Monday, March 05, 2018

Ronny Cameron: Social Media Suicide By Attacking Bulk of Supporters

Well.... that was interesting.

Ronny Cameron, a Toronto alt-right personality who has openly embraced "white nationalism" (despite bragging that he can't be racist because his girlfriend is black, unless challenged by other racists in which case his girlfriend is basically white) and the "white genocide" conspiracy theory has.... how shall I put this?
How about like this?

Ronny hasn't been active on his own profile for several weeks now (in Facebook jail perhaps) but he has been active on his self-promoting group page. And yesterday he decided to alienate most of his supporters with this post:

Ladies and gentlemen, let the shit storm (only a tiny fraction of which is included here) commence!

Now there were a lot of people wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' that this wasn't Cameron, but some nefarious antifa hacker who was trying to make Ronny look bad.... I mean even more so.


Cameron happily confirms that it is him in a video posted to his Facebook group:

Let the shit storm continue!

Ah, antisemitic conspiracies. Talk about the friends one keeps? 

Again, these are only a fraction of the replies, but two are ones that stand out since they may indicate the direction that Cameron is heading in:

You know, I'm not surprised in the least.

But middle aged Proud Boy Robert "Arrested Development" Jones might be:

Commenting on yet another of Cameron's videos, Jones, along with Sandra Solomon (posting as Sara Smith) voice their disappointment. We further learn that Jones appears to believe that Donald Trump is an Old Testament prophet because of course he does:

As such, this recent post of Jones doesn't seem to be a coincidence:

So, what's the cause of Ronny going off the rails?

This writer has a bit of a theory.

It's no secret that Cameron has tried to monetize his online presence. He does (or did) have a fairly large social media following both on Facebook and YouTube. He had once flirted with the idea of "auditioning" for "Rebel Media" with his street videos, however ultimately he decided to follow Jordan Peterson's example and use Patreon to enable him to quit his day job, whatever that might actually be (he seems to have been chased off from his busking spots in the Toronto TTC stations). Several months ago he opened up a Patreon account.

So how has he been doing?

Yeah.... that's got to hurt.

I think he's come to realize that there's no way he's going to be able to earn a living at what he's doing despite what he had believed and now he's lashing out at his supporters.

I'm perfectly fine with that.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting it's all the next phase in Ronny's long-standing plan to bill himself as "reformed racist expert shines light on Alt-Right" a la Maxime Fiset and Chris Clairoux. He wants to be a journo. I'd be very surprised if he hasn't yet approached Balgord about doing a Point/Counterpoint for VICE.

Anonymous said...

Haha couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.