Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aryan Guard and Aryanprincess1488 Falling Out

We really do appreciate that the boneheads follow have come to view us as omnipotent and omnipresent and that the minutia of their daily lives will inevitable end up on this blog. Sadly, that isn't the case. While we do a pretty good job of monitoring the Internet chatter we can't be all places at once though we do come into possession a great deal of information from anonymous and known sources (in fact, the most fruitful sources are the result of boneheads with a grudge and let us tell you they are often a very surly bunch). A lot of the information isn't published for a few reasons, two of which are:

1. It's about a nobody in the "White Nationalist" movement (or are merely a groupie) and no one cares until they give us a reason to care; nude pictures really don't make the cut (that would be you Natalie).
2. It's boring. We know it will come as a great shock to our readers, but Nazis lead pretty bleak and colourless lives.

Sometimes, however, we get some information that we're just dying to share. Mostly because it shows what a sad, surly bunch of social misfits that we're dealing with here.

We've discussed Aryanprincess1488, or as we lovingly refer to her as "Nazi mom" a few times on this blog. One of her closest friends from Winnipeg, Jessie Lajoie (now Jessie Ammeter again) moved to Calgary a few months ago but remained in close contact. We had no idea there had been a falling out between the two of them until we received the following message:

Anyone else such as aryanprincess is on their own and is not a member of the Aryan Guard. She has moved to a new province and ties with her have since been cut.

This was part of a much larger message that attempted to take us to task regarding our story about J.H. and the damage the Aryan Guard had done to his family. By the way, you people need to get together and come up with a single story to tell people; your inconsistency is a bit of an embarrassment.

Well, we were a bit confused as to why ties between the AG and "Nazi mom" would have been cut. Then we received the following Facebook updates from "Nazi mom's" and Alicia Reckzin's profiles:

Nazi Mom: If you're going to hack into my account... I suggest you get your fucking facts straight children!!!!

Reckzin: email hackers = RATS... as my grampa would say.... blood will out. Courtney and Jessie will see their day.

Nazi Mom: Well... live and learn... friends like you are best left at the enemies hands good luck and god willing burn in hell!!! And FYI... that type of manipulative behavior is usually left to the antis... thanks for trying to destroy our movement you 20 year old cunts!! But thanks for coming out and exposing yourselves for the twats you really are!!

Nazi Mom: Well... all the while knowing that your girlfriend's favourite music is rap.... listening to her mother bitch about her being a lesbian... knowing that she has been with niggers... and smokes a fuck of a lot of weed... what does that make you then??

The last point is interesting given Thomas Trenerry made similar accusations about "Nazi mom" herself.

It would seem that Jessie and his girlfriend Courtney B. hacked into "Nazi mom's" email account, for what reason we don't yet know. However Reckzin (whose insights we take with a grain of salt) appears to have received the information from the horse's mouth:

Reckzin: may not sound it but I talked to him today and he did... and told me and told me shit about me that was between me and [Nazi mom]... some not even true...SO WATCH YOUR BACK ALBERTA

Wow, Reckzin has put Alberta on notice. It's a little known fact that Albertan's are deathly frightened of gap-toothed, used up harpies that weigh no more than a buck ten. Be afraid!

So, do you think "Nazi mom" and Reckzin are going to be invited to the next Aryan Guard picnic?


Anonymous said...

HAHA sorry but I am just curious why you care about people that are all nobody's? It's two pissy women arguing... pretty typical for women.

noonespecial200 said...

Not all women are catty. The main writer of this blog is a woman and she's lovely.

As to why we'd publish this, we guess it's just a content of their character thing.

Anonymous said...

I understand not all are catty, however, there are quite a few. Seems like a completely pointless post on this site? All junior school drama.

noonespecial200 said...

Oh, there's a point. Mostly ridicule, which for us is point enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey! ARA's been putting Alberta Nazis 'on notice' for three years now and Reckzin thinks she can just barge in on the action?


I stand by my statement that that in the Reckzin/Burdi trade we came out way long on the deal. At least Burdi can play an instrument.

Somena Woman said...

This stuff is like a bad soap opera that takes place at a trailer-park crack house.

"Like sand through the hourglass...
These are the crazy and dysfunctional days of our reich!"