Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Dominion Posters In Meltdown

We were sent the following link to some FreeDom posts voicing concern over our having published information on the John Does:

Okay, now I'm REALLY mad!!!

We wondered whether or not we should address this or allow the fine folks at Free Dominion to stew in their conspiracy theories. In the end, we decided to respond.

Ladies and gentlemen of Free Dominion, we at ARC do NOT have in our possession the pictures and the maps you believe we have. If they do exist, they may very well have been included in the package you received, but we don't have them. And if we did have them, we would not publish them, nor would we provide them to people who requested them.

But we DON'T have them.

We suspect that the inclusion of the information in the packages you received was the evidence used to support the claims made about the identities of the John Does. As one of you posters so astutely noted, nothing that we posted couldn't have been found on the Internet as posted by the individuals in question. In fact, we redacted a great deal of information on the files simply to make sure that it couldn't be used for illegal purposes.

Now we here at ARC are quite certain that you won't believe us and will continue to perpetuate the idea that we're a vicious gang of thugs hell-bent on causing you and your loved one's harm. Sorry to burst your paranoid fantasies. No, we have stated and will continue to state our opposition to violence as a means of effecting change. Maybe this will assuage the concern of your free speech loving, yet oddly threatening of litigious action when others exercise their free speech rights, forum members.

And Connie, we assume you're aware of a situational comedy from the 1950's called, "I Love Lucy." We understand it was quite popular at one time. Do you remember one of Desi's catch phrases and when he would use it?

Not everything we write in relation to you and your website has something to do with Richard Warman (though we guess that at this point you're telling horror stories to children about him so we understand your preoccupation). Sometimes, we're wittily referencing pop culture.

Oh, and did you ever stop to consider that the ARA sign thanking Warman for the bus money might have been to cause a vitriolic reaction, sort of like the reaction you folks are having to it, given the animosity held by some of his opponents towards Warman? No?

And besides, as one of your other posters wrote, we're insignificant. We're half a tenth of a fly shit on the 120 story glass skyscraper that is the Internet. So if we were you, we'd ignore us. Hardly worth your time.

Actually, that's a good idea. Since it's basically more of the same from FreeDom anyways, we think we're going to ignore them.

UPDATE: The reading skills of our FreeDom friends are obviously lacking. You might want to re-read what we posted before accusing us of lying. And yes, we did archive the text we had posted on June 2. The text that did not include pictures or maps and had the names of everyone not the John Does redacted, as well as the addresses. But if you want us to re-post it to prove that to you just say the word.


bigcitylib said...

Interesting to note that the boneheads on Stormfront figured out that the "Thanks for the bus" thing was a gag before either FreeD or, if I remember correctly, E. Levant's legal team.

Anonymous said...

I especially like "Are the ARA/ARC brownshirts planning a modern day Kristallnacht?" I don't know if I am reading this wrong but the pro-lifers folks are the ones killing not us.

The One

Anonymous said...

Yes, as soon as the "Thanks Richard Warman" sign appeared on the internet Stormfront posters were saying that it was clearly meant to yank people's chains. If Warman actually had paid for the bus the ARA wouldn't be making that fact public. Of course, even though the Frommites know full well that the sign was a joke that hasn't stopped them from using it to reel Connie, Mark and Ezra Levant into believing their crackpot conspiracy theories - which Fromm et al don't even believe themselves.