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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Ronny Cameron Thrilled With Bernier Leaving Conservative Party

Maxime Bernier quitting the Conservative Party on the eve of the Conservative Party Policy Convention and promising to create and lead a new, presumably further right, party has sort of been a bit of a political earth quake in the country. Certainly it has been met with consternation among Conservatives who believe that a split on the right would all but guarantee another Liberal victory. Others are thrilled that they will have a "real conservative" who supports their values.

One of those people is very happy today:

Going through the thread, I would say that maybe 25% of commentators agree with Cameron while the remaining 75% are losing their shit alternatively accusing Bernier of being paid off by George Soros and/or Saudi Arabia and accusing each other of being "libtards."

In fact, Cameron has been providing a fair amount of shallow political commentary for the past week:

It's funny that this is sort of the very low hanging fruit that he accuses Myatt of posting, but I digress.

To be fair, I suppose Cameron has made a few posts that might constitute a rudimentary, if entirely predictable, political platform that he sees someone like Bernier implementing. For example, echoing Bernier's criticism of Canadian immigration policy, Cameron posted the following:

Dear god, how can someone have so little understanding of history, geography, economics, and demography and actually believe he's intelligent?

Now while some of his followed are very much on board Ronny's train to the Republic of Gilead, a lot of the women who posted aren't really down with being incubators:

Cameron's comments about First Nations certainly find some resonance in Bernier's position concerning Native peoples:

Then there's this simple declaration:

Again, a lot of agreement from the true believers, but some have recognized that there's just a wee bit of cognitive dissonance give Cameron's own self-declared relationship status:

I don't now Ronny. Have you seen Paulie in a leather brief? 

And like all wannabe authoritarians, support for eliminating opposition is casually discussed:

Much of this (sans the "kill off liberals") can be seen to some degree in Bernier's positions so Cameron isn't being particularly original. Still, Cameron does hold at least one position that I suspect Bernier might find objectionable:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOL . " Cabot, John Cabot" the neckbeard insists.As if he wasn't actually named Giovanni Caboto from Genoa, Italy.Sigh.....