Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wait a Moment! Did Fromm Even Attend His Own Protest?

We had fun ridiculing Paul Fromm's utter and complete failure in organizing the protest in support of the 'Nazi Mom' on June 23 in Winnipeg. The arrest of 'Nazi Mom' on fraud charges and her subsequent request for her children to remain in foster care only made the situation more comical.

In fact, it all might even be more funny.

When the media reported that only three individuals showed up at the protest, we at the ARC Collective (bad ass!) made certain assumptions. One assumption that we made was that 'Nazi Mom' was in the court house. A second assumption that we made was that Paul Fromm accompanied her.

However, the media had stated that only the immediate family and the media were being permitted to attend the court proceedings.

Is it possible that Fromm didn't show up to a protest that HE organized?

If that's the case, then that comedy of errors is truly complete.

And in yet another indication of just how unified the "White Nationalist" movement really is, here is a comment left on our blog by someone posting using John Marleau's online pseudonym jagermeister88:

Who cares about this? Good ridance to her. WP or not she is a jackass and a fraud

Keep in mind that only a few short weeks ago 'Nazi Mom' considered Marleau to be "her brother."

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Anonymous said...

Nazi Mom is just a fuck up. Not to mention someone always seeking attention or making drama. She has gone so far as to tell people her boyfriend is a woman beater. Yep, good old facebook. What kind of grown woman acts like that? No wonder noboby showed up. Seems like this woman has burned all her 'friends'