Thursday, May 31, 2012

Luka Rocco Magnotta Mentioned on Stormfront One Year Before Body Parts Found in Mail and Before Being Named a Suspect

UPDATE 1: The name of this article was originally, "Luka Rocco Magnotta Mentioned on Stormfront Two Days Before Body Parts Found in Mail and Three Days Before Being Named a Suspect." However, we made a significant error. The posts in question were NOT made in 2012 apparently, but in 2011, a year before the murder took place. Given the month and day they were posted,  we viewed the timing as especially significant, however we didn't look at the year. A such this might not be quite as significant as we had originally thought (it doesn't look like the posts were made after the murder and dismemberment had occurred) but the content is still disturbing given that Magnotta appears to have indeed fled from North America now. We're going to make the necessary changes to the article as a result.  

Sorry everyone. 

We, like most people, have been following the Luka Rocco Magnotta case with a degree of horrified fascination. Magnotta is the prime suspect in the murder of another man who's torso was found in Montreal. What makes this case especially bizarre is that a foot was mailed to Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa; a hand mailed to the Liberal Party was intercepted by Canada Post before it was delivered.

Magnotta has a very heavy presence on the web even before he was named as a suspect. In 2005 he was linked to Karla Homolka, though in 2007 he denied this claim (some speculate that he had started the rumor himself). More recently a video online showed him suffocating kittens.

When his name was mentioned as a suspect, there was some speculation that he had been a White Nationalist:

While it’s nearly impossible to confirm that all Magnotta’s social media profiles are legitimate, one Twitter account that appears to be Magnotta’s contains links to white supremacy groups, including Stormfront and the Ku Klux Klan. Magnotta posted a link to one Facebook group that aims to “stop the new fascism of multiculturalism.” 

We found his twitter account. While there were certainly connections to White Nationalism (he followed the "Ku Klux Klan" and someone going by the name "White Sentinel" for example, there really wasn't anything that would lead us to conclusively determine that he was a White Nationalist.

Then we came across this on Stormfront:

We still don't know if we could say that  Magnotta was a White Nationalist or not, however someone seems to have thought so. However, MUCH more significantly than whether or not he was a White Nationalist is the following timeline of events:

May 27, 2011: Someone posting as "reddragon1" registered on Stormfront. Soon after, this individual posts a message claiming that Luka Rocco Magnotta, a "White Nationalist" has had to flee from Canada because of his views. There is no mention at this time of the murder, though there is discussion of the kittens video as well as death threats from "mentally ill ethnic groups."

May 28, 2011: Poster "reddragon1" makes a second post on Stormfront. This would be the last post made by this individual.


May 26, 2012: As the "Montreal Gazette" reports, Luka Rocco Magnotta may have boarded a plane to Europe after allegedly posting a video of him committing murder and then dismembering the corpse.

May 29, 2012: The media first reports that a human foot had been delivered to the Conservative Party of Canada's Ottawa Headquarters. Latter, it was learned that a hand had been intercepted in the mail (it was later reported that it had been mailed to the Liberal Party). A human torso was found in Montreal on the same day. Then speculation that the torso was linked to the foot and the hand was later confirmed.

May 30: 2012: The name Luka Rocco Magnotta was first mentioned as a suspect in the murder of a man in his thirties. A Canada wide manhunt for him was issued soon after.

To sum up, a year before the torso in Montreal or the hand and foot were discovered before it was being splashed all over the news, Magnotta's name was posted to Stormfront stating that he was fleeing from North America

The choice of the name, "reddragon1" is of interest as well given the nature of the crime committed. We suspect that "reddragon1" is Luka Magnotta.

We will be sending this information to the appropriate authorities. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

White Nationalists Are Hurting in Canada

So, question for our dedicated readers.

Have you noticed how little activity there has been online when it comes to Canadian boneheads?

The Internet was a boon to "White Nationalists" in Canada and around the world. Up until the mid 1990s, boneheads were relatively isolated in places outside big cities, and even there you really had to know someone if you wanted to be a part of the Movement. However, when sites like Stormfront was started by Don Black (and Freedom-Site by Marc Lemire in Canada), these isolated misfits found a community of like-minded racists, anti-Semites, and bigots. The Internet became a potent tool to recruit boneheads and was used to organize in ways not possible before.

Our membership has watched this develop since the early days of the Internet (don't think for a moment we've only been around since 2007 when this blog went online). We watched hate groups proliferate online to the point where they began marching on the street. We watched as hate groups grew increasingly bolder and more brazen.

We watched. We learned.

Brad Love Convicted

One of Paulie's buddies, Brad Love, has apparently been convicted on, "all 7 counts of 'breach of probation" yesterday. Brad Love is known for harassing groups and individuals he, for some reason or another, isn't pleased with.

We'll post more about this soon, but in the meantime, the wild histrionics of Paul Fromm:

NEWMARKET, May 28, 2012. Will the Canadian judicial system send an inveterate letter-writer back to prison for expressing his opinions in apparent contravention of a judge's probation order that might have served as a model for the Red Chinese for silencing dissent? The answer must wait until a sentencing hearing on Friday, July 13.

Former political prisoner Brad Love was convicted on all seven counts today in provincial court this morning for breach of probation. Two of the charges dealt with failure to report in person to his probation officer in Ontario after Mr. Love moved to Alberta to take a job in the oilpatch in the Spring of 2006. However, five of the charges dealt with packages of material Mr. Love had mailed to the York University Students' Union, Hillel, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress in conjunction with End Israeli Apartheid Week in March, 2008.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blast from The Past: Nationalist Party of Canada and the Western Guard

UPDATE 3 (replacing UPDATE 1): Never mind. :)

A little while ago we spoke of our interest in documenting the rise and fall of the Heritage Front (and yes, Grant Bristow and CSIS play a significant role in that history, "Narrow Back"). We have received some information and photos, but we thought we would take this opportunity to remind our readers that we would still like your help.

Some of the information we have received actually goes WAY back. Those who know the history of the Heritage Front are aware that it was created by disaffected members of Don Andrews' Nationalist Party of Canada. Nationalist Party members Droege, Bristow, and Lincoln founded the Heritage Front soon after they returned from Libya after attending the the twentieth anniversary celebration of the invitation of the Gaddafi regime, as they felt that the Nationalist Party was no longer an effective means of pursuing their goals. In that sense, the Nationalist Party (according to their own family tree) might be thought of as the Heritage Front's daddy:

Hmmm, we guess then that the Western Guard would be the grand daddy and Paul Fromm's Edmund Burke Society would be the great grand daddy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Dominion and JT Ready: Missing the Point. Again.

It didn't take too long for one of our most faithful readers to report back to our friends at Free Dominion regarding our post on their reaction to the JT Ready murders/suicide here:

And here.

And the reaction? Inevitable:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Arthur Topham Arrested

Not sure of the details, but boneheads  are claiming online that Arthur Topham was arrested this past Wednesday:

Arthur Topham, publisher of the Radical Press website, was arrested on May 16, 2012, at 11:30 am on the Barkerville Highway near Quesnel, B.C., put in handcuffs and taken to jail. Apparently, Arthur’s home had been staked out for quite some time by the RCMP.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Examination of Marc Lemire: Part X

First, we thought we would post a transcript detailing the heady days when "White Nationalists" would roll on their fellow travellers:

Marc Lemire kindly provided some of the evidence with which Craig Harrison was found in violation of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
Speaking of Marc Lemire, we simply can't get past this statement that he made during an appearance on Ezra Levant's program, "The Source":
Uh, the Heritage Front uh, was active back in, uh, the the 90s and I was a young kid at the time. I had some, uh, interest in some of the things that they were doing in particularly thing like uh opposition to employment equity, things like reducing immigration. So I uh, listened to some of what they were about, and uh, I went away from it. I mean I was involved with them peripherally in my teenage years.
We know. We've been beating this dead horse for a while now (see this particular post which , but we decided that when we first heard Lemire lie about his past, we would use every opportunity we could to prove him to be lying.

So here we go. Again.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sentencing For Terry Tremaine Set

Paul Fromm has been complaining about the delays. I assume then that he is happy about this.

FURTHER TO the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal (2011 FCA 297) finding Mr. Tremaine in contempt and remitting the matter to the Federal Court judge for sentencing, and various case management conferences;
            THIS COURT ORDERS that:
1.                  The hearing on sentencing is hereby fixed for Wednesday, 10 October 2012 to commence at 9:30 a.m. at the Federal Court, 701 West Georgia Street, in the City of Vancouver, in the Province of British Columbia, for a duration not exceeding three (3) days.
2.                  The hearing shall be conducted in the English language.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Heritage Front Project

As we're in a bit of a lull right now (and that is decidedly a very good thing) we thought we would start some work on a project that we had considered long ago but had put on the back burner. However we will need the help of our readers.

In 1989, perhaps the most "successful" hate group in Canadian history, the Heritage Front, was formed. It's heyday was between 1989 and early 1994, though it did continue in a much weakened state until 2005 when it finally ceased to exist.

We would like to document, as much as we can, the history of this group.

We are looking for examples of Heritage Front propaganda, newspaper clippings, and photos of the group (individual members, meetings/rallies held, encounters with antifa, informal gatherings, etc) between 1989 and 2005, with a special focus on the years between 1989 and 1999 (though the period between 2001 and 2005 is also of particular interest).

If you have any items that could be scanned and emailed to us, our address is as follows:

arc.collective200 (at)

Since the Heritage Front was founded almost a generation ago now, we'd sort of like to collect this information before much more of it is lost to time.We know that there are antifa and former HF members (who have rejected racism since they left the hate group) who have items that have not yet found their way into the public realm as yet and, from an historical point of view, these items would be of great interest to not only ourselves, but academia.

To those who are willing to help us out, we thank you.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Racist Vandalism in Calgary

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wanting (Or Thinking) of Getting Out of the Movement? Read This Please

We had known about Jan for a number of years even before his association with the Aryan Guard, then Blood & Honour, had become known. At the time we first came across him, we only knew him by his photo and the the online handle, "boy white."

We had always tried to learn what his surname was. We never once thought we would find out what it was via this way.

Putting a name to a face humanizes a person (just as putting a face to the name does as well) which isn't to say it makes that person appear any better or any worse. It does mean that the person in question is no longer just a photo of some person seig heiling or marching in a rally. They have a real identity, history, most importantly they have a family, some of who's members might have no idea what their loved one has gotten himself or herself mixed up in.

Jan's mother posted the following message on the blog today. It deals with a theme that we have dealt with in the past, but given the circumstances we think it bares repeating again. We were given permission to reprint this here in the hopes it might help someone make a better choice in the direction of his or her life:
Jan was another angry young man that as a teenager on an unfortunate trip to Germany was recruited into whatever skinhead group happened to be near his fathers house. He had gone to connect with his birthfather and as that had gone very badly he was easy prey for a group looking for angry, blond and blue eyed members. Jan fit that bill perfectly at the time and that was the first time I lost my son. Now I have lost him forever. There is no connection to blood & honour with Jan's death and he has no real friends there. Friends don't send anonymous emails that cause incredible pain to a friends family, spreading ludicrous stories of targeting and hate crimes. Friends don't try to swoop in and cover their own tracks and connections after "a comrade falls", friends care and help out. Turns out Jan did not have any friends like that in the city. He was, however, connected to that group, but more of a closet racist, one that didn't live his "convictions" out-loud and proud 24/7, but rather hidden away for the most part. The recruitment and brainwashing still happens all over the world like it does with any other cult and the recruits are still all looking for whatever it is in the individual cases. Other angry, young men will replacing my son and other mothers will be heartbroken......... Jan was also an adored, big brother, a loved and loving son, grandson, cousin, nephew and friend to those of us that actually knew him. 
If you are thinking of getting out of the racist movement, we are willing to help you do so. And if you are a fence sitter, please consider what you have just read. You have no idea how many people might be devastated by your decision.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Free Dominion Reaction to JT Ready Murder-Suicide

Before we get to the meat of the article, we thought we would share something we found when looking at a link posted by BCL:

It doesn't say who are the ones who are making the requests, but given the word choices, we might suspect that it is our good friends at Free Dominion.

But hey, we could be wrong.

Speaking of Free Dominion, some of their members chimed in on the JT Ready murder-suicide which occurred yesterday. In response to original post which stated Read was neo-Nazi, FD member "shiva" posted the following:

The relevant sections are as follows:
Terrible. My condolences to the families.

Now, on to a frank discussion if we might.

My first question (and it is a question since I readily admit knowing nothing about this man other than what is in this story SmallL posted); is the "White Supremacist" attribution a proven fact?
I see nothing in the Facebook post which directly suggests this is a race issue for this guy although of course it could be.

As for his Facebook post, tell me which part of what he said here doesn't have some truth to it? 
We have traitors in office, an apathetic population, hostile media, narco-terrorists, cartel invasion, narco-insurgency, street gangs the size of armies, vicious prison gangs - if not fight back now while we have a chance then when? The decent patriots will arise and take the helm if we lead the way. Long live the Republic!" 
Same as I said when Breivek committed his horrendous massacre in Norway, I offer JFK's quote, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable". 
To be clear SmallL, by making this comment I am NOT saying this justifies what he did but am remarking on the fact that when politicians are not responsive to the people when they are being reasonable, they will give crazy people like this guy the justification for extreme actions.
Followed by:
Since I'm the kind of person that prefers to know more before I speak (unlike our friend(s) on the left), I followed some of the links SmallL provided. I found this article both touching and telling as it appears that already the media is trying to paint this a certain way.

The man who made this statement, Russel Pearce, appears to be a former Arizona state Senator and a Republican of course:
Hey, a healthy skepticism is a good thing. And someone should absolutely check into things before making a snap judgment (and if one were to check into JT Ready, one would note that he was, indeed, a White Supremacist as well as an anti-Semite). However it is more than a bit disturbing that "shiva" uses this tragedy as a means to make two claims:

1. While murder is not justifiable, JT Ready's "reasonable" views should be acted upon.... or else we might expect more of this.
2. "Conservatives" like shiva and (we presume) the folks on Free Dominion would NEVER make snap judgments. Only leftists ever do that.

On the second point, we ask, really?

Our friend "shiva" here mentions the Anders Breivik thread on Free Dominion. Hey, seems like a great place to look at Free Dominion members not jumping to conclusions.

Uhm.... this is going to take a while. Might as well pour yourself a coffee:

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

American Neo-Nazi and 4 Others (Including a Child) Dead. Murder-Suicide Suspected

Not Canadian news (though he had the support of a lot of boneheads who knew him up here) but this is one of the reasons we keep track of these individuals:

PD: 4 adults, 1 child killed in Gilbert shooting

Posted: 05/02/2012
Last Updated: 24 minutes ago
GILBERT, AZ - Sources tell ABC15 that a prominent former neo-Nazi is among five people shot and killed Wednesday in a Gilbert neighborhood.

Gilbert police Sgt. Bill Balafas says the victims in the Wednesday shooting are two men, two women, and a young girl between 1 and 2 years old.

Sources say J.T. Ready, who was running for Pinal County Sheriff, was involved in the shooting, however it is not clear if he was the gunman or a victim.

Ready was known to be a member of the National Socialist Movement who advocated using violence to stop people from crossing the border. In a 2010 interview with ABC15 he discussed his beliefs and showed off his cache of high-powered weapons.

Authorities have not yet confirmed the identities of the victims and suspect.

Air15 video from the scene near Cooper and Warner roads showed a portion of the street blocked off by police crime tape Wednesday afternoon.

Nearby Mesquite Junior High School and Gilbert Elementary School were placed on lockdown for a short time but that has been lifted, according to a district officials.

The shooting happened around 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Police say a man fatally shot four people before being found dead in what is believed to be a domestic situation. Police have not yet confirmed if the shooter committed suicide.

Police say officers recovered two handguns and a shotgun at the scene.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has responded to the scene to assist Gilbert police in their investigation. Ready's connection to the home where the shooting happened isn't entirely clear at this time.
A motive in the shooting is unknown.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

MORE: Past ABC15 Coverage of JT Ready
Former neo-Nazi running for sheriff in Pinal County
Citizen's group taking border battle into own hands
Neo-Nazi march interrupted by riot in downtown Phoenix
Man with neo-Nazi ties leading patrols in Arizona