25 June 2016

Blast From The Past: Former Manitoba KKK Leader Murdered

We were recently notified that a man by the name of James Edsel Tucker was found dead in an apartment near the University of Winnipeg:

Suspect charged in Furby stabbing death
Posted: 06/24/2016 12:05 PM| Last Modified: 06/24/2016 12:38 PM | Updates

A suspect has been charged in the stabbing death of 45-year-old James Edsel Tucker on Thursday.

Tucker was discovered in a suite in the 400 block of Furby Street. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

In addition to second-degree murder, Martin Archie Flett, 22, faces several other charges.

The nature and number of other charges were not made public.

Tucker was stabbed in the upper body and sent to hospital in critical condition where he later died....

While "James Edsel" might not be familiar to our readers as he changed his name some years ago, our readers will perhaps be more familiar with the name he was born with and which he made infamous:

William (Bill) Harcus was the Grand Dragon of the Manitoba KKK, operating in Winnipeg and Gimli. He ran a 25-hour phone hotline disseminating hate propaganda which was eventually shut down. He, along with Joseph Lockhart and Theron Skryba were later prosecuted with inciting racial hatred and genocide, though the charges were stayed upon the revelation that the police officer based her testimony not on her own memory but on police wiretaps. Still, the infiltration by the Winnipeg police into the group resulted in its collapse.

Though Harcus soon disappeared, he was still a figure of some degree of reverence in the Canadian racist movement even 20 years later:

UPDATE: Stewart Bell pens a great article about Bill Harcus in today's "National Post."

22 June 2016

Suspect in Attack on Muslim Woman in London, ON Arrested

In our previous post we had mentioned that, at least at the time of publication, there had not yet been mention of the assault on a Muslim woman in London, Ontario on any of the usual sites we frequent. However we completely forgot about one and, sure enough....

III% Canada is a quasi-militia movement in Canada ideologically aligned with the American-based movement. And part of that ideological alignment is virulent Islamophobia as evidenced by the reaction of III% Canada members to the assault:

21 June 2016

June 2016 Bits and Bites: Paul Fromm, Robert Reitmeier, Tyler Sturrup, Canadians United 4 Canada, and Assault on Muslim Woman

A few things have occurred over the past few days that we figure warrant some discussion, though not necessarily stand alone posts.

First on the agenda is another example of Paulie having a bad day, which is generally a good day for most people. He was scheduled to give a speech in Victoria, however the manager contacted him to let Paulie know he was't welcome. Paulie accepted the news with the quiet dignity he is well known for:

Or he whined and claimed his free speech rights have been curtailed while presenting the event as an epic struggle for freedom of expression. I mean, either way, right?

20 June 2016

PEGIDA Canada Reaction To Orlando

It goes without saying that the mass murder that took place in Orlando last week horrified all decent people. Whether the murder was motivated by an extremist interpretation of Islam, homophobia, or a combination of all of the above and aided by a gun culture that permeates much of American political discourse, the murder of 49 human beings (with 50 injured) was a terrible tragedy.

Of course, there are those out there who would use the tragedy to further their own agenda.

It's sort of hard to take Ron Banerjee seriously in light of a long history of homophobic statements and online post (see here, here, and here as only a few examples). It's even less believable when, only a day before he posted on Twitter attempting to promote himself as a fighter for LGBTQ rights, he emailed the following to Gerry Lincoln (yes, THAT Gerry Lincoln) who forwarded the exchange to us:

Not to be outdone, fellow Trump supporter Paul Fromm also offered his $0.02 which also includes Southern Ontario Skinhead member Dan Hall also contributing his thought.... if it could be characterized as such:


And then, there's PEGIDA Canada.

11 June 2016

"YWN" Writer Can Dish It Out, But Can't Take It

A few days ago we posted an article noting the decision by Judy Foote which ordered Canada Post to stop delivering the neo-Nazi rag "Your Ward News." Now, we would further note that the order doesn't preclude editor James Sears from publishing the rag online or finding other means to distribute the paper door to door. In fact, a message on Paulie's wall posted by Southern Ontario Skinhead member Dan Hall suggests that Sears may be looking to employ neo-Nazis just for that purpose:

Of course, that hasn't stopoed Lawrence McCurry from engaging in a little bit of online histrionic crying and gnashing of teeth:

Then again, McCurry's freedom of speech/freedom of the press bona fides might be called into question when the rag he writes for has been promoting book burning for more than a year now:

The Collective sent a message to Mr. McCurry in which we succinctly stated that "Your Ward News" wasn't being censored by the government, but that the government also has no obligation to disseminate trash on Sears' and co.'s behalf:

9 June 2016

McCorkill Appeal Denied

Yesterday we were reminded that the Supreme Court was set to rule on an appeal of the McCorkill case. Paulie, who is an interested party, seemed hopeful:

We would post the rest of the message (which includes the now predictable appeal for donations because.... Paulie), but we'll spare you the details.

Suffice it to say now, Paulie is going to be posting another, more despondent, message soon enough:

Supreme Court rejects appeal in white supremacy probate case
TORONTO — Reuters 
Published Thursday, Jun. 09, 2016 3:46PM EDT 
Last updated Thursday, Jun. 09, 2016 4:22PM EDT

The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a lower court decision to stop the execution of a New Brunswick man’s will that bequeathed his estate to U.S. white supremacists.

The Court declined to hear the appeal against a previous provincial court ruling, which was brought by the Canadian Association for Free Expression. It did not give a reason for the decision, in accordance with its usual practice.

Freedom to give away one’s property has sometimes been limited in Canada, where courts have been known to quash wills that they decide go against public policy.
McCorkill bequeathed his estate to the National Alliance, a white-supremacist group based in West Virginia.

8 June 2016

Canada Post No Longer Delivering Your Ward News

Thanks in large part to the efforts of both Warren Kinsella (and those he marshaled in the effort) and Richard Warman, the neo-Nazi rag "Your Ward News" is going to have to find another means of distribution:

Canada Post ordered to stop delivering controversial Your Ward News
Editor-in-chief James Sears says his newspaper is 'satirical'
By Emmett Shane, CBC News Posted: Jun 06, 2016 10:28 PM ET Last Updated: Jun 06, 2016 10:30 PM ET

The federal government has ordered Canada Post to stop delivering Your Ward News, a low-budget, free newspaper that has offended homeowners in Toronto's east end and beyond.

The newspaper, which is the brainchild of editor-in-chief James Sears, has been labelled anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi by several groups who have campaigned for years to get Canada Post to cease distributing it.

They got their wish Monday when the minister responsible for Canada Post, Judy Foote, issued what's known as a prohibitory order against the future delivery of the paper.

A group called Standing Together Against Mailing Prejudice (STAMP) hailed the decision Monday in a news release.

"We are ecstatic about the minister's decision," said Lisa Kinsella, managing partner of The Daisy Group and one of the founding members of STAMP....

In the CBC article, James Sears doesn't seem too concerned, a sentiment echoed on his Twitter feed:

However, "Your Ward News".... er.... journalist?

Reporter? No, that doesn't work.

Writer? Hmmmm....

Propagandist with questionable hygiene?

Anyways, Lawrence McCurry seemed less optimistic;

By the way, is it just me, or does McCurry look a little like character Max Eckhardt, the corrupt cop from 1989's "Batman"?

You know, if Max Eckhardt had let himself go:

Not to be outdone by McCurry's histrionics, we present Paulie's missives:

18 May 2016

Paulie Denied Access to Parliament

Today was an historic occasion as Prime Minister Trudeau formally apologized in the House to Canadian Sikhs for the Komagata Maru "incident." Former Prime Minister Harper had apologized in 2008, however that apology occurred during an event in Surrey, BC, which was a disappointment to the Sikh community who wanted the apology made on the floor of the House of Commons. We should also note that Trudeau's apology on behalf of the Canadian government was supported by the Conservative Party, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, and Green Party.

Someone who wasn't pleased with the apology?

Of course it was Paulie!

Now Paulie wrote up a long-winded missive that we aren't about to publish in full that he intended to deliver in a speech at the press gallery at Parliament Hill.

We put emphasis on, "intended":

Controversial speaker denied access to Parliament for a second time

Just over an hour before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was to rise in the House of Commons Wednesday and deliver an apology to Canada’s Sikh population for the 1914 Komagata Maru incident, Paul Fromm — anti-immigration activist previously banned from entering Parliament — was scheduled to hold a press conference opposing it.

Though his press conference was ultimately cancelled and Fromm was denied access to the Parliamentary precinct late Wednesday morning, that only came after some eleventh hour scrambling.
Fromm was previously connected to Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel and has been criticized by human rights groups for his racist views.
The office of the speaker of the house of commons confirmed to iPolitics that, “further to a recommendation from the Deputy Sergeant at Arms, and based on past practice”, Fromm had been denied access to the precinct.

That past practice referred to a motion brought by Conservative MP Jason Kenney in 2007, which ordered Paul Fromm and an individual named Alexan Kulbashian “be denied admittance to the precincts of the House of Commons during the present session to preserve the dignity and integrity of the House.”

In response to Jason Kenney's motion in 2007, Fromm later ran against him in Calgary in 2011 under the umbrella of a western separatist party, which was somewhat curious given Fromm's life-long residence in Ontario. And for his efforts, Fromm was stomped into a mud hole; had he run in an adjacent riding, he also would have lost to Communist Party candidate (and friend of the blog despite this writer's firm champagne socialism) Jason Devine. The subsequent spin on his shellacking was something to behold.

We wonder who Paulie will decide to humiliate himself against this time? We mean, besides this humiliation.

UPDATE 1: We so enjoy reading Paulie speak to himself in the third person.

UPDATE 2: And now, Tommy Winnicki, has offered his $0.02 on Stormfront....

.... and VNN

Cut and paste.

And Winnicki claims the "White Race" is uniquely gifted and creative.

15 May 2016

Soldiers of Odin: 81 Problems and a Snitch Ain't One of Them

There are times when this writer is not only able to expose bigot to public scrutiny, but also indulge in a bit of historical geekery. Those are good days.

And this is one of those days.

When examining the Soldiers of Odin it is easy to focus exclusively on the rampant racism found amongst a number of individuals who are drawn to the group as well as the Islamophobia which is the Soldiers of Odin calling card. But it can be easy to miss the incredible hypocrisy of an organization ostensibly founded to protect "our" (read: white) women and children from the swarthy hordes at the gate:

Because sexual violence was NEVER a problem in Europe or Oz before Muslims arrived...

Then again, the misogynistic rhetoric of some members and supporters of the Soldiers of Odin sort of calls into question this claim:

Craig claims to be the Sergeant at Arms- Ontario East Division at Soldiers Of Odin Ontario

More on Arran Taylor later.

For an organization set up ostensibly to protect women, the Soldiers of Odin has a real image problem (again, that's besides the link to overt racists who are members of the SOO in good standing). That image problem begins with the name of the organization itself.

8 May 2016

Neo-Nazi Members/Supporters of the Soldiers of Odin

Back in March we ran an article linking Canadians United 4 Canada to the Soldiers of Odin, a movement that started in Finland but which has spread to a number of other countries including Canada.

Among those Finnish members are this guy:

Mr. Johansson's friend list might be of interest to readers on this side of the Atlantic:

Our original article on the SOO focused specifically on the Quebec wing and noted the Quebec group consisted of a number of overt neo-Nazis. Not surprisingly SOO members and supporters denied being members of an overt hate group, going so far as to print leaflets promoting their non-bigoted bona fides:

Later, a journalist writing for VICE picked up on the story (while also kindly linking to our article on the SOO) resulting in some concern from at least one provincial SOO wing:


Btw, if Blake Cunliffe is concerned about how SOO might be portrayed in the media, he might decide  to desist advocating political assassinations:

While we are no longer privy to the Soldiers of Odin's BC wing as they appear to have removed our dummy Facebook profile, we did notice that no one really ultimately challenged the underlying claims made in the article. Had they done so though, they might have had to explain this fella: