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Bits and Bites: June 2009

Well it looks like Doug Christie hasn't been in the spotlight enough for this weeks so he's now challenged Richard Warman to a debate on freedom of speech and the CHRC. Tomasz Winnicki has posted the challenge on Stormfront and VNN while and Arthur Topham has published it on his website. As one of our friends has noted:

Christie's obviously trying to gain friends with Ezra Levant syncopants. If I was Warman and pressed to respond I'd say that I'd consider it after he hears that Christie has paid his $22,500 fine to the BC Law Society for malpractice.

We would also add that such a debate has already occurred, though perhaps not formally. Considering the number of times Mr. Warman's complaints have been upheld by the CHRT and the number of Christie's friends who have found themselves on the loosing side after a tussle with Mr. Warman, we suggest that any apparent necessity for a debate might be moot. We're sure others would argue with that though.

Speaking of Topham, he has submitted a "Statement of Particulars" regarding the complaint against him filed by the B'nai Brith. Now, there's a lot, and we mean A LOT, of crazy, but the following "Remedies Sought" part sort of takes the cake:

The Respondent requests that the complaint be dismissed on the grounds that:

Section 13 of the "Canadian Human Rights Act" is an unconstitutional piece of legislation designed only to benefit one particular group in Canada, that being the Zionist Jews and their foreign lobbyist organizations.

The articles posted on do not expose groups to hatred or contempt. They are, in fact, historical, literary and political analyses and opinion.

The Complainants in this case, Harry Abrams and Anita Bromberg, are abusing an intentionally flawed piece of legislation contained in the Canadian Human Rights Act, to wit, Section 13, for political purposes and to vilify and smear both myself, Arthur Topham, and my news site

The organization known as B’nai Brith Canada is a false front organization controlled by B’nai Brith International headquartered in the foreign state of Israel which is a proven subversive organization controlled by Zionist Jews and operating under the guise of a fraternal society and an advocacy group. It has proven connections to the International terrorist organization MOSSAD as well as to its American arm of B’nai Brith International known as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL is also linked to Crime Syndicates throughout the USA and is a proven Terrorist organization also ran out of Israel for the purpose of slandering and silencing critics of Israeli foreign and domestic policies which are, at their basis, proven to be racist, apartheid and supremacist in nature.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission, through its blatant complicity with this foreign lobby group B’nai Brith Canada has discredited itself as a neutral and impartial human rights organization. As such its actions can only be perceived as being detrimental to the democratic rights of the majority of Canadians now enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and an abuse of legislation which ostensible was designed to ensure equality of rights for all Canadians not just special interest groups like B’nai Brith Canada. In this case both the Complainants and the Commission are abusing legislation which is allegedly remedial and are using the legislation in an attempt to destroy a perceived political enemy and to silence political opposition to policies not only of the Canadian government but of a foreign state (Israel). Such actions on the part of these two bodies are not only detestible but should be viewed as highly illegal as well, bordering on, if not in fact, commensurate with, treason.

Arthur does crazy almost as well as anyone we've ever met. And we imagine his latest defense of James von Brunn won't do anything to change that perceptions:

The mind control techniques of Zionism and Judaism are exactly the same as those practiced by the ancient empires; but the sheeple don’t understand these psychological techniques of mind control and brainwashing because they are themselves the victims of it. People speak in hushed tones, or avoid controversial subjects, “for fear of the Jews,” and still it hasn’t dawned on them that they don’t realize they are the ones being oppressed! They interpret their own inability to speak out loud as “politeness”! Only the “black sheep” of the family, like James von Brunn, verbalizes his “anti-Semitism”!

Digging that hole even deeper, eh?

Oh, and if anyone else cares, Kevin Goudreau is out of the loony bin and being, well, Kevin Goudreau.

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