Saturday, April 29, 2017

Canadian Soldiers of Odin Break With Finland

I've been away on vacation (thanks George Soros ;) and only returned to Canada yesterday, but I thought this would be an appropriate time to mention that ARC and are currently collaborating on a project:
We are partnering with the Anti-Racist Canada: The ARC Collective for the next #stophateca roundup to focus on the Islamophobic organizing in Quebec. Please send contacts and any information you think would be useful in regard to digging into Islamophobia in Quebec to #stophateca or to
To be fair, Ms. Bhullar is being very kind in characterizing this is as a partnership, as Rabble is in my view doing most of the heavy lifting and has already put together a valuable resource that will grow over time. I would ask ARC's readers to closely follow Rabble and the ongoing project.

In the meantime, while I was away this happened:
Man charged after windows broken at main Ottawa mosque, Islam centreThe Ottawa CitizenMore from the Ottawa CitizenPublished on: April 14, 2017 | Last Updated: April 14, 2017 4:38 PM EDT 
Police have charged one man after Ottawa’s central mosque on Northwestern Avenue and the Islam Care Centre were hit by vandalism this week.....Investigators were able to confirm that windows were broken at both the mosque and care centre and then arrested the man. Police allege that the man assaulted one of the arresting officers. 
Shawn Le Guerrier, 27, has been charged with two counts of mischief and one count of assault police.

ARC received information about Le Guerrier which suggests that he subscribes to white nationalist beliefs and runs in a crowd that advocates violent confrontations with antifa:

Of further note, Le Guerrier is a member or supporter of the Ottawa chapter of the Soldiers of Odin:

I should further mention that this is actually the second time Le Guerrier has targeted the same mosque in as many weeks. Interesting that the "law abiding" SoO didn't give Le Guerrier the boot the first time.... unless they perhaps tacitly approved of the vandalism? And perhaps not coincidentally, the same mosque was also the target of an attempted arson.

This isn't of particular surprise to those of us who follow the SoO in Canada. Members of the SoO in both Ontario (at least those who have attended the anti-Muslim events in Toronto), Calgary, and British Columbia have become increasingly aggressive and confrontational and the level of anti-Muslim vitriol is increasingly hysterical and unhinged. ARC and others have reported on the large number of white supremacists who have joined or who are supporters of the Canadian organization, as well as their refusal to disavow the Finnish parent chapter in spite of the founder's overt ties to a violent neo-Nazi group and his (and others) numerous arrests for racially-based assaults. 

Or, at least the once refused to disavow Finland. Seems things have changed:

Thus far we haven't heard anything from Joel Angott, but at this point there seems to have been a coup which has ousted SoO National President and founder Angott and has resulted in convicted grow-op operator with what appears to be a recent domestic violence charge hanging over his head Bill Daniels becoming the new Grand Poobah.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ARC's Response to Outing of "Nazi Mom"

We're sure that by this point, talk about ARC's communication with the woman referred to as the "Nazi Mom" has become fairly wide spread within the bonehead community in Canada and elsewhere as a result of poor security on her part. There is no indication that ARC email accounts have been compromised.

To address the elephant in the room, I will admit that ARC is guilty as charged.

"Nazi Mom" (and she will continue to be referred to as such given the legal issues related to the child custody issue that has been going on for close to 10 years now) contacted ARC in the middle of 2014. While still associated with the movement, she provided information about those individuals that she felt were not of moral rectitude. Eventually, and over the years, this writer began speaking to her on a more human level as I thought that perhaps I might be able to lead her out of the movement that she had been a part of for much of her adult life; those efforts may or may not have been naive on my part, but as I have found some success in the past, I figure that it was worth a try.

In any case, a former friend of the "Nazi Mom" who found himself with access to her email account sent information to myself and others concerning allegations of theft and prostitution, as well as evidence that she had been in contact with ARC for a number of years. One of the individuals who received the information was Bill Noble who promptly posted some of her contacts with ARC on the hate site Stormfront. Among those who replied was Kevin Goudreau who posted messages threatening the "Nazi Mom" and demanding that she reveal more of the identity of your's truly. That thread on Stormfront was either removed or moved to a members only part of the forum before I was able to get any screen shots, though I did manage to save part of the text of one of Noble's posts which will be discussed later.

In response to Bill Noble, I have the following question:

Do you really think that she is the only informant within your movement that ARC has?

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Trump Supporters: A House Divided

Like most structures built by Donald Trump which outwardly appear sophisticated and finely constructed, but under the surface are primarily composed of particle board with a mahogany veneer and gold-colored paint, the coalition of alt-right racists, resentful whites frightened by changing demographics and a loss of power, and Republican supporters who support the candidate come hell or high water isn't looking so gilded as a result of his decision to reverse course and bomb a base in Syria.

In short, his alt-right supporters are losing their shit.

Richard Spencer who once literally hailed (or heiled) Donald Trump has denounced the invasion and held what he styled as an anti-war rally to oppose him.... and was glitter bombed  for his troubles.

Ann Coulter, always a nasty piece of work, is tweeting about how depressed she is about the attack and hoping that his supporters will reign him back in.

Frog faced (and you know I'm right about that description) Nigel Farage, Brexit architect and Trump's choice as UK ambassador to the United States, has spoken out against his actions as has fascist French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

The alt-right and conspiracy theory spreading news has also criticized Trump's decision to bomb the Syrian base. My personal favorite is Paul Joseph Watson, editor of who stated he was "off the Trump train" over this issue, then after being attacked by Trump supporters stated he was never off the Trump train and that such claims constituted fake news, thus impugning himself further in the process:

Fringe media personalities in Canada are also of a similar mindset. Ezra hasn't said anything specifically, though his re-tweets of Ann Coulter indicate displeasure:

Faith Goldy is similarly quiet herself, though her views seem fairly clear:

Formerly of The Rebel, Lauren Southern is willing to be a little bit more outspoken in her disappointment:

However, Rebel contributor and self-identified antisemite Gavin McInnes seems a little more forgiving (though coincidentally, he still wants Trump to get rid of his most prominent Jewish advisor and keeping a guy who also isn't a big fan of Jews):

But while many "alt-right" Trump supporters feel betrayed, many other Trump supporters are tickled pink as they believe that this shows, "America is back!" and further hope for an even more robust, interventionist, foreign policy.

Not one that involves any actual diplomacy and alliance building, of course. Just one that involves dropping lots of bombs on people because when you view your military as a hammer, every problem is a nail.

I see this struggle between Trump-supporters and erst-while allies on a number of social media sites. As is see it, those opposed to the bombing those who support it provide the following rationales:

  • Assad is our ally fighting ISSIS and is protecting Christians (a rather dubious claim, but there it is).
  • Trump was tricked. He's being manipulated by Obama holdovers or neo-cons such as his son-in-law (Kuchner's Jewish faith is often also mentioned.... I wonder why?).
  • It's a false flag. There was no chemical attack or, if there was, it was carried out by the jihadists.
  • Bombing the Syrian base might result in more icky refugees.
  • Assad targeted children! Of course he targeted them before and we didn't care, nor do we want them here now.... but think of the children!
  • 'Merica! Fuck yeah!
  • A Muslim is a Muslim so why bother making distinctions?
  • Kill 'em all and let God (our Lord and Savior all praise to Him and his mercy) sort them out!
Oh, and George Soros is also blamed by both sides. As are Clinton and Obama who are accused of either not doing enough to stop the horrors to supplying the bad guys to manipulating Trump. And Trudeau is a pussy and a Muslim too apparently because why not.

The clearest indications of these sentiments can be found on the main WCAI Facebook page. While the founder of WCAI and operator of the Facebook group Joey Deluca is fully on board the Trump train still....

.... there's a little bit more conflict within the membership:

Right. I'm not going to subject you to all 469 comments and additional responses, but here are a few representative samples:

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Soldiers of Odin: Terrorist Organization Supporters?

On Sunday, I reported on the April 1 anti-Muslim protests that occurred in both Toronto and Calgary. At the protest in Toronto was this fella:

Zaza Vili, pictured here with Sandra Soloman, has attended at least two of the anti-Muslim protests in Toronto with Canadian Jewish Defence League leader Meir Weinstein. Vili himself serves as the Canadian JDL's Head of Security:

This blog has written about JDL violence in the past and the reason why it is considered a terrorist group in the United States. If anyone is interested, that article can be found here.

Vili also recently attended AIPAC in Washington D.C. where fellow Canadian JDL member Yosef Steynovitz assaulted a Palestinian-American college instructor (and because she's drawn to anything the is even vaguely anti-Muslim like a moth is drawn to a flame, Sandra Soloman was also in attendance).

Also at the three Toronto anti-Muslim events, the last two in some force and acting far more aggressively, were the Soldiers of Odin, an organization founded by a Finnish neo-Nazi and which is Canada has become increasingly strident in their targeting of Muslims and refugees.

And the SoO loves them their JDL:

I'd suggest those are faces only a mother would love, but (a) I've been admonished already about being mean when writing about fascists and (b) I'm not entirely convinced that the sentiment is actually true.

In any case, the mutual love-in sort of presents a bit of a problem for the SoO in that one of their key claims is that refugees from Muslim countries, and really Muslims in general, are a Trojan Horse and that by their very nature Muslims either are terrorists or support terrorist organizations, with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood acting as the key boogeymen.

Here is Zaza Vili while in Israel visiting the grave of Meir Kahane, founder of the original JDL as well as the Israeli political party Kach.

Actually, to be more precise, here is Zaza Vili while in Israel visiting the grave of Meir Kahane, founder of the original JDL as well as the banned Israeli political terrorist organization Kach.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

April 1 Anti-Muslim Protests and Counter-Protests: Calgary

The last article focused on Toronto. In this one I focus on the situation in Calgary.

I would be remiss if I didn't first address the act of sabotage and vandalism that Jason and Bonnie Devine were again subjected:

Regarding the incident, Jason noted:
It's been four years since we've been attacked in the night, and even longer the night before a rally, but here it is.  
One again our tires have been slashed, but this time there is graffiti. 
Was it really the Guardian of Alberta (GOA)? Or was it Blood & Honour (B&H) posing as them?  
Who knows? But it's standard practice by racist scum to engage in vandalism in the middle of the night.
Jason and his family have been hit a number of times, the most serious being the late night home invasion that left him and a friend badly injured. To their credit, neither assaults, vandalism, fire bombs, or slashed tires have stopped Jason or Bonnie from speaking out.

More on this incident in a moment.

As for the rally, Jason provided ARC with the following details:
We met early and got to city hall by 10:15-10:20. From then on members and supporters trickled in. Near the end we had about 50-55 people in attendance. There was a heavy police presence, but no conflicts that I saw. As I mentioned before three people who I think were boneheads showed up and stood to the side.  
The GOA lady (although now with talks of split I guess she may be with CCC) Karyn Draper showed up to talk her crazy shit at the end. Finally Merle Terlesky and I think two other guys with Trump hats showed up to protest, but they stayed on the other side of the street and didn't come over so I couldn't see as well.
In fact, both Terlesky and Draper both mentioned they would be attending, even while the WCAI, Guardians of Alberta, and (get this) the Canadian Combat Coalition (because they are running out of names that sound intimidating I guess) claimed that they would be sitting this one out:

It's nice to see WCAI founder Joey Deluca so concerned about respect. I mean, he couldn't possibly to anything to undermine this noble sentiment? Right?



April 1 Anti-Muslim Protests and Counter-Protests: Toronto

We're going to focus on Toronto and Calgary in two separate articles since there's a fair about of information to unpack.

We received the following information from a friend who knew some of the people who participated in the counter-protest:
Reports from those who were attended indicated that the Soldiers of Odin and Jewish Defence League were both present, though there were not more than 20 people on the fascist side. One carload was confronted by antifascists in an underground parking garage and, “literally burned rubber” leaving, though it seems that they might have been able to make it to the protest some time after this occurred. As it was, the fascist protesters had a significantly less productive day than they did on March 19. 
The antifascists showed up in significantly larger number than they did on March 19 (though still less than on March 4). The fascist protesters, who could only seem to hold their position for a bit more than an hour, weren’t able to get their speakers working and any chants they may have engaged in were drowned out by the larger group antifascists. All of this contributed to a significant amount of frustration and demoralization on the fascist side 
Unlike March 19, the fascist protesters were unable to march and needed not only the bike police to act as escorts back to the underground parking garage, but also a full riot squad. It was also reported that of the arrests, two were fascists though there aren’t any details concerning who they were or what charges, if any, they will be facing. It is clear though that the SoO were especially aggressive based on some of the photos and videos we’ve seen.
We've seen videos of the scrimmages and it looks like SoO members initiated the violence, an assessment shared by another group who documented the protest:
Soldiers of Odin initiated physical violence to assert themselves as soon as they got to the square. A member of the JDL urged police to "smash her ****ing face" in an openly hateful and sadistic display directed towards a petite female-identified protester. She was aggressively detained by police after approaching the JDL and shouting "shame on you!" She did nothing threatening or violent and only voiced her own opinion.  
Moments later, a Soldiers of Odin prospect wearing a "Sons of Anarchy" Television show hoodie can be seen singing "I love me, I love me, lets gang up and kill Commies." Make no mistake, calling for violence and death towards people for exercising their democratic right to oppose you is an explicitly hateful position.
One of the SoO thugs arrested was this guy, though his name isn't yet known:

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Fallout from the Kellie Leitch Presentation in Brampton

First, before I continue to far, I will be writing about the events that took place in Toronto, Brampton, and Calgary on April first, though in the meantime we direct our readers to the CBC which covered the event in Toronto.

So, it's been a rather eventful week in Canadian politics.
ARC broke the story that Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate was courting a group in Brampton that included Ron Banerjee and Rise Canada. I'll talk more about Banerjee and Rise Canada in a moment, though I would be remiss if I didn't note that Ron must be feeling at least some heat in that he deleted both the video from YouTube and the article promoting Leitch on the Rise Canada website:

Good thing I saved a copy I guess.

But the reality is that there were other items in the video that I should also have focused on: