Sunday, March 22, 2009


Selected pictures taken of the events on March 21:

Paul Fromm marching with neo-Nazis while sporting a smart, red man purse.

Sure doesn't look like the 80+ claimed by Paul Fromm. A quick look says there were something on the order of 45 to 60.

Aryan Guard member (White Aryan Brotherhood/Bloodlines offshoot) Brent Goldring throwing a projectile at anti-racists.

Brent Goldring again, striking and anti-racist.

Grabby grabby.

Anyone can identify any of these guys? How about Hoss Cartwright in the black cowboy hat?

On Stormfront, Kyle McKee, the other Aryan Guard members and fellow racist Stormfront members are patting themselves on the back for their "great victory" over their opposition. If this is a victory then they may very well me more deluional than we thought, unless they really do subscribe to the belief that any publicity is good publicity.

UPDATE: We figured out that "Hoss" is Layton Bertsch. He's been at a number of Aryan Guard functions (in fact he was arrested at one Aryan Guard protest in 2007).

We've been going over all of the pictures seeing whom we could identify. So far we have a number of confirmed and suspected identities:

Confirmed Attendees:
  • Paul Fromm
  • Terry Tremaine
  • Kyle McKee
  • John Marleau
  • Jessie Lajoie
  • Layton Bertsch
  • Brent Goldring
  • Christopher Barschel
  • Robert Reitmeier
  • Jody Issel
  • Alex S.
  • Connor J.
  • Jordan H.
  • Willis
  • Kevin Brozny (dude in the white wife beater who, "used to be a punk in K town then he like randomly all of a sudden became a neo nazi thing." )
  • Beth (Kevin's girlfriend) 
  • M.R. 
  • "Hesh Pipes"
  • Ashley S
  • Cody Johansson
  • Curtis Erickson
  • Alex (In Pantera hoodie)
  • Robby Whitman
  • Molly F.
  • Bill Livingstone

Suspected Attendees:
  • Andrew Bellerive
  • Kiara T.
  • Ryan L.
  • Dustyn Johnon
  • "R.j. Mathews"
  • "Jason Sturm"
Note that in many cases we know the last names of individuals, however because of their age we will not identify them fully.

We'll continue to update this as we figure out more identities.


Jennifer Smith said...

I'm not seeing any cops. Was the guy who threw the punch arrested?

Anonymous said...

Of course not. The cops only seemed to want to arrest anti-racists.

Thanks for the pics. I'll be including them in my letter to my alderman tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I notice the police in one of the photos appear to be laughing and having a "chat" with a gang of racist street thugs. This is a group with multiple members convicted of violent crimes, people who spread hate, and the police not only gave them a city bus to get to and from their "party" (sorry we crashed it, boo hoo!) but they sit and share a laugh with them. I've never been more disgusted.

Anonymous said...

I am curious if 1) that guy next to "Hoss" is wearing a Sure-Fire Propane or a SureFire Industries jacket and 2) if that's his company jacket, what do they think of him wearing it to a hatefest?

Anonymous said...

I like how all the girls involved are about 16 year old and look like a bunch of emo girls.

Unknown said...

Thanks to the photos posted here, ARA has received word that Brent Goldring, the Nazi who threw both the rock and the punch, has been arrested by police. This information isn't 100 per cent yet, but we're fairly confident. Thanks Anti-Racist Canada!

Anonymous said...

Molly is underage, so I suggest you remove her full name.

Kurt Phillips said...

We'll take your word for it an err on the side of caution.

Anonymous said...

In the the first photo, the guy with brown hair and a mustache, dressed all in blue denim, next to Fromm, is Bill Livingstone of the defunct Heritage Front Niagara. Fromm's account of the event includes the line: ""This is the worst policing of a protest I've seen in over 20 years of political activity," said Bill Livingstone of Niagara Falls, a veteran of many Heritage Front marches in the early 90s."

Anonymous said...

KEVIN BROZNY is his name