Thursday, October 18, 2018

Faith Goldy: The Female Misogynist

I never engaged with Faith Goldy in any way until a few months ago when this happened:

After Goldy began following me, I felt I would be rude if I didn't return the favor. It was then when I started commenting on her tweets providing some, shall we say alternative perspectives?

Wednesday morning as some far-right members of the Toronto Chinese-Canadian community (a small minority, mind you) were saying they were supporting Goldy in her quixotic candidacy for mayor, I innocently shared one of Ms. Goldy's previous comments regarding her views of non-European Canadians:

Seems I may have finally struck a nerve:

I was very sad, primarily because I hadn't time to share these as well....

.... and because I wasn't able to see this in real time:

Honestly though, considering her rank hypocrisy on matters regarding women, can we be at all surprised?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Get To Know A Racist Candidate: Luigi Gino Del-Ciotto

Meet Luigi Gino Del-Ciotto, currently running for a council seat in Princeton, BC:

Mr. Del-Ciotto has a little bit of a past however in that he was a long time associate of Michele Tittler whose legal case is ongoing....

And her (essentially) one woman hate group targeting First Nations' peoples End Race Based Laws:

I'm not exactly breaking this story. Mr. Del-Ciotto's association with Tittler and ERBL was reported in the "Summerland Review" back on September 20 making mention of one particular screen shot  Del-Ciotto claimed that the accusations amounted to a smear campaign:
“I have absolutely zero, zero dislike towards our First Nation people. My issues are with how things work. How our federal government handles things.”
One screen shot mentioned in the article appears to be this one from 2015:

Mr. Del-Ciotto seems to think that invoking the attempted genocide of First Nations peoples by Americans and the Spanish, taken in the right context, isn't so bad.

For those who might be interested, here are some of the other screen shots starting in 2013 and continuing through 2016:

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Closer Look At What Caused the Edmonton Soldiers of Odin To Re-brand

Meet Tyson Hunt, formerly leader of the Edmonton chapter of the Soldiers of Odin:

Hunt had some pretty lofty goals for the SoO in Edmonton after he became leader as evidenced by the post from his own Facebook profile, even if he also managed to mangle the language:

I can't be too critical as I've been known to make some pretty careless spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors myself. What I CAN be critical of though is despite the claims that the SoO wasn't a racist organization, the Hunt as leader really had no problem posting some pretty racist comments and allowing others to do the same:

Aside from an article detailing a rather clumsy (and ultimately failed) public relations attempt early in September, I haven't written much about the group despite it becoming more active. I chalk that up to being spread a little thin these days. That changed though when Progress Alberta published a story detailing a United Conservative Party event featuring three candidates which was attended by members of the Edmonton chapter of the SoO. Two of the three members disavowed the SoO and what they stood for claiming that they were unaware of who they were. The UCP claimed that the SoO had crashed the event in order to make them look bad despite claims by SoO members and supporters that the UCP were aware that they would be attending. The attempt at crafting a coherent message took a hit though when the third candidate, Lance Coulter, admitted that he knew who the SoO were, they didn't appear racist to him (that's sort of a paraphrase on my part), and that he was giving them the benefit of the doubt despite the SoO's long and documented connection to white supremacism and the fact the Finnish founder was an overt neo-Nazi. Coulter was subsequently removed as a candidate by the UCP which claimed they were unhappy he had expressed a "sympathetic assessment" of the SoO, though those more cynical amongst us might offer as an alternative reason that he had embarrassed the party by contradicting their earlier claim that they had no idea who the SoO were which isn't exactly without some admittedly biased evidence:

The Edmonton chapter of the Soldiers of Odin continued to act defiantly in the face of increased scrutiny posting this message only days ago:

Well, sometimes life comes at you fast:

Monday, October 15, 2018

Right Splits.... Again. This Time Over Radisson Arson

When I covered the Radisson arson incident I suspected that we would see other similar provocative actions by the likes of Massaad (who thinks he's edgy because he eats meat in front of vegans), Leigh Stuart, and Ronny Cameron. And right on cue....

The video is a trailer for what they purport to be another "shocking" exposé, though it looks primarily to be of an empty field containing generators and what might be the frames for emergency shelters.

But all is not happy in the world of the Islamophobes as Ronny Cameron felt the need to deny his, as well as that of Massaad and Stuart, involvement in the crime that occurred at the Radisson housing refugee claimants:

I'm not sure if anyone I know has said that the three of these jackasses are directly responsible for the attempted arson (and attempted murder). What I and others have suggested is that Cameron, Massaad, and Stuart, as well as people like Sue-Ann Levy, Faith Goldy, and the anti-refugee echo chamber posting mostly false and inflammatory claims that dehumanize refugees, Muslim-Canadians, have contributed to a toxic climate in which someone might be motivated to act out violently. It is lovely for Cameron to disavow acts of violence, but I'm afraid it rings all a bit hallow when one finds comments such as these posted under the very video and reference to the video he's speaking of above:

These are Ronny's fans and he has contributed to the toxic atmosphere that may have resulted in the arson attempt (I emphasis "may" because I don't yet know the motivation of the person who carried out the crime). It also doesn't help that Cameron continues to sensationalize the conditions of the hotel by suggesting that it is (1) "shocking" in any way and (2) the result of refugees because of some cultural deficiency. I begin with his graffiti claim that I find somewhat dubious:

Also, apparently garbage smells:

I watched the full video and there wasn't anything out of the ordinary in that hotel. Yep, it is a little more run down. Yep, having 500+ guests will likely result in some wear and tear if there's no downtime to make repairs. By comparison I used to work in the oil field putting myself through university in the late 80s and early 90s. I worked in rig crews that operated out of motels in south-western Manitoba and south-eastern Saskatchewan. You want to see what kind of things happen to motels when a rig crew is living there long term? And as for the noise they claimed, I've stayed in hotels and motels that wont allow peewee hockey teams because of the noise they make and have experienced such noise myself. By comparison, the hallways in this hotel were pretty quiet.

Still, we have to consider the "real" victims here.... Massaad and Stuart who Cameron unironically suggests risked their personal safety by entering the hotel:

He later goes on to reference a clip from the video published by CTV.

But all this is sort of grist for the mill. What I am interested in what how he called out Kevin "the Poodle" Johnston for having the temerity to question him!

And he goes on....

Edmonton Soldiers of Odin "Rebrand" As Canadian Infidels; They Think This Is An Improvement

Well, this happened:

I'll add more another time because I don't doubt the research will be hilarious.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Point A to Point B: Did A Series of Anti-Refugee Posts on Social Media From Far-Right Figures Result in Attempted Murder?

Back on September 28, Ronny Cameron, Georges Massaad, and Leigh Stuart posted a video of themselves in the Radisson Toronto East Hotel which has been temporarily housing refugee claimants. The trio purported to be there film an exposé of the conditions of the hotel, claiming that the building was being destroyed by ungrateful migrants. I watched the video at the time and despite their histrionics throughout, what they "exposed" was a generally run-down hotel in need of a face lift with a few smudges on the wall and garbage bins with, and this will come as a huge shock I'm sure, GARBAGE in them!!!!

I won't post the full video, but there are two clips which to me suggest that the trip might not have been entirely honest:

Those who can't see the offending phrase, Ms. Stuart kindly posted the following photo:

I would add that Cameron was alone when he "found" this on the wall and called the other two over to shoot the video.

Suffice it to say I'm somewhat skeptical, though it does tick off one of the paranoid beliefs of the anti-refugee crowd so they'll accept the claim without reservation:

I wasn't going to even discuss the video since I didn't want to give them any sort of oxygen, but subsequent events have made me rethink that decision.

Among the other social media slurs against this particular Radisson Hotel and the refugee claimants within was a concerted effort to post negative reviews. It is a phenomenon we've seen elsewhere as the far-right has tried to hurt businesses who are acting in ways that they oppose. Most of the fake reviews were incredibly transparent:

One however was so patently ridiculous that it is hard to believe anyone would take it seriously. A fake reviewer purporting to be from Virginia claimed that residents were slaughtering goats in the public bathrooms.

This all might have ended here, but then racist mayoral candidate Faith Goldy and Sue-Ann Levy of the "Toronto Sun" entered the picture, the former "liking" Stuart's Twitter post and the latter being included in the Twitter thread to make her aware of the content:

Being picked up by two bigoted Islamophobes, the results can't be regarded as surprising. Goldy chimed in repeating the lie about the goat slaughter, followed by a protest outside the Radisson Toronto East Hotel:

Sue-Ann Levy wrote an article for the "Toronto Sun" and published the erroneous claim:

Well, Levy might not have made it up, but it was made up and she doesn't seem to care that it was.

Other far-right "media" outlets picked up on the story and uncritically published stories confirming the worst prejudiced of their readers:

Ultimately, it appears that it was the Levy article that resulted in the goat slaughter lie going viral:

Friday, October 12, 2018

United Conservative Party Boots Member Who Knew Who The Soldiers of Odin Were

Been busy all day and didn't have time to write a proper article, however these folks provide a clear overview of the latest in the United Conservative Party's SoO problem:

In the meantime, the SoO have thanked Coulter for his continued support while continuing to post Islamophobic and anti-immigrant propaganda: