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Sunday, December 02, 2018

Alberta Has Declared Dean "Sovereign" Clifford To Be A Vexatious Litigant

I've occasionally wondered what the self-proclaimed Wolverdean has been up to since he was released from prison after having received a three years sentence on drugs and weapons charges related to his "freeman-on-the-land" pseudo-legal woo. Upon his release Dean was relatively quiet and wasn't the tax avoiding go-to guru he had been prior to his incarceration, so much so that I stopped paying attention to him and as a result missed this update from November:

Dean Clifford started promoting himself as a freeman-on-the-land guru in earnest back in 2012. At the time we (when I could still say "we") at ARC teased an upcoming article focused on Dean which resulted in this reply:

Bring it on you communist mother fuckers. I have room for one more target, and my organization is MUCH larger and world-wide. Every freedom loving man and woman on this planet despises groups like you who try to stifle societies and individual freedoms with communist oppression and a police state of government control and laws. 
There's 10 of you in a room on welfare somewhere on Canada. This will backfire worse than the smear sHit Piece "The National" did. Of course, I'll be shocked if you actually allow this comment to be posted. Bring on the poo flinging, and violence, because that is all you people are capable of. 
Your smears are pathetic, your followers are so intellectually stagnant that it is terrifying, and you're all worse 'dead-beats' than the people you claim to hate. You're motto could not be more perfect to explain your organization, "We are against hate, and we hate anyone who doesn't go along with that." You must be the dumbest fuckers alive, a literal living oxymoron. 
I notice every single one of your staunch supporters hides and even posts as anonymous. Yeah, you must all truly believe in what you do, and most certainly are willing to assume liability for your statements and claims. Attach a face to your smear, you gutless shitheads. 
Every one of your front page stories is published by a fag who thinks he's a vampire. IS there more than one person even on this site? Oh man, this is going to be EPIC, I cannot wait! 
Talk soon ass-clowns. 
P.S. "intellectually on par with that of the Occupy Movement." Now that was just plain insulting, they're about as intelligent as you people, you are all a celebration of underachievers.
Suffice it to say we never did actually "talk soon" and Dean's attempt to intimidate ARC failed spectacularly. What Dean was trying to stop ARC from publishing (my own laziness resulted in not publishing much sooner) was his long history of posting on the American hate-site Stormfront:

Here are a few relevant posts:

We also learned that Dean was in continual correspondence with former Aryan Guard member (and man who spent time in prison on hate crime charges) Bill Noble:
Some of the exchanges indicate that Dean was aware that Aryan Guard leader Kyle McKee, then a suspect in an attempted murder targeting a member of a breakaway hate group (who would later be convicted on murder charges himself), was apprehended in Winnipeg while hiding out at Noble's residence.


Anonymous said...

The Alberta government passed new legislation in June of 2007 to give courts in the province more power to deal more effectively with “vexatious litigants.” These individuals were described by the Honourable Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Ron Stevens, in the Legislative Assembly on second reading of the amendments, in the following terms:

"A vexatious litigant is someone who persistently files proceedings that have already been determined by a court, persistently files proceedings that can’t succeed or that have no reasonable expectation of providing relief, persistently files proceedings for improper purposes, inappropriately uses previously raised grounds and issues in subsequent proceedings, persistently fails to pay the costs ordered by a court as a result of unsuccessful proceedings, persistently takes unsuccessful appeals from judicial decisions, or persistently engages in inappropriate courtroom behaviour. . . .

Some common characteristics often apply to vexatious litigants. They may include opinionated and narcissistic behaviour and asking the same questions repeatedly. For some vexatious litigants losing a case may fuel feelings of injustice and lead to ongoing legal action, and some exhibit behaviour that is consistent with some types of mental illness."

snoop4truth said...

For the facts about a similar vexatious litigant (a Dean Clifford affiliate), click here. This guy has lost 76 frivolous cases in a row using similar amateur legal theories ("Freeman", "Sovereign Citizen").

For a list of legal hoaxes this guy created with Deborah Tavares, click here. See hoaxes number 6-13 here.

snoop4truth said...


Constitutional Scholar, CARL MILLER on

Former Deputy Sheriff, EDDIE CRAIG on

Private Attorney General, ROD CLASS on

Conspiracy Whistle Blower, DEBORAH TAVARES on