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Friday, January 09, 2009

Requiem for a Reckzin

Although our readers have apparently enjoyed our latest article on the Aryan Guard there has been some justified criticism that we focus an inordinate amount of our attention on this group to the detriment of the rest of Canada east of the Manitoba border. Let us begin to address this issue with a commentary on Alicia Reckzin.

As many of our readers who are active in the anti-racist movement are aware, Alicia Reckzin, best known for being assaulted by George Burdi in 1993, has gone rogue. A tongue in cheek “obituary” posted by our friend Greg in Toronto provides the details:

With profound sadness, the Canadian anti-fascist community announces the demise of Alicia Reckzin, former anti-fascist, SHARP and ARA affiliate. Alicia passed quietly into the Nazi world when she secretly began sleeping with a neo-Nazi named Kevin Goudreau. The relationship was made public on September 15, 2008, on her Facebook profile, following months of deception and attempted infiltration into anti-fascist circles.

Alicia has gone to great lengths to make herself known as an anti-racist activist and frequently cites her history in SHARP and ARA, her appearance in the Hearts of Hate documentary and her assault at the hands of George Burdi as evidence of her veteran status in the movement.

Mr. Goudreau is a hardline white supremacist who has affiliated himself with the defunct Heritage Front organization, Paul Fromm, and other Canadian neo-Nazi groups and individuals, although largely ignored and rejected by the aforementioned. He is currently attempting to build his non-existent Nazi career with the loving help of Alicia, who has provided him with information about her anti-fascist contacts. Together they are now administrators at the Euro-Nationalists Association, a Nazi group on Facebook.

Alicia is survived by the anti-fascist family. She will not be missed.

In lieu of flowers we ask that you delete Alicia from your contacts, ban her from your groups, warn other anti-fascists about her defection, and in general avoid any connection with her.

There had been rumors that Reckzin was a switch hitter for years. At one time she was believed to have shacked up with a bonehead, but nothing was verified then. Now we have confirmation that Reckzin does, as she wrote sarcastically at the time on June 16, 2008, “like nazi [sic] meat.”

Now, and we hope our readers will indulge us a little bit, we would like to address Ms. Reckzin directly.

Hi Alicia. So how’s your new “life” going? As an attention whore, we know that you Google yourself and we know that you’ll be reading this article about you. We hope you don’t mind if we ask you a few questions then? Good. We’ll begin then.

We’re wondering how you could have abandoned everything you claimed to believe and stand for, betray your friends and support base, and make yourself a pariah never to be trusted by anyone again (because you know that the boneheads are suspicious of you as well)? And what did you throw it all away for? This:

Whoops. Sorry. Wrong picture. Here’s the right one:

There, that’s the right one now. But when you look at the two pictures side by side, you must understand why we made the mistake. Your boyfriend is… how can we put this delicately? Well let’s just call a spade a spade. He’s ugly. Profoundly unattractive. If he were to walk into a German village, people would attempt to drive him out with flaming torches. Mothers would warn their recalcitrant children that if they don’t eat their vegetables, the Goudreau will get them in their sleep. He looks like a creature out of a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale. Not to belabor the point though.

But maybe he has other attributes that only you can see Alicia? After all, homely people need loving too. Perhaps you love him for his mind? For all we know, he could be a scintillating intellect. Hey, if it works for Woody Allen, why not for Kevin Goudreau? Except:

Right. We forgot. Kevin Goudreau has the intellectual capacity of an inbred fruit fly and the depth of a puddle of puppy piss. We know that you’ve been proof reading Goudreau’s screeds Alicia. Even you are embarrassed by them. And why shouldn’t you be? If we were involved with someone as stupid as Goudreau, we’d do all we could do to hide his innate ability to say and write stupid things as well. And his view of his own importance makes Willy Loman appear to have a firm grip on reality. Does he still think that he’s going to become Prime Minister/dictator of Canada? And we can’t neglect his grandiose plans to make himself a significant player in the White Nationalist movement. How’s his plan for the White Power concert going Alicia? Not well we bet. You must have known that he has been trying, and failing, to organize a concert since 2000 with Luke Northmore? Has your boyfriend succeeded at anything?

Okay, so he’s ugly and incompetent. Two outs, but the inning isn’t over yet. He has one more out remaining. Charming. That’s it. Kevin Goudreau must be a poet at heart and he has won you over with his sugary words of love. Right Alicia?

"Alicia was just a skincussion/cum dumpster for some of my brothers before the whore got told to leave and she just wanted to fuck white power skinheads then was sad she got the boot from our scene and started the ara because her little feelings were hurt because she wasent accepted by us.boohoo! lol"

Oh, Kevin. He’s a sweet talker! This was written by Goudreau before he and you began your relationship Alicia, such as it is. We were surprised that you were so weak that you would have begun a relationship with a person who held you in such utter contempt. Were you desperate? Afraid of dying alone? Did you lose a bet? And what’s with him telling you where and when you can work? We thought you prided yourself as an independent woman who would never let a man tell her what to do. Well, to be fair, it isn’t a man who is telling her what to do. It’s a Goudreau, and you’d better eat your vegetables!

Well, whatever the reason, we have to thank you for your entertaining Facebook updates as you break up, get back together, break up, get back together again, and so on, often several times in the same day. And he will leave you Alicia. And you will be alone.

You must think your former friends are spitting mad and that they are all talking about you. We’re sure that would float your boat, but we’re afraid that couldn’t be further from the truth. They’ve moved on with their lives and have forgotten about you Alicia. The only time your name will cross their lips will be as the punch line to a joke. At best Alicia, you’ve become an object of pity. Besides, karma is a bit of a bitch, as Kevin has realized himself:

We want to leave you with this thought Alicia. Your grandfather was an RAF fighter during World War II. The men and women he served with often made the ultimate sacrifice fighting against the beliefs your boyfriend supports. We know that he once said he was proud of you because you were finishing the job he and other brave souls began in 1939. How do you think grandpa feels about you now that you are literally sleeping with the enemy?

With that, you may now fade into obscurity and irrelevance. Thank you for reading.

UPDATE: So now she plans on informing on the people who supported and stood by her for so long. If that doesn't say something about her character, we don't know what would.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you insulted that cute little emu by saying he looks like Boudreau. That emu did nothing to you and is probably crying into his wee emu pillow right now. Poor li'l feller.

Admin said...

Haha what a sorry sack of shit she is. She doesn't have any info on ARA anyways, she has not been involved in years. And everyone knows she is a traitor now, so what does she think she has? Names of people from like 15 years ago? lol

Anonymous said...

Who said Alicia was trying to use any "info" she has? I agree that Goudreau is a parasite on a piece of shit, and she has clearly lost her mind to be with him. However, is there any evidence of her trying to sabotage her old crew?

sigrune said...

Goudreaus only claim to fame, now, is Paul Fromm...Just imagine what will happen to Fromm when the mainstream racsits find out he's associated with a goof like Goudreau.