Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We Don't Want To Keep Talking About the Aryan Guard

But they keep giving us so much material to work with.

We received a number of files a few days ago containing pictures and videos, including the infamous porn video we discussed earlier. At one time we jokingly opined that one of the other Aryan Guard members was shooting the video while Kyle McKee and his ex "performed." It turns out that joke was closer to reality that even we had anticipated. From the anonymous source:

The first video is the "porn" shoot. It involves Brent Goldring(on camera), Robert Reitmeier(drunk), Kyle McKee(star), Caila Ann(star) and a girl named Jess(background). At the time of this video McKee's girlfriend was pregnant. It is rumored the girl Caila is metis or of some native extract. Not that it matters to me, but you'd think it would to them. This is a typical night for the C-town boys. The footage was taken at the Reitmeier's residence while ********** was in re-hab for her crack addiction... nice to see how they treat the place, what a sty. I think they re-defined the term "Aryan".. as for that, enjoy.

No, we're not going to show the video. First it would be a violation of our terms of service and we would be shut down. Second, and most importantly, we aren't in the business of showing our readers deviant Nazi sex acts. We will post a picture taken before the video was shot. Behold the Master Race:

We have also learned that a staff photographer with the "National Post" is planning on doing a photojournalism story on the Aryan Guard. A few days ago he posted a preview on his blog. It seems that members of the Aryan Guard willingly participated in this project, we assume because they thought it would present them in a more sympathetic light. Given that they have previously stated that they would not talk to the mainstream media, we find this turn of events to be interesting.

Now, we aren't in any way questioning Mr. Grundlock's motives for working on this project. In fact we're interested in seeing just how much access the Aryan Guard gave him for him to do his work. Hate groups are pretty notorious for being closed to public scrutiny, so we actually congratulate Mr. Grundlock for managing to get a peak inside a very different world. We do, however, have to question the motives of the Aryan Guard members who willingly participated in the project given their constant and consistent refusal to speak to the mainstream press.

Well, in response, we thought that we would provide our readers with the highlights of our own photojournalistic project on the Aryan Guard that we will run concurrently with that of Mr. Grundlock. In these first two pictures, we highlight some of the graffiti found in the residence of Mr. Robert Reitmeier.

Now, in addition to noticing the graffiti advocating the murder of Jews, he can't help but notice that the Aryan Guard seem to have some rather negative views of Russians. Does this mean that the Aryan Guard don't consider Russians to be White enough? Or do they, like Hitler, view Slavic peoples as racially inferior? We're sure that Russian Nationalists would be interested in their response.

In light of the above information, we would like to know how the Aryan Guard can continue to justify the claims made in their Mission Statement:

We are family orientated folk with strong family values and goals - we measure our overall success through the accomplishments and achievements of our family and race. We do not condone, nor promote illegal activities and we wish to achieve our success through a political "awakening" perspective. We are a team of individuals, we have no leader - based on society's degrading downfall we need equal cooperation from members, affiliates and other conscious whites to fulfill our goals. Only after further progression in the cause will a leader rise. We wish, and demand, the absolute best that each member has to offer - for only through hard work may we reach our goals. We believe that through a combination of everyone's skills and resources we may sufficiently aid the White race in its ongoing struggle for survival. We are an organization for all respectable whites - the young and old alike may be a part of our organization for we are all a part of the same struggle. We are Guardians of the White Aryan race, and as guardians we focus our lives and efforts towards fighting for the freedoms, future and survival of our children and beautiful people.

Or, given the overt calls to commit violence against Jews, how they can continue to claim the following Activist Values (which was stolen from Volksfront in the first place):

1. The Aryan Guard completely opposes violence, terrorism and criminal activity as a means to achieve our political aims. The Aryan Guard will use the tools of education, training, community activism and example to gain public support.

2. The Aryan Guard acknowledges the right of all people, religions, races and cultures to live free from fear, oppression, exploitation and foreign domination.

3. The Aryan Guard will use political non-violent means to achieve our goals, in every case striving to educate rather than offend the communities in which we operate. We reject the simple psychology of reactionary politics as a recruitment tool.


Anonymous said...

hhahaahahahaha no fucking way, what a bunch of jokes

Anonymous said...

OMG before you clean the world of the inferior races you might want to give that lovely little abode of yours a good scrubbing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Reitmeier! Keep on rockin' in the crack den! Your mama must be so proud.

I can't wait to see more. There will be more, right?

Anonymous said...

The famous Aryan Guard council is now in session on the first order of buisness is their enough booze...yes then the degenerate sex may now begin!!!

Anonymous said...

/awaits stormfront thread discussing this. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a Stormfront account so I could post this to the Aryan Guard thread. This is some seriously comical shit.

Anonymous said...

Aryan Guard is SO boring...yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know they're scum, but still. Isn't there anyone in Central or Eastern Canada to poke fun at. reading and hearing how degenerate the AG is doesn't really shock me, nor probably anyone else these days.

noonespecial200 said...

Well if you're wanting to hear about Central and Eastern Canada, stay tuned. We may have something in the works for you soon.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that they consider certain immigrants to be filthy yet live and hang out in a place like that. My god that is just disgusting! And any girl sleeping around with men in a place like that is no more than a gutter whore; not some "proud Aryan woman". I'd also love to see them tell some Russian hooligans that they hate Russians. Those boys are not scrawny little punks unlike those filthy rejects. Now that would be funny!