Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Eyes! We're Blind!!!!

First, the serious part. Warman vs. Lemire is due out on Wednesday morning and should be on the CHRT website at 9:30 am eastern standard time.

Now, onto Paulie

As some of our reader know, today was the last day for submissions to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism. The mandate and vision of the coalition can be found on their website, however it can be summed up as an effort to examine and combat the increasing tide of antisemitic propaganda worldwide and in Canada.

Not surprisingly, Paul Fromm and his one-man (mostly) movement doesn't think that antisemitism is really that big a deal so "they" submitted their own recommendation, the first part of which is found below:

Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc.
P.O. Box 332,
Rexdale, ON.,
M9W 5L3

PH: 905-274-3868; FAX: 905-278-2413

Submission to
The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism
440-C Centre Block,
House of Commons,
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Phone: 613-947-2277 Fax: 613-947-2278

[This is an executive summary of our position. We have not included footnotes and documentation, which would be included in a more formal submission. This is the thrust of the remarks we would present should we be called to appear at the hearings the Coalition proposes to hold later this year.]


There are many problems confronting Canadians today. “Anti-Semitism” isn’t one of them. The raison d’etre of the Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism reads, in part: “The extent and severity of antisemitism is widely regarded as at its worst level since the end of the Second World War.”

This is factually false, fearmongering and absolutely ludicrous.

Paulie goes on to reprint the same, tired old antisemitic propaganda concerning Jewish control of the media, culture, etc so we won't bore our dear readers with it since you've all seen and heard it before. He then writes:

As there is virtually no crisis of anti-Semitism, we urge that this Coalition disband as there is no useful work for them to do.

Inter Group Conflict

Having said that Canadians are extremely tolerant and accepting of minorities, especially Jews, there are nonetheless some points of inter group tension in Canada.

1, First, is the correct perception that organized Jewish groups like the Canadian Jewish Congress, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and the Friends of the Simon Weisenthal Centre actively lobby to restrict free speech in Canada. [It must be noted that many individual Jews, like Ezra Levant and journalist George Jonas are outspoken opponents of such censorship.]

Going back to the 1930s, the Canadian Jewish Congress persistently lobbied for restrictions on free speech, which eventually saw the light of day in Canadian law as Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, the so-called "hate law." Groups like the Canadian Jewish Congress, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, remain outspoken defenders of the widely discredited Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Internet censorship provisions where truth is no defence, intent is no defence and the threshold is so low that merely criticizing privileged minorities can get the poster into trouble. All three groups intervened in favour of censorship in Ricihard Warman v Marc Lemire, a case wherein Mr. Lemire launched a constitutional challenge against Sec. 13.

Currently, the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith and their Victoria operative Harry Abrams have launched a Canadian Human Rights Commission Sec. 13 complaint against Quesnel, BC journalist Arthur Topham and his This complaint seeks to make criticism of Israeli policies a discriminatory offence.

Recommendation: It's unhealthy for a group, especially a minority, to be seen trying to take away rights from other people. Organized Jewish groups should adopt a more libertarian approach to free speech and not be seen to be trying to silence critics.

2. Second, perhaps the major factor in intergroup conflict involving Jews is the pernicious and ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

There are really two irreconcilable positions. One, is the Zionist position, apparently endorsed by this Coalition. This position holds that large numbers of Jewish foreigners, some claiming a distant ancestral attachment to Palestine, were justified in the 20th century to occupy the land of others; namely, Palestinians, Christian and Moslem. The land of many of these people was seized and they were expelled, many to live for decades in wretched refugee camps. When some of these Palestinians armed and used guerilla warfare tactics (as the Zionists had used in the 1940s) to regain their homeland, they were denounced as terrorists. It is hard to explain to Palestinians why they should have to sacrifice their homeland to outsiders and be second class citizens, if citizens at all, in the land of their birth,.

In the Zionist view, Jews have a right to their homeland in Palestine, Palestinians should meekly accept their dispossession, and neighbouring Arab nations should live in peace with the State of Israel.

There are, of course, many shades of Zionist and anti-Zionist opinion. The Middle East is a snakepit or irreconcilable differences that would test the wisdom of Solomon.

Recommendation: The Coalition cites tensions among Zionist Jews and anti-Zionists, especially on university campuses in Canada. Here, we urge a Canada First approach. The Middle East is not Canada's problem. Both factions, the Zionists and the anti-Zionists, should be encouraged to leave their quarrels in the old country. They are in Canada now and should be loyal to Canada.

Politicians, especially, should not pander to either faction, but should pursue a strict Canada First policy of neutrality: trade with all; aid to none.

Finally, we urge the Coalition to disband as the "problem" it seeks to solve is wildly overblown and the formation of such a Coalition, with much media fanfare, is provocative and offensive. -- Paul Fromm, Director

In other words, there is not antisemitism, but if there is antisemitism, the Jews are at fault.

We here at the ARC Collective especially enjoyed how Paulie believes that his.... er.... we mean CAFE's, submission to the coalition is actually going to be taken seriously as an interested party and not ignored like the wingnut he,... er.... they are. Paulie even made a grand announcement on his Facebook profile:

Right. We're sure that the coalition members have all read your submission and have now been shamed into agreeing with your position Paulie. You and your terrible spelling (you did teach English, didn't you?) have cause them all to acquiesce in the face of the strength of your argument.

Of course, given that this was found a little further down on your Facebook profile, well, we think that it might be hard to take you seriously:

Hey, we had to see this so we think it's only fair that we subject our dear readers to the same pain that we felt. Might we also remind you how Paulie looks without his shirt?


And, if the idea of Paul Fromm pounding some woman from behind isn't foul enough, we know what his wife looks like.

We will not make our dear readers suffer any more by posting her pictures.

Maybe Paul, just maybe, you should act your age.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 2009 Bits and Bites

Well it looks as if Terry Tremaine (left) has been released from jail under strict conditions:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looky Who Wants To Come To Canada Part II: Craig Cobb Claims To Have Arrived in Vancouver

A little while back we noted that Craig Cobb, who was about to be deported from Estonia, had requested that he be sent to Canada (he has claimed dual citizenship with this country). Cobb is now claiming on Podblanc that arrived in Vancouver:

"3 Non-Logger, U.N." Type Vancouver Customs Agents Seize My Macbook & Amazon-Available "Which Way Western Man", LMWAO

They are touchy up here--especially since they are in control--ha ha. They also grabbed 4 copies of Bill White's ANSWP mag. But the weather is great, the teaching is needed, and for me--it is easier to earn money here. Plus, they need me here, ha!

Vancouver recently won some big most-livable world city. There is just that small problem of thought crimes you cannot make stopping to you in your head. As Jimmy Cagney said-- 'Come on in and get me, coppers!" i'm at the Samesun hostel at 1018 Granville. Great to be free. The three Eesti escorts were more taciturn than the Finns but they all shook hands extremely sincerely. I told them in Frankfurt the Canadian DNA line at the plane looked decidedly worse. Well. after the Customs hands RCMP the Macbook to get rid of the offensive pic of the SA street cam showing an upstanding SA citizen bamging a goat on the street corner and Tom Sheley's "Fun 'African' Facts", it'll be on its way to being washed up and returned.

The Estonians have sent three guards with me all the way rather than the usual two. LOL. A regular Carlos the Jackal. Thank You all for the sustaining help-- letters, calls and especially financially helping Podblanc stay operative and teaching. The Canadian thought police may seize my Macbook, I figure-- they like to do that, I am told. In any case, it is really fine to be out of two months of prison and have these three guards let me buy a one hour Stockholm net card with only 14 Rothschild funny monies. Thanks Agis, Admin, Alex, Rounder, and I am sure, many others. It was quite interesting to see the soft version of what is in store for us all unless we stop the slide to 2 per cent of the planet within 90 years as the United Nations says will be.

Gonna be a bit trickier to broadcast from Canadian Thought Crime Pre-Crime Minority Report IZ. I am a big Cary Grant fan...might start a Cannuck 501c3 of the Judy, Judy, Judy Foundation to change the name of planet earth. Or maybe begin the Lee Harvey Oswald--Barrack Hussein Obama Historical Review Society. Those would make some cool t-shirts. A sweeter thing would be the Send A Monkey to Israel Foundation. It would sell 10 cent Chinese monkey toys for 20 bucks-- pretty much like Kabballah water-- to send to the sons and daughters of the Knesset members who are so deprived now that they have to paint Hasbara hate messages on white phosphorous helicopter ordnance for the Gaza children. I might have a squirrel monkey in a propeller hat and call him Moses Mordechai Levy, the REAL name of Karl Marx. Maybe loop Elton John singing the opening to Holy Moses etc. But seriously-- will begin a regular Creativity branch-- just as Krishtons have branches. One would just have to read White Mans Bible and Natures Eternal Religion. Will say now only that Chtonic, Ermordungs, and Eminence Grise are in the name. We will honor posthumously people like Asa H. Coon...kinda like how kike-ess Madelaine Albright might get an honorary PhD for bombing the heads and limbs off Serbian White kiddies. Dick Poplaw might get one too, but here is the catch-- we cannot permit violence. So if you do violence you get kicked out of the Church with a certificate, videos etc. Sounds legal to me. And Thank You all. We are getting heavy publicity in Eesti, by the way. I learned that there aint no such animal as a right wing asylum seeker. So we must remember that when the tables get turned one day in our country. Boer moms and kids who have gotten your skin steam-ironed by congoloidals-- do not bother flying to Schengen via Moscow, cause you have just been the victims of a random crime in safe South Africa.

About President Ilves of Eesti-- I think maybe he has taken too many prescription E.U. pills from Juut NGOs. Ilves has overdosed and I guess will soon leave the building thanks to the Rothschild, Goldman Sachs subprime and derivatives games-playing. The guy actually graduated from high school in New Jersey. He should be WARNING his people. Eesti will make a lovely New Jersey of Europe. Last weekend I saw on TV a big ceremony in Estonia honoring the Wehrmacht Iron Cross winners, one of whom got his pinned on him by Hitler himself. I guess Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of the Interior has not caught up with those outlaws yet. Maybe by 2043. It took them 2 and a quarter years before Finland turned me over, he he. One man in the crowd held up a sign asking who would be the next Molotov. That would be dual Schengen felon kike-- convicted felon in both France and Hungary-- George Soros, his close pal Jacob Rothschild and jungle bunny Sumner Redstone, owner of swell, leaping bonobo MTV and CBS. Good luck with THAT, Eesti.


PS -- Turns out banned from all Schengen countries for 10 years after all. Kinda funny specifically absentia-tried and wanted in Sweden but you kikes are missing the boat, lmWao.

There's no date attached to this, though we suspect it was posted on August 25 or 26.

Of course we mentioned in our previous post concerning Cobb that he's infamous for videotaping individuals at the memorial for Rosa Parks and making outrageous and vile statements in order to enrage and disgust the attendees. He also posted the home address of the judge who ruled against Matt Hale (who's now rotting in prison on conspiracy to have said judge murdered) and of celebrating the murder of minorities on his Podblanc site, including videos honoring the murderers.

As we said earlier, we suspect that Cobb's stay in Canada, if he is indeed here, might not turn out the way that he hopes.

UPDATE: Well, this one was certainly published today:

They pulled a neat trick with the emergency passport. There were plenty of weeks waiting to give a full 24 page normal passport, but now I am here and cannot even prove I am Canadian. It takes a Social Insurance Card to get a Citizen ID card, and I have neither. The conundrum game. Kinda like a 2nd class Whitey citizenship I got awarded. However, after ten months, they figure they can probably manage to trace me and figure out who I am AND even discover my Social Insurance Number. Talk about fast! When I mentioned that the 30% asiatic et. al. dual citizens out on the beautiful streets seem to be sailing along quite smoothly here by contrast, they cautiously advised that that sounded racist, though I kinda saw the operative racism working the other way around. Lucky that burrocrat didn't call the kwaps on me! I always get a kick when they frequently, directly ask me a variant of "why did you come here" (meaning, to Canada, my own country!...even when I have just that moment finished expounding the situation in minute detail to them.) I wonder if they run that same inquisitive mantra on the scads of OTHER dual citizens who visit the gov't offices, lmao. I usually stay on my most polite behavior, sometimes even PAST the bitter conundrum end. One young gov't employee said I should have secured my documents better from some decades ago. Helpful! That was erudite future reference info from a 24 year old female, race-over-the-phone-unknown.

Anyway, if there is a single White Globalist (quitting the term WN in most cases as Klassen is right that we had BETTER go planetary, AND FAST too!)....please contact me ASAP in Room 203 of the Samesun Hostel at 1018 Granville. I will trey to buy a cheap local cell phone tomorrow so I can be easily reached. Thanks. I could really use some tips on getting high level help with SIN, and even a job without one. After all , that system spledidly for 40 million Mexicans in The Kwa, and as we all know--if it HAD NOT, that would damned SURE have been racism. Or maybe I should try to get the RCMP to deport me as an American who has been here 6 months. They'd probably figure that is a fair deal, even though I'd have to fudge the time.

I really want to quickly get back to Deprograms and finding/making vids, but can't even get a library card in my own country. Ah, grousing life on the loving-full Teeming Dark Planet.

Anyone interested in a pool? How long before Cobb ends up in jail? Between 6 months and 3 years?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Costs Awarded Against Tom Kennedy

Two of our favorite detaxers are at it again. Tom Kennedy, who is trying to get his buddy David Lindsay on board his libel case (though we can't imagine why given Lindsay's track record with Kennedy as well as his other failed efforts in court, including a recent criminal conviction) was unsuccessful in efforts and has been assessed a loss of $2300 payable immediately to the plaintiff:

If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny.

Okay, so it's both pathetic AND funny.

Friday, August 21, 2009

How Do You Spell Delusional?

We spell it N O B L E:

So let's see if we understand this. The anti-racists outnumbered the Aryan Guard members and their supporters at the march by a factor of roughly 4 or 5 to 1. The Aryan Guard marchers were prevented from reaching the final destination of their march and had to have a police escort to a bus that was called in for them. And, outside of a few commentators on the right, the Aryan Guard and their supporters are generally reviled.

And who was embarrassed?

Billy truly, TRULY believes with all of his heart that it is only a matter of time before this...

... will soon be running the show here in Canada as respected and even honored leaders of a future White Utopian society.

We aren't about to begin holding our collective breaths on that happening.

Billy, if you think for a moment that the city of Calgary is going to continue to allow you and your kind to embarrass the city, then you have really lost your grip with reality.

As for who should be embarrassed, well.......
And by the way "White Power Toronto," the reason why nothing you write get's posted is because you're boring and predictable. Try to come up with something original. Perhaps then we'll begin to notice your desperate pleas for attention. Pick up your game a little bit.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We Think We May Have Hurt Their Feelings

A few days ago we suggested the celebration of a new holiday we called "Dead Nazi Day" to memorialize the suicide of Rudolph Hess. We thought er might hit a nerve. Oh, you have no idea!

We received a great deal of feedback from boneheads who were, shall we say, displeased with our characterization of the corpse formerly known as Herr Hess. We can't post it all, but we have selected two which sort of reflect the general mood. Evidently, the boneheads believe we've been unfair in our assessment of Hess:

"Wow. You're attitude towards Hess is rather sickening.

Check out his wiki page and get your facts straight..."

But this was nothing compared to a second rant we received:

I understand your requirement, as propagandists, to defame and minimise the actions and, indeed, the lives of your past nemeses; however please refrain from complete fabrications. I say this largely because it only makes your cause look more pathetic to those who already know otherwise.

Firstly, Hess did not hang himself in prison. He was done-in by the prison guards who knew they would never be reprimanded for executing a "war criminal."

Second, Hess was Hitler's respected Right-Hand Man, and it is entirely ludicrous to pass him off as less than such. You are aware, certainly, that it was he himself who the Führer chose to write his words down in a document that would later be known as "Mein Kampf."

Hess was one of the most accomplished pilots of the Luftwaffe and survived incredible odds, including being shot down numerous times, only to by the grace of God survive each without serious injury.

His weak testimony at Nouremburg was not as pathetic as you attempt to portray it; Hess was tortured, beaten, his family threatened, all to obtain a false confession that would put him behind bars for the rest of his life -- despite the fact that he had never killed an innocent person, other than perhaps by bombs that fell from his bomber. Nothing, I should say, that wasn't done tenfold worse by the Allied forces during the same war.

Furthermore, you severely downplay the attempts that Hess made to bring peace and honour to both sides of the war. During his personal mission to Britain -- which you herein touched upon -- he brought with him a message of peace and respect, which was spat upon, and he was beaten and imprisoned illegally.

Your disrespect towards this defamed hero is revolting; surely you rather spit upon the name of Hess than ever acknowledge that a good man may have been your enemy. You wish to remain blisfully ignorant and continue to assume that every living German during the 1940s was evil, sadistic, and inhuman.

Your hatred and defamations will return to you tenfold in times to come, that is a thing of which to be certain.

We can actually picture the person sobbing as he wrote the above post.

"Leave Rudolph ALONE!"

Oh, whoops. Wrong link. Well, we're sure it was close enough to the spirit of the post.

Anyways, the second message makes certain claims. We figured that we would take on the challenge of the first message and use wikipedia to counter the claims:

Firstly, Hess did not hang himself in prison. He was done-in by the prison guards who knew they would never be reprimanded for executing a "war criminal."

This is a claim made by Hess apologists for two decades now. The crux of the main murder claim is that Hess was murdered by the British SAS or MI6 in order to prevent him from releasing damaging information about Churchill:

The British feared, so the theory alleges, that Hess could tell details about his negotiations about peace with them in 1941, which would damage the credibility of Churchill's policy of no peace with the Nazis without unconditional surrender.

Problem with this "theory" is that the British were actually open to releasing Hess and that it was the Soviets who refused to budge, though even that was changing by the time Gorby came to power. But why let the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy theory?

Second, Hess was Hitler's respected Right-Hand Man, and it is entirely ludicrous to pass him off as less than such. You are aware, certainly, that it was he himself who the Führer chose to write his words down in a document that would later be known as "Mein Kampf."

Yep, a glorified stenographer. Very important. Here's how important Hess was in the Nazi Party:

Soon after Hitler assumed dictatorial powers, Hess was named "Deputy Fuhrer." Hess had a privileged position as Hitler's deputy in the early years of the Nazi movement and in the early years of the Third Reich. For instance, he had the power to take "merciless action" against any defendant whom he thought got off too lightly—especially in cases of those found guilty of attacking the party, Hitler or the state. Hess also played a prominent part in the creation of the Nuremberg Laws in 1935. Hitler biographer John Toland described Hess's political insight and abilities as somewhat limited.

However, he was increasingly marginalized throughout the 1930s as foreign policy took greater prominence. The alienation of Hess increased during the early years of the war, as attention and glory were focused on military leaders, along with Göring, Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler...

And how did Hess' idol feel about his flight to Scotland?

Taken by surprise, Hitler had Hess's staff arrested. Questioning revealed that Hess was not motivated by disloyalty, but had simply cracked under the strain of the war. The official statement from the German government said that Hess had fallen victim to hallucinations brought on by old injuries from the previous war.

"My coming to England in this way is, as I realise, so unusual that nobody will easily understand it. I was confronted by a very hard decision. I do not think I could have arrived at my final choice unless I had continually kept before my eyes the vision of an endless line of children's coffins with weeping mothers behind them, both English and German, and another line of coffins of mothers with mourning children."

—10 June 1941 (from Rudolf Hess: Prisoner of Peace by his wife, Ilse Hess)

Hitler also stripped Hess of all of his party and state offices, and privately ordered him shot on sight if he ever returned to Germany. However, Hitler did grant Hess's wife a pension. Martin Bormann succeeded Hess as deputy under a newly-created title.

Here is our favourite claim:

Hess was one of the most accomplished pilots of the Luftwaffe and survived incredible odds, including being shot down numerous times, only to by the grace of God survive each without serious injury.

This is concerning Hess' service during the First World War. Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to the tapes. Er... Wikipedia:

At the onset of World War I he enlisted in the 7th Bavarian Field Artillery Regiment, became an infantryman, and was awarded the Iron Cross, second class. After numerous injuries, including a chest wound severe enough that he was not allowed to return to the front as an infantryman, he transferred to the Imperial Air Corps (after being rejected once). He then took aeronautical training and served in an operational squadron, Jasta 35b (Bavarian), with the rank of lieutenant, from 16 October, 1918. He had no victories.

Let's look at that again:

After numerous injuries, including a chest wound severe enough that he was not allowed to return to the front as an infantryman, he transferred to the Imperial Air Corps (after being rejected once). He then took aeronautical training and served in an operational squadron, Jasta 35b (Bavarian), with the rank of lieutenant, from 16 October, 1918. He had no victories.

So he was in the Imperial Air Corps for less than a month, as the war all but ended on November 11. And during that time he scored no victories. And according to the poster, he was shot down numerous times.

Wow, ya, that's an impresive record. We think you just shit on the legacy of people like the Red Baron dude.

Furthermore, you severely downplay the attempts that Hess made to bring peace and honour to both sides of the war. During his personal mission to Britain -- which you herein touched upon -- he brought with him a message of peace and respect, which was spat upon, and he was beaten and imprisoned illegally.

Well we've already established that Hitler was pissed off. But how was he treated by his captors?

Hess became increasingly agitated as his conviction grew that he would be murdered. Mealtimes were difficult, since Hess suspected that his food might be poisoned, and the MI6 officers had to exchange their food with his to reassure him. Gradually, their conviction grew that Hess was insane.

And we're not sure how he was illegally imprisoned. He was a high profile member of the Nazi Party and German government who flew into the airspace of a country with whom Germany was currently at war. When captured, he was treated as a prisoner of war.

His weak testimony at Nouremburg was not as pathetic as you attempt to portray it; Hess was tortured, beaten, his family threatened, all to obtain a false confession that would put him behind bars for the rest of his life -- despite the fact that he had never killed an innocent person, other than perhaps by bombs that fell from his bomber. Nothing, I should say, that wasn't done tenfold worse by the Allied forces during the same war.

Sure. Let's go back to Wiki:

Hess was detained by the British for the remainder of the war, for most of the time at Maindiff Court Military Hospital in Abergavenny, Wales, where he would often be taken to the White Castle on Offa's Dyke path. It was rumoured that he was befriended by the local populace. He then became a defendant at the Nuremberg Trials of the International Military Tribunal, where he was found guilty on two of four counts and given a life sentence.

He was declared guilty of "crimes against peace" ("planning and preparation of aggressive war") and "conspiracy" with other German leaders to commit crimes. Hess was found not guilty of "war crimes" or "crimes against humanity."

Some of his last words before the tribunal were, "I do not regret anything." For decades he was addressed only as prisoner number seven. Throughout the investigations prior to trial Hess claimed amnesia, insisting that he had no memory of his role in the Nazi Party. He went on to pretend not to recognise even Hermann Göring — who was as convinced as the psychiatric team that Hess had lost his mind. Hess then addressed the court, several weeks into hearing evidence, to announce that his memory had returned — thereby destroying his defence of diminished responsibility. He later confessed to having enjoyed pulling the wool over the eyes of the investigative psychiatric team.

Hess was considered to be the most mentally unstable of all the defendants. He would be seen talking to himself in court, counting on his fingers, laughing for no obvious reason. Such behaviour was a source of great annoyance to Göring, who made clear his desire to be seated apart from him. The request was denied.

So, what did we write about originally that can be refuted with legitimate sources?

Your disrespect towards this defamed hero is revolting; surely you rather spit upon the name of Hess than ever acknowledge that a good man may have been your enemy.

Naw, we wouldn't want to spit on his name. We'd rather spit on his rotting corpse, but he really isn't worth the purchase of a shovel to dig him up.

You wish to remain blisfully ignorant and continue to assume that every living German during the 1940s was evil, sadistic, and inhuman.

Well you know what happens when you assume, right? There were a number Germans, both men and women, who lived during World War II who deserve a great deal of respect. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Hermann Sasse, Karl Barth, Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl and other members of the White Rose, Helmuth James Graf von Moltke, Liselotte Herrmann, Ernst Knaack, Leo Borchard, and a host of others resisted and condemned Hitler and his policies, often at the cost of their own lives. And as at least one of the writers of this blog is of German ancestry, it's sort of hard to accuse us of an anti-German bias.

Dear readers, we believe that this confirms our belief that "Dead Nazi Day" must become an anual event. It has been far too much fun.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Dead Nazi" Day

Boneheads have a bizarre attachment to Rudolph Hess, a Nazi-era politician whom even his contemporaries within the Nazi Party felt was lacking in terms of intellectual and political talents. Increasingly marginalized within the Party, Hess decided that he would prove his worth to Hitler by flying to the UK to hammer out a peace deal. He failed miserably and spent the remainder of the war in a British prison. At the end of World War II, Hess and other surviving Nazi leaders were put on trial for war crimes. During the trial Hess was noted for his strange behavior and mumbling testimony, so much so that even his co-defendants would make fun of him. He was eventually sentenced to life in prison; he ended his sad, pathetic existence in 1987 when he hung himself in Spandau Prison.

Hmmm, a failure and a loser. We think we know the attraction boneheads feel towards the late Herr Hess. He's like a mirror.

Well today boneheads are commemorating the death of Hess. So should we. As the boneheads have tried to co-opt March 21 (and, in our mind, mostly failed), we feel that this is as good a day as any to make our own (yes, we know that they also celebrate Hitler's birthday, but since most people celebrate 4/20 for very different reasons, we think that the boneheads have already lost that battle).

We then humbly suggest that we rename today, "Dead Nazi Day." Sure, it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but until another better suggestion is offered, we like this one.

From last year's Dead Nazi Day festivities:

Anti-Nazi Rally in Germany Ahead of Hess Death Anniversary

The small southern German town of Wunsiedel held a Festival of Democracy Saturday to register its opposition to neo-Nazis who have demonstrated in the town in years past to commemorate Nazi leader Rudolf Hess.

In nearby Warmensteinach, around 2,000 gathered for a more general protest against the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) and to demonstrate against the sale of a local cafe to the NPD.

From 2001 to 2004, German right-wing extremists gathered in Wunsiedel to mark the day of Hess's death which falls on Aug. 17, until a court ban put a stop to the celebrations. Hess lies buried in the northern Bavarian town.

The Wunsiedel democracy festival was being held for the fourth year in a row to express support for the ban, which the right wing has tried to overturn.

Local police said NPD supporters had largely adhered to the court ban. Three carloads of party supporters had been stopped and told to turn around, a police spokesman said.

After World War II, Hess, who was Hitler's deputy until flying on a mysterious mission to Britain in 1941, received a life sentence at the Nuremberg Trials. He hanged himself at the age of 93 in Spandau prison in Berlin in1987.

And because it is so very, very appropriate:

Happy Dead Nazi Day everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

So, What Has Robert Reitmeier Been Up To Lately?

Well, for one thing, getting really, really poor quality prison-style tattoos. Really poor. We've seen prison tattoos before and most are far better then these. No self-respecting member of the Aryan Brotherhood would be caught dead with such a miserable excuse for a swastika tattoo.

Oh, and nice wife beater farmer's tan Robbie.

Less than a year ago, Reitmeier was shot by Roland Ashley Warawa, in a "random" incident which was a result of "mistaken identity" (and if you believe any of that, we wonder if you'd be interested in purchasing a slightly used bridge in Swift Current). We speculated at the time that had Reitmeier sought medical attention immediately and not withheld information about the shooter, Warwa might have been captured before he shot and blinded Brazilian student Jose Ribamar Ribeiro Neto.

One would have thought such a brush with mortality would cause an individual to reassess his life and commit to making some fundamental changes. Sadly, such was not the case for Reitmeier. In fact Reitmeier seems to have further entrenched himself within the world of neo-Nazi extremism.

Although he ws one of the founders of the Aryan Gurd, Reitmeier and a few others evidently didn't think that they were proactive enough (read "proactive" as "violent"). As a result an offshoot was formed that they called Western European Bloodlines (or Brotherhood depending on whom one talks to) or W.E.B. That offshoot seems to have become an autonomous entity, but the membership of the new group still had a working relationship with Aryan Guard members as evidenced by their participation in the "White Pride Day" march on March 21 of this past year (Reitmeier, Brent Golding and a few other W.E.B. members also seem to have been involved in the majority of the assults committed by the Nazi side). Well, it seems that the working relationship might now be bust:

Really Robbie? And they were so nice to you when you were in jail facing attempted murder charges yourself:

[Stormfront Post By Kyle McKee August 11, 2007] A good brother of ours "German pride" [Reitmeier] has been in the Calgary remand center now since around may and has been in and out since November of 2006 when he was charged with attempted murder [the link to the arrest and charged is found here]. I have asked him if he would mind if I posted his story on here and he said it would be fine. There was guy in the downtown area that was beaten with in an inch of his life suffering an open skull fracture and was bleeding heavily from the head. He was found early the next morning and was taken to the hospital and slipped into a coma and still remands in one to this day but hasn't died yet to the best of my knowledge. They had origanly picked up some indian for it. that indian wrought 3 diffrent statments none of witch were the same except they all pointed the finger of convienenc at a skinhead. We used to all drink at this bar called "the crazy donkey" where this indian and the victom also drank at. now I might tell you all abit about this part of town. it is one of the highest crime parts of the down town and the bar is right across the street from a drop in center where all the homeless and drug dealers can all eat and live of the backs of the working class. the indian that made the 3 statments is a drug user and a suspected drug dealer. Pretty much what it comes down to is our brother rob was arested because he is a skinhead. There is no real evidence other than the rambelings of some indian. Forensics came back with nothing and are only really going on the statments of an indian trying to get out of a charge. He would really like it if anyone took the time to send him a letter of support. We have been sending him money every week but I thought it would be nice if some more people could at least right him a letter. so here is his address
Robert Reitmeier 
Calgary Remand Centre 
12200 85st NW 
Calgary, AB.

Might make for a lively annual Aryan Guard BBQ should the W.E.B. members make an appearance.

We find this split to be most intriguing. We also wonder which way individuals such as R.N. will go. He was a die-hard Ayan Guard loyalist, but W.E.B. is a little more inclined to overt violence which R.N. has shown himself all too willing to participate in and even initiate.

It might be too early to say so, but we'll engage in a bit of speculation now. The W.E.B. members appear slightly more inclined towards overt acts of violence; this may draw like-minded Aryan Guard members into W.E.B. diminishing the Aryan Guard. In the meantime, W.E.B. members, not among the smartest cookies, may be dealt with as it's hard for the police to ignore continued violent attacks especially if made known to the media.

To bookend this article, we'll start as we finished. Today we noticed the following status update on Rob Reitmeier's brother's Facebook:

Brytny, you are the dumbest cunt alive, you try to kill my fucking BROTHER? Fucking dumb slut, you're lucky I'm not in Calgary, fucking whore.

We had thought the brother was engaging in a bit of rhetorical hyperbole until he wrote the following reply to someone questioning his post:
[She] stabbed him in an artery, on the back of his leg, he had to gethis muscle sewn back together.
So let this be a lesson to those interested in joining a group such as the Aryan Guard or W.E.B. If you believe that minorities are running around assaulting and killing white Canadians and that joining a racist gang is a way to protect yourself and show your, "White Pride," we can assure you that there is a far greater chance of being assaulted and/or murdered by one of your "brothers" or "sisters."

Don't believe us? Here are a few selected examples:
And for your viewing entertainment, Robert Reitmeier, who does a mean, drunken air guitar, getting locked out of a C-Train.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fredrick Toben Goes to Jail

Oct 8-9, 2005 (Left to Right): Phillip Butler, Christopher Steele, Louis Cook, Paul Fromm, Fredrick Toben

First Terry Tremaine, now, in less than a week, Fredrick Toben ends up going to jail on contempt charges.

See what happens when you're friends with Paul Fromm.

Holocaust 'revisionist' Fredrick Toben silenced, sent to jail


August 13, 2009 04:55pm

HOLOCAUST "revisionist" Fredrick Toben has finally been silenced and jailed for repeatedly insulting and abusing the Jewish race via the Internet.

The Full Court of the Federal Court this afternoon rejected an appeal, filed by the self-styled "revisionist historian", against his three-month sentence for contempt of court.

As the court rose following its decision, Toben stood up and said: "Your Honours, may I just say something to you?"

Justice Jeffrey Spender, who had spent eight hours listening to Toben's rhetoric, replied: "No."

In April, Toben was found guilty of 24 counts of contempt of court.

Justice Bruce Lander ruled Toben had acted "wilfully and contumaciously" by uploading to his website articles implying Jewish people offended by Holocaust denial were of "limited intelligence".

Other articles had claimed that some Jewish people "exaggerated" the Holocaust "for improper motives".

Toben repeatedly claimed he had no fear of being jailed.

"Why should I regret anything?" he said outside court in April.

"If you believe in something and you want to have the freedom to express your opinion, then you should be prepared to make sacrifices."

Justice Lander subsequently imposed a three-month jail term – the activation of which was delayed pending an appeal.

Yesterday, counsel for Toben argued that penalty was too severe, and asked the finding of contempt be thrown out.

In the lead judgment, Justice Spender dismissed both applications.

"This is not a case concerning the Holocaust, or gas chambers, or the Jews," he said.

"This case was and is about the orders of the court... and obedience to the orders of the court is not optional."

He said Toben had committed "the most serious" contempt "in a serial way".

"Given the seriousness and repetitiveness of the contempt, a three-month sentence cannot be said – by any stretch of the imagination – to be excessive or unwarranted," he said.

Three Australian Federal Police officers met Toben outside the court, arrested him and led him to a waiting car.

It is understood he will serve his sentence at Yatala Labour Prison.

So as Toben languishes in prison for the next three months, and Tremaine for however long, Paulie will continue to drink his red wine.

And although he will make a big stink out of this publicly, he's really not concerned so long as those donations to keep him in red wine keep rolling in. His real attitude towards Toben and Tremaine?

Come on. Deep down, you know that we're right. Just ask John Beattie who doesn't have much nice to say about Paulie:

Everyone is being ever so polite. The great one in question [Paul Fromm] simply does not want anyone else to be heard, or notated, other than himself. Always was his way, and always will be his way. Gads I never thought others too would see this light of day. Pompous one man shows line pockets, but do not contribute one iota to saving our race. You can not drive a car with a license ending in 88, and wave the Union Jack at the same time, unless you are a huckster.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looky Who Wants To Come To Canada: Craig Cobb

Craig Cobb, who at one time bore a striking resemblance to Krusty the Clown, was at one time one of the more outspoken members of Alex Linder's VNN forums before he was banned in August 2007 (he was very vocal about his disapproval of Elisha Strom, the ex wife of Kevin Strom, being made an administrator on the site). Known as "Chain" on VNN, Cobb was infamous for such stunts as attending the funeral of Rosa Parks and videotaping the mourners as he attempted, quite successfully, to antagonize them by hurling racial epithets at the late civil rights icon.

While such stunts are disgusting and childish, it is his celebration of violence and murder committed against minorities that is of the most concern. An American citizen, Cobb has lived in Estonia for a number of years. From Estonia he has run Podblanc, a YouTube-type website that allows racists to upload videos of racist attacks and tributes to murderers such as Kyle Borman:
One Podblanc video entitled “Sniper Bags Negress,” for example, heralds the January 2008 random killing of a black woman in Omaha, Neb., by 19-year-old Kyle Bormann, who told police he targeted the victim because he was “pissed off” at black people. The website also glorifies the actions of Asa Coon, a troubled high school student who opened fire in a multicultural studies classroom in Cleveland in October 2007, wounding two teachers and two students before committing suicide. 
“We need a martyr’s section for guys like Bormann and Asa Coon,” Cobb wrote in the “Sniper Bags Negress” comments section. “I’ll work on getting that installed.”
Cobb had once stated that Estonians at worst sympathized with his brand of racism and, as best, overtly supported it. He even suggested that other like-minded bigots make their way to Estonia or other Eastern European countries. It would appear that his enthusiasm may have been a bit premature. In June of this year he was in Finland claiming political asylum based on religious persecution. That didn't happen and he was sent packing back to Estonia where he is scheduled to be deported in September. This is where it gets a bit interesting as Cobb is claiming that while he is an American, he is actually a dual Canadian citizen. From a post on Podblanc:
Eesti rejected my asylum & put me in jail. They called me racist, said there is now a ten year ban on me in Estonia since Feb. of 2007. They said in court that the kingdom of Sweden had some trial in Absenta agaist me – indictment, action ruling, something. The translator gave it all those names. So I guess if I show up in Sweden I would be arrested too. 
Fact is, I could use some research help. You see, I have dual citizenship & I am almost 100% I’m gonna get deported to Canada, not USA. Eesti law lets you pick if you have rights to more than one country. Yeah, I know those guys will say I am nuts to go to Israel north, but here are my reasons: 
1) By verbal agreement with the podblanc cell, my partial ownership in podblanc is forfeited when I am one second outside Canadian air space & about to enter Canada. 
2) Canadians need help with their Hasbara hate laws 
3) Any Canadian thought or speech crimes I committed were outside Canadian territory, plus – spoken with my diverse Kwa cultural free-speech habit & tradition. 
4) I can more rapidly earn money to go to South America or Serbia or Belarus – or somewhere I can do normal Deprograms. 
Can the VNNF researchers advise me the likelihood that Canada could or might be able to successfully prosecute me for my supposed speech crimes not uttered or originated from Canadian soil? I mean if a Canadian murders somebody on Cuba or England, they can’t put the accused on trial in Canada, right? On the other hand, Finnish law lets them try you for crimes committed elsewhere - that nigger Hutu Baptist they gave asylum to, Francois Bazaramba is getting tried in Finland! So maybe the Cannuck “Human Rights” crowd on VNNF could opine on all this. There is a chance that you could tell them to email final thoughts to me via the U.S. Consol, Patrick T. McNeil. His email is ********* The guy is 45 & has been kind of helpful - more than the Canadian cunt Mrs. Maria Asari, who hasn’t even shown up or called the Commandant though I have been here a week & may be kept till Sept. 16 by the judge’s order. The judge really genuinely laughed when I used Agis’ line about how Horst Mahler got less years for robbing banks with a machinegun than he did when he switched to the good side late in life & just flapped his mouth! 
My “crimes” are, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Endangering public security, public order, public safety, moral standards, health, or some other relevant public interests. They also said I promoted racism & was a racist. 
I pointed out the Jew George Soros, who operates here big time is a Zionist & that U.N. resolution #3379 passed 34 years ago in 1975 says Zionism is a racist thought system and that Soros is working with E.U. to import nigs & muzzies to Estonia ( I called them “Africans & Muslims” and is personal pals with Jacob Rothschild – all to no avail. 
Hey if this Maria Asari nutbag still hasn’t gotten me an emergency one way passport outta here as she can easily do & is supposed to do, maybe you guys could spam C.B.C.’s “As It Happens” radio show or Stephen Halpern’s office – somebody! 
Thank You! 
Implant podblanc vid “Soros convicted felon in France”
Soros also convicted felon France & Hungary
I am not a felon.
Video is the medium you dream in.