Sunday, January 14, 2018

Northern Guard's Saskatchewan Problem

On December 21, Nick Gallant posted the following video, much of which was focused on lil' ARC.

Sooooo, our articles showing the Northern Guard to be unapologetic bigots attracts people to the your "club" eh?

I'm not entirely certain you're aware of how you've contradicted yourself by that claim alone.

Moreover, for almost the first four minutes of the video you feel the need to admonish your members to NOT post death threats directed at the Prime Minister and Muslims. It all sort of suggests that the crowd you're attracting are, perhaps, aren't exactly quality people.

I mean, talk about the company you keep.

This lead me into my overview of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Northern Guard, or at least what was once the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Northern Guard.

A while back, ARC was introduced to this fella:

Uhm.... are children's plastic guns supposed to be intimidating?

Darren Jones was, at least until late December or early January, the vice-president of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Northern Guard:

I should also note that Darren Jones actually has three profiles that ARC knows about, including the three that used to act as administrators on the Saskatchewan Northern Guard Facebook group

He also had a beef with the former Moose Jaw Chapter leader of the Soldiers of Odin (and one time would-be Saskatchewan Aryan Nations leader) Jody Issel which I personally got a bit of a kick out of as Jones gives ARC a bit of a shout-out:

Jones is also not much of a fan of the police....

.... which might be in part due to a past involving the legal system as a guest of one of Her Majesty's finest long-stay hotels with bars:

Now National President and founder of the Northern Guard Nick Gallant has repeatedly spoken about how stringently he "vetts" new members and the leadership team. Nothing would untoward would get past the steely gaze of Nick Gallant, right?


Uhm, is this a post made by your Saskatchewan chapter VP supporting the neo-Nazis marching in Charlotteville Nick?

And what exactly are those flags in the background?

Don't deny it. You always knew where this was going.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

January 2018 Bits and Bites: PEGIDA Canada Fail, Trudeau Heckled By Known Islamophobe, And Paulie Whining

First, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Steven Alexander Paj Daus ندفة الثلج Copo de Nieve Iqhwa Gregory Myatt might just be having a few problems at the moment:

Well that's a damn shame.

Time will tell if this is long lasting, but I for one will enjoy the peace and quiet however brief it may be.

On with the rest of the article:

Steven Myatt on Alleged Assault of 11-Year-Old Child: A Reminder of the Character of the People We're Dealing With

On Friday, an 11-year-old child walking to school with her younger brother alleged to have been attacked by a man who twice cut up her hijab with a scissors. Police described the incident as a hate crime at the time and were looking for assistance from the public, however by Monday it was reported that the attack thankfully had not taken place.

Even getting beyond the fact that the attack did not take place, one would think that even the most vociferous Islamophobe would recognize that harming a child is abhorrent. One however would be mistaken:

I post this, and the following comments left on Myatt's Facebook profile, to remind readers about kind of loathsome creatures (it is hard to describe such hate-filled individuals as "people") that are covered here on ARC:

Friday, January 12, 2018

Toronto "White Nationalist" Ronny Cameron Approves of Donald Trump's "Shithole Countries" Comment

ARC has been publishing a series of posts regarding Ronny Cameron's attacks on other figures on the right (here and here). In the screen shots that were provided Cameron made comments regarding "white nationalists" that would turn out to be especially interesting if not at all surprising:

Of course he also later added another comment:

ARC's readers were likely well aware where this was heading:

Yeah, he's actually totally into white nationalism now.

ARC will continue the series including video excerpts, but suffice it to say for now in the rambling 2+ hour long video and summarized by another friend who viewed it, Cameron:

  • Says that white nationalism is 1) the recognition that the white race exists and 2) that white people should remain a majority in countries that are "historically theirs" (which sort of begs the question as to how he thinks North and South America are "historically" white).
  • States that all those who fall under the umbrella of white nationalism, which presumably would including neonazis (he says "separatists, supremacists, alt-light, and alt-right"), need to unite.
  • Espouses 150 year old racial pseudoscience, that there are "3 skeletal structures", caucasoid, mongoloid, and negroid.
  • Claims that behind closed doors everyone in the "patriot movement" is a white nationalist in the way he describes and that they shouldn't be afraid to embrace the term.
  • Thinks there should be a "white defense league" like the JDL and that "black culture was doing better in the 60s and 70s".
  • Suggests that Jews run Hollywood and the media, but the problem is they're liberals, not that they're Jews (so I wonder is Meir Weinstein and the JDL would be satisfied by that apparent observation)
  • Finally, suggests that candidates such as Donald Trump and Andrew Scheer would never win if white nationalists didn’t come out to vote.
That last claim concerning what Cameron believes to be a significant portion of Donald Trumps (and Andrew Scheer's) base turned out to be rather serendipitous as it turns out.

On Thursday, "The Washington Post" broke the news that, in a meeting regarding immigration policy with a number of senators and their aids, Trump was frustrated with efforts to protect immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries and asked why so many immigrants from "shithole countries" had been allowed into the United States and stated that the United States should focus more on immigrants from places like Norway (i.e. "white").

The response internationally has been one of condemnation. Trump claims to have not made the comment, but this is contradicted by a Democratic senator on the record as well as a Republican senator who spoke to a colleague about the slur. Also, Trump is a liar so there's also that.

But while decent human beings internationally and on different sides of the political spectrum have condemned Trump.... again, his supporters are giddy with excitement that "one of theirs" is speaking their language.

And those supporters include some Canadians such as Ronny Cameron:

To be clear, although he believes the media are liars when he doesn't like what is reported, he is a big supporter of news that he can get behind:

The video is short, but Cameron can barely contain his excitement about Trump's slur:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ronny Cameron Off The Rails: Part 2

On the same day Ronny Cameron attacked Generation Identity Canada (now rebranded as ID Canada) "leader" Tyler Hover, Cameron also attacked another person who he seems to believed had wronged him:

Ronny claims this Amanda has made a baseless claim suggesting he is a white nationalist which is RIDICULOUS since, as Ronny himself said in his missive directed at Hover, white nationalism is synonymous with white supremacy and is a cowardly ideology.

Yeah, you're going to want to remember that for future reference.

In any case, Amanda apparently is a classic liberal, a concept that neither Ronny nor his supporters seem to comprehend:

In essence, Ronny is angry that Amanda won't debate him, something that is rather succinctly stated by one of the people posting in the thread later who rightfully called out Ronny as being a child:

The following is the discussion that was precipitated by Ronny's attack. It was as fun to watch, if not more so, than Ronny going off on Hover. As with the first in this series I might come back to make some pithy observations, but I think that it stands very well on it's own:

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Generation Identity Canada Rebrands As ID Canada: Flyering Campaign This Past Monday

When ARC published the article identifying Stormfront member Tyler Hover as the head of Generation Identity Canada, we also included a screen shot that suggested that there would be a media stunt that would occur this week:

On Monday it would appear that this media appearance would be in the form of more flyering in a few cities (Ottawa, Sudbury, and Edmonton are the ones we know about) and displaying a small banner on an overpass in Toronto:

"Just this morning I saw two posters of the image attached on 104 ave in Edmonton near the Loblaws there (121 st). Friends around the university and elsewhere in the city haven't seen copies anywhere. I walked around a bit and could only find the two of them. When I walked by later in the day it looked like someone had taken their keys to the posters so they're mostly illegible now. Darn. ;)"

UPDATE: Meet Mark Stewart, the Toronto chapter leader of ID Canada who participated in the banner drop that took place in the city on Monday:

ARC readers who provided the information noted that these appeared to be Generation Identity Canada flyers that had been modified. This is an accurate assessment in that Generation Identity Canada has rebranded itself:

ARC has found a few interesting people associated with ID Canada, formerly Generation Identity Canada including Shawn Beauvois-Macdonald who is/was connected to La Meute and who participated in the Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally (he may hold a position of leadership within ID Canada), "Katrin Kujo" (real name Kate Ollers) who participated in Ronny Cameron's anti-Muslim event in October, and "Winston Smith" (real name Jesse Sanderson) who also participated in Cameron's event as well as being busted hanging "alt-right" flyers at the University of Toronto. He's pictured below  in the green hat alongside Jordan Peterson and Lauren Southern:

I'm sure over the coming days and weeks we'll learn much more about the membership of ID Canada.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Ronny Cameron Off The Rails: Part 1

Sometimes it is fun to be a force of chaos.

Yesterday ARC published a story identifying the leader of Generation Identity Canada as well as his connection to Stormfront. In what might have been a complete coincidence Ronny Cameron, a person covered on this blog sometimes seen recording people at progressive events who promotes the white genocide conspiracy and has participated in a number of anti-immigrant/anti-refugee/anti-Muslim rallies in Toronto, also posted a missive about Tyler Hover on his Facebook profile perhaps less than an hour after ARC's story:

Remember his condemnation of white nationalism. You may or may not be surprised where it eventually leads to.

In any case, what I'm going to post is close to the totality of the argument that was precipitated by Cameron's post above. I'm going to post all of them order. The final one will also be relevant when it comes to the writing of Part 3 and Part 4 of this mini-series. I will probably include a few observations later, but the story should really speak for itself.

However, one observation was made by a friend who also witnessed the train wreck as it unfolded and which you are about to see for yourself:
As much of a goof as Tyler is, he's actually not entirely wrong. Ronny is a massive opportunist and Rebel Media wannabe willing to cut back on those who ruin the image of his dysfunctional movement in exchange for some Boomer rage.
Another friend wrote the following:
It's impressive how he can claim to be a "unifier" while getting into fistfights (both literally and metaphorically) with half the leaders in the "movement"
This is the first of two attacks Cameron directed at folks who he believes have wronged him. I hope that you enjoy it. :)

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Likely Generation Identity Canada Leader Revealed

In addition to rebranding themselves as "alt-right," members of the white nationalist/supremacist movement have also adopted the label of identitarian. The movement which originated in France is virulently anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, promotes the "white genocide" conspiracy theory, and support a reactionary and patriarchal traditionalism. One group that falls under this label is Generation Identity. Our readers might be more familiar with former "Rebel Media" propagandist Lauren Southern's involvement with the group when this summer they tried to prevent rescuers from saving migrants on the Mediterranean Sea in July 2017:
Canadian Lauren Southern, a former reporter for the right-wing Rebel Media, was part of the crew blocking Aquarius, and she has been an open supporter and fundraiser for C-Star. 
Southern's profile on the crowdfunding site Patreon was removed last week, in part due to the lobbying efforts of Hope Not Hate — a move she has decried as a violation of her free speech.

It also seems that members or supporters of Generation Identity participated in the racist Charlottesville "Unite the Right" rally that resulted in a number of attacks by white supremacists against counter-protesters including the murder of Heather Heyer:

Generation Identity Canada began roughly in August but announced it's presence in this country in September when supporters of the hate group posted flyers and stickers in a number of cities primarily in Ontario and Quebec (though also some locations in Manitoba and the Atlantic provinces); the campaign continued in October:

The hate group has been careful to not reveal much information about the membership which is believed to be relatively small, however recently the following was posted to Ronny Cameron's Facebook profile suggesting the group is planning on a coming out party of sorts:

Focusing on the last part....

It is sort of fortuitous that "Tyler" here has decided to act as the herald of the Grand Poobah of Generation Identity Canada since it is suspected the he is likely said Grand Poobah.

Meet Tyler Hover folks:

ARC has actually very briefly written about Hover before in relation to his apology to the Finish  Soldiers of Odin due to the Canadian chapter breaking away from the mother chapter. However if truth be told, I and others have been keeping an eye on Tyler for a number of years.

More on that momentarily. In the meantime why don't I introduce you to the Tyler Hover who is believed to head Generation Identity Canada?

First of all, Tyler actually has a number of accounts that he uses including "Silas Von Höffer":

Tyler here is referring to the Million Deplorable March on Parliament that missed a million people by just a smidgen:

Tyler might have been a bit disillusioned since he posted this in November 2017 (edited screen shot that does not include all comments):

Shawn refers to the Storm Alliance/La Meute protest that occurred in
in the first photo while the second refers to the "Unite the
white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Before I continue I should mention that in the above post there are two individuals who have crossed out paths before. The first is Patrick Jolin who is suspected of having at one time been involved with Students For Western Civilization (another identitarian group):

The other is Shawn Beauvais-Macdonald, a member of La Meute and a participant in the Charlottesville white supremacist rally:
Shawn Beauvais-MacDonald spoke with VICE News Canada about his beliefs and why he chose to participate in the rally that turned violent and resulted in the death of a woman, two police officers, and dozens more injuries.

Getting back to to Hover, his activity on social media provides ample proof about the views that he, and by extension Generation Identity, holds:

He also provided a brief biography in which he refers to his mommy:

Tyler's claims about "antifa" ransacking his house is interesting in that it contradicts a claim that he made elsewhere:

Oh! Did I forget to mention that I've been aware of Tyler Hover's activity on Stormfront, the largest hate site in the world, for years?

My bad.

I won't include every screen shot of the 237 posted to Stormfront, but I will post a number of them so this will take a while.

Why don't you get a drink and a snack before I begin?