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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Alberta Canadian Combat Coalition vs. Ryan Dean: Threats of Gun Violence and Targeted Hits

One of the claims that the far-right groups make to deny their bigotry is the presence of the odd person of color in their ranks. For example in Washington State, Tusitala “Tiny” Toese acts as an enforcer for the far-right and neo-fascist Patriot Prayer group and is a member of the Proud Boys:

In Canada, there are a few people that fit this category. Ron Banerjee, Sandra Solomon, and the Ontario Proud Boy member named Lawrence in Ontario are among those individuals who fit into this category:

The three of them are Islamophobic and racists in their own right, but they serve the roll of being the "POC friend" that groups like the Proud Boys, Northern Guard, Soldiers of Odin, and others can point to to claim they aren't racists in spite of the language they use to describe POC when they think their conversations are between members only.

In sort, these people are tokens.

Token is an ugly word to describe another human being and not one that I trot out casually. But when you are a POC who continually supports people who malign other POC, I'm not sure how else to describe you.

In Alberta, Win Nay would best described in this manner:

Win Nay is a Burmese-Canadian who has been present at most far-right events in the Edmonton area during the past year or so. He associates with the Soldiers of Odin:

The virulently Islamophobic, quasi-militia, Onward Christian Soldiers:

The III% militia, here in an image that he has photoshoped to include himself and the Threeper logo:

Two groups I've never heard of, the Minuteman Alliance and Human Rights Defenders of Canada (the later image also photoshoped to include disgraced Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi; last week Parliament unanimously voted to strip her of her honorary Canadian citizenship):

Northern Guard, Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, Proud Boys. All of these are groups that consider Win Nay to serve their purposes and he is all too willing to play the roll they have given him:

If were cynical one might suggest that there are so few POC willing to debase themselves by associating with these hate groups that they have decided to share him.

Win is now part of yet another group, the ridiculously named Canadian Combat Coalition:

In this case and unlike the other instances however, he's not on the periphery but has been given some authority within the group having been names the Alberta chapter leader:

I still get a kick out of how they all believe that becoming a chapter head of a hate group that other fringe groups consider to be fringe is somehow a prestigious honor.

But there is a fly in the ointment here as Ryan Dean, the founder of the (ugh) Canadian Combat Coalition is a resident of Alberta. He was kicked out of his own group about two years back and there's been no love lost between him and Dan Dubois because of it. Dean is currently (as far as I know) still under house arrest after his conviction for domestic abuse, but he hasn't taken well to learning the CCC will be operating in the province again and contacted Win making veiled threats.

Win's response might not be as helpful as he might believe:

Win posted a screen shot of part of this exchange. Another individual, "Greg Huck", who is almost certainly Ryan Dean posting under a false name as he does (badly) so often, provided another part of the exchange to counter Win:

Neither of these scree shots make either of the two men look good:

Yeah.... they are threatening a gun battle because that certainly doesn't make them both look like violent criminals.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Faith Goldy Displays Her Understanding of Gun Safety At Roger Stone's and Milo Yiannopoulos' Discount "Eyes Wide Shut" Party

So on Monday Doug Ford was forced to comment on his encounter at Ford Fest with Faith Goldy and her entourage of neo-fascists.... er.... fine, upstanding, totally-having-loads-of-sex-with-ALL-the-women, young men.

And in totally not shocking news, Ford seems okay with it all:

Considering how the PCO approval rating is currently tanking after only a few months in office, I'm not so sure I would want to be saddled with a reputation of refusing denounce someone on the far-right who is comfortable associating with neo-Nazis, but what do I know?

However, I thought I'd share something that came my way via some genuinely very fine people (passed on to moi by a friend of a mutual friend) that, while having little to do with the Toronto mayoral campaign, does shed a bit of light on the "alt-right" web of connections of which Ms. Goldy is a part of.

Back in May 2017, Cassandra Fairbanks, a Trump supporter who runs in alt-right circles, was present at Roger Stone's home (at least that is how it was described to me) in Miami where he was hosting a party for pedophile apologist Milo Yiannopoulos that was being called Cinco de Milo.

Get it? Huh? HUH?!?

It's funny because they're all assholes.

Fairbanks was present in part because she was scheduled to interview Stone the next day, though given how soused she appeared in the video as she narrates, she seems to have imbibed a fair amount so she might not be asking any hardball questions.... I can't say she wouldn't ask for a highball though.

I'm here all week folks! Try the veal and please remember to tip your server!

How can I describe the setting to establish the mood?

Well, there is a definite "ick" factor. I mean, I'm not sure I would have attended unless all my vaccinations were up to date and even then I wouldn't touch anything. At one point Fairbanks says she wasn't wearing her shoes. I hope that she had a whole lot of penicillin the next day or, hell, just burnt off her feet to be safe.

Really, the whole ambiance reminded me of a stereotypical nightclub in Russia frequented by members of the mafia, but not one of the good clubs. More like one frequented by forth tier mobsters who run a blue jeans smuggling ring and who head into Uryupinsk for a good time.

I also had the unnerving feeling that there was a porn movie being shot upstairs. Perhaps several.

If you think I'm exaggerating about any of this, here is the host on the night of the party:

I don't care who you are, the dude is creepy af.

The video begins with a seemingly inebriated Yiannopoulos speaking profanely with three members of the Miami Police Department. It seems that the police officers are big fans and joke around with him and tell him why they were called and who made the noise complaint. Later Jack Posobiec repeats what the police said early in the video; that they had been called on a noise complaint. Posobiec, who described the police as "based" further repeated that the police told Yiannopoulos who had made the complaint (Bill Maher) and that there would likely be more, though these particular cops didn't appear to plan on doing anything about any future noise complaints because screw the man!

.... even if you are "the man."

Nice to see though that the Miami Police Department have officers who will pick and choose what laws to enforce depending upon if they like the subject of the complaint and then further potentially endanger the person making the complaint by identifying him. Nicely done!

And damn it, you made me sympathize with Bill Maher! That alone is unforgivable!

But I digress.

Faith Goldy was also at the party. Though most of the participants were deep into their cups, she appears to be relatively more lucid by comparison. Still, for a woman who claims that part of her mayoral campaigns' platform focuses on safety and gun violence, they are all hella unsafe when handling the AR15 that they are passing around and pointing at people (around the 8:00ish minute or so):

Now I'm no big city lawyer, but I can't help thinking that a group of people who are intoxicated passing around a potentially deadly weapon isn't a very good idea.

Oh, but she does look so happy though!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Doug Ford, Faith Goldy, and the Company They Keep

Last night was Ford Fest in Toronto, an event that used to be organized by the late Rob Ford and his brother Doug, however as Doug Ford is now the premier it seems that the event is now a Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario sponsored event; the party claims that no tax dollars paid for the event. Ford Fest has always brought out.... er.... the best of the Ford family base of supporters, including one a few years ago in which Ron Banerjee shouted homophobic slurs prior to assaulting a gay rights protester.

You know, as one would do at an event touting conservative family values.

Truth be told, Doug Ford has attracted quite a significant following among members of the far right who count themselves as his staunchest supporters and at last night's Ford Fest saw a few of those supporters turn out:

Kevin "Poodle" Johnston arriving with Faith Goldy and her incel alpha-male entourage (including the Proud Boy member shooting the video above) wasn't exactly surprising. Goldy has been rather desperate to garner media attention for her fringe mayoral campaign and I'm probably falling into that trap myself by giving her even a little bit of oxygen:

Then again I sort of think of Goldy and her ilk as being more akin to anaerobic bacterium such as Clostridium botulinum where exposure to the air ultimately proves to be lethal.

Now regarding Goldy's presence, the big news being covered by most journalists is the fact that she and her boi toys had a selfie moment with the premier:

There have been calls on Ford to condemn Goldy by the NDP, but really, despite suggestions from insiders that Ford was unaware of Ms. Goldy's rather sordid history....
.... I'm personally somewhat dubious about that claim myself:

Still, what interests me now are those who have decided to work on Goldy's campaign:

Readers have met "Jack Tyler" before on the blog. He participated in the ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada) banner drop that occurred on August 11 in Toronto and which Goldy herself promoted afterwards:

In addition to being an ID Canada member, "Jack" is also a member of Students For Western Civilization, another hate group that Goldy also has strong ties to:

ARC has already offered ample evidence that both ID Canada and Students For Western Civilization are in large part behind Goldy's campaign:

The presence of "Jack" at Ford Fest with Goldy, who also participated in the defunct far-right podcast "This Hour Has 88 Minutes" as Cracker Jack (as well as another similar and more recent podcast) is further confirmation:

Interestingly, "Jack" isn't all that much of a fan of Ford as evidenced by a video that he posted not long after Ford won the PCO leadership race:

The part at the end of the second clip was some not-so-subtle antisemitism in case ya'll didn't catch it.

So why support Ford now? Well, he actually said that people should vote for Ford at the end of the video as he is a means to an ultimate end:

I'm especially interested in "Jack's" suggestion that they need to act "crypto" in the political sphere until such time as they take power to implement their white supremacist policies.

"Jack" isn't the only one who has rather ambivalent views about Doug Ford:

I don't think the Proud Goys like me much

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Man Who Founded Short-Lived Hate Group Running For Mayor in Manitoba Town

We have the fine folks in Winnipeg with FF1 to thank for this tip.

So far we've seen a number of examples of far-right individuals running for mayor in major cities in Ontario. Toronto has Faith Goldy, James "ew!" Sears, and Chris Brosky (who has the added distinction of spending time in an American prison for a racially-based killing). In Mississauga and Hamilton yapping poodle Kevin Johnston and Paulie Fromm are running respectively. However we also suspected there might be a few who were running in smaller communities that we had yet to come across.

That brings us to Ryan Brady who is running for mayor in the town of Thompson, Manitoba:

Second mayoral hopeful, second incumbent councillor registered as municipal election candidates
With less than 24 hours to go before the nomination period ends, Thompson has a race for the mayor’s position for the time being, with Ryan Brady having put his name forward to run against current councillor Penny Byer, who announced her intention to run back in May.
Bumper crop of 35 candidates for 2018 municipal election, including four wannabe mayors 
It will be a four-way race for mayor in the Oct. 24 election, with three of the current councillors – Penny Byer, Colleen Smook and Ron Matechuk – seeking to become the head of council, with Ryan Brady also in the running.
As it turns out, Brady had come to ARC's attention back in 2009 when he attempted to help fill the vacuum left by the temporary absence of the Aryan Guard while it's founder Kyle McKee was awaiting trial for attempted murder; he eventually pleaded to lesser charges and upon release the Aryan Guard "patched over" to Blood & Honour.

The identity that the Ryan Brady running for mayor in Thompson is Ryan Brady who posted on Stormfront under the username "honoryourlife" is confirmed here:

Top photo posted to Stormfront by Brady in 2009; bottom two posted to Facebook by Brady in 2018
Now it has been a number of years since Brady was active on Stormfront. For example, this is his last post:

As such he may not hold the same views that he once held. However, considering he was a sustaining member of Stormfront while active (meaning that he financially supported them) and his posts include the following, I think that as a candidate for public office Ryan Brady needs to explain himself:

Monday, September 17, 2018

More Evidence Linking Faith Goldy's Mayoral Campaign to Hate Groups ID Canada and Students For Western Civilization

First, absolute full credit to the folks at Sudbury Against Fascism and which ever activist worked on gathering the information concerning Liam H! Their fantastic work, detailed here and which I'm replicating on ARC, has resulted us all learning a little more about the relationship between ID Canada, Students For Western Civilization, and Faith Goldy:

Meet Liam H., a.k.a. "CarloNord", a.k.a. "CarlotheNord" across a number of social networking sites including POF, though most of the screen shots used come from where he is quite a prolific user. Liam, whose last name we don't yet know but I'm sure we will eventually, is the head of Sudbury's ID Canada chapter:

How active a member is Liam? A while back, Generation Identity Canada (which was re-branded as ID Canada) engaged in a postering campaigns in Sudbury, including the one detailed here:

Liam was very proud to taken credit for at least one of these efforts....

.... and is strongly suspected of having been involved in postering for the Northfront Nationalists, which he appears to refer to here as Nordfront:

It is here that things become even more interesting.