Friday, March 02, 2012

Freeman "Sovereign" Temper Tantrum

We haven't even gotten to the article we're planning, but the mere announcement that we were going to be writing an article about Stormfront member, "Sovereign" has resulted in this response:
Bring it on you communist mother fuckers. I have room for one more target, and my organization is MUCH larger and world-wide. Every freedom loving man and woman on this planet despises groups like you who try to stifle societies and individual freedoms with communist oppression and a police state of government control and laws. 
There's 10 of you in a room on welfare somewhere on Canada. This will backfire worse than the smear sHit Piece "The National" did. Of course, I'll be shocked if you actually allow this comment to be posted. Bring on the poo flinging, and violence, because that is all you people are capable of. 
Your smears are pathetic, your followers are so intellectually stagnant that it is terrifying, and you're all worse 'dead-beats' than the people you claim to hate. You're motto could not be more perfect to explain your organization, "We are against hate, and we hate anyone who doesn't go along with that." You must be the dumbest fuckers alive, a literal living oxymoron. 
I notice every single one of your staunch supporters hides and even posts as anonymous. Yeah, you must all truly believe in what you do, and most certainly are willing to assume liability for your statements and claims. Attach a face to your smear, you gutless shitheads. 
Every one of your front page stories is published by a fag who thinks he's a vampire. IS there more than one person even on this site? Oh man, this is going to be EPIC, I cannot wait! 
Talk soon ass-clowns. 
P.S. "intellectually on par with that of the Occupy Movement." Now that was just plain insulting, they're about as intelligent as you people, you are all a celebration of underachievers.
"Sovereign" is a pseudo-intellectual when, push comes to shove, resorts to thuggish threats, insults, and attempts at intimidation. Meh, no biggie. We would note a few fairly minor items here though.

"Sovereign" (who can't seem to get past the idea that we are communists who subsist on welfare) complains that our readers who post messages on the blog anonymously are cowards, and well as the writers of the blog who post under pseudonyms, are cowards. Funny, but we are pretty sure that "Sovereign" isn't his real name either. And hey, the lead writer is a fan of films from the silent movie era hence the name the writer uses. We do seem to remember that "Sovereign" used to post on Stormfront as "En Sabah Nur" so we have to suspect that he is (or at one time was) a fan of comics.

Finally, while we aren't certain how, "epic" things will be (really dude, how old are you?) we do think it might end up being a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

That post from Sovereign is one of the finest displays of intellect from a member of the "master race".

I had a good chuckle over it!

And what the heck is a "celebration of underachievers"?

Anonymous said...

time to call the wambulance. ohhhhhhh I'm so scared the jerk off on the internet is mad!. Sovereign stop talking I'm going to die laughing at you. After I read this post I pissed my self laughing so hard I fucking flooded my basement! good job Nos. How do you deal with this meany fucking asshole mouth-breathers on a daily basis? Cheers to you.