Sunday, July 15, 2018

Day Two of Canadian Combat Coalition Rally Even More Poorly Attended: Also More Information On Neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau's Participation

Canadian Combat Coalition president Dan Dubois said yesterday that he was disappointed by the turnout at his anti-immigrant and anti-government rally on Parliament Hill on Saturday.

If he was disappointed by the dismal attendance on Saturday of no more than 100 people, then he should regard the second day as an unmitigated disaster:

At best, there were 40 people.

At best.

It's at this point I would post audio of a sad trombone, but this was so pathetic I can't even bother myself to make fun of it any more.

One interesting development though was learning more information about Kevin "No Show" Goudreau:

ARC had speculated that, given that Dubois is an avid reader of the blog, he would well aware of who Goudreau was and that his presence at this rally was a tacit acceptance of Goudreau's as a "patriot" however perversely Dubois and his ilk define the term.

Well it would appear that Dubois was not only aware of Goudreau's presence during the rally, he had interviewed Goudreau the previous evening at their camp site:

The "work beyond the past" bit is in reference to Goudreau flat out lying by claiming he isn't a white nationalist or an antisemite:

Dan Dubois is either willfully lying when he suggests he believes Goudreau's lies or he incredibly gullible. Goudreau's embrace of Nazism wasn't a youthful lark. It is a philosophy that he still very much holds to:
And if that isn't proof enough of his beliefs, some of the posts on his Twitter and Facebook profiles should put all that to rest:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Brief Recap of Canadian Combat Coaltion Rally in Ottawa: "No Show" Goudreau Shows

I was actually out for much of the day and didn't have much of an opportunity to follow the events in Ottawa. I had surmised that it would likely be about the same size of the Million Canadian March organized for Parliament Hill the previous summer, perhaps in the range of 150 to 200 people.

I was wrong.

The numbers appear to be far less in the range of 80 to 100 people:

Anti-immigration rally on Hill fizzles, leader disappointed 
It’s one thing to click the like button on Facebook, but quite another to show up in person for a Canada-first, anti-immigration rally on Parliament Hill. 
The Mounties and Hill security didn’t need to set up all the extra barriers on Saturday because only 100 people showed up, or about 900 fewer than organizers had expected. 
“I’m disappointed. The response on social media seemed bigger,” said Dubois, the 58-year-old national president of the Canadian Combat Coalition, or C3 as the self-described Canadian patriots call it. “I was expecting 1,000. Canadians are complacent. No wonder Canada is going down the tubes.”
As a comparison, this was Parliament Hill on July 11:


Also, considering the distance from the road and the fact they were closed in, it seems that they were primarily preaching to the converted.

Besides the Canadian Combat Coalition shirts, I noticed a smattering of Storm Alliance, Northern Guard members, and (sigh....) Wolves of Odin (I mean, really?) There may also have been some III% militia, La Meute, and Soldiers of Odin members present; Georges Massaad was in attendance as well. Those who spoke today included Dan Dubois, Duke Willis who is an administrator on the Northern Guard Facebook page, Steven Garvey, Mary Forrest and Laura Lee, and finally Ron Banerjee who bragged that there were no extremists amongst them.

Well, given the rhetoric from Banerjee recorded here over the years as well as that of his fellow travelers at this rally, I have to call shenanigans on him.

However even if I were to accept this claim (which, once again, I don't) he might have difficulty explaining the presence of this fella:

That's right, Kevin "No Show" Goudreau, a full on neo-Nazi, showed up to the rally and marched at the head of the pack with Dan Dubois and the Canadian Combat Coalition Banner:

I've edited a video in which Goudreau appears a number of times:

Now ARC had reported that "No Show" Goudreau claimed he would be attending. We know that Dan Dubois is a regular reader of the blog so he would also be aware of this plan as well as what Goudreau looked like. Granted, I didn't expect Goudreau would attend and perhaps neither did Dubois, but when Goudreau did arrive he seemed quite welcome:

It would appear that these folks have no problem with neo-Nazis marching along side them. If Meir Weinstein of the JDL appears tomorrow as advertised, it might be a fun show to watch.

Unfortunately tomorrow as today I will not be monitoring from the bunker as I will again be out. I will attempt to update Day 2 as soon as possible on my return however.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Where In The World Is Brandon Vaughan?

This is the eve of the Canadian Combat Coalition rally in Ottawa. Personally I'm not sure exactly how well attended it will actually be. No may be some III militia members, Proud Boys, Northern Guard members, and the Soldiers/Sons/Wolves of Odin. Yep, there are three groups now that "____" of Odin. Really, -20 points for lack of originality. I mean if they wanted to maintain the Norse imagery they could at least have gone with Thor or even Baldur maybe. A group that claims it will not be present in an official capacity at least are La Meute who have said that those groups participating in this event are extremists and that they want no part of it which is, I have to note, rather ironic.

Individuals expected include Kevin Johnston, Steven Myatt and Georges Massaad, Sandra Solomon, Ron Banerjee, and Meir Weinstein. Perhaps Ronny Cameron and Kevin Goudreau will also make an appearance, but I'm guessing that "No Show" Goudreau will once again no show.

Anyways, our partners at the Canadian Anti-Hate Network will be covering the event such that it might be. I'm not going to be in the office (i.e my basement) for much of the day but I hope to have a summary of the day's events tomorrow.

However, in thinking of the last big far-right Ottawa rally I couldn't help thinking of our friend, Proud Boy member Brandon Vaughan:

We haven't heard much from Brandon since he dropped out of sight after he was indicted for assault in Washington DC. Unlike February where he was arrested near Parliament Hill, it seems unlikely that he'll be present at this rally, but who knows?

Anyways, I got to thinking today where Brandon might be. Then I remembered that he contacted ARC last year on Facebook. As I was about to go on vacation I didn't have time to chat but I did promise that I would do so on my return mid August. Long story short I had completely forgotten about the brief exchange until today. I decided to see if he was interested in talking:

Unfortunately, when I tried to send the message, the following came up:

Seems he isn't all that interested in having that meeting he wanted back on July 10, 2017.

If anyone has any information at all regarding Brandon Vaughan, ARC would be very interested in hearing back from you.

Updates on Ryan Dean and Michele Tittler and Preview of Future Article Regarding ID Canada and Discord Chat Logs

ARC has received some information regarding two figures who have appeared on the blog recently.

According to a commentator, Ryan Dean as of July 10 in the Edmonton Remand Centre. I haven't yet confirmed this however I will do so as soon as I can.

As for Michele Tittler, ARC received more information concerning the nature of the charges against her:
When her Mom died and Dad got sick last year the older sister got power of attorney and probably discovered how much money she had taken and she was cut off. So she started a public campaign to "expose them". Accused them on video and in posts of all kinds of horrific things including trying to kill her with a hitman. She also confronted the family lawyer at his office, caused a huge disturbance and video taped the whole thing. 
In any case, it looks despite the plans for her to make a plea at her last court appearance, she hasn't done so and that things continue to move along slowly:

I imagine that Ms. Tittler will drag this on as long as she is able to.

But all of this is sort of burying the lead. You see, ARC has been working on a research project:

It shouldn't be a surprise that Faith Goldy is friendly white nationalist "identitarian" group such as ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity before being rebranded). She is already friends with the folks from Students For Western Civilization and some ID Canada members even attended her protest in Quebec, though not in an official capacity. However, we've learned this group has other ties as well which have proven to be very interesting. I'm not going to go into details yet; the story is likely to come out as a result of the work of others (actual journalists) who have been working on this story independently of ARC and who are likely going to garner much more coverage than my little spot on the World Wide Web. Still, as a bit of a preview, it involves one of these fellas:

Photo taken on Canada Day 2017 of fascists trolling an anti-colonial march. The man
wearing the red helmet is Shawn Beauvais MacDonald ("FriendlyFash"). The man in
the white t-shirt with green moose is Athan "Goodwill" Zafirov.... also known as "Date."

Alt-Right Montreal and to a lesser extent Students For Western Civilization also feature in the story as well as an examination of the Discord chat logs and an interesting clip of "This Hour Has 88 Minutes."

Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

III% Increasing Threats

Almost two months ago in May members of the Quebec III% militia assaulted, detained, and stole property from a counter-protester. That counter-protester's personal information was then published. As of today it doesn't appear that police have conducted even a rudimentary investigation despite at least one of the people involves in the assault being identified.

Members of that same militia later provided "security" at a protest organized by Faith Goldy and other far right individuals and groups such as the Proud Boys and (unofficially) ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada):

At one point white nationalist Ronny Cameron mistook the III% for real law enforcement. Granted, Cameron IS an idiot, but that this occurred should raise alarm bells.

In 1970, the then prime minister said regarding the threat posed by the FLQ that, "society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power in this country." While I certainly don't agree that the imposition of the War Measures Act was at all justified, there is a point where groups like III% militia are of concern because the more they are allowed to engage in the trappings of a legitimate arm of law enforcement, the more provocative and ultimately dangerous they become to the general welfare of everyone. Add racism and Islamophobia to the mix and the danger is amplified even more:

Right now III% members in a number of provinces are writing about lynching individuals acquitted in criminal trials whom they think should have been convicted as well as the judges who ruled in those cases. They are writing about finding the man currently out on bail and making him disappear. They are writing about extrajudicial killings ideological opponents and assassinations of politicians. Much of this has already been documented on this blog already.

These recent examples come from the III% Alberta group:

I wonder what it will take for this danger to be taken seriously?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ronny Cameron Meltdown On Full Display

Sometimes it is fun to sit back and watch the show.

When Ronny Cameron cancelled his rally and wrote that he would only be doing "journalism" (such that it is), ARC speculated that his peevishness was a result of both the attacks he was subject to on the event announcement page and how little support he received. While this may or may not be the reason, it was easy to surmise that he was upset.

His petulance was not confined to his Twitter account however:

I happened to stumble upon this thread when I logged into one of my sock puppet accounts. Many of the posters seem hell-bent on outdoing each other in what a horrible excuse for a human being they are:

Remember, most of these people will claim that they aren't racists.

As disgusting as they are, these comments really don't shock me since they could very well have come straight off of Stormfront or VNN. However, the thread would provide a degree of entertainment when Ronny Cameron arrived.

Trust me. He puts on quite the show: