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Friday, January 18, 2019

Robert Jones Embraces Fascism

During the years I've been working on the blog there have been a few characters that have stuck out not only for their racist, antisemitic, homophobic, and/or Islamophobic views, but also for being bloody odd.

One such figure is Robert Jones:

Jones has been a frequent participant in a number of far-right protests in Ontario as well as at least one in Quebec. An American from Virginia living in Canada (I'm not sure if he's a permanent resident or a naturalized citizen), he appears to be married and may have adult children living in the United States, but other than that I admit that I haven't done a great deal of research into his personal biography. One thing that seems evident though is that he has an overarching need to belong to a group, but always seems to eventually alienate himself from the other members and gets himself kicked out.

He has been a member of the Soldiers of Odin.... before getting kicked out:

A Proud Boy from which he was also turfed:

He is a long time supporter of the JDL, though a now deleted post that I didn't think to save suggests tension with that group now:

A member of Ukip AND the French National Front:

He's currently a member of the far-right white nationalist group the Northern Guard:

And finally, he has grasped onto the Yellow Vests:

In short, he seems to view far-right white nationalist groups as a game of Pokemon and is trying to collect them all.

Finally, he quite literally worships Donald Trump:

You may think his over the top expression of love for Trump is at least a bit of a joke. It isn't.

Given his attraction to both authoritarianism....

.... and cults of personality, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Robert Jones would embrace fascism:

Jones has embraced fascism, specifically Italian fascism, as a "solution" to what he considers the problem of liberalism. He in part justifies this by suggesting that fascism is distinct an anathema to National Socialism despite, you know, actual history:

At the same time he attempts to rehabilitate and defend the actions of some of the great monsters of history and suggests that they are models that the current occupant of the White House might emulate:

Note Travis Patron "liked" this particular post
Almost all of these posts have been deleted from Robert Jones' Facebook profile, but I figure that collecting them might prove to be useful at a later date.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Ronny Cameron and Richard Spencer: The Thrill Is Gone

ARC hasn't published much about Ronny Cameron in some time, mainly because there hasn't been much to write about. Oh, he's still the same jackass he's always been, but he hasn't exactly been doing much. He's still putting out the occasional videos which rehash the same tired racist tropes he's been talking about for the better part of a year as well continuing to claim the title of the most important alt-right figure in Canada which, even if true, has about as much distinction as me claiming to be the mayor of the cardboard box town I created when I was six; the two other citizens of Awesomeville eventually voted me out of office due to a scandal involving an ice cream sunday bar at a sleepover.

In short Ronny, always profoundly derivative already, is really boring.

The one "big" announcement he made occurred last month when he was proud to post that he was co-hosting a podcast with the spiritual founder of the alt-right, Richard Spencer:

I made sure to include a post featuring your buddy Robert, Meir. ;)

That Spencer would deign to co-host a podcast with someone as insignificant as Cameron says far more about the decline of Spencer's fortunes than it does Cameron's significance, but it was obvious that Ronny thought this was his big break.... or something. He was so pleased to be Renfield to Spencer's Dracula that he willingly allowed himself to be completely emasculated and humiliated in his defence of Spencer:

It.... went down hill from there.

Still, later in the video Ronny said that the name calling didn't bother him because he had thick skin. On the eve of the new year crowed about the joy of being Ronny Cameron, super influencer for the alt-right!

Well that is just lovely! He is just so darn optimistic about 2019 it is almost adorable!

Yeah. If you're a long time reader, you already know where this is going:

Now Ronny wasn't entirely clear about what resulted in what is his most recent public meltdown, but at least one person commenting had an idea:

Well no, Cameron isn't Jewish, but it did soon become clear who his anger was directed towards.

It probably didn't help his mood that the person who humiliated him on the podcast chimed in as well:

I offer the remainder of the posts without commentary:

Yep. Thick skin indeed.



This is dedicated to you.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Yellow Vest Reactionaries Still Posting Their Murder Fantasies To Main Group

First, it looks perhaps like Mr. Malenfant has some explaining to do:

The Yellow Vest reactionaries are being called out for the threats to murder Trudeau (as well as members of his cabinet, Liberal MPs, NDP MPS, journalists, etc), however as noted in a recent article they continue to deny the existence of these threats even when it is easy to search for them.

Sometimes the denial of reality is damn near surreal:

First, "racism does not exist in Canada."

This is something that someone actually wrote, presumably with a straight face.

Second, nobody wants the Prime Minister dead. So all the posts demanding his execution for treason (treason as defined by this crowd as "we don't like you or agree with legitimate legislation your government has passed as well as blaming you for things out of your control and any crazy conspiracy we can think of"), lynching him, and assassinating him are all metaphorical.


Let's put that claim to the test, shall we? The last part of Austin Guy's missive is to post, "simple bullet proof statements":

I did a quick search to see what sort of "bullet proof statements" could be found on the Yellow Vests Canada group page. Here is a small sample:

I'm not sure that the bullets these cranks are writing about are metaphorical.