Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paulie Has Left the Building....

.... though likely not by his own choice.

Over the last month, Facebook has been purging folks who euphemistically refer to themselves as "White Nationalists." The purge has been noted by none other than Paul Fromm himself.

Try to find Paulie online now, and you see this:

Now don't get too excited. These people are like cockroaches and they always scurry back when the lights are off (we think Goudreau has been booted from Facebook no fewer than 37 times and he always comes back).

But we so do enjoy how frustrated they get when it happens.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hey, How DID Things Go in London, BTW?

We received a note concerning the events of last Saturday in London, ON where Blood & Honour attempted to hold a march.

Max Hynes, "Wes Smith" and Amanda Jackson
Suffice it to say, things could not have gone more poorly for them.

From one of the organizers:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Vilification of Trayvon Martin

Our friend Dr. Dawg has referred in the past to "conservative" as not being politics, but a diagnosis. And certainly in the demonization of Trayvon Martin on the right, we are loathed to disagree with him. Smears such as the faked photos depicting Martin as a "gang banger", accusations (unfounded) that he sold drugs, and that he, not Zimmerman, was the aggressor and that Martin got what he had coming to him have proliferated the Internet as racists have attempted to smear in death Trayvon Martin.

By the way, if Martin felt threatened by Zimmerman and did put up a fight, then isn't he protected by the same law that Zimmerman is now seemingly protected by? Just a thought...

President Obama made brief mention of the case when specifically asked. A normal person might think, upon hearing what Obama said, that he was trying to comfort a grieving family while at the same time stating while he hoped that there would be an investigation, it wasn't the federal government's place to interfere. In today's hyperpartisan atmosphere though, he was accused of, "race baiting."

We'll see plenty of that ahead here in this article.

Since we focus on Canada, we thought we would focus specifically on the reaction of Canada's far right. Starting with the hyperpartisanship angle, our friends at Free Dominion attacks Obama because his campaign happens to sell hoodies as a means of fund raising for the upcoming campaign:

Yep. They're making the case that Obama is attempting to profit from the Trayvon Martin tragedy. They don't seem to realize that the Obama team has been selling this hoodie well before the shooting took place and it has nothing to do with Trayvon Martin now.

Still, if they decide to criticize Obama, perhaps they might also decide to criticize the Republican front runner:

Perhaps Duane will condemn the folks running this particular website for selling these hoodies?

Or maybe Ron Paul supporters:

Want to take bets on if the guy modelling the hoodie in the above screen shots would have been shot in the chest in Florida?

But these are the side-show.

We're going to post a representative sample of screen shots from Free Dominion's thread dealing with Trayvon Martin. If you wish, you might choose to pick your way through the entire 21 pages (as of now) of ugliness yourselves, but we decided to limit the scope and focus on a few. And while not every person posting in the thread should be described as a bigot, the entire thing is as bad as anything you might read on Stormfront, Blood & Honour, or VNN forums.

We're going to limit our commentary. Let us know what you think and if our designation of Free Dominion as a hate site is accurate or not?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Dominion Chimes in on Yesterday's Events

If you pick a thread on Free Dominion, it seems like the posters there are a little schizophrenic in that they will hold any view, even if it might contradict what they or others have already written, simply it seems to contradict their ideological opponents.

We now offer such an example.

Instead of posting screen shots in a linear, chronological manner, we decided to do it in such a way as to group them into distinct, but overlapping, narratives. Feel free to take a look at the original posts on their own site. We'll provide a link here, but not a direct one.

Photos from Edmonton

We had said we would post photos when they arrived. Here that we selected for inclusion on the blog:

So in all, a pretty pathetic display from the boneheads. We're not sure they were even able to muster 15, never mind the 20 - 25 as has been recounted to us.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Misinformation About the Circumstances Behind Jan Korinth's Death

While focusing on the marches in Edmonton and London, we have also been paying attention to the Jan Korinth case.

Today, CBC reported that they received an email claiming that Korinth's death was because he was targeted. The person who sent the email to CBC wrote the following:

"They ... planned to attack, no doubt because Jan was a member of Blood and Honour. It was a hate crime against our people. We will not stop until there is justice for our fallen comrade," the purported friend — who would identify himself only as Mike — said in an email to CBC News.

Right away this didn't make sense. The person who have been hit with bear spray was found in the residence while the trail of blood that led to Korinth originated at that residence to a location a number of houses away. One would then surmise that it was the person who was hit with the bear spray who was the resident of the home and that Korinth was the one who was not the resident. If the guy found at the house wasn't the legal resident, wouldn't the police have arrested him?

We immediately suspected that "Mike" was one of two things. He could be someone with no connection to Korinth at all but wanted to stir the pot. The second option is that the anonymous emailer is someone very much familiar with this sub-culture and wants to use Korinth to further some twisted goal of building racial tensions to the point where more violence might occur.

We suspect the latter.

Later this evening, another report was filed, this time by CTV which appears to confirm our position:

CTV Video of Edmonton Bonehead March and Response

Really, Kyle, why do you even bother trying to conceal your identity?

But thanks for admitting you all are a hate group. Much appreciated.

White pride demonstration in Edmonton ends quickly

Date: Sat. Mar. 24 2012 7:41 PM ET

EDMONTON — A white pride rally in Edmonton's downtown lasted only minutes when the demonstrators fled into a subway stairwell after they were greeted by over 100 anti-racist counter-protesters.

What a lovely day for a walk (with a couple hundred friends)

Just back from the anti-racist rally and march in Edmonton and I’ve got to say I’m disappointed in the best way possible. I’m sure the boneheads will claim all sorts of victory because they actually managed to get to street level for a bit (I’m not sure how long) but when you have to scurry back down into an LRT station behind a wall of police as soon as your opponents appear, that hardly seems like a victory to me. Anyway, I should probably start at the beginning.

About 200 of us gathered at End of Steel Park at noon. There were a few speakers, who were really good, but the crowd was getting restless. Intel was coming in that the boneheads were headed downtown to Churchill Square. So, we headed down Saskatchewan Drive with our police escorts, who didn’t seem to do much but stop traffic.

Across the High Level Bridge, through the Legislature grounds, down Jasper Ave to Churchill Square we went. I’m sure you folks know the drill: chant, crack jokes, have a few laughs, maybe bang on some drums. It’s generally a good time. By the time we got to Churchill Square the crowd was really loud. Tension was high. We got to the square and…

CBC's Account of Edmonton

Edmonton anti-racism protesters confront white supremacists

Supremacists absent at Calgary rally, police outnumbered protesters

White supremacists and anti-racism protestors confronted each other at a rally today in Edmonton.

Police gathered at the entrance to the Churchill LRT station, which they closed after a small group of white supremacists escaped into it while being pursued by protesters.

The group of about 200 began by following the white supremacist group into Sir Winston Churchill Square.

There was also an event in Calgary, where about 25 people turned up at City Hall to rally against racism.

Calgary anti-racism leader Jason Devine said the white supremacists had taken their cause to Edmonton.

The Calgary event was a lot more peaceful than in 2011 when hundreds of police were needed to keep that group away from a group of white supremacists.

This year the dozens of police outnumbered the protesters.

London Boneheads Suck At Organizing

Sent by a friend who was present at what was apparently a very poor day today for London, ON boneheads:

Just so ya know the boneheads got totally and completely mercked today. They got trapped in an underground parking lot and then scattered and sent home. More info later

First Media Report From London

Anti-racists, 'white pride' groups clash

Last Updated: March 24, 2012 4:40pm

An expected ‘white pride’ rally outside London city hall drew a large crowd Saturday afternoon — but one marching under an anti-racism banner.

About 100 people from various activist groups, including Occupy London members, converged at 300 Dufferin Ave. in a kind of counter-protest to the pro-white event that had been planned.

“We’re here to say you’re not welcome in our community,” said one member of the group, whose face was bandana-clad and gave his name only as Jake.

Several police officers and city hall security were also present — though a conflict happened earlier, at about 3 p.m., when the much-smaller white pride group clashed with the anti-racist crowd near the intersection of York and Wellington streets.

Police say what they're calling a white pride group, heavily outnumbered, left the area, leaving their planned city hall protest in doubt.

The anti-racist group then marched through downtown streets, arriving at city hall at about 4 p.m. Police were keeping a close watch on the situation, said Const. D’arcy Bruce.

“Everybody’s sensitive giving the nature of what happened at Fanshawe” last weekend, he said. “We’re just monitoring it.”

It’s believed one person was arrested at the York-Wellington incident, though details were unclear.

Though the anti-racism group was clear in their message — two carried a banner reading ‘smash racism’ — their attire was clearly intimidating for some.

As the group, many with their faces covered by bandanas, marched toward city hall, three visible minorities at a bus stop outside city hall scurried across the street from them.

“We’re an anti-racism group,” one marcher shouted at the trio.

The leader of the Blood & Honour faction that organized this march claimed they would have 40 to 50 people participating.

Sounds like they didn't quite meet that target.

Initial Report: Anticlimactic (In a Good Way)

We just spoke to a friend who was present in Edmonton attending the anti-racist rallies. We'll be talking about that rally in some detail later. However, he did speak to us concerning the bonehead march and at least this report paints a pretty sad picture of the bonehead effort.

Our friend said that he arrived a little late, but that the boneheads had assembled in Churchill Square. But when the anti-racist protesters arrived, the bonehead took off and boarded the LRT, leaving the area. Our contact said he was able to get some pictures, but that it was really only the top of their flags so hopefully we'll have those, and others which might provide more details, soon.

No word on how long the boneheads (who numbered between 25 and 30) occupied Churchill Square, but it seems pretty clear they weren't interested in a confrontation.

March 24 Update: Not Much Yet

We're still waiting for information from people on the ground, however it does look like, as suspected, the boneheads didn't march in Edmonton:

Neo-Nazis a no-show at this year's Calgary peace rally

After years of annual confrontations between white supremacists and anti-racist activists at downtown rallies, this year’s version was peaceful as the city’s neo-Nazis elected not to show up.

Every year, the two square off in competing rallies downtown around the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination surrounded by a heavy police presence. 

A few dozen anti-racist activists showed up, outnumbered by police, Saturday morning in front of city hall.

It wasn’t a surprise that the skinheads did not show up; the group Blood and Honour had printed flyers saying that this year’s march would take place in Edmonton.

“On the one hand that’s a definite success for Calgary,” said anti-racist organizer Jason Devine. “It shows that they’re tired of being outnumbered, they’re tired of being corralled.”

“On the flipside, it’s a displacement. If they’re not focusing on Calgary and now they’re focusing in Edmonton, to some extent the problem has been moved there.”

In 2011, a dozen white supremacists showed up for a screaming match with the anti-racists and in 2010 a handful of extremists gathered.

The largest turnout was in 2009 when 60 white supremacists confronted about 400 anti-racist demonstrators.

So far we haven't heard anything from London, ON, though we hope to get something later tonight. As for Edmonton, we did receive one brief note stating that "they" had reached city hall. Now, whether or not "they" are the boneheads or the anti-racist, we can't say, and this is unconfirmed anyways.

Again, we urge those who can do so to send us any information that they can regarding London and Edmonton.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fantastic Response

We understand that there are people of good will who believe the best response to groups like Blood & Honour, Volksfront, the defunct Aryan Guard, and other hate groups is to simply ignore them. To give them any attention, goes the argument, is to give them exactly what they want.

An editorial in the University of Alberta's student newspaper made such an argument earlier this week. However, we thought we would share the response of "Dave S." who posted a response explaining why we can't ignore these groups and the often violent individuals who comprise them:

All due respect, I disagree with the solution to the problem of hate groups in our city put fourth in this article. The problem with white supremacist groups is that they operate to silence, intimidate, and attack those who are perceived to be opposed to their repugnant views. They are a cancer to any community they set up shop in, and tap into prejudices that many others may support in a “softer” way. 

If these groups are allowed to march unopposed, individuals who may be sympathetic but scared to come forward (for fear of accepting the consequences of being associated with such ass-backwards ideals) will become emboldened, because of the perception that communities will tolerate such nonsense.

I agree that solely engaging in tit-for-tat we’ll disrupt your activities is not enough. We need to work with queers, people of colour, and other communities that will be targeted by neo-Nazi’s to make it so uncomfortable for these people to organize that they have no choice but to either quit or move elsewhere.

History has shown that simply ignoring right-wing extremists is not enough…people need to band together to fight this message of hate before an organized form of it takes root and defiles our city.

Regarding the March in Edmonton Tomorrow

We've been in touch with a number of people who have agreed to provide us with photos and an account of the events as they occurred. We're also going to try our hand at live blogging (a friend who will be attending has agreed to give it a go) but as we've never done this before, we would ask your patience.

Now, we know that anti-racists are going to have a significant presence in Edmonton tomorrow. What remains to be seen is what will come of Blood & Honour in light of this:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Does Paulie Support McKee's Violence? We Think We Can Infer the Answer is Yes

Back on March 16, we wrote a article detailing Calgary Blood & Honour leader Kyle McKee's enthusiastic support for and promotion of violence as a means to achieve his goals. During the time we were able to question him, we specifically asked whether Paul Fromm, a man who has continually supported McKee and the groups he founded (Aryan Guard followed by Blood & Honour). McKee's answer was somewhat ambivalent, stating he didn't think Paulie would promote the use of violence and that he wasn't sure what Paulie was aware of regarding his use of violence.

So we decided to ask the man himself.

We sent Paulie the following message on March 17:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blood & Honour Associate Found Dead

When we posted the photos of Shawn Macdonald on the blog after his arrest, he was often found along side another Blood & Honour member.

We learned today that he was killed during a home invasion. Another individual was also injured:

Posted: Mar 19, 2012 4:18 PM PT

Police have released the name of a man killed in a stabbing in Surrey, B.C., Saturday night.

Police say Surrey resident Jan (January) Aron Korinth, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police were called to a home in the 11000 block of 168 Street at about 11 p.m. PT to reports of a stabbing.

A 36-year-old man was found suffering from head wounds. He was taken to hospital for treatment and later released.

A trail of blood led officers to an unresponsive man nearby who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say a motive has not been determined but the incident appears to be gang-related and may be a case of an attempted home invasion or break-in.

There is no indication right now that this had anything to do with Blood & Honour or organized racism.

Regardless of our views about Jan, his beliefs, and his associations, we are never pleased to learn of a death. We know he had a family who vehemently disagreed with him, but loved him nonetheless. So it's for their sake, this is the extent of our discussion for now.

Calgary Rally

We were asked if we wouldn't mind posting an announcement regarding the anti-racist rally coming up this weekend in Calgary.

Anti-Racist Action Calgary is calling on their fellow Calgarians to join us this year in again rallying against racism and other forms of discrimination on March 24th, 2012.    

While March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, it falls on a Wednesday this year.    

Further, the racist gang Blood and Honour (B&H) has stated that it plans to hold "White Pride" marches on March 24 in various Canadian cities. Whether or not this includes Calgary will not stop us from being prepared. As we have stated in the past, even if neo-Nazi cowards do not show up, we will still rally.    

In order to commemorate March 21, to celebrate our diversity, to stand in solidarity with all victims of racist violence, and to oppose B&H if they do show up, please join us on March 24 at 10am at City Hall.    

For more info, email:

In Solidarity,

ARA Calgary

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Talk About the Company He Keeps: Paul Fromm and Thomas Robb Part II

So KKK leader Thomas Robb appeared on Paulie's Internet radio program on March 13, the day after we mentioned the planned appearance here on this blog:

We haven't yet had time to listen to Paulie's programme (fyi for those who haven't listened in a while, he hasn't improved at all), but we do wonder if Paulie decided to ask Robb about some of his past statements, such as this one found here in "The Milwaukee Journal" from July 13, 1986:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hey, Edward Kennedy! Penny For Your Thoughts?

BCL covered this, but as Free Dominion's own cranky old man is a proponent of the Crown Land Patent scam, were were wondering if he still hearts Randy Hillier:
Crown Patents- I Wish It Were True  
Dear friends in the Landowners; 
There has been much written and said regarding Crown Land Patents, but most, if not all, that you have heard is either false or misleading. As the founding President of both the Lanark and Ontario Landowners, I feel I have an obligation to caution you regarding much of the information that is out there, and provide you with some facts and informed positions on Crown Patents. 
Below are three informed, factual accounts of Crown Patents from respected people. 
- Randy Hillier
We realize that this is a bit outside the field we normally cover, but Ed Kennedy is a nasty, hateful bigot (one of many examples of which can be found here) so there is a link there. That, and since the Crown Land Patent scam seems to have some parallels to the Freeman movement scam, we thought that it was worth mentioning here too.

By the way, still planning on writing that Freeman article focusing on our good friend "Sovereign" from Stormfront (hi Dean!!!).

But mostly, we sort of enjoy watching Krazy Ed blow a gasket.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vancouver: Community March Against Racism

Celebrate our courage!

Sunday, March 18th, 2012 at 2pm.
Starting at Clark Park (Commercial and 14th)
Ending at Grandview Park (Commercial and Charles)
Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

Family-friendly festivities! Bring your neighbours, banners and drums!

Facebook RSVP:
Multilingual posters and flyers here:

March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, marks the anniversary of the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa when police opened fire on hundreds of South Africans protesting against Apartheid's passbook laws, killing 67 and wounding 186. Collectively, we join friends and allies around the world to mark this day and to speak the truth about racism.

We know of the historic injustices this country was founded on, including the forced confinement of Indigenous children in residential schools and Japanese children in internment camps.

Today, we urgently need a renewed anti-racist consciousness as examples of institutional racism abound:
* Mass criminalization and incarceration under the new crime bill, human smuggling bill, and proposed anti-terror legislation
* Tragedies of missing and murdered Indigenous women and communities like Attawapiskat across these colonized lands
* Restrictions on immigration and family sponsorships but expanding exploitative temporary worker programs
* Bailing out banks while communities of colour live in poverty
* Corporate destruction on Indigenous territories from pipelines in Alberta and BC to Canadian mining operations across Africa and Latin America
* Involvement in military occupations from Afghanistan to Palestine

Racist stereotyping and scapegoating permeates the media, education system, policing institutions, and workplaces. We are outraged at the white supremacist hate crimes of groups such as Blood and Honor in our very own neighbourhoods, and the general silence surrounding this horrific example of violence.

We encourage our friends and allies to be pro-active in countering racism. Join us in solidarity and resistance on March 18th to celebrate the dignity, strength, and resilience of our communities.

For more information email or call 778 885 0040

Friday, March 16, 2012

"I'm fine with the violent thug part": Kyle McKee talks about the use of violence

We suppose that this is probably as close to an interview with McKee as we will ever have.

Earlier today, Kyle McKee and Lee Ebel began trolling a Facebook group promoting a rally to oppose the upcoming march by the neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour in Edmonton. A few of people, including ARC, decided to take the opportunity to ask a few questions of McKee. His response, while not necessarily surprising, do provide a bit of insight into his line of (for lack of a better word) thinking.

We begin with some brief biographical information that McKee provided with only a little bit of prompting (we begin with the first screen shot which was in response to a specific comment made by the ARC about his experience in foster care as a child):

And the saga of Terry Tremaine continues

We are shocked! Shocked!

Terry Tremaine's lawyer (Christie we presume) thinks that the crown should just forget the whole thing and let Tremaine continue disparaging Jews and other minorities.

Well, they don't come out and say that exactly, but we're simply considering what must be the logical conclusion.

Defence wants charges stayed in online hatred case

Ken Gousseau, CTV Regina
Date: Thursday Mar. 15, 2012 5:44 PM CST

The defence for a former University of Saskatchewan lecturer accused of promoting hatred against Jews on the Internet is asking that the charges be stayed. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Uhm, No. Not Us.

We've been receiving a few media requests regarding the proposed anti-racism rally being organized in Edmonton. And we've been forwarding those requests to people who ARE organizing the rally.

We aren't the one's organizing the rally.

So while we appreciate the coverage the media is giving to this upcoming event, we are annoyed with the very lazy journalism here which claims WE at ARC are organizing a counter-protest. Credit for that should go to.... oh, we don't know.... the people who actually ARE working hard to organize the rally?

Perhaps our friends in the media might try, one day, to provide accurate information instead of making unsupported statements in print? Hope springs eternal.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So, who WAS the guy with McKee?

When we reported the incident involving McKee trying to intimidate Jason Devine at his home, we also learned that there was a second individual present. We had speculated about who it might be and it turned out that our second guess was actually correct (we're getting good at this!):

Meet Kirk Delmo who currently resides in BC looking slightly more respectable than he does now, especially in the picture below:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

RedDog Defends the Honor of Muslim Women. When It's Convenient

We posted an article concerning the assault of a Muslim woman in Kingston, Ontario.

On Saturday, January 28, 2012 at approximately 5:00pm the female victim was shopping at the Food Basics located at the Frontenac Mall at 1300 Bath Rd. She had paid the cashier and was loading her groceries when the female suspect, from an adjacent checkout came from behind her and roughly pulled on the victim’s hijab (head covering), causing her head to be forcefully bent backwards.

The female suspect let go of the hijab and without saying a word to the victim exited the store with her male associate.

In most people's minds, this act would constitute an assault. However, it looks like, in Duane's view, this was actually an act of liberation:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Talk About the Company He Keeps: Paul Fromm and Thomas Robb

We were sent the following by a friend:

Thomas Robb became leader of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (this version being founded by David Duke) soon after Duke's predecessor Don Black (who now operates Stormfront) was sent to prison for the "Operation Red Dog" and after Robb was able to wrest control of the group from Stanley McCollum.

He also has quotes attributed to him like this gem:

I hate race-mixing Jews. I hate Jews that are destroying our country! I hate Jews that spit on our flag! I hate Jews that rob our sustenance to support the state of Israel! I don't hate them just because they are Jewish. They have this power! (Vincent Coppola. Dragons of God: A Journey Through Far-Right America. Atlanta: Longstreet Press, 1996. p. 121.)

And Paulie and Thomas are buddies!

Here they are both at the Robb-organized European American Heritage Festival from October 22, 2011:

And here are a few other photos from the same event:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kyle McKee and a Short History of Self-Destruction

In December 2009, Kyle McKee was arrested and charged with attempted murder after being accused of planting an IED at the residence of a rival bonehead (that bonehead, fyi, is currently in jail accused of murder himself now). As a result, the March 2010 "White Pride Day" event was cancelled.

In early February, McKee was jailed as a result of uttering threats directed at Jason Devine. His sentence resulted in him missing the March 2011 "White Pride Day" event, though given how poorly it went, he really didn't miss a hell of a lot.

One might think that given his very recent history, McKee might decide to modify his behavior so as not to end up in jail again.

One MIGHT think that, but then they are called boneheads for a reason.

We received a message yesterday noting that Kyle McKee and another bonehead were spotted outside the Devine family's home again seig heiling. Now, in and of itself that might not be a crime (though it does say a great deal about the character of a person who would choose to emulate the most reviled political/racial ideology of the past 90 years), but coupled with his recent history and a strong suspicion that he may have been involved in a home invasion and assault, it seems that his efforts to try and intimidate Mr. Devine is very much criminal in nature.

And one also has to wonder how bad the company at these rallies are if McKee would rather spend the event behind bars?

Friday, March 09, 2012

Muslim Woman Assaulted in Kingston

March 8, 2012 - Steve Koopman 

Kingston Police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a female suspect in relation to a Hate Crime Assault.

On Saturday, January 28, 2012 at approximately 5:00pm the female victim was shopping at the Food Basics located at the Frontenac Mall at 1300 Bath Rd. She had paid the cashier and was loading her groceries when the female suspect, from an adjacent checkout came from behind her and roughly pulled on the victim’s hijab (head covering), causing her head to be forcefully bent backwards.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Anti Racist Rally Edmonton

And the push-back begins.

Saturday, March 24, 2012
12:00pm until 3:00pm
End of Steel Park, Edmonton AB (87th Ave and Gateway Blvd)

On March 24th, we will be having a rally in conjunction with the International Day Against Racial Discrimination. We have having the rally to promote equality and to help build a racism free Edmonton.

The rally will be happening at End of Steel Park on Whyte Ave. (located by the whyte ave farmers market) The event is planned to start at noon. Please come down, bring your friends, and show that racism will not be tolerated in this city.

More details on the event will be coming soon.

Message me if you would like a digital copy of the poster to distribute around your neighborhood.
Welcome to Edmonton Kyle.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Their Tails Between Their Leg. McKee Bails on Calgary; Plans Now Focus on Edmonton

Since the announcement that there would be yet another march by the Aryan Guard successor, Blood & Honour, there have been a lot of people keeping tabs on organizational process. The last two years the march occurred did not go well at all due to Kyle McKee being in jail on both occasions, significant infighting between racist gangs as well as internal conflicts, a general falling off of interest due to very bad press, and of course significant push-back from anti-racist groups and individuals in the city (when you are outnumbered by a minimum of 7 to 1, that's going to be demoralizing no matter how you try to spin it). We suspected that they were going to try something different, for example holding their event in an isolated park on the outskirts of Calgary, releasing photos, and proclaiming their event a success.

In fact, they are actually leaving the city entirely:

Saturday, March 03, 2012

More Lemire Connections

A friend forwarded us a number of interesting screen shots from some of the hacked emails, including those from Kermit the Frog impersonator Bill Noble.

Back in late 2004, former WCFU co-founder and leader Glenn Bahr decided that he was going to engage in a massive (from his standpoint) flyering campaign to get out the "White Nationalist" message which would take place on January 15, 2005:

On this Stormfront thread, Bahr and other "White Nationalists" discuss how they will proceed and, once the campaign was over, brag about the success:

Friday, March 02, 2012

Freeman "Sovereign" Temper Tantrum

We haven't even gotten to the article we're planning, but the mere announcement that we were going to be writing an article about Stormfront member, "Sovereign" has resulted in this response:
Bring it on you communist mother fuckers. I have room for one more target, and my organization is MUCH larger and world-wide. Every freedom loving man and woman on this planet despises groups like you who try to stifle societies and individual freedoms with communist oppression and a police state of government control and laws. 
There's 10 of you in a room on welfare somewhere on Canada. This will backfire worse than the smear sHit Piece "The National" did. Of course, I'll be shocked if you actually allow this comment to be posted. Bring on the poo flinging, and violence, because that is all you people are capable of. 
Your smears are pathetic, your followers are so intellectually stagnant that it is terrifying, and you're all worse 'dead-beats' than the people you claim to hate. You're motto could not be more perfect to explain your organization, "We are against hate, and we hate anyone who doesn't go along with that." You must be the dumbest fuckers alive, a literal living oxymoron. 
I notice every single one of your staunch supporters hides and even posts as anonymous. Yeah, you must all truly believe in what you do, and most certainly are willing to assume liability for your statements and claims. Attach a face to your smear, you gutless shitheads. 
Every one of your front page stories is published by a fag who thinks he's a vampire. IS there more than one person even on this site? Oh man, this is going to be EPIC, I cannot wait! 
Talk soon ass-clowns. 
P.S. "intellectually on par with that of the Occupy Movement." Now that was just plain insulting, they're about as intelligent as you people, you are all a celebration of underachievers.
"Sovereign" is a pseudo-intellectual when, push comes to shove, resorts to thuggish threats, insults, and attempts at intimidation. Meh, no biggie. We would note a few fairly minor items here though.

"Sovereign" (who can't seem to get past the idea that we are communists who subsist on welfare) complains that our readers who post messages on the blog anonymously are cowards, and well as the writers of the blog who post under pseudonyms, are cowards. Funny, but we are pretty sure that "Sovereign" isn't his real name either. And hey, the lead writer is a fan of films from the silent movie era hence the name the writer uses. We do seem to remember that "Sovereign" used to post on Stormfront as "En Sabah Nur" so we have to suspect that he is (or at one time was) a fan of comics.

Finally, while we aren't certain how, "epic" things will be (really dude, how old are you?) we do think it might end up being a lot of fun.