Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Vilification of Trayvon Martin

Our friend Dr. Dawg has referred in the past to "conservative" as not being politics, but a diagnosis. And certainly in the demonization of Trayvon Martin on the right, we are loathed to disagree with him. Smears such as the faked photos depicting Martin as a "gang banger", accusations (unfounded) that he sold drugs, and that he, not Zimmerman, was the aggressor and that Martin got what he had coming to him have proliferated the Internet as racists have attempted to smear in death Trayvon Martin.

By the way, if Martin felt threatened by Zimmerman and did put up a fight, then isn't he protected by the same law that Zimmerman is now seemingly protected by? Just a thought...

President Obama made brief mention of the case when specifically asked. A normal person might think, upon hearing what Obama said, that he was trying to comfort a grieving family while at the same time stating while he hoped that there would be an investigation, it wasn't the federal government's place to interfere. In today's hyperpartisan atmosphere though, he was accused of, "race baiting."

We'll see plenty of that ahead here in this article.

Since we focus on Canada, we thought we would focus specifically on the reaction of Canada's far right. Starting with the hyperpartisanship angle, our friends at Free Dominion attacks Obama because his campaign happens to sell hoodies as a means of fund raising for the upcoming campaign:

Yep. They're making the case that Obama is attempting to profit from the Trayvon Martin tragedy. They don't seem to realize that the Obama team has been selling this hoodie well before the shooting took place and it has nothing to do with Trayvon Martin now.

Still, if they decide to criticize Obama, perhaps they might also decide to criticize the Republican front runner:

Perhaps Duane will condemn the folks running this particular website for selling these hoodies?

Or maybe Ron Paul supporters:

Want to take bets on if the guy modelling the hoodie in the above screen shots would have been shot in the chest in Florida?

But these are the side-show.

We're going to post a representative sample of screen shots from Free Dominion's thread dealing with Trayvon Martin. If you wish, you might choose to pick your way through the entire 21 pages (as of now) of ugliness yourselves, but we decided to limit the scope and focus on a few. And while not every person posting in the thread should be described as a bigot, the entire thing is as bad as anything you might read on Stormfront, Blood & Honour, or VNN forums.

We're going to limit our commentary. Let us know what you think and if our designation of Free Dominion as a hate site is accurate or not?

The photo on the right is highly suspect, though we aren't
sure how it would justify the shooting even if it was him.

Alleged to be a tattoo on Martin. Like other photos alleging
to be Trayvon Martin, this too is highly suspect.
But the tattoo seems to be enough to convince Kennedy
that the kid had it coming to him.

Repulsed yet?

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Anonymous said...

"By the way, if Martin felt threatened by Zimmerman and did put up a fight, then isn't he protected by the same law that Zimmerman is now seemingly protected by? Just a thought..."

Exactly! Why wouldn't Trayvon be able to call on the "stand your ground" as well?