Thursday, April 30, 2009

BCL Is Drinking Our Milkshake! Comments on Enforcement of Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Decisions

BigCityLib has posted another blog entry covering an area that we here follow. This time he addresses the fact that, despite claims by Mr. Levant and Mr. Steyn that Section 13 of the Criminal Human Rights Act is not enforceble, it has, in fact, been enforced, including a time this month:

And, oh look! Here is just such an example--a ruling issued in the Richard Warman v. Canadian Heritage Alliance and Melissa Guille case from April 21, 2009: contrast to the ruling in Warman v. Northern Alliance and Jason Ouwendyk, the ruling in the present case simply suspended the Tribunal's cease and desist order for 30 days pending the motion on the constitutional challenge. After the 30 day period has elapsed (which is presently the case), the cease and desist order comes into effect.

[9] Ms. Guille and the Northern Alliance are therefore, subject to an order of this Tribunal to cease communicating the material that was found to be contrary to s. 13 of the Act and any material that is similar in content.

We would add to BCL's example the case of Tomasz Winnicki who, in July 2006, was sentenced to 9 months in prison for comtempt having continued to violate the terms of the Federal Court injunction by his continued online posting of, "the unrelenting message of hatred"; he was released in October of the same year pending an appeal [see page 3]. Winnicki had been ordered by the CHRT to stop posting hate material online in April 2006 (the injunction on his postings, which he ignored, had been placed on him by the Federal Court pending the decision [see page 7]).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because Sometimes We Couldn't Say It Any Better...

... we would ask our readers to check out BigCityLib's latest on the Lindsay Blackett's efforts to "reform" (read: gut) Section 13 of Alberta's Human Rights code.

The long and the short? It ain't happening and Ezra Levant isn't pleased.

And why is it that Stelmach is weak because he doesn't do what Levant demands? To be sure Stelmach is weak, but at least in this case he did the right thing. We also find this comment by Levant to be interesting:

Ed Stelmach, Alberta's weak premier, shows he's still strong when it comes to pushing his MLAs around. Today he put that uppity cabinet minister Lindsay Blackett...back in his place.

Mr. Blackett is a person of colour. We wonder if Levant understands the impications of the word, "uppity"? We think he does and is purposely trying to inject racial politics into the discussion. Pretty shameful, but whatcha go'n a do?

And we would like to echo BigCityLib's thanks to the Aryan Guard. If they hadn't caused such an ugly scene during their March 21, 2009 march that didn't actually go anywhere and blighted the reputation of Alberta by helping to create an impression that the province is a haven for racists, Mr. Blackett may very well have been able to get his "reforms" passed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Workshop Announcement

Responding to Hate Crimes and Groups,
April 28th, 2009, from 6:00-9:00pm,
Kahanoff Center: 2nd Floor, 1201 Center Street SE, Calgary.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paul Fromm and Personal Historical Revisionisn

Bonehead Mike Gaio, when wondering about what to do on his birthday, wrote that he might like to go to Jack Astor's. Mention of that particular restaurant prompted Paul Fromm to write (click on picture for the full view):

So you, Lemire and the group of geriatrics you were leading, "whupped" the ARA who "attacked" you? Is that right? Was that before or after you and Lemire raced into the restaurant to hide? Because we would think that it would be very difficult to determine what was happening considering you spent your time hiding in a storage closet.

Friday, April 24, 2009

What Happens When We're Bored

Idea was stolen from one of our readers and most of them are pretty lame, but perhaps some of you will find some of these inspirational posters to be at least a little amusing:

That last one was a bit of an inside joke that we know some of our readers will appreciate.

A bit of a double meaning in the above inspirational poster. Two words for you Marc: French Cruller.

Yes, very childish. We know.

David Duke Arrested in Prague, Czech Republic

Ex-Louisiana KKK chief arrested in Prague: police

PRAGUE (AFP) — A former US Ku Klux Klan chief was arrested Friday in a Prague restaurant while he was on a speaking tour here, Czech police said.

Former Grand Wizard of the Louisiana-founded Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, was arrested on suspicion of promoting movements seeking the suppression of human rights, police spokesman Jan Mikulovsky told local media.

The arrest, in a tourist area of picturesque old Prague, took place in "quite confused" circumstances, said David Janda, the head of an anti-extremism unit of the city's police force.

Janda said Duke -- who had been due to give three lectures in the Czech Republic -- was guarded at the restaurant's entrance by militants belonging to a known far-right group "Narodni Odpor," which means national resistance.

Duke, a US citizen, is suspected of denying or approving of the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes, according to the CTK news agency. This crime is punishable by up to three years in prison in the Czech Republic.

Czech Interior Minister Ivan Langer and Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocab had each expressed disapproval of the visit earlier in the week.

The Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1866 by a group of US Civil War veterans from the defeated Confederacy, a group of southern states that upheld slavery and maintained African Americans were inferior to whites.

It is notorious the world over for terrorising black Americans through lynchings, cross burnings and other hate crimes.

The group enjoyed a peak membership of about five million in 1925, including politicians and even a member of the US Supreme Court.

But the Klan went into virtual bankruptcy as early as the late 1920s and since the late 1970s, its membership has varied between 3,000 and 6,000.

We know that as an international story this sort of falls outside of our mandate, but considering Duke's links to Canada through Paul Fromm and Fromm's signing of the "New Orleans Protocol", we thought it appropriate to include.

And, of course, the folks at Stormfront are going to be pissed. Looks good on them

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paul Fromm: "Their day will come."

Paul Fromm (pictured on the left after having beached himself on the shores of the Dominican Republic; local Greenpeace members diligently poured water over his body to keep him moist until he was finally rolled back into the ocean), who's libel appeal to the Supreme Court was just rejected with costs which will result in him having to pony up more cash, promotes himself as a free speech warrior (and, if you're FOX News, you might actually buy his claim). In addition to his anti-immigrant diatribes, Fromm has stated on his vanity Internet radio show on Stormfront, as well as some of his writing, that he has nobly thrown himself into the free speech debate for the good of all freedom-loving Canadians. In fact, he's so magnanimous that he supports free speech for not only the Aryan Guard, Marc Lemire, Tomasz Winnicki, Brad Love and a host of other righties, but also for those who disagree with him even if he finds those views objectionable.

And if you believe that we have a bridge in Pokemouche we'd like to sell you.

Fromm made a few new friends when he attended the Aryan Guard organized march this time last month in Calgary, among whom numbered Jody Issel of Saskatchewan and R.L. from Calgary (R.L., a pudgy teen with delusions of adequacy, is a minor and shall not be named). Recently, Issel posted the lyrics to a rather unimaginative entitled song, "Left Wing Scum" by a White Power music group, Day Of The Sword (who's member, Scott Stedeford, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his involvement in bank robberies committed by the Aryan Republican Army). R.L. certainly liked the song's message (though we suspect when actually confronted with carrying out the threats therein, he would run as fast as his stubby legs would carry him). And, apparently, so does Mr. Paul Fromm:

Would Mr. Fromm like to explain what exactly he means by his statement when given the context of posted message that he's commenting on?

Ha Ha!

Top court refuses to hear appeal of hate speech defamation award

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear an appeal by self-styled free-speech crusader Paul Fromm against a $30,000 defamation penalty.

Fromm was seeking to overturn lower court rulings that found he maliciously defamed a former investigator for the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Fromm's web postings were directed at Richard Warman, a lawyer who has made a career of going after hate speech on the Internet.

Fromm didn't dispute that he'd labelled Warman a "high priest of censorship" - among other things - but argued it was fair comment and without malice.

Last December, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a trial award of $30,000 against Fromm, and added $10,000 in legal costs.

The Supreme Court refused to hear Fromm's appeal and, as is usual with leaves to appeal, provided no reasons.

Copyright © 2009 The Canadian Press. All rights reserved.

UPDATE: Fromm's appeal has been dismissed. With costs.

Paul Fromm et al. v. Richard Warman (Ont.) (Civil) (By Leave) (32990)
Coram: Binnie / Fish / Abella

Another Ha ha!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aryan Guard and Aryanprincess1488 Falling Out

We really do appreciate that the boneheads follow have come to view us as omnipotent and omnipresent and that the minutia of their daily lives will inevitable end up on this blog. Sadly, that isn't the case. While we do a pretty good job of monitoring the Internet chatter we can't be all places at once though we do come into possession a great deal of information from anonymous and known sources (in fact, the most fruitful sources are the result of boneheads with a grudge and let us tell you they are often a very surly bunch). A lot of the information isn't published for a few reasons, two of which are:

1. It's about a nobody in the "White Nationalist" movement (or are merely a groupie) and no one cares until they give us a reason to care; nude pictures really don't make the cut (that would be you Natalie).
2. It's boring. We know it will come as a great shock to our readers, but Nazis lead pretty bleak and colourless lives.

Sometimes, however, we get some information that we're just dying to share. Mostly because it shows what a sad, surly bunch of social misfits that we're dealing with here.

We've discussed Aryanprincess1488, or as we lovingly refer to her as "Nazi mom" a few times on this blog. One of her closest friends from Winnipeg, Jessie Lajoie (now Jessie Ammeter again) moved to Calgary a few months ago but remained in close contact. We had no idea there had been a falling out between the two of them until we received the following message:

Anyone else such as aryanprincess is on their own and is not a member of the Aryan Guard. She has moved to a new province and ties with her have since been cut.

This was part of a much larger message that attempted to take us to task regarding our story about J.H. and the damage the Aryan Guard had done to his family. By the way, you people need to get together and come up with a single story to tell people; your inconsistency is a bit of an embarrassment.

Well, we were a bit confused as to why ties between the AG and "Nazi mom" would have been cut. Then we received the following Facebook updates from "Nazi mom's" and Alicia Reckzin's profiles:

Nazi Mom: If you're going to hack into my account... I suggest you get your fucking facts straight children!!!!

Reckzin: email hackers = RATS... as my grampa would say.... blood will out. Courtney and Jessie will see their day.

Nazi Mom: Well... live and learn... friends like you are best left at the enemies hands good luck and god willing burn in hell!!! And FYI... that type of manipulative behavior is usually left to the antis... thanks for trying to destroy our movement you 20 year old cunts!! But thanks for coming out and exposing yourselves for the twats you really are!!

Nazi Mom: Well... all the while knowing that your girlfriend's favourite music is rap.... listening to her mother bitch about her being a lesbian... knowing that she has been with niggers... and smokes a fuck of a lot of weed... what does that make you then??

The last point is interesting given Thomas Trenerry made similar accusations about "Nazi mom" herself.

It would seem that Jessie and his girlfriend Courtney B. hacked into "Nazi mom's" email account, for what reason we don't yet know. However Reckzin (whose insights we take with a grain of salt) appears to have received the information from the horse's mouth:

Reckzin: may not sound it but I talked to him today and he did... and told me and told me shit about me that was between me and [Nazi mom]... some not even true...SO WATCH YOUR BACK ALBERTA

Wow, Reckzin has put Alberta on notice. It's a little known fact that Albertan's are deathly frightened of gap-toothed, used up harpies that weigh no more than a buck ten. Be afraid!

So, do you think "Nazi mom" and Reckzin are going to be invited to the next Aryan Guard picnic?

R.N. Soon To Be Released

Though he's now 18, we're unable to name R.N. because the assault he was convicted of occurred when he was still a minor, however we will warn the public of his release:

Violent white supremacist to be released from jail


CALGARY -- An unrepentant racist who attacked a Japanese woman in downtown Calgary for no apparent reason won't have to serve any more jail.

Youth court Judge Gordon Burrell agreed with Crown and defence submissions yesterday the teen has already served enough time behind bars.

Instead, Burrell placed the young offender, who can't be named, on a 500-day Intensive Support and Supervision Order to promote his rehabilitation.

But despite handing down the sentence which effectively gives the teen the maximum two-year punishment under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Burrell said he wasn't optimistic the offender will reform.

"I anticipate it will take years to accomplish a change in his attitudes," Burrell said, of the white supremacist.

"I'm under the view more custody would not protect the public in the long term," he said.

"I even have my doubts that he will be rehabilitated under what the Crown has proposed ... I suspect we have a lost soul amongst us and there's nothing we can do."

The offender, now 18, attacked his victim last July 26, outside a downtown bar while she spoke on her cellphone.

He drop-kicked Asako Okazaki, knocking her to the ground, before kicking her some more.

Burrell noted the teen, an admitted member of the Aryan Guard, continues to hold his racist beliefs.

"His ... beliefs are deeply ingrained," the judge said.

"It is unlikely that he's going to change his belief system in the near future."

Crown prosecutor Karuna Ramakrishnan had sought the lengthy ISSO, to restrict the offender once he is returned to the community. Ramakrishnan agreed with defence counsel Jim Conway the 230 days the teen has served behind bars since his arrest last September, was adequate jail time.

She said his time at the Calgary Young Offender Centre has shown he continues to believe in white supremacy, having to be disciplined for a comment to an Asian staffer and being found with racist propaganda in his cell.

Burrell warned the teen such antics won't be tolerated at the Calgary Remand Centre, where he'll have to go if he breaches his ISSO, since he is now an adult.

We fully expect R.N. to end up back in prison as an adult given his attitude and propensity towards violence.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

4/20 Hijinx

Without a doubt the Nazis of the world are wetting themselves commemorating the birthday of a failed painter who couldn't rise past the rank of corporal in the German Imperial Army because of his poor social skills.

And who would we be if we didn't join in the festivities?

We threw some German language videos in because true comedy knows no national or linguistic boundaries.

Aryan Guard Breaks Up Family

We've been following this situation for some time now but only now have we decided to come public with this story (with permission). We hope that this will further expose the Aryan Guard as the antithesis of the "family values" they claim to espouse.

One of the participants during the events of March 21 was a person whom we refer to as J.H. because he is currently still a minor, though originally we had thought he was older because he traveled to Calgary from Hamilton, Ontario alone. We later learned that he had lied to another relative to get money for the bus fare (he claimed he needed money for a school trip).

The racist views that J.H. currently espouses are not shared by or supported by his family (he doesn't live at home now). In fact his mother had been tireless in her efforts to save her son from the racist group. She learned that Aryan Guard member John Marleau had been the one who "recruited" J.H. into the racist movement (he later sent her a series of messages bragging about it). She also accused Paul Fromm of influencing her son.

J.H.'s mother started a Facebook group to try and expose Marleau and Fromm for what she felt they had done to her son. Almost immediately Aryan Guard members and supporters inundated the group with vitriolic writing and threats. The mother also received email and phone threats which she has now passed on to the police. The individuals attacking J.H.'s mother then threatened to sue her for libel; the irony that they claim to be "free spech advocates" only when they are the ones writing or speaking appears to have been lost on them. Finally, one Aryan Guard supporter created a Facebook group attacking the mother. When she joined to respond to their claims, John Marleau answered:

J.H. has thrown himself head first into the racist movement. In addition to joining the Aryan Guard and their supporters on March 21, J.H. has been passing out Paul Fromm's anti-immigration fliers in Hamilton. His mother has also thrown herself into trying to get him to come to his senses. Unfortunately, J.H. seems to have fully committed himself. Recently, his mother sent J.H. the following message:

Today at 12:11am
hope you had a nice easter..theres things here for you if u decide to be part of this family again...we love you... but it has to be up to know what has to happen for u to come home....doesnt mean i dont love u or worry about you [J.H]...but u know where we are with this

What was J.H.'s response?

Today at 2:05am
fuck off u fuckin bitch

Today at 2:12am

Today at 2:14am

J.H.'s mother has stated that he was once a typical teenager, sometimes a bit mouthy, but generally respectful of authority. On April 17, only a few hours after his last message to his mother, J.H. was arrested on six counts of uttering threats after calling some individuals at their residence and threatening them with physical harm. His response when he was released:

[J.H.] is what a night man, jeeze cops can be fucking harsh . --1488----

Is it any wonder why parents are concerned about the Aryan Guard and their attempts to influence our children?

UPDATE: Just one of the numerous comments that were directed at J.H.'s mother and her supporters:

-->you know what... I would be very cautious of what you say.... run and hide... you lying sacs of shit... I see a rock in the corner for you to go crawl under... maybe if you crawl far enough under I might not be able to boot fuck you for shit talking my [figurative] dad [Fromm] and [figurative] brother [Marleau]!!! be fucking afraid!! we are not people to be fucked with!!!

The above comment was left by a person who used to post on numerous hate sites as "Aryanprincess1488." We refer to her as the "Nazi Mom."

Friday, April 17, 2009

News from Down Under: JONES v TOBEN Decision

Hot off the presses, Australian Holocaust-denier "Dr." Toben has been found in contempt of an earlier ruling that Toben delete, "
-->from a website which he controlled (the Adelaide Institute website) a document which was entitled “About the Adelaide Institute” and any further material which conveyed a number of imputations which offended, insulted or humiliated Jewish people for reason of their race."

Suffice it to say, the order was ignored by Toben which resulted in his current legal issues (click here for the full decision):

Monday, April 13, 2009

More on the Lindsay Decision

If you have a burning interest in reading the entirety of the decision that resulted in Kevin Lindsay's stay in prison (and really, why would you?), we invite you to read the following. It's long, and occassionally dry, but it does offer jems such as this as Lindsay, acting as his own attorney, is questioning Tracy Todd who had served him earlier:

Q When are you alleging I first became a person?
A When you were born.

We hope you enjoy:

UPDATE: You know what? Why don't we just direct you to this site which provides the details of the decision. It's easier to read and doesn't clutter our blog.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tomasz hearts Shaidle and Lindsay

Looks like Tomasz Winnicki has taken it upon himself to become Kathy Shaidle's press agent. He is again promoting Ms. Shaidle, this time her upcoming recent speaking engagement in London, Ontario (home of Winnicki who proudly boasts of himself as the city's biggest hater) on both VNN and here on Stormfront:

To which "TrueDiversity1488" responds:

Interesting question, isn't it? While the answer is no it's not, we're not sure if this is the kind of crowd we would want to attract at a speech. But hey, if anyone can get a shot of Ms. Shaidle and Mr. Winnicki shaking hands, we will love you forever if you could send it our way.

But Winnicki isn't finished with his volunteerism. Earlier in the week he also promoted a series of upcoming seminars by David Lindsay (or David-Kevin: Lindsay if you prefer):

Hello everyone.

The Tour is HERE!!!
Please see the attached flyers for information and upcoming dates on the most important taxation issue in our Freedom Movement;


Our first stop is in Vancouver on Sat. April 4, 2009, followed by Kelowna on April 18, and Penticton, April 19.

Other dates will be announced shortly!!!
Virtually every statute, especially the Income Tax Act requires that only "persons" are bound by the Act. But just what is a "person" when a man/woman is not included in any definition of this most important term, in any Act, and historically never has?

This tour is the most definitive, educational tour to dispel all circulating myths on this issue, especially in relation to that of a 'Natural Person'.
All gov’t power applies only to “persons” and if you are not a “person” – you are truly free!

This day long seminar will provide documented proof:
L “person” is a term of law, not popular grammar! L of the legal formula to be “person”! L how being a “person” is time-sensitive! L that a man and a "person" are not synonymous;
L judicial admissions that the font on legal documents is used to denote the difference between a man and a "person";
L how this all relates to the promises of Her Majesty the Queen to protect our property and maintain the principles of the Christian religion; L how this all relates to income tax (indeed, all taxes) being voluntary; L how one becomes a "person" and how you can cease and desist being a "person"; L how this all relates to your fundamental and constitutional right to ownership and enjoyment of property; and much, much more! All information being thoroughly documented and supported. Years of legal research and study are finally being released to everyone for all to share.
This is being presented from a perspective of law, not speculation nor assumption.

This will be without doubt the most important seminar you will ever attend!

Email to pre-register now!
Arrangements for media and radio interviews can be emailed to:
We will respond within one business day or as soon as possible.
omnis persona est homo, sed non vicissim
Every person is man, but not every man is a person Black’s Dictionary of Law, 4th p. 1239
We are available to speak in your area. Pre-registration and arrangements can be made by sending us an email to:

Remember to bring your notepad! And tell all your Friends!
in freedom I remain,
David-Kevin: Lindsay
proudly presents
David-Kevin: Lindsay

Legal Personality and the ITA
The most comprehensive and documented analysis of personhood in Canadian freedom history! Being a “person” is voluntary!

Sam Strawman
Is income tax mandatory or voluntary?

Which came first, the “person” or the birth certificate?

Is being a “person” mandatory?

What is the legal definition of a “person”, including a “natural person”?

What is the ‘formula’ to be a “person”?

How does being a “person” relate to the Coronation Oath and Constitutional promises of HMTQ to protect our property?

Do fonts (ALL CAPS, I, B, other?) differentiate between a man and a “person”? The judiciary says YES!

How you can avoid being a ‘natural person’!
Toronto DATE: Sat. April 25, 2009LOCATION: The Lighthouse 1008 Bathurst St., N. of Bloor
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (approx.) inc. Q and A
COST: $99/day
DATE: Sun. April 26, 2009LOCATION: Civitan Club, 508 Riverside Dr.
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (approx.) including Q and A
COST: $99/day
Montreal DATE: Sat. May 9, 2009LOCATION: Notre Dame College 3799 Queen Mary Rd.
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (approx.) including Q and A
COST: $99/day

Ottawa (Gloucester) DATE: Sun. May 3, 2009LOCATION: Wally’s Club, 232 Innes Rd.
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (approx.) including Q and A
COST: $99/day

Pre-register now!

Don’t forget to bring a friend!

The C.L.E.A.R. Literature Table will be available as well!!

The Common Law Education and Rights Initiative Suite 432 113-437 Martin St., Penticton British Columbia V2A 5L1 fax: 250 492-0549
“The State cannot lawfully deny the rights of the people”

And who is Mr. Lindsay? Well, here is how his supporters view him and his views on "personhood" and the legality of taxes. And here is how his actual arguments pan out when in court:

Kelowna resident fined and jailed for not filing tax returns

Kelowna, British Columbia, November 26, 2008... Kelowna resident, David Kevin Lindsay, also known as David-Kevin: Lindsay, was sentenced in Kelowna Provincial Court on November 24, 2008, to 150 days in jail and fined $5,000, payable by April 30, 2012. Lindsay was convicted June 26, 2008, of failing to comply with a requirement to file his 1997 to 2001 personal income tax return. Lindsay was also ordered by the court to file these returns by June 30, 2009.

When people are convicted of failing to file tax returns, in addition to any fines imposed by the courts, they must still file the returns and pay the full amount of taxes owing, plus interest owed, as well as any civil penalties that may be assessed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Individuals who have not filed returns for previous years, or who have not reported all of their income, can still voluntarily correct their tax affairs. They will not be penalized or prosecuted if they make a full disclosure before the Agency starts any action or investigation against them. These individuals may only have to pay the taxes owing, plus interest. More information on the Voluntary Disclosures Program can be found on the CRA's website at

The information in this news release was obtained from the court records.

Further information on convictions can also be found in the Media room on the CRA website at

This document is also available for download in PDF format.

Don't you loose a little bit of credibility when you claim that you can not be jailed for failing to pay your taxes, then you're jailed for not paying taxes? At least one of the (slightly more) astute Stormfront members has noted this:

Of course common sense hasn't stopped the true believers, such as Bill Noble, from adding their support:

Truer words have seldom been written, however Noble isn't admitting to his diminished humanity. Rather, the whole concept of "personhood" is tied to Lindsay's rationale concerning the authority of the state over "soverign" citizens. Noble himself has a lot riding on this argument as it is also part of his justification for not abiding by the terms of his release.

When OdinPatrick suggests that Noble might not be being entirely rationale, Noble responds:

So let's get this straight. The proof that Lindsay is correct and that Canadians can not be imprisoned for paying taxes is that Lindsay was imprisoned for not paying taxes in order to shut him up and prevent him from telling everyone the truth?

Bill, if someone from Nigeria sends you an email asking for help getting millions of dollars into an offshore account and says he's willing to pay you a percentage, we suggest you go for it.

This scam is simply part of a larger North American movement of fringe tax protesters. The cases where these arguments have been attempted in the United States provide quite an insight as to their level of success....... nil to none. Or you can read about one of Lindsay's earlier efforts and note the same outcome.

lbert Einstein's definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Update: Maxime Fiset

We recently published a story about Maxime Fiset's return to Stormfront. As a result, Fiset posted the following reply:

Can I? Thank you.

I'm Maxime Fiset. Not here to debate, but I'd just appreciate your news about me to be as accurate as may be. I was charged and pleaded guilty, dealing with the attorney so I could have a computer right now. My trial is over, I lost willingly, so I could start a new life.



Since we want to make sure we're as accurate as we can be, we allowed this comment to pass moderation and are publishing it here as well.

And just to show there are no hard feelings, we would like to dedicate the following video to Maxime Fiset:

Think Fiset will get the joke?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Christie rejected by Tribunal as Intervenor in Abrams & BBC V. Topham‏

While not quite as good as a chocolate Easter bunny (sorry, but we loves us our chocolate), it's still pretty damn fun.

A Quick Observation

We find it very interesting that the moment a non-Caucasian Canadian is alleged to have committed a crime (especially a violent crime) or is convicted of a crime, the Canadian posters on Stormfront fall all over themselves to post hate-filled messages about the ethnic group to which this individual belongs.

However, when it is a Caucasian Canadian who is accused of or convicted of a crime, there is almost always silence. Unless of course they first assume the person is Jewish, though when that proves to be untrue the thread usually dries up.

Or, as in the case of the White Boy Posse, people like Bill Noble excuse or justify their actions.

Or how about excusing the actions of alleged cop killer (and Stormfront member) Richard Poplawski by Noble on Stormfront as well as posters on the Aryan Guard forums?

We wonder why that is?

UPDATE: Wait a moment? Is "back to europe movement" derisively referring to the dead police officers as "stormtroopers" and then calling on other posters to celebrate Hitler's birthday?

Hey, uhm, do you know who the original stormtroopers were? We're not sure that your idol old Adolf would appreciate you dissing German war vets.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Bill Noble

It has come to our attention that Bill Noble's birthday was today. Well, as our gift, we would like to make public his call for the murder (though we're sure he would term it in a much more noble and heroic manner) of "multiculturalists:

Strictly speaking from a legal point of view, Noble may be correct in that he's not targeting a single identifiable group, though we're not sure that widening the list of those destined for the gallows once the new Aryan regime takes over is really an improvement in equity. He's also been very supportive of the murderer of the three police officers in Pennsylvania last week. Not to mention he's still flagrantly violating the terms of his release.

Can anyone remind us why he's not back in jail yet?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Look Who's Back on Stormfront

Interestingly, at about the same time Renaud Emard was receiving his conditional sentence, another former Quebecois Nazi started posting again on Stormfront:

Argaï Bladefist is actually Maxime Fiset. He got into trouble a few years back because of a website he created:

Un jeune homme de 19 ans, de Québec, vient de recevoir la visite des policiers de l’unité de lutte au terrorisme de la Sûreté du Québec, qui ont des motifs de croire qu’il aurait véhiculé de la propagande haineuse sur un site Internet d’extrême droite.

MédiaMatinQuébec a appris que les enquêteurs de cette escouade spécialisée de la SQ ont mené une perquisition au domicile de Maxime Fiset, mardi, dans le quartier Limoilou. Ils y ont saisi du matériel informatique, ainsi que des documents divers en marge d’une enquête portant sur une petite organisation baptisée La Fédération des Québécois de souche (FQS) et sur leur site Web

Les limiers y ont également confisqué un poing américain, ce qui a conduit Maxime Fiset au palais de justice de Québec, hier, où il a comparu pour répondre à une accusation de possession d’une arme prohibée.

Aucune accusation en lien avec l’objectif principal de l’enquête de la SQ n’a cependant été déposée jusqu’à maintenant. L’enquête se poursuit et le matériel saisi chez le jeune homme sera passé au peigne fin au cours des prochaines semaines.

Interdit d’ordinateur

Sans antécédent judiciaire, Fiset a pu reprendre sa liberté provisoire au terme de sa comparution, moyennant l’imposition d’une série de conditions qu’il devra respecter, dont l’inter­diction formelle de posséder ou d’utiliser un ordinateur.

«Cette arme prohibée a été découverte en marge d’une enquête sur de la propagande haineuse via Internet», a mentionné le procureur de la poursuite au dossier, Me Sébastien Guyard-Bergeron, au juge Carol St-Cyr, afin d’expliquer l’imposition de pareilles conditions.

Maxime Fiset s’est aussi vu interdire d’être abonné à un service Internet, de résider dans un endroit où l’on retrouve un ordinateur, et même de se trouver dans un café Internet. Il a également dû engager sur signature une somme de 2000 $ en guise de caution. Son père a fait de même, à titre de garantie additionnelle pour le tribunal de la bonne conduite de l’accusé jusqu’à l’issue des procédures judiciaires intentées. Il reviendra en cour le mois prochain.

Contre les musulmans, les Noirs et les Juifs

L’existence du site «» a fait les manchettes l’automne dernier, exacerbée par le débat sur les accommodements raisonnables et les audiences de la commission Bouchard-Taylor. Le Journal de Montréal avait rapporté que la FQS (aussi appelée Fédération des nationalistes blancs québécois) exploitait depuis l’été un site Web faisant la promotion d’un Québec de race blanche et de langue francophone.

Les musulmans, les Noirs et les Juifs n’étaient pas les bienvenus sur leur forum de discussion en ligne, où les membres, au nombre d’une cinquantaine, y pourfendaient l’immigration, les gangs de rue et la «perte de temps et d’argent» que représentait la commission Bouchard-Taylor. On y faisait l’apologie de l’idéologie néo-nazie. La page d’accueil du site affichait d’ailleurs un drapeau fleurdelisé orné d’une croix gammée. Des symboles de l’organisation raciste Ku Klux Klan y étaient aussi présents.

Ce site Web a cessé ses activités depuis novembre. C’est l’unité de lutte au terrorisme de la SQ qui est chargée de l’enquête puisque les crimes de propagande haineuse - accusation rarement portée au Québec – comptent parmi leurs mandats. La SQ s’est refusée à tout commentaire au sujet de cette affaire, hier.

And now the especially bad English translation (we hope our Francophone friends will forgive oour butchering of their language):

A 19 year old young man from Quebec received a visit from a police unit that combats terrorism, because of extreme right-wing hate propaganda on an Internet site he operates.

MédiaMatinQuébec learned that the investigators of this specialized section of the SQ searched to the residence of Maxime Fiset, Tuesday, in the Limoilou district. They seized computer material, as well as various documents as part of an investigation of a small extreminst organization the Federation of the Inhabitants of Quebec (FQS) and on their Web site

The detectives also confiscated illegal weapons (knuckledusters), leading Maxime Fiset to be charged with possession of prohibited weapons. He appeared in court on those charges yesterday.

The investigation continues and the material seized in the young man will be carefully examined by police during the next weeks.

With no criminal record, Fiset could post bail at the end of his court appearance with the imposition of a series of conditions which will have to be observed, including prohibition to have or use a computer.

“The prohibited weapon was discovered in as part of an investigation into hate propaganda via Internet”, stated the prosecutor Sebastien Guyard-Bergeron to judge Carol St-Cyr, in order to explain the imposition of conditions.

Maxime Fiset is also prohibited from subscribed to the Internet, to reside in a place where a computer is found, and to even be in a Internet café. He also had post a bond of $2000 as a guarantee. His/her father made in the same way, as additional guarantee for the court of the good behavior of shown until the exit of the brought legal procedures. He will return in court the next month.

Against the Muslims, Blacks and Jews

The existence of the site “” made the news the last fall, exacerbated by the debate on the reasonable compromises and the audiences of the Bouchard-Taylor commission. Le Journal de Montréal had reported that the FQS (also called Fédération of the Québécois white nationalists) had existed since the summer as a Web site promoting in Quebec the white race and French-speaking language.

The Muslims, Blacks and Jews were not welcome on their discussion forum where the members, numbering around fifty, discussed immigration, gangs of street and the “waste of time and money” which represented the Bouchard-Taylor commission. Some defended the néo-Nazi beliefs. Besides the banner page of the site posted a Quebec flag decorated with a swastika. Symbols of the racist organization Ku Klux Klan were also present there.

This Web site ceased its activities since November. The SQ, the unit responsible for investigating terrorism, which is in charge of the investigation. Investigating hate propaganda – a crime rarely prosecuted in Quebec - counts among their mandates. The SQ refused with any comment about this business, yesterday.

Hopefully we got the gist of it.

We wonder if the SQ would be interested to know that Fiset is posting again on Stormfront?