Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nick Gallant of Northern Guard: "I'm Pushing That White Nationalism"

Nick Gallant has an incredibly high opinion of himself and his relative significance. For example Gallant believes that Facebook is attempting to silence him so he's planning on creating his own social media platform (despite appearing to be somewhat functionally illiterate) that will destroy Facebook. He has claimed hat his bank account was hacked by a private intelligence agency in Israel (he claims is "linked to antifa) composed of Mossad, Aman, and Shin Bet agents. He believes that a three day musical festival the Northern Guard is planning will attract big name bands and claims System of a Down might be one of those bands.

Delusional? Just a bit.

When it comes to ARC,  he has a bit of love/hate relationship with the blog. Almost every time he or the Northern Guard are mentioned on the blog, he puts out a video claiming not to care while at the same time complaining for at least half to three quarters of the video about how unfair ARC is to him. He then claims that any time ARC writes about the Northern Guard that he gets a flood of membership requests, though I can't help noticing that the membership on the Facebook groups seems pretty flat. And he believes the blog writes about him more than any other person, though this is rather easy to refute. Thus far the Northern Guard has been mentioned 37 times including this article. Gallant's own name 10 times as of this article. In many of these cases both the group and Gallant were mentioned briefly as having perhaps been one of a number of groups attending an event.

It seems that Gallant needs to stroke his ego, which while striking me as rather onanistic, is still quite amusing. I don't doubt that this article too will result in a response.

But more interesting that his impending whining and chest thumping is what he said last Saturday while talking to Ronny Cameron:

On March 10, Cameron uploaded two videos in which Gallant appeared. Cameron has already come out as a white nationalist so this, as well as Islam, were the focus of the two videos. Gallant himself agreed with Cameron's conclusion that immigration, especially Asian immigration, is the real danger. Considering there was a contingent of Northern Guard members who attended the rally in Ottawa organized by a right-wing Chinese-Canadian group, this might prove to be somewhat of an awkward admission. 

I've cut together the two video segments where Cameron speaks to Gallant regarding white nationalism and were Gallant said that he, and presumably the Northern Guard, are going to start "pushing" white nationalism:

Hey, at least they're being more honest about their motivations now.

Time will tell how other groups respond to the Northern Guard as openly white nationalist in nature. I'm not sure it will result in much change since, and let's face it, a lot of the Islamophobic groups covered by ARC are closeted white nationalists.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

More Infighting: Kevin Goudreau and Bryan Trottier

Sometimes it is fun just to watch as a show plays itself out.

ARC has written extensively about neo-Nazi Kevin "No Show" Goudreau for years, probably far more that someone of his relative insignificance deserves. Lately though he has rebranded himself as a "patriot" in order to garner more support which has worked to an extent since he has attracted a circle of paranoid bigots who still don't think they're racists but who really, really, are.

ARC has also begun covering La Meute more which is challenging considering most of the group is in Quebec (though numbers seem to be in decline due to poor leadership) and I don't understand a lick of French. However there is also the Ontario chapter of La Meute headed by Bryan Trottier who have also been active and who has taken a liking to ARC on Twitter.

Both Goudreau and Trottier have presented themselves as strong leaders (they aren't) with incredible intel collecting abilities (they don't) that have managed to identify ARC members (they haven't). They both make threats towards anti-fascist activists that are mostly empty, though to be fair Trottier isn't stupid enough to post these threats in public.... though not smart enough to not send threats through private messages. In many ways, both men are quite similar.

This might be why they seem to hate each other now.

Since "No Show" Goudreau seems to have started this donnybrook on March 10:

Goudreau followed this post up soon after claiming Trottier was "working with antifa" (because of course he is since this is the go to for these clowns) and then proceeded to threaten to beat him up for calling the police. 

Based on experience, when Goudreau threats to "beat your face" the threat actually becomes even less likely to happen.

When I posted the first screen shot to the ATC Twitter account, Trottier soon responded:

Monday, March 12, 2018

Lauren Southern Banned From UK

The kids who are members and supporters of Generation Identity are having a tough time the past few days.

First, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone were arrested attempting to enter the UK and sent packing. The usual suspects, including Tommy Robinson and Lauren Southern (both formerly of "Rebel Media") were upset, though I sort of think that both Sellner and Pettibone were happy since they.... I don't know.... made some sort of point?

Well Ms. Lauren didn't have to be too concerned since she was soon shown she wasn't welcome in the UK either:

Cue the flying monkeys:

Doesn't the government know that when they are told they need to keep undesirables out of their country that it doesn't mean blond white women!

Then again, none of them can really be too surprised:

Hmmmm, Paul Fromm still travels to Europe too though he is (as far as I know) still denied entry into the United States.


Perhaps I should make a few phone calls?

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Reminder That Kevin J. Johnston Is Also A Misogynist As Well As A Bigot

Back in July a strange story hit the news in Ontario. It involved Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Justin Altmann and a CSI-style mind-map of Whitchurch-Stouffville residents.... in his office bathroom:

A wall of pictures and cryptic messages that the mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville posted on the wall of his office washroom has been revealed, but dozens of those whose faces are on display — local residents, former employees and politicians — say they are disturbed, “creeped out” and, in some cases, concerned for their safety. 
It also has left them wondering what it all means.
The collection of photos, which covers three walls of Mayor Justin Altmann’s washroom, sparked a probe by an integrity commissioner after a town employee came across the wall in March. The probe is still underway.

The photos range include former political opponents of the mayor as well as critics of his policies, however it also includes politicians who have long since left public life as well as a significant number of individuals who seemingly have no connection to they mayor whatsoever.

Last week the story was in the news again. Three of the women featured on the wall were featured in an article detailing a threat assessment report on the mayor:

Three women from Whitchurch-Stouffville who were shocked to learn their photos were part of a bizarre “mind-map” on the mayor’s office washroom wall are questioning why the town is keeping secret a threat risk assessment report in which the mayor scored an 8 out of 10. 
They also want to know why the town has done little to inform the public or staff or to enhance safety protocol since the existence of the threat assessment was made public months ago. 
“If the town has information that has to do with my safety, I am entitled to that so I can determine what steps to take next,” said Samantha Farrow, one of the three women. “If there is no risk, then we should be told that too.” 
Since last fall, Farrow, Darlene Shaw, and Sue Sherban have tried to petition the town through a lawyer, and through Freedom of Information requests, to see a copy of the threat assessment conducted on Altmann last summer, which reported “a significant risk of an escalation in behaviour (8/10).”

The next day, it was reported that Altmann would be docked six months pay and would not be permitted to enter his office during work hours other than to pick up mail and attend council meetings; contact with employees is to be conducted via email.

Now a story like this, while exceedingly creepy, wouldn't necessarily be something ARC would cover on the blog, however for some inexplicable reason Islamophobe and Kevin J. Johnston (who has been charged under Canada's hate crime laws) took notice of this story as well.

You won't exactly be shocked by the position he takes:

The video posted is really one of the more vile and violently hateful ones this writer has seen in some time. Johnston refers to the two women as "sluts" and "whores" who he hopes will be targets of an acid attack. He attacks the African-Canadian ethics officer and suggests the council members who voted to remove the mayor should be punched. He suggests feminism will result in what he appears to believe will be a welcome "backlash" where the police will demand to know what women who were assaulted did to deserve it.

I've wrestled with whether or not to publish the video which was removed from YouTube for bullying and I don't wish to re-victimize these women:

However I've decided to publish it for now to remind readers of exactly what kind of cretin Kevin Johnston is:

And as a bit of a reminder, Johnston loves him his Ford:

White Nationalist Ronny Cameron: Canada' Biggest Problem? Asian Immigration.

Less than 24 hours removed from Doug Ford becoming Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader and the folks this blog covers are feeling pretty good about themselves, including one Ronny Cameron:

Despite Cameron being banned on his own Facebook page for a month, he had been able to access the Facebook group he had created to promote himself. There he posted a comment and a follow-up video which resulted in a significant blow back as he attacked the religious beliefs of a significant portion of his following who he now derisively refers to as "boomers."

It was a fun show.

A second video followed in which he decided to take aim at the REAL problems Canada was facing. Despite cutting his teeth in the anti-Muslim and anti-Trudeau "patriot" movement, Cameron has decided the real problem Canada is facing is the "invasion" (his words) of Asian (primarily Chinese and Indian) immigrants.

The video is long so I've edited it for the lowlights:

It is especially interesting that Cameron had decided to attack the Asian-Canadian community now in light of the events of February 18 on Parliament Hill where a large group of conservative Chinese-Canadians were joined by groups such as La Meute, Storm Alliance, Proud Boys, Northern Guard, and Canadian Combat Coalition members in an anti-Muslim and anti-Trudeau rally (though ostensibly protesting the hijab incident involving a child). At 6:18 in the video above, Cameron complains about the "need in the patriot movement... to join forces with the Asians, to join forces with the Jews, to join forces with basically anything that's not white..." so as not to appear racist, "when what's ripping Canada's culture apart faster" are Asian immigrants.

So, does that mean that Cameron won't be hanging out with Meir Weinstein and the JDL any longer?

I do however get a bit of a kick with one of the key rationale's for Cameron's concern about the "flood" of immigrants from Asia. It basically boils down to the fact he believes Asian immigrants are smarter and work harder than stupid and lazy Canadians and that is unfair to Canadians.

No, really. That's what he said:

Those immigrants should adapt to our culture.... which Ronny seems to think is one of indolence, sloth, and entitlement. In other words, Canadians shouldn't have to compete with their betters.

Yeah.... okay then.

Ironically, earlier in the video Cameron had stated that stagnation in a society occurs when there is no competition:

For a boy who considers himself a strong debater and a logical thinker, Ronny certainly has difficulty maintaining consistency in his claims.

But don't worry. He has a black girlfriend so it's all good. /sarc

Friday, March 09, 2018

Steven Myatt: Leegal Exspirt (Part II)

The ARC Collective has always appreciated and enjoyed the fan mail the blog receives from the readers, and the most recent article on Steven Alexander Foil Eschew Confound Stonewall Gregory Myatt have certainly resulted in quite a number of lovely messages. These are just a few of them:

They seem nice.... though I should add that having polled all of the ARC members (consisting at this point in me, myself, and I) and no ARC member was involved in or would sanction the events in Hamilton which, from this particular writer's perspective, was counter-productive.

But back to Myatt, I hadn't intended on posting any sort of follow-up when I wrote the article on Tuesday since I didn't think it would amount to anything, however then I was totally shocked when Myatt finally announced the results of his trip to the po po:

Yeah, that's not actually a beginning of anything. I suspect the "superior" the person who took your information will at best look like this.....

.... but will more than likely look like this:

Actually, these would be the responses if Myatt was lucky.

All that being said, his followers, while upset with the runaround he claims to have been subjected to, are over the moon:

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Steven Myatt: Leegal Exspirt

This is a long one. Grab a cup of coffee.

When the federal budget was introduced last week, there was a section that wasn't highlighted but which is rather significant. It turns out that the Liberal government plans on sharing tax information with police in more than 30 countries, ostensibly to track tax evaders and individuals funding o of terrorism among other crimes. From a privacy point of view I certainly have problems with this particular section and I imagine that there will be challenges in court. Conservatives are also critical of the section, though there are some on the fringes who might be taking their criticism just a wee bit too far:

Steven Alexander Kojak Starsky Ponch Baretta Gregory Myatt, who has been rather quite on the class action lawsuit front lately, gets a few things wrong, which isn't exactly a surprise. First the information isn't being sold. Second whether he (or I) like this section of the budget it isn't illegal. In fact it's hard to take some of these reactionaries' outrage seriously when they were fine with equally invasive legislation that violated privacy by stating that, "if you aren't breaking the law, you shouldn't be concerned" and further claimed they had no problem with the then Conservative government engaging in Internet surveillance (the then minority government backed down when the opposition forced the issue). Finally, it is clear that once again he has no concept of the meaning of the word "treason."

Really, the only think he manages to get correct is that he managed to string words together to make a coherent, if completely inaccurate, sentence.

However it was enough to rile the pitchfork and torches crowd, some of whom suggested potential solutions in themselves would be criminal and in posting them might also be problematic.

Perhaps the best way to frame this is as a fishing trip?

Myatt first picks the bait:

Monday, March 05, 2018

Ronny Cameron: Social Media Suicide By Attacking Bulk of Supporters

Well.... that was interesting.

Ronny Cameron, a Toronto alt-right personality who has openly embraced "white nationalism" (despite bragging that he can't be racist because his girlfriend is black, unless challenged by other racists in which case his girlfriend is basically white) and the "white genocide" conspiracy theory has.... how shall I put this?
How about like this?

Ronny hasn't been active on his own profile for several weeks now (in Facebook jail perhaps) but he has been active on his self-promoting group page. And yesterday he decided to alienate most of his supporters with this post:

Ladies and gentlemen, let the shit storm (only a tiny fraction of which is included here) commence!

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Speaking Of Racists Endorsing Ontario Progressive Conservative Leadership Candidates....

Last week it was reported that Paul Fromm, a white supremecist who has been involved with almost every neo-Nazi and racist movement of the past 50 years (from the Edmund Burke Society/Western Guard through the Heritage Front and up to Blood & Honour and Proud Boys today) had endorsed social-conservative Tanya Granic Allen for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. While it did take her about 24 hours, she rejected the endorsement and condemned Fromm.

More recently, another Progressive Conservative leadership candidate received the endorsement of an infamous hate-monger. In fact it isn't even the first time this individual has been linked to conservative politicians in the midst of a leadership race:

ARC has written about Kevin Johnston in the past, including his claims to have been assaulted by "Antifa" at a rally in Ottawa in June 2017 leading to the arrest of some individuals; many of the claims made by Johnston's were wildly inconsistent and were challenged by the police and the crown eventually dropped the charges against the four men citing lack of "credible" evidence.

Johnston, a perennial mayoral candidate with, shall we say, a creative understanding of the truth, is a well-known Islamophobe who uses his YouTube channel to vilify Muslims and immigrants and has encouraged acts of violence:

And here he is in the front row of a Doug Ford event:

Photo courtesy of Warren Kinsella
Not sure what the rod is that he's holding, but I suspect that it probably should not have been permitted in the room.

So will Ford condemn Johnston and his presence at his event? We'll see.