7 December 2016

Ezra Levant and Canadian-Style Trumpism

In Edmonton this past weekend, Ezra Levant and his merry little basket of deplorables posing as journalists held a rally at the legislature opposing the carbon tax passed by the NDP government that is set to come into effect in January 2017. Aside from the fact that Levant claims The Rebel is a journalistic endeavor and that political advocacy more than blurs any pretense of journalistic objectivity, protesting is perfectly fine in a democratic society. Prominent politicians such as Wildrose leader Brian Jean and federal Conservative leadership candidate Chris Alexander were in attendance

Chris Alexander reacts to a crowd at a Rebel Media hosted anti-carbon tax rally, as they
begin to chant "Lock her up." (Sheila Gunn Reid/Twitter, Zoe Todd/CBC)

But things really did go off the rails very quickly:

  1. Bernard Hancock (the actor playing the role of "Bernard the Roughneck") encouraged the illegal hacking of the government in order to obtain material that could be used against the government: “I know there’s a bunch of stuff they can dig up on what’s going on in that building…we need their help.”
  2. Some individuals attending the protesting appeared to have additional motives as they proudly displayed homophobic signs. Levant claims they were NDP plants since his supporters would NEVER act in such vulgar ways.
  3. Supporters of an anti-immigrant group handed out flyers targeting minorities.
  4. Perhaps getting the most coverage, many in the crowd began shouting "lock her up!" referring to Alberta premier Rachel Notley (because.... reasons) while federal Conservative leadership hopeful Chris Alexander was speaking. He later expressed how uncomfortable he was when he heard the chant, though didn't do anything about it at the time. Not much in the way of courage, but at least he feels bad.
Not surprisingly, this all resulted in significant media coverage as other conservative (big "C" and small "c") politicians denounced the rhetoric at the rally and comparisons to Donald Trump-style politics were made:
Well, we guess not everyone was ready to denounce the "lock her up!" chant:

Then again Brad Trost is sort of an idiot. And considering that your "friend" Alexander is scrambling as quickly as he can away from the incident, we're not sure he would be as appreciative of your public support for him in relation to the chant.

But anywho....

In brief, it was all a bit of a dumpster fire. And Ezra being Ezra, there's no fire he isn't willing to throw more gasoline on as he later double downed on the "lock her up!" chant:

If the shoe fits....

Let's take a closer look some of the incidents that occurred.

5 December 2016

Muslim Women Threatened in Edmonton

So, this happened on November 8 (hmmm, what else happened on that day?):
Police seek public’s assistance to identify LRT hate crime suspect 
For Immediate Release:05-Dec-2016 @ 3:15 PM
MRU #:16R0131 
The Edmonton Police Service is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a male suspect in connection with an alleged hate crime that occurred at the University of Alberta LRT Station on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. 
The EPS Hate Crimes Detail is investigating the alleged incident, which saw an elderly male approach and threaten two young women wearing hijabs (head scarves), at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 8th. 
Cell phone video shot by one of the complainants shows an elderly male pulling a rope from his pocket, then tying a noose, before issuing the threat, “This is for you!” The suspect male then proceeded to sing O’Canada in front of the two women. 
The suspect is described as a (see image below):
  • Caucasian male 
  • In his 60s 
  • Thin build
  • Glasses
  • Balding with grey hair
Anyone who has information about this incident is asked to contact the EPS at 780-423-4567 or #377 from a mobile phone. Anonymous information can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at www.tipsubmit.com/start.htm.

Please contact Scott Pattison at (780) 421-3553 for more information.
Any information on this incident and of this individual, please contact the authorities in Edmonton.

4 December 2016

Andrew Benson Reappears With Interesting Friends

It seems that in addition to the Goudreau, who recently came to our attention after a lengthy absence, another character whom we had once been keeping close tabs on but whom we lost track of has reappeared on our radar:

Andrew Benson has been somewhat of a political chameleon over the years. He started out as a self-proclaimed Trotskyist....

.... followed by a lengthy stint as a bonehead:

The last time we heard from Benson, he had begun to style himself as a free market libertarian acolyte of Ayn Rand and Ron Paul, though his association with Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute certainly strongly suggested he retained his antisemitic and racist views:
“I am not a fan of political correctness,” said Andrew Benson, 28, who had traveled from Canada to attend. Wearing a black suit vest, red collared shirt and black cargo pants, he looked more like he’d come to his conclusions as part of a teenage rebellion. “I have always had an odd attraction to things that are taboo.”
No kidding?

It seems that Benson is still enamored with this particular brand of nationalism and like other members of the so-called "alt-right" (who are, at the core, neo-Nazis) is a supporter of Donald Trump:

Benson with Milo Yiannopoulos. Photo first posted on Benson's page July 2016.

We found Benson again quite by accident, but we immediately recognized him despite his Russified name as it now appears on Facebook:

2 December 2016

Kevin Goudreau Arrested for Assault

You know who we haven't talked about for a while?

Not Paulie. We talk about him a lot.

No, we're referring to Kevin Goudreau this time or, as we've taken to calling him, the Goudreau.

We've profiled the Goudreau and his misadventures for years on the blog. Mostly because he amuses us, though we don't think he appreciates our brand of subtle humor:

Funny thing is, though he originally posted the above threat years ago, nothing has yet to happen.

1 December 2016

Muslim Teen Beaten in Hamilton

This incident occurred on Saturday and we're still learning more details, but considering the political climate and the escalation of racially based vandalism, harassment, and assaults since November 8, we can't help thinking that this is likely also motivated by hatred:
Muslim teen left with brain blood clot after brutal beating 
Hamilton teen's family questioning if incident was a hate crime
By Adam Carter, CBC News Posted: Nov 30, 2016 2:37 PM ET Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016 2:45 PM ET
Noah Rabbani was just trying to get home from a friend's house overnight on Saturday — but ended up in intensive care after a brutal beating from two men with baseball bats. 
Now, the 15-year-old Saltfleet Secondary student has to go through surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain and does not have full movement on his right side. His family is left wondering if his attack was a hate crime.
According to police, Rabbani was walking in the area of Rymal Road East and Fletcher Road just after midnight, where he was assaulted and robbed of his backpack.
A police news release says two men got out of a car next to where he was walking, with one holding a baseball bat. 
"The males approached the boy and struck him with the bat several times causing serious injuries," the news release reads. "The suspects ran back to the car and left in an unknown direction." 
Aslam says her nephew didn't have anything of real value in the backpack to steal — just a water bottle and some books. The teen's family says he's a quiet, kind boy and an exceptional student who has won several academic awards. 
But considering that Rabbani is of Pakistani and Muslim background, Aslam says, his family is worried that the incident was a hate crime, and he was targeted for the colour of his skin. 
"It just seems like all of a sudden after the election in the U.S. there have been more violent incidents in our country," Aslam said. "It's the timing of it all. 
"Here we are in Canada, the greatest country in the world. I'm just really in shock."
Aslam says that since president-elect Donald Trump's win this month, her whole family has felt more racial tension and even danger while out in public. A Facebook post from a family member is asking for prayers for the teen, as well as a plea for communities to start talking about racism and Islamophobia.
If anyone has any information that could shed further light on this incident, please contact us.

30 November 2016

Nine Years

Yep, we've been plugging along for nearly a decade, though as recent article we posted noted we had planned on this being the last post we would make on the blog. Instead, we decided to continue in wake of the events of the past month, a decision that the remaining members are increasingly comfortable with.

And besides, how could we leave our biggest fan and most loyal reader without his fix?

Oh, Tommy.

How could you think we would ever leave you? How much more empty would your already empty existence be without our presence in what you consider to be your life as a 41 year old living in his mother's basement?

We know you can't quit us.

Besides, we have so much more that we want to share with you and all of our dear readers.

We have a few articles in the planning stages, but in the meantime this writer is going out for beer and chicken wings.

Stay tuned.

27 November 2016

Montreal Antifa Shut Down Far-Right Concert

Well, in the midst of working on an upcoming article on McKee's Blood & Honour in Calgary, we received some welcome news in an entirely different part of the country.
Le concert d'un groupe d'extrême-droite à Montréal annulé 
Publié le 26 novembre 2016 à 17h17 | Mis à jour le 26 novembre 2016 à 21h09
We have someone who said that he would be willing to do translations for us so this may be more precise in a future update (now updated), but here is the gist of it:
The performance on Saturday night by the far-right metal group Graveland at the Plaza Theater was canceled according to the Facebook page about an hour before the performance was to have begun. 
The organizers of the festival reported taking this decision "for security reasons". They added that the owners of the Plaza Theatre and they had "done everything that was in their power to reach a solution."
The arrival of this group whose members had already expressed racist and anti-Semitic remarks in an interview sowed controversy. Groups had demanded the cancellation of the concert organized as part of a metal rock music festival. 
A few hours before the show, thirty people had gathered in front of the Beaubien metro station, located near the theater, to protest against the group's visit.
Among the protesters was the MP for Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie, NDP Alexandre Boulerice, whose district is located in the neighborhood where the show was to take place.
"I am concerned that there may be groups who have affinities with fascism or have about that resemble white supremacism that are here in my riding in Montreal," he explained.
A more complete account can be found here.

Suffice it to say, boneheads feel aggrieved!

Aggrieved, I tell's ya!

You know, I've a feeling that Montreal antifa groups aren't all that worried. I further expect that they are going to continue being among the most active and successful antifa movements in North America.

But that's just my take on the situation.

26 November 2016

James Sears and Paulie Pimping Out Troubled Teen

Meet Veronica Bouchard.

Our readers have likely already heard of her already. Using the pseudonym "Evalion" (because these types always seem to enjoy engaging in self-aggrandizement), 19 year old Bouchard has made a bit of a name for herself in the neo-Nazi online speaking circuit, at least so far as YouTube and Twitter go. As such hate vloggers are a dime a dozen, her notoriety primarily stems from the fact that she is young, reasonably attractive, and most importantly, female.

In other words, in the sausage party that is the white nationalist movement, she stands out as a novel distraction.

But notoriety amongst white nationalists inevitably results in notoriety amongst decent people.

So this happened:
Ontario teen who called for ‘white’ Canada has laptop seized by CBSABy Christina Stevens
Senior Reporter Global News
And this:
Formal hate crimes complaints filed with police over GTA teen YouTuberBy Christina Stevens Senior Reporter Global News

20 November 2016

Status of ARC Collective Onward


Anything interesting happen during the past few weeks?

Yep, the events of November 8 and onward have sort of sucked and we would be lying if we didn't say we were profoundly disappointed. The election of Trump has had reverberations throughout the world and has given a boost of adrenaline to the far right in North America and Europe. Canada, sadly, is not immune to the toxin:
And so on.

Trump's election has energized the individuals and groups we follow closely as well. PEGIDA, Canadians Against Justin Trudeau, Canadians United 4 Canada, III% Canada, Soldiers of Odin, Fromm, Banerjee, Ruhe, Sears, McKee, Beattie, and all the rest, including some whom we haven't profiled but are keeping an eye on, cannot contain their glee that "their man" was just elected to the most powerful office on the planet. They hold out further hope that the Trump phenomenon will metastasize and spread to other countries, including Canada.

 And who's to say they are wrong given the political earthquake that occurred?

Among the purposes of this blog is the effort to highlight a movement that much of the msm and Canadian public have often ignored or minimized. We've always said that the movement was much larger and more dangerous than was widely accepted. We've sometimes been accused of sensationalizing "isolated events" in an effort to make the racist movement in Canada appear to be less fringe than it actually was.

If there is a bright spot in the November 8 election, it's that no one is complacent at the moment. The media is publicizing the significant uptick in racially-motivated attacks and vandalism that have occurred since the election. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook might now be taking some action to minimize the amount of false news disseminated online and shut down profiles used to attack and intimidate ideological opponents and journalists. People are protesting in the United States, Canada, and around the world. 

The question is whether or not this will all continue into Trump's first term or, much like the Occupy Wall Street movement, will devolve into a muddled message, competing egos, and ridiculous factionalism.

At the end of this month, Anti-Racist Canada will celebrate 9 years of online activism. We've never been so naive as to believe that we had the same kind of pull and influence as the msm, however we have been able to find a niche and have contributed in the fight in a positive manner. The last few years has seen ARC being used as a source by some msm journalists delving into the subculture we have profiled since 2007; the rise of the Soldiers of Odin have seen a significant upswing in the number of media requests to ARC. We also know that our presence has helped some individuals get out of the movement. Many times those individuals have reached out to us, including the individual who sent us the following a few days before the election:
A sweet sensation of false belonging with a harsh reality and many regrettable tattoos and scars. I was originally recruited into a gang at the age of 18 after taking off without notice from my home and family. I spent 4 years with a questionable identity on my name while running with some of the most outwardly heartless people. 
Since I was already estranged from my family, a functioning binge drinker with unaddressed and untreated mental health, not much effort had to be made on their part to recruit me. I was a wild card, there for an asset to them. My personal demons were played on and had been convinced that my family didn't love me. I was offered toxicity to fill that void and started rolling at full swing with it. 
Though I never took part in recruiting others, I saw how they would go about it. Young kids from the ages of 16-20 would come around and were isolated from their families. If these kids had a problem at home, that's when the recruiters made their emotional attack. They would give the offer of protection and a sense of security while convincing these young people that they were never wanted by the people who truly loved them. 
I sported hate themed tattoos (one of which was laser removed upon leaving the subculture), so I was essentially a walking billboard. Going back to my mental health related experiences, what goes up must come down. I ended up turning myself in, was diagnosed, given medication and offered therapy and support. I was also advised to stop drinking. 
I went back to see the members of the gang and was discouraged from accepting the help. Stability and sobriety did not benefit them at all. I took the medications, but was not compliant with the rest of the doctors orders. 
Many incidents occurred that proved to me that these people were not my friends. This included a traumatic brain injury, public humiliation, and lastly seeing a picture of my dad (who has passed away) ripped up right infront of me. All acts done by those whom I was associated with. 
Within the skinhead culture, there are rival gangs who believe the same ideology but have personal beef with each other. I switched from one gang to another after being harmed a number of times by the first crowd of individuals. 
After I came back to my family, I went to college but was still associated with the movement. For the most part I didn't talk about the beliefs in front of my family, though they definitely knew what it was really about. 
My skinhead days came to an end at the age of 22. Not many are lucky enough to have a wake up call, however I am. A guy whom was involved in that subculture was stabbed to death as a result of his association. His mother posted a heartfelt letter and was not holding back the tears. Something had finally clicked and I realized that I was hurting the people who really loved me and whom I really cared for. So on September 1st 2012, I chose to become sober, take stability for serious and cut ties with the subculture. Slowly but surely I tackled all areas at once. 
It's been 4 years and not a day goes by unappreciated. I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of genuinely good people over this period of time as well. Black, white, grey, blue, green, purple, I could care less now. Even those with a sketchy past, obviously I can not judge them at all. I only look at who someone is in this present moment.
Still, the work has been grinding. Exposing one's self to the worst of society has a tendency to beat one down after a while. There's also the sad reality that the "collective" part of the ARC Collective isn't quite as collective as it once was, leaving more work for the very few who remain. Finally, 2016 has been an especially difficult year for this writer on a personal level. It was time to consider our options.

Those of us who remained had decided that, come November 30, we were going to post one final article announcing Anti-Racist Canada members were ending our work after nearly a decade of activism. We had decided that we had fought the good fight and that others with more energy and drive could take up the banner from that point and onward. It's not as if we didn't put our all into the project; this writer started with ARC in her early 30s and is now in her early 40s. That's a long time to devote to the cause and we don't believe that anyone would have begrudged our decision to step back.

But November 8 and the fallout from that event has resulted in a change of that plan.

Some of us decided that we couldn't yet surrender the field when the battle had just intensified. So while some of the remaining ARC members has still decided they needed to step away, a few have decided to stick around for a while longer. How much longer we don't know. A year? Four years? More or less? Time will tell.

As there are even fewer of us our articles may be much more sporadic than in the past, but we will continue to do our part so that we remain one more candle in the darkness. Melodramatic? Maybe, but over the next four years we think we're going to have to find light where we can while struggling to brighten the world again.

We however remain optimistic: