Saturday, March 07, 2009

Aryan Guard Supporter Advocates Genocide

The membership of the Aryan Guard seems to change depending upon who you ask. Depending on the circumstances the Aryan Guard claims a membership of only 3 members, though on other occasions they've claimed as many as 15 active core members. We've narrowed the active membership down to the following individuals, in part as a result of a search of their Facebook group exclusively created for Aryan Guard member as well as additional research:

Kyle McKee  
John Marleau
Bill Noble
Jessie Lajoie

Tyler Lupkoski


“Jason Sturm”

“R.j. Mathews” (Justice)


*Robert Reitmeir

*Tyler Sturrup
(likely to have moved out of Calgary)
*Brent Goldring

Dustyn Johnson (seems to have left the group)

With the exception of member "R.N." those individuals in quotation marks are under 18 years of age and/or are using pseudonyms. "R.N." is currently 18, however as he is currently on trial for attacking a female Japanese immigrant in August of the past year which occurred when he was then 17, we will not publish his name. The remaining three Reitmeier, Sturrup, and Goldring are considered to be close associates (Reitmeier and Goldring appear to be very close friends while Reitmeier and Sturrup are members of what is likely a tiny offshoot of the Aryan Guard known as the White European Brotherhood, or W.E.B.).

It has been claimed that John Marleau is not a formal member of the Aryan Guard, however he is one of the few members of the Aryan Guard Facebook group and has attended almost every major Aryan Guard public gathering, including when the Aryan Guard were unwelcome participants in the Pro-Gaza rally in January. As such regardless of this claim we consider him to be a member of the gang whether he's a formal member or not.

Marleau has posted online using a number of pseudonyms, though his most recent and prolific is that of jagermeister88. In fact he has posted messages here on this blog, one of which we've recently permitted to pass moderation. As jagermeister88, Marleau is a frequent poster on the Blood & Honour forum, a group that, with Combat 18, he claims some affinity. We've included a screen shot of Marleau's Blood & Honour profile on the left (note that we also included other information such as identifying other Canadian members on his friend list).

From last year's rally on March 21. Marleau is in the center. To the left is Reitmeier and the right Terry Tremaine.

As we mentioned earlier Marleau has attended almost every public gathering that involved the Aryan including the rally held on March 21, 2008 in Calgary. He's planning on attending again this year's March 21 event as well which the Aryan Guard claims is merely the celebration of "White pride":

It is important to note that this event is not intended as discriminatory or demeaning towards any group, but rather to promote a rememberance and celebration of our own (european) culture/s, heritage, and ancestory.

We gather this is an effort on the part of the Aryan Guard to appear respectable. Unfortunately the rhetoric of some of the membership doesn't appear to mirror their public statements. Let's take John Marleau as one example.

On February 25, Marleau responded to a thread on a Blood & Honour forum concerning the beating death of a 2 year old Muslim girl in the U.K. (the girl died as a result of abuse at the hands of her mother and her boyfriend). One user made the following comment:

Oh well one down, many millions more to go.

One other user who evidently has some shred of humanity left (though not much we have to add) commented that this comment was "a bit strong" and asked if the person celebrating this child's death had children of his own. Marleau responded:

Marleau not only celebrates the death of a 2 year old, but goes the extra step of advocating genocide of all non-whites.

He continues. In response to a post about Indians marketing a drink containing cow urine (which, while certainly not to our taste, isn't particularly offensive). Marleau reponds:

He's not finished yet. The final example from the Blood & Honour forum concerns the accidental issuing of 300,000 British visas. We don't know who Marleau suggests should be killed, the visa recipients, the government, or both:

Finally, a comment made by Marleau on Facebook itself. On January 20, 2009, L.M. wrote the following status update (note that we have altered what was originally posted):

[L.M] d***h to barrack obama!!

John Marleau was the first to add his comment. We were sent a screen shot from someone with access to Manning's Facebook profile. While we will not post the image due to the inflammatory nature of some of the comments, we will post how Marleau responded to L.M's status:

Tthat Nigg will get what he deserves soon

Yes, we have sent the screen shot to the proper authorities, though we're not sure if anything will come of it.

The Aryan Guard ludicrously claims to be a white civil rights organization. We wonder how many legitimate civil rights organizations have members or associates who openly advocate genocide or the harming of a political figure because of his or her race? And what civil rights organizations both deny the existence of a genocide (the Holocaust) while at the same time wishing that it had occurred?

We picked Marleau simply to illustrate the point (we could have picked any number of Aryan Guard members or associates to make the same point).

Don't let them get away with their attempts at presenting their views as respectable. Expose them for exactly what they truly are.


Anonymous said...

I really wish that he would change what it says for his status under "religion". Nothing about what he believes is biblical in its reflection. Nor are they the kinds of beliefs that any person of God would consider rightly justifiable.
This guy has a lot of misdirected hatred, and I feel sorry for him and the people he hurts as a result.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting to see these Nazis can preach there hatred yet not go to Jail. I also see you mention he is with Combat18, Which you should put in your articles is a known Terrorist Organization. On my final note I love that you guys unmask these Fascist pigs and show people what they are really about!

Anonymous said...

That guy looks like a white Fat Albert

Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone that fat can even see his dick? Sorry but I cant help it.

Exit said...

There is but one Race, and that race is human. All that fucking nonsense about racial pride can be shoved right back up their Aryan Ass holes where it came from. What upsets me most Is how this affects the youth, no child should fear walking the streets cause some blood thirsty,genocidal psychopaths decided they don't deserve to be here. It doesn't matter weather your The European Canadians, Asian Canadians, The African Canadians, Canadians that Moved here from Sedan, Or Iraq, Or any other country for that matter, you have the right to live knowing that you are safe from such vile stupidities as national socialism. Me? I say i Am Canadian, and the color of your skin doesn't determine that, The White Supremacist says "But they are immigrants! They Don't Belong in OUR country." and I Say, Pick up a fucking history book this nation was founded on immigrants. "But The Jews.." Stop right there i don't want to hear it. So in Closing here's some friendly advise to all the white nationalist reading this: Follow Your Leader. Its Cheap and you can still be paying homage to that brilliant white master of yours who could not even uphold his own beliefs. You know, That whole "dying with honor" thing you guys all push so strongly that he couldn't live up to? yeah that.