Friday, March 27, 2009

ARA Statement

Before we publish this statement, we want to make it clear that we are not the ARA. While we may share some similar goals, there are distinct differences between the ARA and ARC. One difference is that ARC will not sanction the use of violence in support of our ideals for any purpose, though if it should come to it we will ONLY use the minimal amount of force necessary to defend ourselves so that we can extricate ourselves from a dangerous or threatening situation. For us, this is reasonable. A second difference is that we are generally very supportive of the police, though this support doesn't mean that we don't have some legitimate concerns about the events of March 21 (such as some obvious assaults committed against anti-racist protesters by Aryan Guard members and supporters that occurred in view of some of the police, or what seemed to be an overreaction by some police officers in their treatment of anti-racist protesters in tense and difficult conditions).

Despite our differences, we have a very amicable working relationship with a number of ARA members in Canada, including Calgary. As such, when one of those members asked if we would be willing to publish a statement regarding a controversy arising from recent statements by an ARA spokesperson in the media, we were happy to agree to the request. Here then is that statement;

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ruling Comes Down in Free Dominion Lawsuit Regarding the "John Doe"

For a bit of a change of pace from covering the March 21 Aryan Guard march in Calgary, we thought we would post the John Doe ruling in the lawsuit against the Fourniers. Suffice it that Connie and Mark are not going to be happy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Selected pictures taken of the events on March 21:

Paul Fromm marching with neo-Nazis while sporting a smart, red man purse.

Concerning Comments

Since we posted the story about the Aryan Guard march that occurred yesterday, we've been inundated with comments. These comments run the gambit of ideological positions:
  • From those who support the police to those who condemn them for brutality.
  • People sending us email addresses to provide pictures of the events.
  • Debate over the number of Aryan Guard members and supporters who attended (these numbers now range between 30 and 120, though a safer range is likely between 40 and 60).
  • Discussions over the use of violence, who started the confrontations and how anti-racists should respond.
We actually can't keep up with it all at this point so if you left us a comment and it hasn't posted, that isn't necessarily because we refuse to publish it. It could be that it was just lost in the shuffle. Or, if you left an email and we haven't gotten back to you yet, it might be because we've lost track of it amongst all the other requests we've received to contact people (if we don't respond in the next couple of days, try us again).

However, if you're a supporter of the Aryan Guard, don't expect us to give you a forum. You have your own. For you we suggest going out to play in traffic.

In the meantime, we had a request to provide the link to a video of the event on YouTube. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

News Release from the Anti-Racist Organizer

We received this information moments ago.

Activists Successfully shut down Neo-Nazi March More than 500 people prevent racist rally in downtown Calgary 
More than 500 anti-racist activists converged on downtown Calgary this afternoon to successfully prevent local neo-Nazi hate group the Aryan Guard from holding a rally of their own.

Preliminary Information on Aryan Guard March

The Aryan Guard said that they would be able to bring 100 or more people for their "White Pride" rally. In the end they could only muster 50 to 60, though that was 50 to 60 too many.

Anti-racists expected about 400. From initial news accounts, they managed to get that, though we received information that there may have been more.

We'll provide more information when it comes in, including pictures (we hope). In the meantime, we will publish some mainstream media coverage of the event:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Less Than 24 Hours

First, a message for Gandalf.

Regarding your question we sent a message to our mutual friend. We suggest caution, but have questions concerning the veracity of the information.

Now, the business at hand.

In less than 24 hours, anti-racists will be confronting the Aryan Guard as they march for the second year on the United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which the Aryan Guard and other's before them have tried to re-brand as "White Pride" Day. We know that "White Pride" is a euphemism for "White Power", "White Supremacy" and racial intolerance. They will claim that they are merely "proud" to be White. No one is fooled.

More on the Brad Love Arrest

We received the following regarding our scoop that Brad Love was going to be/had been arrested last night from someone calling himself "White Power Toronto":

That little bird you're talking about is obviously just you making up stories. And I know you wouldn't dare post the truth to your little faggot blog. Homo. :)

The wit and wisdom of the racist right in Canada. Well, at least his spelling was correct.

So we make things up, do we? Then we suppose someone should tell the police in Toronto that they didn't arrest Brad Love on outstanding warrants, or the "Globe and Mail" reporter who covered the story (after we did, of course):

Man's speech in Toronto leads to his fourth arrest

From Friday's Globe and Mail
March 20, 2009 at 3:58 AM EDT

TORONTO — A man previously convicted of promoting hatred was arrested again last night in Toronto, after giving a speech to a small group gathered at an airport hotel.

"Well, so much for free speech and democracy," said Brad Love, 48, as he was escorted from a conference room by eight officers.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will Fromm Be in Calgary on March 21? Oh, and Brad Love Was Arrested Tonight

We received a note that Paul Fromm might be in Calgary giving a speech to supporter (likely Aryan Guard) sometime in the next few days with March 21 being the most likely time. Again, we haven't received any confirmation if this is true or now.

One thing we can confirm is that Fromm will soon be writing another missive on Stormfront about another "persecuted free speech" advocate.

More on that later.

Brad Love with Melissa Guille.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Chickens Coming Home For Shaidle

BigCityLib has posted another article detailing the growing controversy regarding Kathy Shaidle's controversial statements about minorities and the controversy about the whitewashing of her Wikipedia entry. This follows Shaidle's controversial redacting of her own controversial blog articles including statements such as some of the following:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goudreau Goes Off the Rails

So it looks like the on again, off again, on again, off again, on again etc relationship between Kevin Goudreau and Alicia Reckzin is finally and most emphatically off for good and has been for about a month. And Goudreau did not deal with it well. At all.

A few points before we continue. We really don't care at all about either one of the sad, pathetic individuals involved in this case. Both are deserving of ridicule and scorn. However this turn of events over the last few weeks presents us with an opportunity to heap yet more scorn on Goudreau who has pretty much burnt every single bridge with anyone in the racist movement in Canada.

As for Reckzin, as crazy as some of his ramblings are, Goudreau did manage to hit on some truths regarding his past paramour. Reckzin has also made some comments regarding claims to having "contacts" within ARC. Let us be very clear about this, Ms. Reckzin. You have no contacts within ARC. You know not a single person who is involved with ARC. When you are claiming that you do have contacts, you are either willfully lying or have managed to mislead yourself. Regarding your recent questions for us, the answers are all no.

Oh, and we told you so.

As we care so little about these fools, we aren't going to bother with a long write up ourselves. Instead we'll post the content of a discussion we picked up on the Facebook profile of a person named Kelsey:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jason Ouwendyk Decision

The decision has come down:

Warman v. Northern Alliance and Jason Ouwendyk

Certainly not perfect, though given the Guille ruling not entirely surprising. Still, this much is clearly spelled out in the decision:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12 Bits and Bites Part V: Goudreau Train Wreck

And finally (busy day today, eh?) just a heads up about a story that we've been following, and laughing at, for some weeks that has relatively recently taken on a degree of hilarity of epic proportions. The mother of all meltdowns. Stalking. Arrests. Love triangles that exist only in the mind of one person. Sending "sexy" pictures to ex-girlfriends who are only slightly less insane than you are as well as "Nazi Mom" in Winnipeg. Oh yes, it has been fun to watch.

Hey there sexy. How you doi'n?

Stay tuned. Trust us. It's going to be sooooo worth the wait.

March 12 Bits and Bites Part IV: Christie Assisting Terry Tremaine

We reported that Terry Tremaine had been served with contempt of court charges for continual violation of the CHRT ruling from February 2, 2007. He's also currently on trial for violating Canadian Hate Crime laws. Any bets on who has taken on Tremaine's cause? You only have one guess:

Speaking of Doug Christie, apparently he's going to be performing soon in Ontario. We know this because this particular speaking engagement had originally been posted on the FreeDom forums:

The Alternative Forum Proudly Presents
Douglas H. Christie, General Counsel, Canadian Free Speech League

March 12 Bits and Bites Part III: Kathy Shaidle Update

We were one of a number of progressive blogs to complain about Kathy Shaidle's participation on a TVO program considering the miriad of documented racist statements she has made on her blog (more on that in a moment). Soon after we and other blogs covered this story someone decided that they needed to amend Ms. Shaidle's Wikipedia page to remove the section that detailed these comments. One of the justifications given for the removal was that a claim that Ms. Shaidle is "controversial" must first be stated in the mainstream press. On that note we need to thank Randy Richmond for his article in the London Free Press:

Controversial right-wing blogger invited to speak at London event
Some members of the city's Jewish community have brought in speakers critical of anti-hate laws
Wed, March 11, 2009


She has called Muslims "pathetic, whiny losers" who practise "a sick, sick religion."

She has accused Asians of spreading disease in Toronto, disparaged natives and blacks, and suggested the poor "are no more real than Bigfoot."

Now, controversial right-wing blogger Kathy Shaidle may be coming to London to speak about human rights.

The invitation to Shaidle by some members of the city's Jewish community has alarmed anti-racism activists and provided fresh ammunition to the country's heavyweight politicos over freedom of speech.

March 12 Bits and Bites Part II: Ouwendyk Decision to Come Down Tomorrow

The Jason Ouwendyk (pictured with Paul Fromm) will be coming down tomorrow and should be on the CHRT website by 9:30 am (eastern standard time). We will update the blog as soon as we're in a position to do so.

March 12 Bits and Bites Part I: Aryan Guard Member Convicted of Assault

Looks like Aryan Guard member RN was convicted of assault today:

Racist motives irrelevant in attack, says judge

UPDATED: 2009-03-12 11:49:12 MST

Whether the attack of a Japanese woman by an alleged white supremacist was racially motivated is irrelevant, a judge said Thursday in convicting her assailant.

Youth court Judge Gordon Burrell said while he heard evidence about the teen attacker’s involvement with the Aryan Guard, that information had nothing to do with his guilt, or innocence.

Monday, March 09, 2009

March 21 rally against the Aryan Guard Update

We received the following update and contact information and we thought we would post it for the benefit of those who plan on attending the rally:

The March 21 rally against the Aryan Guard is now only 12 days away and we would again like to ask everyone to invite their friends to this event if they haven't done so already.

Currently we only have a little over 300 confirmed attendees and would like to muster a significantly larger crowd than that.

Last March 21, the white supremacist gang the Aryan Guard marched in Calgary to spread their message of hate. They plan on marching again this year.

On Saturday, March 21 come tell the Aryan Guard that they are NOT welcome in Calgary.

What: A demonstration against racism and the Aryan Guard
When: Saturday, March 21 10:00am onwards
Where: The steps of City Hall - 700 McLeod Tr SE
Why: To show the world Calgary does not tolerate racism and white supremacists

Last year, over 200 anti-racism protestors confronted 40 Aryan Guard supports in downtown Calgary. Let's try to double this number.

For further information about this event or ARA please contact

Sunday, March 08, 2009


This is a post of a purely personal nature and has nothing to do with politics.

We would like to congratulate a dear friend (who knows who she or he is) who has recently been accepted into a graduate program. We at ARC wish you all the best and know that you're going to knock their socks off.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Aryan Guard Supporter Advocates Genocide

The membership of the Aryan Guard seems to change depending upon who you ask. Depending on the circumstances the Aryan Guard claims a membership of only 3 members, though on other occasions they've claimed as many as 15 active core members. We've narrowed the active membership down to the following individuals, in part as a result of a search of their Facebook group exclusively created for Aryan Guard member as well as additional research:

Kyle McKee  
John Marleau
Bill Noble
Jessie Lajoie

Tyler Lupkoski


“Jason Sturm”

“R.j. Mathews” (Justice)


*Robert Reitmeir

*Tyler Sturrup
(likely to have moved out of Calgary)
*Brent Goldring

Dustyn Johnson (seems to have left the group)

With the exception of member "R.N." those individuals in quotation marks are under 18 years of age and/or are using pseudonyms. "R.N." is currently 18, however as he is currently on trial for attacking a female Japanese immigrant in August of the past year which occurred when he was then 17, we will not publish his name. The remaining three Reitmeier, Sturrup, and Goldring are considered to be close associates (Reitmeier and Goldring appear to be very close friends while Reitmeier and Sturrup are members of what is likely a tiny offshoot of the Aryan Guard known as the White European Brotherhood, or W.E.B.).

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our Scoop Has Been Scooped: Terry Tremaine Served

Damn "Globe and Mail"!

Oh well.

Terry Tremaine has been served with contempt of court charges for continual violation of the CHRT ruling from February 2, 2007. Soon after the ruling was rendered, Tremaine continued posting inflammatory statements about Jews and other minorities as well as stating that he would ignore the CHRT ruling forbidding him from posting such materials including but not limited to the following which we have summarized:

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Richard Martin's Friends Aren't Happy

While Mr. Martin seems tickled pink to be included on this blog, it seems that some of his friends are somewhat less pleased. We received the following message from K.H. (pictured between Andrew Benson on the left and Richard Martin on the right) who appears to have returned to Toronto after an extended stay in New Brunswick:

honestly you fucking morons have no fucking lifes. you want to ruin other people's lifes and careers just because they have diffeent views. we don't have sites to targetyou and your little buddies because its childish and RIDICULES!!!!!!!! your lifes is us! you have nothing better and more important for you low lifes to do so you go outthere targeting people who are looking out for their race. most of you idiots are white its not like we're out to get your race. you're fucking scum, if I had the bullets and chance I would shot each and everyone of you scum bags. stop all the bullshit. if you want some sence knocked into your thick heads then fucking message me. I have facebook. fucking pieces of shit. you know shit al about any of us! FUCK ALL OF YOU AND YOUR GAY Mr. CHE!!!!!! FUCK COMMUNISM!!!!! -K.H.

Well then. There's a great deal to address here. Why don't we take this semi-literate response apart sentence by sentence.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Richard Martin Update

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

We had been kicking ourselves for jumping the gun on our big scoop. It will happen, but we shouldn't have said anything until we were sure when. Hey, we were excited. Live and learn.

So we decided that while we waited for the go ahead to publish the story, we'd add some filler. We wrote a brief profile on Toronto area bonehead Richard Martin. Little did we know what dividends would result.

Not long after we published Martin's profile did we receive the following pictures from a reader:

We then asked if any of our readers could inform us where this took place. We couldn't be more pleased with the response. We received a message with a link to a story covering this and two other attacks on the same store:
Russian store targeted by punks