Saturday, February 17, 2018

Yet MORE Far-Right "Patriot" Infighting: Sandra Solomon, Ryan Dean, and Sons of Odin

It has been a while since ARC has spoken about Sandra Solomon, or whatever name she's going with now on her multiple Facebook profiles. She was at an event in Ottawa on Parliament Hill this past week and will likely be at the anti-Muslim rally on Sunday tomorrow.

She is also doing all she can to cause an international incident including pissing off both Palestinians and Israelis which takes some real talent:

Her self-serving behavior continues to alienate her fellow Islamophobes:

We're also continuing to see Ryan Dean act like.... well.... Ryan Dean. Evidently he thinks the last article detailing both his upcoming sentencing hearing for domestic violence and his continued temper tantrum directed at the other Islamophobes who kicked him out of the group he founded was some sort of gotcha moment:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Anti-Muslim Protest Planned For Parliament Hill on February 18; Numbers Attending In Question

For the past one and a half weeks, the Islamophobes ARC keeps an eye on have been promoting an anti-Muslim rally scheduled for February 18 in Ottawa on Parliament Hill being organized by a small group of Chinese-Canadians who continue to feel aggrieved due to what thankfully turned out to be a false crime. For example, middle-age Proud Boy member Robert "Arrested Development" Jones has pushing the event on a number of sites including his own profile:

As he has evidently arrived in Ottawa on Wednesday, it certainly seems clear that he'll be attending as will other members of the Proud Boys (probably many of the usual suspects). Also in attendance will be the Jewish Defence League, likely be some Northern Guard members (particularly locals like Myatt and Massaad), Canadian Combat Coalition members, and a smattering of Threepers. Individuals like Georges Hallak and Ronny Cameron may also make an appearance.

Also showing up are the boys with La Meute, though at first the English-Canada chapter didn't wish to be overtly formally associated with it:

However when the Quebec chapter decided to formally endorse it, the CDN Wolfpack did so as well:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ryan Dean: Sentencing Scheduled for April 16

ARC has learned a bit more about Ryan Dean's conviction for assaulting his former partner as well as the allegations concerning another assault against a woman. Sentencing in the first case is scheduled for April 16, though he is waiting to have a pre-sentence report. ARC also learned that Dean had a second court date on February 1. His second assault ended up taking a peace bond in an effort to simply be rid of him and it doesn't look like the second case will go to trial unless Dean does something especially stupid.... and given this is Ryan Dyan that might not be so far fetched.

The boy does seem to have some difficulties with anger management and impulse control, that's for certain:

In the meantime, Dean has continued his attacks against current members of the Canadian Combat Coalition, the group he founded and lead but was rather unceremoniously dumped because he is (1) an asshole and (b) allegedly skimming donations off the top:

Dean has also expanded the circle of groups and individuals he feels have wronged him in some way. Of course he continues to have a beef against the CCC and we had learned he wasn't fond of the Soldiers of Odin or Storm Alliance who he suggested should be subservient to him and his group.... whatever he decides to name "his group" on that particular day:

In addition to these groups, he now seems to have a beef with the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam which used to be Walmart to his MacDonalds (this was a REAL comparison Joey Deluca had made as a compliment because of course he did).

First Jesse Wielenga, who now claims to be back in the movement after briefly stepping out, made a misogynistic comment about women which Dean replied to:

I might be inclined to almost agree with Dean if it wasn't for the MASSIVE case of throwing rocks in glass houses that he exhibits here considering he will soon be sentenced for his domestic abuse conviction.

He has also been quite critical of Joey Deluca's efforts:

Oh, now The Clann is the leading activist club in Canada apparently. Well if posting poorly designed memes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is activism, he may have a point.

Then again Dean also continues to change the name of his group more often than he changes his tighty whities.

Gone is The Clann it appears. In it's place....

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reaction From Right To Gerald Stanley Acquittal In Colten Boushie Murder Trial As Ugly and Hypocritical As Expected

I grew up on the prairies close to the Manitoba and Saskatchewan border. Growing up I was keenly aware that bigotry and active discrimination against FNIM was not only accepted, it was expected and often enforced. For example my white friends who got drunk and got into their cars to drive home were stopped by the police, but were driven home to the waiting arms of their parents with a stern finger wag at worst (they were "good boys" after all). My First Nations friends who got drunk and tried to walk home were stopped by the police and either thrown in the drunk tank and charged with public intoxication or they were driven kilometers out of town and told to "walk it off."

Restaurants refused to serve First Nations customers and landlords refused to rent to First Nations families, and businesses refused to hire First Nations people.  "Jokes" were told about how it was perfectly legal to run over "Indians" walking on the side of the road. In one story a friend told me, she had made friends with a First Nations girl and invited her over to a pool party. When her step-father came home to see a First Nations teenager visiting his home, he kicked the girl out of the pool and told his step-daughter to, "never bring a filthy Indian into his home again."

There's a reason why the prairies have been referred to as the Alabama of Canada and Saskatchewan as Mississippi North.

Which brings me to recent acquittal of Gerald Stanley, a Saskatchewan farmer who shot Colten Boushie:

The circumstances behind the shooting aren't entirely clear, but given Gerald Stanley's own statements it is difficult to fathom how the verdict can be considered in any way just, which isn't also to say also sadly not unexpected.

Still, it is a kick in the teeth.

Also expected are those folks on the right who are celebrating the verdict. In their mind Boushie and his friends were trespassing, armed (there was evidently a rifle in the vehicle), and trying to steal from the property. Boushie's friends have another story of course but that is all academic now.

I could post reactions of the right from a number of different sites, but the Facebook groups "Canadians Against the NDP and Liberals (Information & Facts)" will serve as a representative sample since the same language and responses are found elsewhere. Before doing so, and as a bit of a contrast, I thought I would first provide comments found on the group concerning the Bundy standoff in Oregon when armed members of the Cliven Bundy family and their allies trespassed on government property, commandeered (i.e. stole) trucks from the property, and drove from the property into town with relative impunity intimidating locals:

When LaVoy Finicum, one of their members who was armed and reaching for his weapon after being stopped by the police, was killed, the reaction of those posting on "Canadians Against the NDP and Liberals (Information & Facts)" responded as such:

Lets now contrast these reactions to those regarding the acquittal of Stanley and the death of Boushie:

And please note the references to "shit hole" countries, riffs on the "Make America Great Again" slogan, and complaints about the "real" oppression being directed at "old stock Canadians":

Is "Western Justice" the same as "Southern Justice"?

That would be a hard no Richard:

In response, I'm just going to put this here:

Is that so Darrin?

So the police should just take your word for it? 


Food for thought:

As I said, these are representative of the views on the sites ARC monitors. There are some people, a lot of people in fact, in Saskatchewan who are disgusted and ashamed because of this verdict.

I just wish there were more.