Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Bored? Help Us Identify Some ID Canada Members

After 12 days, ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada) finally managed to put together a video of their small demonstration on August 11 and uploaded it to YouTube. I now present to you all that video:

Whoops! I wonder how that happened?

They also posted the video to their Facebook group page earlier today after YouTube removed it from their platform for copyright violations. While I won't actually post the video, the comments certainly tell us a lot about the group and their supporters:

ARC and others have taken screen shots of the video in order to identify any of the roughly 14 - 16 people who participated in the demonstration. Two of those are people that were identified in the ARC article discussing the event:

Tyler Hover who ARC identified as the leader of Generation Identity Canada and now is presumably heading ID Canada.

Mark Stewart who is also a leader in the hate group.

Two others were identified later:

Julien Côté who is listed as a spokesperson for ID Canada and who appeared in an Edmonton news story regarding ID Canada stickers and flyers found in the city.

Jack Tyler (perhaps a pseudonym) who is or was also a member of Students For Western Civilization; back in November 2017 he and the rest of that group appeared on another bridge (really, this is starting to become a fetish).

Of particular interest is the connection Faith Goldy has with both groups as well as the connection between ID Canada and Students For Western Civilization through Athan Zafirov ("Date") as shown on the leaked Discord chat logs:

There are a few other people who participated in the ID Canada event on August 11 who we have partial images of their faces. Granted these might be long shots, but if any reader is able to identify these people ARC would be very appreciative:

The lone woman at the ID Canada sausage party.

For someone so proud of his culture, I can't help wonder why he would hide himself?

What? No gold chains to complete the outfit?

I can't think of anything particularly amusing (if even only for my own benefit) for this image. They are so generically white bread I'm growing drowsy just looking at the picture. You know the guy in red thinks that deep-fried jalapeno popper are too spicy though.

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Anonymous said...

Just FYI, Julien Côté is running as an independent in Emard-Verdun-Lasalle and is not exactly forthcoming about his past.