson, aka “Baby Hitler” after she failed to appear in court on charges of assaulting two prison workers at Springhill Prison in Nova Scotia. The assaults occurred while Upson was incarcerated for threatening to kill a black pastor.  She was arrested and then released after promising to return to court to face the charges.
One month after being released from a Nova Scotia prison on charges of assault and failure to appear, Donna Marie Upson was arrested and denied bail in New Brunswick after an attempted arson at a homeless shelter. Upson had been refused a bed at the shelter, after which she was seen trying to set fire to the exterior of the building. 
James Frederick Hanley, 19, and Matthew Charles Duncan, burned a cross on the lawn of a black family in Moncton. Hanley had a history of making derogatory comments about black people and had previously been suspended from school for possessing hate literature. Duncan had racist tattoos and had previously assaulted a friend after he refused to return a Nazi salute and proclaim “Heil Hitler”.  Both men were charged with willful promotion of hatred and received four months in jail. Hanley additionally received three years of probation and an order to undergo sensitivity therapy. (TSAS)

James Scott Richardson, operator of the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team website and a member of the Tri-City Skins, was charged with making death threats against Jews and Muslims. Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, the CECT stated in their internet newsletter, “B’nai B’rith offices, Mossad temples and any Jew [or] arab Temple, building, house and cars. There are no innocent Jews especially in a time of war.” . The website also contained other hateful messages about Jews and non-whites.  Lawyer Richard Warman filed a human rights complaint against Richardson and Alexan Kulbashian, a co-operator of the website. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal found that the two websites encouraged violence against immigrants and visible minorities and fined Richardson and Kulbashian penalties totaling $13 000.
Neo-Nazi Steve Legault pleaded guilty to attacking an anti-racist at the courthouse during proceedings against his friends in the beating death of Christian Thomas. Legault had also attempted to attack an anti-racist in a separate case outside the Montreal courthouse in 1998.
About 10 neo-Nazis gathered on the corner of Queen and Lansdowne in Toronto, after which a fight broke out between them and others on the corner. The neo-Nazis ran into the nearby Green Dolphin bar, hurling racist abuse at patrons and shooting random people with pepperspray. They then fled before being arrested by police.
Mississauga, ON - Islamic learning center attacked
"Rocks were thrown through windows at the Ar-Rah Man Quran Learning Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. The attack smashed the glass and was accompanied by a note bearing hate messages stuck to the doorframe. Four individuals, including one young offender, were charged with mischief over $ 5,000 in the incident. In a second attack, the following night (09/15/2001) the glass door of the Learning Centre was smashed and there was an attempt to set a garbage can alight. Repairs to the damage translated into a loss of 10 days of religious classes for the 72 children who attend the centre. These attacks are assessed as a backlash in response to the events of September 11th in the U.S." (TSAS)
Hamilton, ON - Hindu temple destroyed
"The Hindu Samaj Temple suffered a serious arson attack in Hamilton, Ontario. The attack damaged the Temple requiring its demolition. Police have linked the destructive fire to the September 11th attacks on the U.S." (TSAS)
Kitchener, ON - Howard Joel Munroe Murdered

Howard Munroe was swarmed by between 30 and 50 individuals, many of whom were members of the Slingers gang. Two and a half years later, Dirk Young (leader of the gang), Robert Barges, and David Miller were arrested. Young and Barges were both later convicted of second degree murder. David Miller is convicted of manslaughter but spends only a single day in jail because he had already spent time in pre-trial custody for which was credited on a two-for-one basis

Montreal, QC - Hasidic Jew murdered
"David Rosenweig, a 48-year-old Hasidic Jew, was attacked and stabbed to death by two alleged Skinheads: 20-year-old Christopher Steven McBridge and Mercedes Asante, 19. Witnesses said they heard a young man shout, 'He's a rabbi' before Rosenzweig was stabbed." (TSAS)
Montreal, QC - Elementary school vandalized
"Arson of the United Talmud Torah elementary school. A letter duct taped to the entrace ranted against Israelis and Zionists." (TSAS)
Neo-Nazi Christopher Broughton attacked a gay woman in London, Ontario.  The 23-year old woman was standing outside holding hands with her female partner when Broughton hurled homophobic epithets at them, told the women to perform a sex act on him,  punched the victim, grabbed her by her ponytail and threw her on the ground, then kicked her in the head. Broughton served 3 years for the assault. He had previously accumulated 14 convictions for violent offences and served two years in prison for a 2000 offense. (TSAS)
Daniel Laverdiere

26-year old Evens Marseille, who is Haitian, was stabbed and beaten by two neo-Nazis outside the Montreal  bar Champlain. Daniel Laverdiere, 23, and Remi Chabot-Brideault, 21, had taunted Marseille with Nazi salutes as he sat inside the bar. When he left, the pair followed him and Laverdiere stabbed Marseille in the stomach while Chabot-Brideault punched him in the face. Both men then gave Nazi salutes and ran away. Laverdiere had been on probation for mischief at the time of the attack, and was described in court as a “hard-core neo-Nazi extremist”. Chabot-Brideault was given a one year conditional sentence which he served at home, and was forbidden from associating with “skinheads” for three years. Laverdiere was sentenced to 4 years for aggravated assault, and was ordered by the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal to pay Marseille $35 000 in moral damages and $10 000 in punitive damages. Laverdiere is a member of the Vinland Front Skinheads, whose members came to the trial to support him. (TSAS)
Vinland Front Skinheads at the courthouse

Montreal, QC - White supremacist arrested for website promoting hatred and threatening judge
"Jean-Sebatian Pressault, a notorious Montreal-based white supremacist, was arrested and charged in 2003 with willfully promoting hatred through a racist website that he built and managed. While on bail, he threatened to kill the judge who was presiding over his case if he was given an exemplary sentence. Police searched Pressault’s home and discovered a loaded gun, and he was charged with threatening the judge and procuring a firearm." (TSAS)

En-route to a rally in support of Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, Tomasz Winnicki and three others was stopped by police, who found throwing knives, a bow and arrows, and body armour in the car they were driving. Winnicki was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, having weapons at a public meeting and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. He pleaded guilty in 2006 and received a conditional discharge with 6 months of probation.
Chris Newhook attacked a man with a piece of plywood and threw him through a plate-glass window during an argument over rent. He served two years for assault with a weapon.

Wolfgang Droege, founding leader of the Heritage Front, was shot to death by a mentally ill man named Keith Deroux.  Droege had been Deroux’s cocaine dealer. Deroux stated that he believed Droege was sending him messages through his computer and that he had hired bikers to watch him.  In 2006 he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 
Over a period of several weeks, Chinese students at the University of New Brunswick were targeted in a series of racially motivated attacks. Students were screamed at and told to go back to China, had lit fireworks thrown at them and were pelted with eggs. One couple was assaulted with a cup of ice. (TSAS)

Neo-Nazi Christopher Garvey, 25, and his friend, 27-year old Russell McMahen, were charged with assault causing bodily harm, uttering threats and forcible entry after attacking victim Daniel Schwass. Schwass had attended a party earlier that night where he had narrowly escaped getting into a fight with Garvey and McMahen. After he returned home, the two men showed up at his apartment, forced their way inside, and began kicking him in the head and face with their combat boots, which was reported by Schwass’ roommate to have looked like “a game of soccer and his head was like a soccer ball." One man attempted to drag Schwass out of the apartment, and when his roommate intervened, Garvey threatened to hurt him too. Blood matching the victim was found on the boots of the assailants, and it took three men two hours to clean up the trail of blood left outside the front door. Garvey and McMahen pleaded not guilty. The victim moved to B.C. and did not show up to court proceedings. (TSAS)

Toronto, ON - Mosque vandalized
"At least 28 windows of a Toronto mosque were smashed." (TSAS)
Stephen Long, a 22-year old white supremacist who belonged to the racist Hammer Heads gang, was killed by Christopher Broughton, 29, of Hamilton, who was hoping to be accepted into the gang.  While sleeping, Long was attacked by Broughton with a baseball bat belonging to Vaughn Newman which was called a “nigger stick” by its owner and engraved with white power symbols. The murder may have been in retaliation for an incident earlier that night when Long had slapped Broughton in the face and called him an embarrassment. Another white supremacist, Richard Howlett, was also attacked with a bat but managed to escape. Broughton had previous assault charges, including a conviction for a hate crime against a gay woman in 2003. Before his death, Long’s parents had approached the Ottawa hate crimes unit for help with getting Long out of what his father referred to as the “vortex of hatred,” also stating, "I find it an incredible irony that he is murdered by someone in a group he identified with and someone he thought was a friend in that group.” In 2008, Broughton was sentenced to life in prison.
In 2006, Jean-Sebastian Pressault had been charged with willfully promoting hatred through a racist website he operated. While out on bail, he threatened to kill the judge presiding over his case if he was given an exemplary sentence.  Police searched his home and discovered a loaded gun. He was charged with threatening the judge and with procuring a firearm. 
Nathan Fry
19-year old Nathan Richard Fry was convicted on 5 counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted murder after he killed a Congolese family and another woman in a fire. Fry used 25 litres of gasoline and a blowtorch to set fire to the family’s residence, killing Adela Etibako, 39, and her children, 12-year old Edita, 9-year old Benedicta, and 8-year old Stephane, who were witnessed screaming for help from an upper-floor window but were too scared to jump out. 19-year old Bolingo, one of the other children in the house, escaped the fire with serious burns, but his girlfriend, 17-year old Ashley Singh, was killed. Fry set the fire because he believed Bolingo had ratted him out for a stabbing that they both faced charges for. Fry reportedly had been interested in Nazism for many years, called himself “Hitler,” and had a swastika tattoo on his shoulder. He told an undercover police officer that while he was in prison for the stabbing incident, he had joined a skinhead gang to get back at Bolingo and because white supremacists had “fought the niggers and won.” In reference to the arson, Fry also told an undercover officer, “somebody burned down the little nigger’s home and burned up the whole nigger bunch,” and smiled as he stated that Bolingo has been burned so badly that “he even turned white for the first time.” Fry received life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years. His appeal of his sentence was rejected in 2011. Not long after sentencing Fry posted a personal ad on a prison pen pals website looking for female companionship where he describes himself as a "risk taker" who is "not particular about race or age." 
In September of 2006, Kyle McKee and Dallas Price of the Aryan Guard were charged with assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon or imitation for a dangerous purpose, in connection with a brawl where one victim was stabbed and another was hit with a wooden club.
Kyle McKee was arrested on assault and hate crimes charges after a North African cab driver was attacked. Later, he claimed that he was not responsible for the attack but was rather taking the fall for a friend who had almost taken an attempted murder charge for McKee the previous year. The case was eventually dismissed, which McKee bragged about as follows:  “they had said that I had assaulted this black cab driver from north Africa. so one year later I have trial and had it thrown out of court today. The reason being was that they couldn't make a positive ID on the person because apparently every one there were all dressed in combat boots with white laces black flight jackets and all had shaved heads. So let this be a lesson to everyone that wonders why on earth all us skinheads dress so similarly. this is another great reason. Lol” (TSAS)
Robert Reitmeier of Western European Bloodlines and formerly the Aryan Guard, was charged with attempted murder in connection with an incident in which a man in his 40s was beaten into a coma and suffered skull and facial fractures. Charges against Reitmeier were later stayed. (TSAS)
Neo-Nazi drug dealer  Paul William McGraw beat a 27-year old man who was also a drug dealer, leaving him with brain injuries. He was later convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to 15 months. Three other people were also charged in relation to the incident. McGraw was described in news reports as the leader of a violent gang known as “The Family”.
18-year old Renaud Emard, known as necro99 on Stormfront, was arrested on weapons charges after being investigated for making racist threats on the internet and posting pictures of himself posing with guns. A police raid of his home uncovered 20 firearms and other weapons, hate literature, an “ethnic cleansing” manual, and a ‘hit list’ featuring the names of schoolmates. He pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon (brass knuckles) and five counts of careless storage of firearms. After undergoing therapy, Emard received a conditional discharge and one year probation, and has no criminal record.
Kitchener, ON - Disabled refugee beaten by man screaming racial epithets
Francis Pitia, a disabled refugee from Sudan, is beaten with his own metal crutch by Lacie Bradley who shouted racially abusive epithets. Bradley was convicted in 2007. During his sentencing, Bradley claimed he was not motivated by racial hatred, but by alcohol. He expressed his remorse then, however years later he leaves a comment on this website that calls into question his sincerity.

Quebec City, QC - Man accused in stabbing 6 people in cafe
Six men are alleged to have attacked six others at L'Agité café. While all six were arrested, five were eventually released. Only Yan Barras, an area neo-Nazi (member of the Quebec Stomperswith a history of violence, remained in custody. By 2017, he would be involved in Atalante, a Quebec-based hate group targeting Muslims, immigrants, and minorities.
20 year old Jason Belfiglio was charged with mischief after three windows at a Jewish daycare centre in Toronto were smashed, which was witnessed by a TTC bus driver.  Belfiglio claimed to not be a neo-Nazi, despite the fact that he was arrested near the crime scene wearing a neo-Nazi t-shirt (a Celtic cross intertwined with a swastika). He was give a 90-day conditional sentence, 3 years of probation, 100 hours of community service and ordered to make restitution and stay away neo-Nazis. (TSAS)
Four Chinese University students were attacked with baseball bats and wooden sticks in Saint John. Days later, two more Chinese students were attacked in the same manner. Within weeks, a bus stop was spray painted with the words, “Gooks go home.” The assaults took place in the same neighborhood where in 2005 Chinese students had been attacked with eggs, ice and fireworks.  3 neo-Nazi teenagers were charged in connection with the 2007 assaults – Jonathan Clifford Martin, 19, and two minors aged 17 and 15. A white couple who had been walking in the same neighborhood were almost attacked from behind by the trio, who were carrying steel pipes. They apologized, stating that they were doing random beatings on Chinese people and thought the couple was Asian.  Martin was charged for the bus shelter vandalism and for possession of a knife for a purpose dangerous to the public peace. The minor youth, who cannot be named, were charged with assault and possession of a dangerous weapon. The 15-year old is still heavily involved in the white power scene. (TSAS)
Two weeks after two violent attacks on Chinese students in the city, a threatening telephone message was left for  Saint John city councilor Jay-Young Chang, who is of Korean origin. The message included racial slurs, threats to harm Chang with a weapon and threats to kill him. (TSAS)
Chris Newhook was convicted of stabbing a man in the forehead during a rent dispute. It was not the first time Newhook had violently assaulted someone over rent
"Aryan Guard supporter Layton Bertsch was arrested for throwing a bottle at an activist during an anti-racist demonstration in October." (TSAS)
After a 3-hour standoff with police, neo-Nazi Paul William McGraw was arrested in connection with a series of violent offenses that took place in Guelph. McGraw and two women were charged with assault, kidnapping, sexual assault and forcible confinement in relation to an incident that involved 7 male and female victims. McGraw was also charged in relation to a separate assault which took place in Orillia days before his arrest. The charges in that incident included assault, assault causing bodily harm, forcible confinement and uttering death threats. In 2009, McGraw was sentenced to 14 years in prison, which he appealed in 2011. His appeal was denied and he is eligible for parole in 2016. (TSAS)
19-year old neo-Nazi Tony Laviolette was sentenced to 30 months for eight charges including sexual assault, uttering threats, two counts of arson and break and enter. Laviolette was found guilty of having sex with a 13-year old girl and threatening to kill her if she saw anyone else. He was also sentenced for setting fire to a building and a vacant home, and for three break and enters including one at a skating rink which Laviolette vandalized with a swastika and racial slurs. (TSAS)

A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the home of Anti-Racist Action members Bonny Collins and Jason Devine while their four children slept inside. The firebomb missed a window but burned a fence and patio furniture.  No one was injured and no one was charged in the incident, but Collins and Devine believe they were targeted for their anti-racist activism by affiliates of the Aryan Guard. About a month later at an Aryan Guard rally, John Marleau taunted Collins about the firebombing, stating, “How’s your house, Bonnie?  Is it nice and toasty in there? How’s Jason and the kids?”
Julien LeClerc
Neo-Nazi Julien-Alexandre LeClerc, 20, and a minor youth, attacked several people in a series of racially motivated assaults in Montreal.  The pair first confronted a group of seven young men of Arab origin, directing racist insults at them.  Two men were stabbed, one requiring multiple blood transfusions and 50 stitches in his head. The assailants fled in a cab, then hurled racist slurs at the Haitian cab driver, punched him, and smashed his windshield.  They then attacked a second cab driver who was of Arab origin. The minor was sentenced to two years in closed custody for aggravated assault, assault and possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to public peace. LeClerc was convicted of the same charges.(TSAS)
While entering his car after celebrating a 29th wedding anniversary with his wife, 77-year old Hans Alberts was attacked and stabbed to death by 23-year old Haldane Alexander Jensen-Huot. Jensen-Huot then fled and boarded a Greyhound Bus headed for Montreal, but was arrested during a stop in Regina and charged with second degree murder (later upgraded to first degree murder). He was described by detectives as “an angry individual who definitely has some issues,” and assaulted three officers at the Edmonton Remand Centre, injuring one of them. Jensen-Huot had a history of mental problems and violence. In 2006, he was convicted of assault causing bodily harm on his father, and served 60 days of a 3-month sentence. In Facebook exchanges between Jensen-Huot and a friend, he described selling crack, being on anti-psychotics, and beating up his mother. He repeatedly talked of “going postal” and made reference to the Kimveer Gill shootings. A few months before the murder, police were called to his workplace after he said he wanted to break the record of the Virginia Tech shooter and shoot 33 people.  He showed interest in the Aryan Brotherhood, claiming to have met a member in jail, and self-identified as a National Socialist and Satanist. One hour before committing the murder, he posted videos on Facebook which included documentaries about the Aryan Brotherhood and a U.S. white supremacist on death row. Jensen-Huot was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 13.5 years.
26-year old Asako Okazaki was attacked by a 17-year old Aryan Guard member, R.N.  R.N. made disparaging comments about Asians before following Okazaki as she left a bar and drop-kicking her in the back of the head with steel toed boots. After she had been knocked to the ground he continued to kick her. He was charged with assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm and three counts of breaching probation from previous convictions. A former friend who witnessed the attack testified in court that the “Aryan Guard is going to want to kick my head in. There are some people trying to find out where I live.” R.N. served 230 days in jail before being released on a 500-day Intensive Support and Supervision order. While in jail, he had been disciplined for possession of hate propaganda and for a comment made to an Asian staffer.  
Robert Reitmeier was shot in the stomach by Roland Warawa in his Calgary apartment, apparently after he kicked Warawa out for smoking crack.  Days later Warawa was involved in another shooting that left a bystander blind in both eyes.  Reitmeier didn’t report the incident or seek medical attention until several hours after the shooting, claiming that he didn’t realize he had been shot.  Warawa was charged with attempted murder, pointing a firearm, possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace and knowledge of unauthorized possession.
William Grosvenor was ordered to pay civil rights lawyer Richard Warman $50 000 in damages for defamation and assault. For two years, Grosvenor made internet posts calling for Warman’s murder while providing photos of him, his home address and Google maps showing how to get to his house. The death threats included posts referring to Warman as a “Dead Jew walking” (although Warman is not actually Jewish), and statements such as,  "I AM GOD AND I HAVE A RUGER P-90 AND IT'S BULLETS HAVE YOUR NAME ON THEM FAGBOY WARMAN”.  Grosvenor had previous charges for assault.
Edmonton, AB - Patrons of restaurant assaulted
"20 armed men bearing metal batons, knives, and stones rampaged through a west-end cafe in a bloody attack in Edmonton, Alberta at 4:00 p.m. The attack left eight people badly beaten. The café also sustained significant damage. Café patrons claimed that the mob was composed of Turks, however no claim of responsibility was made for the incident. Investigators consider this to be a well-organized hate crime against Kurds by racist people." (TSAS)

A Russian memorabilia store in Toronto was targeted with arson, vandalism and graffiti by neo-Nazis Richard Martin and Andrew Benson. A Soviet Union flag that was hanging in a window was set on fire, and pictures of Martin committing the act were postedon his Facebook profile. Nazi graffiti was painted on a window, a window was smashed and some shop collectibles were broken.  The shopkeeper, who lived in the back of the store, expressed fear for his safety, stating, “It’s kind of escalated. What’s next? A grenade in my window?”  It is unclear if charges were ever laid. (TSAS)
Richard Martin put photos of himself  committing the arson on Facebook
Courtenay, BC – Jay Phillips is attacked by men hurling racial slurs

Jay Phillips, who is half black, was attacked by three men hurling racial epithets in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. During the attack, which was caught on video, Phillips reported that the men yelled “they were going to lynch me and kill me and my whole family and this is a white town and get the f--- out of here.” Pictures later surfaced of two of the accused at a cross burning, and with other racist imagery such as nooses and racist drawings.  Adam Huber, Robert Rogers and David White were all convicted of assault, with only Huber serving time in jail (one day). White was sentenced under hate crime provisions and was ordered to undergo counseling and community service.  
22-year old Lacey Dawn Snyder and 23-year old Dylan Alfred Trommel were charged in a racist attack on 32-year old Congolese student Valentin Masepode. The victim was in a convenience store when Snyder and Trommel confronted him with racist comments, including repeatedly calling him a “nigger” and telling him, “This is our country nigger.” After a customer told them to leave him alone, the pair left the store and gestured to Masepode to come outside. When he refused, they came back inside and Snyder said, “I have something for you nigger,” before blasting his face with bear spray, which was caught on the store’s surveillance video. Trommel, who at the time had a swastika tattooed on his back, claimed that he harassed the victim because he was intoxicated. Snyder sent an e-mail to the Edmonton Sun complaining about the press coverage of the incident, stating that she was too intoxicated to remember what happened the night of the attack and writing, “But who’s to care about my feelings on the whole issue right? I’m just the big mean attacker who hates blacks!” Trommel pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Snyder pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and assault with a weapon and was sentenced to 6 months in jail and counseling.  She also faced charges for impaired driving and drug charges for an incident that occurred a year after the attack which has been called one of the largest-ever busts of the “date-rape drug” (GBH) in Alberta. 
Fort St. John, BC - Man Convicted in 1999 Bombing

Peter Anthony Houston, 32, was convicted of building a potentially deadly pipe bomb that was planted in a highway restroom in northeastern B.C. in 1999. The bomb was left at a rest stop on Highway 29 between Fort St. John and Hudson's Hope, B.C. Packed with black powder and rocket fuel, it was set up to explode when the washroom door was opened, but it failed to detonate. Houston was eventually arrested and charged with attempted murder and intent to cause an explosion, but the case was never made public and took years to go to trial. Houston was known to have been involved in the Canadian racist movement.
Calgary, AB – ARA members’ home is attacked

The home of ARA Calgary members Bonnie Collins and Jason Devine was attacked. A cinderblock was thrown through their living room window, and a smaller projectile was thrown through the bedroom of their three sleeping children. The front door was spray-painted with “C-18” and a swastika.  
Nanaimo, B.C. – Jeff Hughes is shot and killed by police
Jeff Hughes, a white supremacist who had been involved in the Canadian branch of the Northwest Imperative, was shot to death by police after they arrived at his apartment in response to a noise complaint. Several years earlier, Hughes has also been visited by the RCMP in response to hate propaganda he had been distributing.  RCMP testified that Hughes had been shot after he threatened officers and came out of his apartment holding a weapon (later determined to be a flare gun) and pointed it at an officer.  Hughes reportedly had a history of violence, including assault and bomb threats.  As of 2011, a coroner’s inquest into his death is ongoing.
Kyle McKee being captured in Winnipeg
Tyler Sturrup of Western European Bloodlines, and Carolyne Kwatiek, who is also a white nationalist, were targeted by two homemade pipe bombs that were left outside Sturrup’s home and detonated in a parking lot. Aryan Guard affiliate John Marleau, who had dated Kwatiek before her relationship with Sturrup, was initially arrested but later released.  Warrants were issued for Aryan Guard founder Kyle McKee and a 17-year old male neo-Nazi on charges of attempted murder, possessing, making or controlling explosives and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. Both of the accused attempted to escape the charges by skipping town. They were stopped by police in Regina where they managed to evade arrest but were later arrested in Winnipeg.  Attempted murder charges against McKee were later withdrawn. He pleaded guilty to possessing explosive devices that were found in his apartment (which he claimed were for a white pride celebration and not connected to the bombing), and to fleeing police. Charges against the minor were also dropped.
Owen Sound, ON - Man convicted of a variety of charges
Jared Gilkes was sentenced to two years in prison as a result of being convicted of numerous charges including the possession of stolen goods, breaches of five Canada-wide driving prohibitions, and violating probation. "Gilkes had a criminal record which wasn't referred to in detail but it was considered as part of the sentence. The imprisonment was recommended by Crown and defence." Gilkes would later become associated with the Southern Ontario Skinheads.
Adrian Graves and SOS founder Max Hynes

Somba K'e/Yellowknife, NWT - Future Southern Ontario Skinheads member convicted on drug charges
Adrian Graves was convicted and given a two year sentence for possession for the purpose of trafficking. "Graves has 14 previous convictions on his criminal record, which dates back to 1997, but has a gap between February 2003 and his most recent charges in 2008. His previous convictions include arson, assault, uttering threats, possession of property obtained by crime and an earlier conviction for possession for the purpose of trafficking in 2003." By 2013, he was out of prison, living in Ontario, and had joined the Southern Ontario Skinheads.
Calgary, AB -  Neil Kehler sentenced  in armed robbery
Neil Robert Kehler, the ringleader of group of men who robbed a Domino's Pizza and other business at gunpoint, was sentenced to 5 years in prison:
...ringleader Neil Robert Kehler pointed a single barrel shotgun at the clerk.

The group escaped into a nearby van which had its licence plate covered.
Neil Robert Kehler, 2013 photo
Two nights later they robbed a Shawville Rd. S.W. Super 8 and returned to the same motel on Sept. 6, only to leave after finding no one at the front desk. 
A security guard watching video in a monitoring room saw the Kehler and the youth on surveillance cameras, but only later realized he wasn't watching footage of the earlier heist. 
The pair were arrested following a Pizza Hut robbery on Sept. 9, while their accomplices were later nabbed by police.
Kehler had been the leader of a very small white supremacist group he called the White Knights prior to his arrest and imprisonment, though it doesn't appear to have been much more than an Internet-based group. Kehler has written that he planned to attend the next "White Pride" march organized by the Aryan Guard, however his arrest precluded his involvement. Upon his release, he became more closely associated with Kyle McKee and his Blood & Honour.

Longueuil, QC - Hell's Angel and future La Meute member charged in relation to 22 murders
Bernard "Ben" Plourde, who had been in hiding, was captured by police at a restaurant in Longueuil. He was wanted in relation to 22 murders that took place between 1996 and 2001. He had been wanted since April 15, 2009, when the investigators had gone to his home to arrest him in the context of Operation SharQC. He was absent at the time of the police visit, which led to the issuance of an arrest warrant sent to all police forces in the province. He would pleaded guilty to reduced charges of conspiracy for the 22 murders and released in July 2015. Plourde would later become a member of La Meute.
John Marleau, who is affiliated with the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour, was arrested after attacking a non-white operator on the Calgary C-train. Someone in the train had pressed the emergency button, prompting the driver to come into the car where Marleau lunged at him with a knife.  The driver locked himself into the cab while Marleau fled and was later apprehended by police, who he also threatened with a knife. He was subsequently tasered, arrested and charged with three counts of assault with a weapon, and one count each of possession of a weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and causing a disturbance.
An individual who is linked to Volksfront Canada and the Creativity movement and goes by the moniker CanadianSkin88 on Stormfront, was given 9 months probation for domestic assault and ordered to submit a DNA sample. On a separate charge of domestic assault, he agreed to abide by a 12-month peace bond in lieu of sentencing. 
A cross was burned on the lawn of interracial couple Michelle Lyon and Shayne Howe, who is black. Howe reported hearing someone shout, “Die, nigger, die,” before his daughter saw a 2-metre cross burning on the family’s lawn with a noose hanging from it. Charged in the crime were brothers Nathan Rehberg, 20, and Justin Rehberg, 19, who are distant cousins of Lyon.  On charges of inciting hatred and criminal harassment, Nathan received 6 months, while Justin received two. Both brothers were given 30 months probation, ordered to do 50 hours of community service, undergo substance abuse counseling, submit DNA samples, and refrain from owning firearms for 10 years. 

After spending half of his life in prison and accumulating roughly 50 criminal convictions including several for racist attacks on minorities, Chris Newhook was declared a dangerous offender and imprisoned indefinitely. Newhook is a long-time white supremacist and was one of the first members of the Heritage Front.  During his dangerous-offender hearing, Newhook yelled at the crown prosecutor, “I hate your fucking guts. I wish I could cut your fucking head off with a rusty hacksaw blade.”
Edmonton, AB – Dave Burns murders Garth Radon before killing himself 
Dave Burns shot and killed his co-worker Garth Radons before killing himself. A second co-worker was also shot and critically injured, but survived.  Burns had been suspended from work for making racist remarks and posting a sexually explicit photo on a staff bulletin board in order to taunt a South Asian employee. He was known as “The Nazi” around the office, and staff described him as a white supremacist and someone who didn’t get along with visible minorities. 36 years earlier, Burns had fatally stabbed an 18-year old boy and served 4 years for manslaughter. He had also made the news in 1994 when he reported that his firearms collection and 1300 rounds of ammunition had been stolen from his house. 
William Miettinen

William Kaiser Miettinen, aka “Willis”, was charged with assault with a weapon after he assaulted a camera man with a skateboard during an anti-racist demonstration. During court proceedings, Miettinen attempted to distance himself from the neo-Nazis who attended the demonstration, stating, “I am not a skinhead,” and "I was not part of that (neo-Nazi) demonstration," despite the fact that during the rally he had ripped his shirt open to display white supremacist tattoos.

Two weeks after activists held an anti-Nazi rally in B.C.’s Lower Mainland, the family home of an organizer was targeted by a bomb set remotely with a long fuse. The bomb caused a fire that damaged the home’s exterior, but no one was injured. The RCMP bomb squad and Abbotsford Police Major Crime Unit were called in to investigate. While the investigation is ongoing, some speculate that the home was targeted by neo-Nazis, as the organizer’s name and photo had been widely circulated in news coverage of the rally. (TSAS)
An arrest warrant was issued for an Aryan Guard  affiliate after he attempted to escape charges of uttering threats.
Richard Martin
23-year old Richard Martin and 38-year old Shane Gill were arrested for threatening a woman and an 11 year old girl for being black. Martin, who lived near the victims, had been harassing them for weeks.  The first incident occurred when the woman saw Martin standing outside making gunshot sounds and shooting gestures at her house.  Days later, Martin and another man stood near her bedroom window singing racist songs and yelling, “Go back to Africa.” The last incident occurred as the woman was walking with her friend’s 11-year old daughter and was confronted by Martin and Gill. Martin made gunshot sounds and the sign of a gun in her direction. As the victims turned and began to flee back to the woman’s home, Gill and Martin chanted, “We hate niggers.”  They followed the victims home and Gill pounded on the door.  Martin was sentenced to 9 months in jail and 3 years of probation, and Gill received 6 months in jail and 3 years of probation.  They were ordered to submit DNA samples and to refrain from possessing weapons, ammunition and explosives for 15 years.
The home of Anti-Racist Action members Bonnie Collins and Jason Devine was invaded by five masked men armed with bats and hammers. Devine was beaten on the head, back and arms, sustaining serious back injuries. A friend who was in the home had his arm broken.  A few months later, Kyle McKee would be charged with uttering threats after he asked Devine if he’d like another visit to his home. 

An 18-year old girl was beaten at a party by 3 members and affiliates of Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour Calgary, leaving her with broken teeth. Kyle McKee would later be charged as one of the assailants and ordered to pay part of her dental bill. The two other alleged assailants were males in their late twenties and thirties.

Kamloops, BC - Man arrested after firefight with police and arsenal found at his home
Gregory McNeil was arrested after a shoot-out with police who were responding to a threat complaint. In his home they discovered hidden room filled with weapons and ammunition. McNeil would later be involved in the racist anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim Yellow Vests movement in 2019 where he posted a number of threats advocating for the murder of the prime minister.

After being identified through a DNA sample, Robert Reitmeier of Western European Bloodline was charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement of a woman at a party in 2009.

Victim Mark Mariani

Western European Bloodline members Robert David Reitmeier, 24, and Tyler William Sturrup, 26, were charged with second degree murder in the 2010 death of 47-year old Mark Mariani.  Mariani, who was ill and frail from Chrohn’s disease, was attacked and beaten to death in an alley. Although a swastika was found spray-painted at the crime scene, police believe the murder was a random attack that was unrelated to Reitmeier and Sturrup’s white supremacist affiliations. They believed there was a third attacker who is still being sought, and are also seeking two men who may be witnesses. A preliminary hearing for the accused will take place in May 2012.
Tyler Sturrup and Robert Reitmeier
Edmonton, AB – 4 charged in string of racist assaults
B&H flyers that were
distributed before attacks

Several people were physically assaulted and over 10 people were verbally abused by a group of four neo-Nazis. Jason Anthony Anderson, 32, Keith Virgil Decu, 32, James Andrew Brooks, 25, and David Roger Goodman, 18, are affiliates of Blood and Honour Calgary.  After distributing flyers for a Blood & Honour march that was scheduled to take place in Calgary, the men went to a bar where they sang racist songs, talked about hangings, and yelled racist and homophobic insults at patrons. They went to a second bar where they made racist comments to a 25 year old man before punching him several times. At a third bar, a bouncer was punched after refusing to let them in, a 20-year old woman who was with a black friend was punched in the face repeatedly and a 23-year old man was kicked and punched after coming to her defense.  As the men left the scene, they yelled out “white power!” All four were charged with assault, criminal harassment, mischief and causing a disturbance. Brooks was also charged with assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon, and Goodman was additionally charged with uttering threats. Goodman was sentenced to 15 months, a year of probation and ordered to get counseling for a drinking problem. Brooks was sentenced to 13 months. Anderson and Decu are scheduled to appear in court in November and April. 
James Brooks and Jason Anderson
Calgary, AB – Kyle McKee gets 60 days for ‘racist motivated threats’ and assault 
Kyle McKee of the Aryan Guard/Blood & Honour Calgary, pleaded guilty to uttering threats and possession of a dangerous weapon in relation to an incident involving ARA member Jason Devine.  McKee, clad in a ski mask and holding a baseball bat, had pulled up to Devine in his vehicle and yelled, Hey Jason, what's going on? What are you doing?” and asked him, "Do you want to say hello or goodnight? while beating the bat menacingly against the car, and "Do you want another visit? Do you want another visit at your home?"  A few months earlier, Devine had been the victim of a home invasion in which he and a friend were seriously injured. McKee received a 60-day sentence and was ordered to provide a DNA sample. He also pleaded guilty to assault for being part of an attack on an 18-year old girl at a party in 2010, and was ordered to pay part of her dental bill for broken teeth.
Prince George, BC -  Peter Anthony Houston Convicted of Possessing Explosives

Peter Houston, having been convicted in 2009 of building a potentially deadly pipe bomb which was planted in a highway restroom in 1999, was found guilty of being in possession of an explosive substance without lawful excuse and possession of a weapon contrary to an order, sentenced to 247 days in jail and received a lifetime prohibition on the possession of firearms.

Kingston, ON - Former Heritage Front member arrested in domestic dispute.
Lucius Northmore, April 2014

Lucius Northmore, a one time member of the Heritage Front who would go on to create his own hate group (United Aryan Front) and then join the Southern Ontario Skinheads, was charged with causing a public disturbance and violating a court restraining order forbidding communication with his former partner.
A white supremacist gang called “True White Boy” was reported to have been involved in a series of assaults in Kitchener. 19-year old Matthew Armstrong was charged with assault after an incident in which he elbowed, punched and kicked a man in the head because he thought the victim had spread rumours about another True White Boy member. Police investigating a break-in also found seven members of the gang in an apartment with a cache of weapons including a machete and knives, bandanas and drugs. 

Two men were charged with sexual assault after being accused of raping an inmate in prison. The victim said that at the time, he wanted to join Western European Bloodline and had Nazi symbols cut into his hair before being placed in a cell with two men who were not white and subsequently harassed him. He reported being sexually assaulted by both men after waking up in the middle of the night with a towel over his head and a weapon pointed at his neck. The two defendants claim that any sexual activity between them and their accuser was consensual. A doctor testified that the alleged victim’s injuries were consistent with being raped.  Samar Sigar, 20, and Ali Sanghar, 31, are charged with sexual assault with a weapon.  
28-year old Ian Michael Butz, a neo-Nazi, and his brother, 26-year old Jason Avery Butz, were charged with two armed robberies at gas stations in Peace River, Alberta.  A shotgun and camouflage clothing were used in the robberies.  The pair were apprehended when an off-duty Canadian Border Services Agency officer found them walking along the highway. They are charged with two counts each of armed robbery. 

Jan Arron Korinth, a Hammerskin and associate of the Shawn Macdonald led Blood & Honour faction who was one of the early founders of the Aryan Guard in Calgary, was convicted of assault causing bodily harm. He received 12 months probation.

Three men are arrested for a series of assaults in Vancouver between 2008 and 2011. One man was charged with three counts of assault for allegedly attacking two men and one woman RCMP said another man was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly setting a man of Filipino descent on fire and with assault causing bodily harm in connection with an incident in which he attacked a man who was black. The three men would be acquitted in 2015.

Brodie Walsh (May 2014)
Brodie Walsh was arrested with four others as part of a police investigation into the trafficking of crack cocaine. Walsh was charged with breach of probation, trafficking in a controlled substance, possession of property obtained by crime, possession fr the purpose of trafficking, and possession of a controlled substance. 

Jan (January) Korinth was found dead as a result of a stab wound he received during a home invasion. Korinth was a friend of Shawn Macdonald who, along with two other men  were charged in December 2011 with carrying out a series of assaults against minorities in Vancouver. There is no indication that Korinth's death was related to his activities with Blood & Honour, though it does appear that he was engaged in a criminal act.
Kitchener, ON - David Miller Pleads Guilty Harrassment

David Miller, convicted of manslaughter in the 2001 killing of Howard Munroe, pleads guilty to harassing his ex-wife. Miller referenced the killing of Munroe in an effort to intimidate her.

Kyle McKee (leader of the Calgary Blood & Honour), Bernie Miller (a leader in the Edmonton chapter) and Philip Badrock are arrested in April on assault charges stemming from an incident in Edmonton which took place after the March 24 "White Pride" march organized for that day by the hate group. A subsequent search of McKee's residence in Calgary found a shotgun, other firearms, knives and other weapons which resulted in McKee being charged with 15 weapons offences. 

Randy James Wayne O'Hagan, Nikolas Jon Nowytzkyj, Joshua Petrin, and Kyle Darren Halbauer were arrested on December 4, 2012 on charges of first degree murder. The victims include a 54 year old Lloydminster man who was found decapitated, a woman in Saskatoon who was likely the wrong target of a gang hit, and one other individual. The White Boy Posse, a puppet gang linked to the Hell's Angels, first came to the public's attention after a 15 month investigation led to a major drug bust. Many of the membership have swastika tattoos and hold white supremacist beliefs. (TSAS)

"Brodie Walsh, 20, of London, was arrested outside White Oaks Mall on Thursday after police received information a man was seen in the mall carrying a gun. His dramatic daytime arrest, involving nearly a dozen police officers, including members of the emergency response unit and a K-9 unit, was captured by a Free Press photographer."

Tyler Sturrup pleads guilty to the murder of Mark Mariani. Sturrup and Robert Reitmeir were accused of brutally attacking Mariani for no other reason than he was in someone whom they could attack. Mariani died as a result of internal injuries in October 2010 and both Sturrup and Reitmeier were arrested 7 months later. Sturrup was sentenced to life in prison and will not be eligible for parole until 2021. 

Jessie Lajoie, former member of, the Calgary-based Aryan Guard and Blood & Honour (and as of this writing a moderator on the forums of the ultra-violent Combat 18) was arrested in Winnipeg for an assault that took place in Kitchener, ON. The August 2012 victim is believed to be another member of the racist movement and organizer of a failed March 21, 2012 rally in London, ON. Also arrested was M.K on Kitchener, ON and Eric Marshall of Calgary, AB, both of who are also actively involved in the racist movement.    
Damage to Jason's and Bonnie's window.

The Devines are again the victims of an attack on their home. In the early hours of September 29 a brick was thrown at the window of their house, breaking the outer pane but failing to penetrate into the home itself. Upon inspection, it was later discovered that all four tires of the family's vehicle had been slashed. The chief suspects are believed to be tied to Calgary's racist movement.
Craig Cobb (who as a result of a brief stay in Canada decades ago attained Canadian citizenship) was arrested along with a companion and charged with terrorizing the people of Leith, North Dakota. Cobb had plans to take over the small village and turn it into a haven for, "white nationalists." Upon learning of plan the people of Leith worked to prevent the planned takeover and thus earned the ire of Cobb who, on the day of his arrest, began armed patrols of the community seemingly in an effort to intimidate the citizens using the pretext of self-defence as a rationale.
Freeman guru Dean Clifford was arrested after a seminar in Hamilton, Ontario. He was charged with assulting a police officer and resisting arrest based on a July traffic stop.

Robert Reitmeier was sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole for 13 years. Reitmeier was convicted in the murder of Mark Mariani. His friend and fellow W.E.B. member Tyler Sturrup pleaded guilty earlier in the year and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole for 10 years.
Calgary, AB - Kyle McKee arrested for assault and weapons charges

Kyle McKee, co-founder of the Aryan Guard, leader of the Calgary branch of Blood & Honour, and most visible racist in the city, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a First Nations man some time between October and November. Upon being searched, it is alleged that weapons were also found on McKee's person which, if proven, would be another violation of the lifetime weapons ban imposed after previous court cases.

"On the 23 November 2013 at about 1242 AM, a female and male unlawfully entered a residence located in the Dominion Street SE area of the Flats. They were looking for a specific person who was not there. At that time the two assailants attacked a 45 year old female who
Walsh with Max Hynes
had been visiting the residence. During the attack, a frying pan was used as a weapon. A small amount of cash and pills were taken as well. The assailants then left, at which time the victim was able to contact 911. Medicine Hat Police Service responded with EMS at which time the victim was transported to hospital. The police investigation resulted in identifying a suspect at which time an arrest was made of the two assailants. 
# 1) Kayla Mockford Age 27 of Medicine Hat.3 counts of Breach of Recognizance, 1 count of Break Enter and Robbery, 1 count of Threats to Cause Death. 
#2) Brodie Walsh Age 20 of Medicine Hat. 
1 count of Break Enter and Robbery, 1 count of Assault with a Weapon. 
Both accused were taken before a Bail Justice. The hearings were adjourned to Provincial Court in Medicine Hat. Next court date for both accused in the 26 November 2013 @ 0930 AM. The victim suffered significant, but minor injuries as result of the attack. She was treated at hospital and released."
On October 3, Kyle Mackenzie was charged with incidents of assault and harassment against an LRT employee and a uniformed paramedic that took place in Calgary LRT stations. He was also suspected of a series of assaults at LRT stations dating back to August based on CCTV footage of assaults on women, none of whom reported the incidents. Based on the nature of the harassment and the assaults (all seem to have been targeted because of their gender) , police considered these incidents to be hate-motivated crimes.

Joshua Petrin was charged in the 2008 murder of Mitchell Chambers and the 2012 murder of Bryan Gower. Petrin was already in jail having been arrested for the first-degree murder of Saskatoon woman Lorry Ann Santos who was killed when her murderers went to the wrong house.
Justin Bourque, apparently influenced in part by the America gun rights movement and conspiracy theories that the government had become tyrannical and was going to confiscate guns allegedly shot five RCMP officers, killing three of them. On his Facebook page, Bourque posted a number of articles and photos illustrating his belief in such conspiracies, including the anti-Semitic belief that "the Jews" control international finance. He was arrested
Halifax, NS - Dangerous offender Chris Newhook assualts fellow inmate; denied parole
Former Heritage Front member was denied parole citing evidence that he was a danger to re-offend. While in prison, Newhook had attacked and slashed another inmate. Declared a dangerous offender in 2010, Newhook has a long history of violence and has spent half his life behind bars.  a day after the shootings
"An 18-year-old St. Catharines man has been arrested for allegedly harassing an elderly couple in what police are calling racially motivated conduct. 
Niagara Regional Police said an elderly couple who are long-time residents of an east St. Catharines 
Drawing by Lindsay Souvannarathfound on her Facebook profile
neighbourhood were being threatened and intimidated. Police said the conduct occurred recently over a period of one month. 

Christian Edmunds, 18, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with criminal harassment."

Police in Halifax, tipped off by an anonymous member of the public, arrest Randall Shepherd from Halifax and Lindsay Souvannarath from Geneva, Illinois. A third man, James Gamble of Cole Harbour, was found dead having committed suicide as police arrived at his residence. Though authorities and politicians suggested that the planned attack was not ideologically motivated and thus did not constitute terrorism, there is a great deal of evidence that Souvannarath and Gamble were both attracted to National Socialism. Souvannarath was especially interested in National Socialism and white nationalism as a member of a National Socialist web forum and as evidenced by the Nazi-inspired art found on her Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts (some of which she created herself.
Drummondville, QC - Marilyn Masse, Girlfriend of Bonehead Jonathan Saucier Implicated in Kidnapping, Forcible Confinement, and Assault
Translation: "Three men and three women appeared this morning in Drummondville courthouse on various, including kidnapping, forcible confinement, armed assault and death threats against a 20 year old Drummondville resident who's identity is being withheld. The alleged acts took place in Drummondville between 3 and 5 March 2015. The individuals are: Michael Dionne St-Arnaud, 20, of Drummondville, Marie Rock, 52, of Drummondville, Marilyn Masse, 23, of Drummondville, Dave Riopel, 23, Métivier Cathy, 22, and Dany Di Fabio, 28." 
Mass's boyfriend, Jonathan Saucier, is an associate of Kyle McKee, Neil Kehler, Jonathan Cote and others and has been affiliated with the Blood & Honour movement, however he has also been trying to form his own group he calls the Warmonger Skins.
Edmonton, AB - Police Officer Murdered While Attempting to Arrest Suspect in Hate Crime
Norman Walter Raddatz is accused of murdering Const. Daniel Woodall and injuring another police officer who were among those who were attempting to arrest Raddatz who is then believed to have set fire to his home; Raddatz's body was later found by the police in the basement. Raddatz was accused of engaging in a hate campaign against a local family for over a year.
Peterbourogh, ON - Mosque Damaged in Suspected Arson
A deliberate fire was set at the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association's mosque resulting in $80,000 worth of damage late November 14. The mosque had been targeted after 9/11 as well. Coming so close after the events that took place in Paris, speculation is this is likely a hate crime targeting the Muslim community.
Toronto, ON - Muslim Woman Attacked Outside Elementary School
In what looks to be another xenophobic reaction to the tragedy that took place in Paris, a Muslim woman picking up her children from school was attacked by two men from behind. They stole her cellphone, called her a"terrorist," and "go back home" while they assaulted her to the point she required hospitalization. Anti-Muslim graffiti was also found nearby.
Montreal, QC - Mosque Vandalized
The Assahaba Islamic Community Center in the East of Montreal, was vandalized. Several windows were shattered before the Centre. The events occurred between Friday and Saturday. This was not the first time that the Islamic Centre of Montreal East Community had been the target of vandalism.
Montreal, QC - Man Charged With Uttering Threats and Inciting Hatred
Jesse Pelletier, age 24, was charged for uttering threats and inciting hatred after posting a video on YouTube in which he said he would murder, "one Arab per week in the province." According to his lawyer, the video threatening to kill Arabs was intended to be a joke.
Calgary, AB - Two Men Charged in Connection With Anti-Muslim Vandalism
Miguel Lavergne and Kyle MacKenzie were both charged in connection with anti-Muslim and anti-refugee graffiti that was found at the Tuscany LRT station in Calgary. At least one of the men, MacKenzie, had been arrested before for gender motivated harassment and assaults that took place in Calgary at another LRT location in 2013 (also profiled on the timeline).


Vancouver, BC - Syrian Refugees Attacked
Some 15 individuals were treated by medical personnel after a man riding a bicycle sprayed pepper spray outside of the Muslim Association of Canada Centre where Syrian refugees were being welcomed to the city. Among those sprayed were young children 
Graffiti targeting Syrian refugees and threatening Prime Minister Trudeau was found on the walls of Wilma Hansen School.  In response, posters commenting about the vandalism on the American-based hate site Stormfront posted statements such as "If they could speak english [sic] I hope they listen to the message I use to live right by there. It is a very white area. There is a park and skating rink right by that school," and "Doesn't Canada still have the Death Penalty for treason? Most politicains could be charged with treason and terrorist support. Most = 99%. Maybe a little higher. Allowing and even paying for a foreign invasion of a country is treason."
A week after the first incident, more graffiti targeting Syrian refugees, Muslims, and Justin Trudeau was found at Wilma Hansen School junior high school. Messages scrawled on the school walls included,"Syrians are animals,""real Canadians hate Syrians,""burn all mosques,""Syrians go home and take Trudeau," and "While Syrians feast in hotels, Canadians starve on the street, kill the traitor Trudeau." Windows in the school were also smashed out. Individuals on anti-government social media sites celebrated the crime.

Mohammad Sharifi and his girlfriend were attacked by two men shouting racial slurs, including telling both to, "go back to their own country." The two men then proceeded to punch Sharifi knocking to the ground where the assault continued. The police later arrested two 24 year old males in relation to the assault which was being investigated to determine if it constituted a hate crime.
A 38 year old woman was arrested and charged with assaulting a Muslim-Canadian woman who was shopping for groceries while holding her four-month old son. The suspect is alleged to have spat on the mother, punched her several times, and then attempted to pull of the mother's hijab.
Michelle Erstikaitis, a woman who has been profiles on this blog numerous times over the years, was arrested at the U.S. Consulate where she is alleged to have slashed the throat of a security guard with a box cutter. She was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon. Erstikaitis, who was declared a dangerous offender in 2011, is an associate of Paul Fromm who has written in support of her on numerous occasions often referring to her as a P.O.W. She was also a writer for the neo-Nazi tabloid "Your Ward News." She first made news due to her obsession with serial killer Paul Bernardo and later for claiming to be close to murder Luka Magnotta.
Danielle Wong and Brett Klassen were assaulted by two men who, along with a woman, had been shouting racial epithets and threats towards a group of Somali-Canadian children. When Ms. Wong and. Mr. Klassen confronted the group to ask them to stop, the two men proceeded to punch her on the side of the head and Mr. Klassen in the stomach before running off. Initially the police did not consider filing hate crime charges against the three and seemed more interested in questioning the two witnesses who were assaulted. As a result of media coverage however the subsequent publicity resulted in a the crime being investigated by the hate crimes division.

Christopher Hayes was arrested for making threats towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on social media. An examination of his Facebook profile indicated additional threats directed towards Alberta Premier Rachel Notley as well as anti-government and anti-Muslim beliefs. Hayes is also associated with the Soldiers of Odin, a virulently anti-Muslim hate group, having become a member of the Saskatchewan chapter's Facebook page in late July. His brother appears to be the president of the Oxbow, SK branch of the Saskatchewan chapter.
Keith Frederick was charged with arson after setting a fire at a Hamilton mosque. Syrian refugees who lived across the street put out the fire and were instrumental in the arrest of Frederick. Had the fire not been discovered so quickly, the property damage could have been extensive and lives in the residential area would have been at risk.
Abbotsford, BC - Karry Corbett Faces Four Charges
Karry Vernon Corbett of Hope, BC turned himself in to police after a video in which he threatened two men, including one whom he made racially-based verbal attacks, went viral. He was facing charges including assault, uttering threats, and causing a disturbance. Corbett has an extensive criminal history and is also facing charges related to two 2015 incidents involving assault with a weapon and uttering threats.
Ottawa, ON - Teen Charged in a Series of Antisemitic and Anti-Muslim Vandalism
In the wake of Donald Trump's election, the number of racially-based assaults and vandalism skyrocketed in the United States during the immediate weeks following November 8. Canada faced a similar onslaught, including a string of vandalism that occurred in Ottawa at Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religious sites. A teen boy was arrested in connection to these crimes. It was later reported that this was not the first time the teen was involved in antisemitic attacks. While in high school, he targeted at least one student whom he seemed to believe was Jewish, that student's family, and a teacher. These attacks included vandalism and death threats.
Edmonton, AB - Man Threatens Muslim Women at LRT Station
An as yet unidentified man in his 60s pulled out a rope from his pocket, made a noose, pointed to two women wearing hijabs, and said, "this is for you." He then proceeded to sing "Oh, Canada" while one of the women threatened filmed him. The incident occurred on November 8, 2016, the same day Donald Trump (who had run an explicitly anti-Muslim campaign) won the presidency of the United States.
Hamilton, ON - Muslim-Canadian Teen Assaulted
Noah Rabbani, 15 years old, was attacked by two men with bats, leaving the teen with a cracked skull and a brain blood clot. While the motive is uncertain as of the entering of this incident on the timeline, the family has speculated that the attack might be a hate crime. Given the political climate in the wake of Donald Trump's victory on November 8, 2016, we can not rule out the possibility that the attack was racially motivated.
Peterborough, ON - Kevin Goudreau Arrested For Assault
No stranger to this blog, Kevin Goudreau was arrested after making a scene at a local bar and assaulting one of the people working at the establishment. It was later learned that he had cause similar disruptions at other bars that day in which he would shout racial epithets and show off his chest which sports a large swastika tattoo. In addition to being charged with assault, Goudreau was also charged with failing to comply with a probation order.
Estevan, SK - Soldiers of Odin Provincial Co-President Arrested on Drugs and Weapons Charges
David Tierney was charged with, "possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking; possession of psilocybin; possession of the proceeds of crime; nine counts of possession of firearms and explosives contrary to a court order; two counts of unsafe storage of firearms; and one count of possession of a prohibited weapon." Weapons included firearms, brass knuckles, and explosives.
Sarnia, ON - Southern Ontario Skinheads Member Sentenced to Nine Months
Jeremy Crawford was sentenced to nine months detention for theft and assault. On September 11, he stole a cell phone from a bystander. When another individual pursued him, Crawford then struck him and then threatened him with a hammer.
Calgary, AB - White Boy Posse Leader Convicted in Lloydminster and Saskatoon Murders
Alleged leader of the Edmonton-based racist gang, Joshua Petrin, was found guilty in the murder of Bryan Gower north of Lloydminster in 2012. Earlier in the same month, Petrin was convicted of murdering Lorry Santos in Saskatoon, also in 2012.

Quebec City, QC - Six Men Murdered in Mosque During Evening Prayers
Six men were murdered and several others injured when Alexandre Bissonnette entered the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec and open fire on the men who were praying. Before doing so he yelled, "allahu akbar" in a mocking manner. Bissonnette  was a supporter of a number of nationalistic causes as well as newly French far right leader Marine Le Pen and the recently inaugurated American president Donald Trump who had only days before signed an executive order barring entry into the United States citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, including individuals who had green cards and permanent residency status. Indeed, the Trump administration at first implied that the attack, which many anti-Muslim supporters believed was carried out by Muslims of a rival sect, as justification for the travel ban. Even though the police have stated categorically that Bissonnette was the lone shooter, anti-Muslim activists and online comments, egged on by media such as Ezra Levant's "The Rebel" have continued to push the narrative that the attack involved Muslims as the perpetrators rather than the victims. In the days after the attack on the mosque, the number of hate crimes directed towards Muslim-Canadians in Quebec City and surrounding area increased further including acts of vandalism and social media threats.
Toronto, ON - Man Arrested in Racially Motivated Assault
Peter Dwyer, 36, was charged with one count of assault related to a hate crime after allegedly assaulting a 66 year old African-Canadian woman inside Finch Station while shouting racial expletives. Bystanders were able to stop the assault and held Dwyer until authorities could arrive to
Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr
arrest him.

Calgary, AB - White Boy Posse leader Joshua Petrin convicted of manslaugher.
Petrin was convicted of manslaughter in the 2008 shooting of Mitchell Chambers in Edmonton. Petrin was already serving a sentence for two other homicides as well as an escape from the Saskatoon Correctional Centre in August 2016.
Montreal, PQ - Visiting Jordanian Imam calls for murder of Jews.
Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr of Jordan gave a sermon at the Dar Al-Arqam Mosque in December 2016 in which he advocated the killing of Jews. B'nai Brith Canada filed a complaint with the Montreal hate crimes unit on March 20 not long after viewing a video of the sermon.
Vancouver, BC - Soldiers of Odin members arrested at anti-racism rally
Three members of the Soldiers of Odin were taken into custody after they attacked individuals participating in an International Day Against Racism rally.
Washington, D.C., USA - Canadian Jewish Defence League member arrested for assault
Yosef Steynovitz (aka Yosef Bietar) of Vaughan, Ontario and another JDL member were arrested for assaulting a college instructor of Palestinian background during protests at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Council). 55-year-old Kamal Nayfeh was thrown to the ground, kicked, and beaten with a flag pole before police intervened. The JDL is considered to be a terrorist organization in the United States and is responsible for a number of bombings and murder plots. Steynovitz was part of the Canadian JDL contingent that traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the counter-protest IfNotNow, a leftist Jewish organization opposed to AIPAC. Some Canadian members of the JDL present in Washington D.C. also attended the anti-Muslim protest that occurred in Toronto on March 19. In the video below one can see the beating of Nayfeh, Canadian JDL leader Meir Weinstein, and Sandra Soloman who has become the face of anti-Muslim protests in Toronto as a member of Rise Canada.

Shawn Le Guerrier was arrested and faces eight charges including criminal harassment, causing a disturbance, failing to comply, and assaulting police officers. Earlier he had been witnessed breaking windows at the Islam Care Centre in Ottawa. Le Guerrier had actually been charged for vandalism at the mosque earlier in the month, making this event the second time he personally target the religious centre. The week before this most recent attack, the religious centre had also been the target of an attempted arson. As reported on this blog, Le Guerrier is associated with the Soldiers of Odin.
Chicoutimi, QC - Hell's Angels and La Meute member charged with weapons and drug trafficking offenses 
Bernard Plourde, who had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges involving 22 murders that took place between 1996 and 2001, was arrested on weapons and drug trafficking charges.
Two male performers in the Canadian Opera Company's production of Louis Riel were attacked after a performance.

Georgiana Cassidy was charged with five counts of assault as well as death threats and causing bodily harm for her alleged attacks on three separate occasions targeting Muslim women.
"A Brampton man is facing charges in connection with what Peel Regional Police are calling a 'hate-motivated' crime that left an older man seriously injured." Matthew Wight is alleged to have shouted racial epithets at an African-Canadian man before leaving his vehicle. Wight is alleged to have then physically assaulted the victim, leaving the victim with serious facial injuries."
Noor Fadel was accosted by a man who began insulting and threatening her. Pierre Belzan threatened to kill "all Muslims" before he began to assault her. Fortunately one individual, Jake Taylor, was able to protect Ms. Fadel from further harm by shoving Belzan away and forming in a barrier to prevent Belzan from committing further harm. Belzan was later taken into custody. 
Jeremy Crawford, Sept 24, 2017
A family speaking to each other in Spanish were confronted by a man with a bat in a St. Thomas parking lot. After shouting "terrorist" and ISIS" the man attacked the family with a bat. leaving one individual with bruised ribs. Mark Phillips, 36 year old,was later arrested at his home in London, ON and charged with aggravated assault and three counts of assault with a weapon. 
Sarnia, ON - Southern Ontario Skinheads Member Jeremy Crawford Sentenced For Home Invasion and Theft
Jeremy Crawford was sentenced to two years detention for a home invasion and theft; he had been searching for marijuana. Crawford stole the victim's cell phone. One can't help noting the similarity to a crime he had committed the previous year.

Ottawa, ON - Sikh man robbed, assaulted, and and turban taken
Two white males assaulted a Sikh man stealing his turban, cell phone, and bus pass while shouting racial epithets. They had accosted him earlier asking specific questions related to his ethnicity.
Calgary, AB - 91 year-old Sikh man assaulted in parking lot
"While on a visit to the No Frills grocery store near Temple Drive N.E. on March 16, Harjit Singh Rai, 91, was accosted by a man in his 40s who pushed him and yelled obscenities at him." Than man who attacked Mr. Rai was caught at the scene of the attack and arrested.
Ottawa, ON - Brandon Vaughan indicted bu U.S. grand jury in the District of Columbia for alleged involvement in assault of Palestinian-American
Brandon Vaughan, a member of the Proud Boys, was indicted for his alleged role in the assault of Palestinian-American community college teacher Kamal Nayfeh during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference in Washington, D.C. in March 2017. Another Canadian, 32-year-old Thornhill, ON resident and JDL member Yosef Steynovitz, was charged soon after the assault took place.
Toronto, ON - 10 people killed, 14 injured, by misogynist and self-proclaimed "incel"
Alek Minassian is alleged to have driven a van into pedestrians killing 10 and injuring 14 people in Toronto on April  23. While Islamophobes initially blamed Islamic terrorism (some still do despite the existing evidence), it appears that the motivation behind the attack was misogynistic in nature. Minassian is a self-proclaimed "incel" who hated women. "Incels" are closely linked to the alt-right movement. It should be noted that 8 of the 10 people murdered were women.
Mississauga, ON - Man beaten unconscious in front of family
Muhammed Abu Marzouk, 39 was attacked and left with multiple fractures to his face and a brain hemorrhage that necessitated surgery. Initially labeled as a case of road rage, the suspects Adem and Janis Corhamzic are alleged to have shouted anti-Arab epithets. Both suspects were each charged with aggravated assault and two counts of assault. ARC reported that some anti-Muslim groups dismissed the attack or celebrated it occurring.
Toronto, ON - Family accosted by man who assaulted and threatened to kill to family
Lombray Ball age 50, was charged in what has been called a suspected hate-motivated attack on two families at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. The man was later arrested in relation to a second separate incident which was similar in that he appeared to be targeting a visible minority. As in the case of Mississauga, some hate groups openly celebrated this assault.

Hamilton, ON - Man arrested after hitting woman with truck, declaring himself a racist, and saying he would kill their children.
A 47 year old man was charged with dangerous driving and failing to remain at the scene of an accident. During the incident in which he struck the person videoing the encounter with his truck, he shouted at the couple who had emigrated from India and who were Canadian citizens that he didn't believe they were Canadian: "I'm racist as f--k. I don't like you, I don't like her," he adds. "I would kill your children first."
Mississauga, ON - Woman charged with assault; believed to be hate-motivated
A 35 year old woman was charged with assaulting a woman wearing a hijab while also shouting racial abuse at her and two other women; she allegedly assaulted one of these two women as well: "the accused has been charged with assault, assault with a weapon and uttering threats to cause bodily harm. She has been released with a promise to appear in court at the end of August."
Flin Flon, MB / Denare Beach, SK- Women charged for inciting hatred online
Two women were charged with uttering threats online after posting comments about "shooting Indians" and advocating a "purge." A third woman had charges pending at the time this entry was included on the timeline.
Montreal, PQ - Suspected members/supporters of Atalante attack mixed-race couple
A couple filed a police report after they were assaulted by a group of men suspected of being members of or supporters of the overly no-Nazi gang, Atalante. After confronting the men who were placing Atalante stickers on signs, one of the boneheads slapped the man while another threatened his girlfriend: “My girlfriend is Latin American, so they started telling her to go back to her country,” said Matthew. “Then one of them — he was a big dude with a spider web tattoo and really short hair — said something like ‘If you don’t get the fuck out of here I’ll kill you.’”
Fredericton, NB - Two civilians and two police officers murdered
Four men and women were murdered by Matthew Vincent Raymond. No motive as of this entry has yet to be determined, however the suspect was also known to be virulently Islamophobic, freely expressed his hatred of Syrian refugees, and once held a lone protest at city hall carrying a sandwich board the read "No Sharia"
Calgary, AB - Man assaulted on CTrain in apparent hate-based attack
A Sikh- Canadian was assaulted by a man on the southbound CTrain by a man who shouted anti-immigrant epithets and yelling at the man to, "go back to your own country." The individual continued yelling at the victim even after exiting the CTrain. 

Pittsburgh, PA USA - 11 murdered in antisemitic attack
A gunman walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania killing 11 men and women and injuring others marking perhaps the worst case of mass murder directed at Jews in American history. Among the victims was Toronto born Joyce Fienberg, age 75. The man's Gab account was filled with antisemitic posts and included a final entry posted shortly before the massacre took place. The alleged murderer was angry that a Jewish organization was assisting refugees and though he disliked President Trump for not being extreme enough, mirrored the language that Trump has been using to describe refugees and immigrants as "an invasion."

Campbell River, BC - Yellow Vest supporter arrested
Tony Green was arrested when he pointed a weapon at an off-duty RCMP officer. A subsequent search of his residence resulted in the discovery of a small arsenal of weapons. Green is a supporter of the anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim hate group known as the Yellow Vests movement in Canada and was an active member of the Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page and posted numerous anti-government and anti-refugee images.
March 30, 2019. Steve Lane of Calgary chapter of the Soldiers of Odin

Edmonton, AB - Members of the Northern Guard, Soldiers of Odin, WCAI, Canadian Combat Coalition, and Yellow Vesters assault counter-protester
After a couple of anti-immigrant protests were vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters, members of a number of hate groups returned to the Legislative Building to hold a quick protest against a small number of remaining protesters. During a later confrontation a counter-protester was assaulted. One member of the Soldiers of Odin was taken into custody but was later released without charge. Police did not take statements from the counter-protesters and despite video evidence that several members from different hate groups were involved in the assault. In an earlier video, members bragged about how they soon get to "stomp" anti-fascists.
Pierre Dion. Photo undated but likely
from late 2018 or early 2019

Terrebonne, QC - Yellow Vests supporter arrested for praising Quebec mosque murderer

Pierre Dion was arrested after posting a video praising the murderer of six Muslim men at a Quebec City mosque in early 2017. He could be charged with inciting hatred toward an identifiable group. Dion, another supporter of the racist anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim Yellow Vest movement is also facing charges of incitement to commit criminal acts resulting from another video posted in 2018 on social media. He was subsequently found guilty of inciting hatred.
Edson, AB - Blood & Honour associate vandalizes provincial building with antisemitc slurs
Kelvin Zawadiuk was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle into a provincial building and court house and then vandalizing it with antisemitic slurs. He has also been charged with with public incitement of hatred. Zawadiuk has a history with both the Kyle McKee founded chapter of Blood & Honour and, briefly, the splinter group W.E.B led by convicted murderers Robert Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup. He was also connected to members of Blood & Honour in Edmonton who were charged and convicted of a series of assaults during an evening.

Quebec City, QC - Man arrested for assault outside mosque whose members were victimized in a mass murder in 2017
A 47 year old man was arrested outside the Centre culturel islamique de Québec. He was charged with assault after seemingly harassing members of the mosque in the parking lot. The mosque had previously been the site of a mass shooting in which six men were murdered and others injured by a man targeting the worshipers because the were Muslims. Prior to the mass murder, the mosque had also been the target of two Islamophobic attacks when someone left a pig's head outside and someone mailed a desecrated copy of the Quran to the mosque.
Hamilton, ON - Man assaults participants at pride event
Christopher Vanderweide was arrested after participating in a fight at a Pride event in Hamilton. He was one of a number of extremists who came to disrupt the event including anti-LGBTQ self-styles preachers, members of the Nationalist Party of Canada, Yellow Vesters, and others. Individuals who tried to prevent the extremists from disrupting the event used a large, black, banner to block them from sight which ultimately led to the extremists assaulting the people protecting the event. Vanderweide, wearing a quasi-military outfit including a faux tactical vest and helmet used the helmet as a weapon. He would do the same thing in Toronto after a Pegida rally in the city.

Regina, SK - Founder and leader of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party charged in assault of two women
Travis Patron was arrested in connection with the assault of two women in Regina. The two women had visible injuries and were taken to the hospital. It has been reported that the two women had been speaking to Patron; when he offered them a ride they refused and this is when the assault allegedly occurred. Patron was charged with assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, and breach of probation. The previous month Patron had run as a candidate in Souris-Mouse Mountain for the racist and antisemitic neo-Nazi party he founded and led, the Canadian Nationalist Party. Patron finished in last place.

Ashmont, AB - Man charged with uttering threats directed at First Nations' schools
A 70 year old man was charged after calls to three schools were made threatening to, "shoot them up." Andrew Sydora of Ashmont was charged with three counts of uttering threats. Despite the seriousness of the charges, Sydora was not kept in custody.

Hamilton, ON - Yellow Vest member arrested for assault
A teacher counter-protesting a Yellow Vests rally was thrown into traffic and kicked in the head as if it was a soccer ball. Rebecca Long was charged with assault in the incident, however her son Justin Long who had been a long-time organizer of the Yellow Vest protests in Hamilton and who initiated the assault was not charged. Supporters of the hate movement also subsequently posted a photo of the victim on social media claiming that he was the perpetrator and the act of assaulting him was done in self-defence. This incident represents one of the rare times a member of the Yellow Vest movement in Hamilton has been held accountable for assault despite other instances when it has occurred often with the police witnessing it (for more on this topic please read Hamilton Ontario: A troubling Timeline for more context).

Montreal, QC - Two members of the Storm Alliance arrested for threats made against Prime Minister Trudeau and Muslims
Two members of the Storm Alliance (accurately described as far-right unltranationalists) were arrested for inciting hatred and encouraging premeditated murder of the prime minister on Facebook. At the writing of this entry in the timeline the names of the suspects have not been released nor has a court appearance been cited. The Storm Alliance is an off-shoot of the Soldiers of Odin founded ostensibly because of the SoO's ties to extremism and racist groups.


Calgary, AB - Unprovoked assault suspected to be hate-based
A man in his 40s was assaulted in downtown Calgary on January 1. A city transit worker witnessed the assault which resulted in serious injuries requiring surgery called 911 and rendered first aid. The suspect, 28 year-old William Thomas Potter, was charged with aggravated assault; "'The investigation has revealed the attack may be hate-motivated, and that the victim was targeted for his race,' reads a release from police." The police are also suggested that this attack is linked to similar attacks that have taken place.

Maryland, USA - Patrik Mathews, former Canadian reservist and recruiter for neo-Nazi terrorist organization The Base is arrested
Patrik Mathews, exposed in summer 2019 as a recruiter for the accelerationist neo-Nazi group The Base, and on the run since August 2019, was arrested along with two other members of The Base in the lead up to a gun rights rally in Virginia, US. Mathews, Brian Mark Lemley Jr., and William Garfield Bilbrough IV had planned to travel to the rally, which has drawn the attention of numerous accelerationist neo-Nazis as the supposed start of the "boogaloo," or civil (race) war. Vice previously reported that Mathews was being harboured by other Base members in Georgia, US. In addition to hiding out, he was also training members. Mathews was charged with transportation of firearms and ammunition with intent to commit a felony, as well as possession of firearms while in the US illegally. The three had built a machine gun assault rifle and had over 1600 rounds of ammunition in their possession. 

Patrik Mathews
A video uploaded to The Base's social media on December 4, 2019 showing who we suspect is Mathews (forefront, black t-shirt) training other members. This video was also used as a threat and kill list toward journalists who have covered The Base. 

The pair were arrested and charged on April 6, 2020 for a March 11, 2020 assault in Burlington, ON, which left a 27 year old man with a concussion and other injuries after the charged pushed and punched him, prior to fleeing the scene. Rinalli and Jennings shouted homophobic slurs at the victim. 

Calgary Police state that the man, white and in his 20s, made a Facebook post about how he planned to spread Covid-19 to the Indigenous community. The threat was first sent as a private message, then posted to a Facebook page. He was arrested on March 27, 2020.  
Calgary Police have also stated that another hate-based incident has occurred during the pandemic, when an unidentified person called a restaurant claiming he was going to "kill Chinese people." Despite the man charged with threats not having any connection to the restaurant, Calgary Police told Vice that it is still being investigated under the Covid-19 umbrella, given the uptick in hateful rhetoric and attacks on Asians in the US.

A 48 year old white man harassed a pair of East Asian women on a bus in Vancouver. He told the women to "go back to your country; that's where it all started.". Another woman intervened telling the man to leave the women alone. According to police after an argument the man allegedly kicked the intervening woman. The woman stood up to defend herself and the man grabbed her by the hair and punched her repeatedly. The suspect was eventually found dead, believed to be of an overdose.
A Toronto stabbing attack resulted in one woman killed and another injured. The attack took place inside an erotic massage parlour. This is the first time that an attack perpetrated by someone believed to follow 'incel ideology' has been charged with terrorism. According to the police the alleged attacker wanted to kill as many women as possible. The alleged attacker cannot be name because they are underage.

A 15-year old boy in Saskatoon was attacked by a man after he shouted racial slurs and blamed the boy for spreading COVID-19. According to the boy's father, he was chased on his bike before being pushed off, tackled and punched.

A yet unidentifed woman on a Vancouver bus verbally abused and assaulted a Muslim teenager. The woman began by mocking the teen's ethnicity. She said "Your smile is making me want to punch you in the face," shortly before punching teenager several times and knocking off her head scarf. The victim's mother and a good samaritan intervened. The woman left the bus followed by the good samaratan. The woman then attacked the good samaratan and brandished a knife.
Surveilance picture of the alleged assailant

A woman who's name has not yet been released attacked two protesters in Winnipeg. The two protesters were walking in the street when the attacker exited a car that had stopped and attacked them with a hockey stick. At this time, police are investigating. 

2 men charged for a hate-motivated assault against a same-sex couple in Calgary 

Ahmed Borhot (23) and Alaa Borhot (24) have both been charged with assault with a weapon. Ahmed Borhot faces an additional assault charge. According to CBC, a same-sex couple was walking when the accused approached them. The accused allegedly used rocks, a belt, and a garbage can as weapons. 

Man attacked by Dorre Love and followers in Vancouver for opposing hateful message

Hate preacher Dorre Love and his followers attacked Justin Morissette resulting in his leg being broken and charges against Love and one of his acolytes. As a result, Love's mentor David Lynn visited Vancouver to spread hate and protest against the charges, only to be met with a less than warm welcome. 

After yelling racial slurs at Kevin Taylor, 44, the accused punched, kicked, and stabbed him. 4 women have been charged with hate-related crimes, including public incitement of hatred. This is the first time that charge has been laid in Brandon. 


Man suspected of 2 hate-based assaults in Etobicoke, ON 

On August 25, a 21 year old man was attacked, repeatedly hit, and had his turban removed. In a separate incident  on August 31, the same suspect attacked a 23 year old man.  


"More than 600 incidents of hate targeting Asians within Canada have been reported to Chinese Canadian groups since the pandemic began, and one in three of those attacks have been assaults, say the groups. 
The data, collected through online portals that have allowed victims to report hate incidents anonymously, are consistent with reports from Canadian police forces that they are also investigating an increase in anti-Asian attacks. The data, released last week, were compiled by the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, Project 1907, the Vancouver Asian Film Festival and the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice. 
All of the incidents were reported through two online platforms based in Toronto or Vancouver. The reports were received from seven provinces." 


Guilherme (William) Von Neutegem, charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Toronto mosque caretaker, follows neo-Nazi Order of the Nine Angles 

Von Neutegem (34) who murdered 58-year-old Mohamed-Aslim Zafis follows the neo-Nazi, Hitler-worshiping and extremely violent O9A, according to a scrape of his social media feeds. This is a developing story and will be updated. 

Sources Include:
Barrett, Stanley RIs God a Racist? The Right Wing in Canada. University of Toronto Press: Toronto. 1989.

Kinsella, WarrenWeb of Hate: Inside Canada's Far Right Network. Revised Edition. Harper Collins: Toronto. 2001.
Dr. Parent, Richard B. and James O Ellis III. Right-Wing Extremism in Canada. Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS). University of mWaterloo. No. 14.03. May 2014


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NOW THAT is one HELL of an article!

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marlau is no longer asoceated with Blood and honor or teh aryan guard.

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Kudos...this is a fantastic article that will be of invaluable help to antifa and other anti-racist activists working together to remove this sort of cancerous tumor from our communities.

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One word: amazing. Having been involved with grassroots anti-racism for approx. 12 years, I've got to say that I've never seen anything so thorough. Reading it brought back a lot of memories of the work that has been done and remains to be done.

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Amazing job!

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"Ernest said...

No wonder you hide behind a computer if these "boneheads" get ahold of you, you would certainly get a beating just like maitland and jason have."

Those that try might be very disappointed should such an encounter take place. Remember, we know a lot more about them than they do about us.

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Fantastic compendium! This will surely prove an invaluable tool moving forward.

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Marleau is not involved with those guys anymore. Has not been for awhile.

Kurt Phillips said...

Two points regarding Marleau:

1. He very much was a member of organized racism when he committed his crime.

2. Though he claims to no longer be involved in Blood & Honour or any other similar group, he is still a supporter of the efforts of organized racist groups, including the use of violence.

We would also add that, despite not being a member of B&H any longer and the initial break with McKee and co. was acrimonious, we've learned that Marleau's relationship with his former associates has improved.

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Great work. Dwayne Finlayson is basically a chump. It is known in his home town that he can't be trusted. It has been rumoured that he has been, and still is a C.I. (confidential informant) for the police and that is why he has never received a federal prison sentence for any of his numerous crimes.

Also Finlayson is known to be a coward and this is reflected in his numerous violent crimes. He clearly picks out his victims, sizes them up and ensures he can out-do them. Classic coward if you ask me.

When he served time back in the 90s for armed robbery he got beat so bad in the local county bucket that he had his nose and check bones broken and he was kept in solitary confident for his own protection. Even then he was very chummy with the jail guards known to sit at their desk and play crib with them.

Dwayne Finlayson is the cousin of the late Carol Finlayson featured here if you don’t already know that.

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Great timeline. I will honor this work by sharing it in my lectures at post secondary institutions. You all do amazing work. The ARC has inspired me to continue on with the work that I do.

Daniel Gallant

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In my ten years in the movement, believe it or not, the only violence I ever saw was white on white. But there was plenty of that, with fear and domination - the law of the jungle - and near suffocating negativity.

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dont post this, if you havent been already notified , it might be of interest...there are bonehead in edm @ whyte ave wearing bnh shit, at gateway and whyte this week monday (yesterday)so they must be still active

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Great timeline. Due to the increasing media influence, racism has evolved from “black and white” in the past to the multi-cultural issue it is now. Racism is a global issue challenged by many countries. It is identified as a serious issue that can cause social disturbance and moral panic in society. Racism also causes hate-crimes such as murder or racial harassment. Could the media be used in the sense that it could better educate people, on how to create a more diverse society

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This timeline is great. I hope it continues to be updated.

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I am saddened by some of the comments here that this timeline is great, this article is well done, and that readers will continue to share it. While I cannot speak to the accuracy of the other crimes listed on this timeline, I can say with certainty that the recap of Michael Amann-Ewaschuk is not a fair representation of what really happened. It is rather a generalized account based on reports and media stories that came after the fact.

I knew the Ewaschuk family, and was friends with Mike's sister at the time that he was murdered. I was at the funeral, and the trial. The statements in the media that Mike was a skinhead and a racist were overblown. The neo-Nazi paraphenaelia on the bomber jacket of Mike's friend was nothing more than a German flag. I have read the reports of classmates claiming that he and his friends were skinheads. They are exaggerated and, quite frankly, ridiculous, given that they are accusations flung by teenagers at someone who is no longer alive to defend himself. Teenagers, I might add, who were all to eager to make it into the six-o'clock news.

Michael Amann's father was German, having emigrated to Canada in early adulthood (he passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident when Michael was six and his sister was three). Michael was proud of his heritage, as was his sister, my friend. What was a display of pride in his heritage has been misrepresented by the media as racism.

I'd like to point out, too, that at the time of Mike's murder, he was wearing a ball cap and a plaid jacket. His typical attire.

You have also mentioned the incident where a reporter's nose was broken at the trial. Again, I don't think this is a fair representation, because it is not complete. The reporter in question was intent on talking to Mike's girlfriend outside of the courtroom. The reporter would not leave her alone, and grabbed her arm when she tried to turn away. I saw this. I was there at the trial. I do not condone the use of violence, but it is not as clear-cut as your recap paints it.

What we know, the friends of the Ewaschuk family, is that the evidence which supports the claim that Mike was a racist skinhead is trumped up, exaggerated, and misrepresented. And sadly, the neo-Nazi movement has latched onto his murder, and has made Mike a martyr to their cause.

This case is tragic, the family still grieves for Mike to this day. And it's unfair that he's being painted in this light by generalized accounts written by people who weren't there.

I was there. I know better.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add that Michael Upchuk was a member of the Aryan Blitzkrieg, dude. Fuck him ! Let him fry in Hell for all eternity, 8D

Anonymous said...

I didn't forget to add that Mike Amann was a member of the Aryan Blitzkrieg, dude. I didn't add it because it's trumped up. It's people like you that have all kinds of opinions after the fact, that didn't even know him or the family, that are turning this case into something it's not. Shame on you.

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You should consider going as far back as the Christie Pitts riot.

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Excellent article - Canadians should have access to an internet-based database of extremist photos so we don't give these people money, jobs, or any kind of help and accommodation.