Saturday, September 30, 2017

September 30 Anti-Government//White Supremacist Rallies

I'm going to do my best keeping up with the events that are occurring across the country.

Fredericton, NB

Though it wasn't on the radar, there was apparently a Storm Alliance protest in Fredericton after having cancelled their St. Stephen border event. Based on the information provided, there's a good reason it wasn't on the radar:
Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, QC

In Quebec, the far right have gathered in larger numbers, though this isn't necessarily a surprise. By one journalist's account, there are roughly 100 Storm Alliance members and supporters waiting to head to the border:
At the border itself though, the pro-immigrant counter protesters outnumbered the far right initially....
.... however that was before more Storm Alliance members arrived:
The media estimates were 300 members of the Storm Alliance and La Meute compared to 100 anti-fascists, however those who were there suggest the numbers were actually about even. Interestingly, many of the Storm Alliance members were wearing masks:

A report from the Revolutionary Student Movement - Concordia:
REPORTBACK: Migrants & Refugees Welcome! Open the Borders!
Oppose Racism!
Demonstration at the Quebec-US Border
Saturday, September 30, 10am – 5pm
At the Lacolle Border Crossing, south of Montreal
RSM Concordia was able to attend the counter demo supporting refugees and migrants entering Canada, while also taking a stand against the "Storm Alliance," a racist, anti-immigrant group. 
Antagonisms began before the counter demonstrators even left for the border, as David LeBlanc, a known Soldiers of Odin member (another racist group founded by neo-Nazis in Europe) paintbombed one of the busses. He was arrested, along with another comrade, and comrades quickly took action, however, cleaning off the mess from the bus. 
As demonstrators walked towards, we noticed the various police perched on top of nearby buildings taking photographs. Once the group arrived to the border, the police were quick to arrest a man for writing "ouvre les frontières" (open the borders) in chalk on a wall, but was released later with an apology and with a symbolic fine of one dollar. 
RSM Concordia was able to briefly meet up with RSM comrades from Quebec City. 
As we waited for the fash to arrive, the police divided the crowd, effectively kettling around 30 people closer to the border. This was eventually resolved as those kettled were able to pass and rejoin the main group. 
At 12:20PM, the first wave of the Storm Alliance arrived, and the police effectively cordoned off counter protestors from the fash. A clever rewording of Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" was sung in solidarity with migrants and refugees and against the fascists. 
As the numbers of the fash grew as latecomers trickled in, police sent out riot cops around 1:25pm to further separate antifa and the fash. The riot cops made a small attempt to push the counter protestors further back, but were unsuccessful. As we jammed to good music and yelled chants, the Storm Allaince grew in number to at least 200 people. Despite their strong numbers, however, they were never able to pass us, and by 2:45PM, the fash retreated. Police prevented us from leaving until around 3:30PM. 
Thanks to the collective effort of the crowd, the message was clear: No pasaran! We want to thank Solidarity Across Borders for organizing a successful counter demo, and we hold to help with anti-fascist efforts in the future.
Niagara, ON

In Niagara, the far right don't appear to have much of a presence and seem to be outnumbered by anti-fascist activists based on Arthur Smitherman's video of the event. ARC has learned that only around 10 far right protesters showed up including Smitherman and Eric Brazau.

There was also at least one incident where a far right protester is alleged to have attempted to run down anti-fascist protesters:

Because of COURSE he would be wearing a Confederate battle flag patch.

Ottawa, ON

Reports suggest about 50 Northern Guard, Storm Alliance, and CCCC members vs. 100 or so counter protesters:

Of interest, the individual with the knife appears to be affiliated in some way with the Proud Boys. From a witness:
Okay so Ottawa antifash had 150-200 at peak. CCCC/SA/NF/Proud Boys had 50ish. There was that guy with a knife in the blue (I'll link a vid after this) that allegedly had a knife that was confiscated by police and he was allowed back into the protests. Guy in the blue is a Proud Boy according to Ottawa antifash. They will try to get me an ID on him. SoO were present around the time the antifash were getting organized and taking the space at 1030am (demo was for noon). No arrests that we know of. It's over now.

Hamilton, ON

Event planned was evidently cancelled.

London, ON

Uhm.... this happened apparently:

And that is really all that needs to be said about that.

Windsor, ON

I think we could chalk up another failure for the far right in Windsor. A report from the Revolutionary Student Movement - Windsor:
Earlier today, conservative nationalist group Storm Alliance, a splinter group from white supremacist organization Soldiers of Odin, planned a rally near city hall in Windsor.Or at least, they tried to, but only this sorry bunch pictured below showed up. 
After being greeted by a large crowd of counter-protestors, comprising of RSM members, Wobblies, SHARPS, and other local comrades, these four Storm Alliance members gave up on their rally, cancelled their speeches, and went home. 
The left in our city is strong. Today we showed that we will not allow white supremacy to infect our community. Solidarity!

Peterborough, ON

The Goudreau and any supporters he might be able to muster have not arrived as of the time this update was posted, though there does seem to be more than 200 anti-fascists and anti-racists ready to greet them should they decide to show up.
Of course there's a possibility that the Goudreau may have bravely decided to hold his protest elsewhere, thus avoiding the counter protesters. That would also make his efforts pretty ineffectual.

A person who did show up was Paulie, though he made a point of staying FAR away from the actual protest:

One honest to goodness Nazi DID show up to the main event.... and was given an antifa kiss for his troubles:
The woman who was taken into custody was released however:
Eventually, the Goudreau finally decided to address the situation from the safety and relative comfort of his home:

What is "shagrin"?
Regina, SK

A protest was organized by Christopher Hayes, head of the Saskatchewan chapter of the WCAI.

A photo says a thousand words:

Edmonton, AB

No information on numbers, but a video posted by one of the seemingly few who attended suggests that the event was a dud:

Storm Alliance Alberta leader later posted the following:

Or there were not counter protesters because your efforts were so minimal as to be irrelevant. I mean, that's an option too, right?

Peach Arch Border Crossing, BC

A very small group of around 20 far right protesters:
Among those who said he would show up was one Glen Dumont:

Thus far there has been nothing heard from Emerson, MB so I'm calling it a bust there. If there is any more information I will update as appropriate.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Goudreau's Peterborough Rally Already Unintentionally Hilarious

When ARC decides to write a story on Kevin Goudreau, it is usually, and justifiably, because he needs to be mercilessly made fun of because dear GOD does he deserve it consistently and frequently. When he receives mainstream press coverage, such as a few years ago when the National Post decided to run a story on him, the attention resulted in Goudreau's already undeservedly inflated ego growing three sizes those days:

Hey look! There's the TOTALLY NOT racist Nick Gallant, founder and president of
the Northern Guard, hobnobbing with two known neo-Nazis! Obviously a coincidence.
So you could imagine how puffed up "the Goudreau" is by all the attention he's receivg in the press because of his planned Peterborough neo-Nazi anti-Trudeau and anti-immigrant rally scheduled to take place this Saturday. In the most recent story by the CBC, Kevin suggested he would sue those who dared refer to him as a neo-Nazi:
One city councillor however was incensed tweeting that the group’s leader, Kevin Goudreau was a “neo-nazi” and the group should not have been allowed to hold the rally on municipal property. Goudreau refutes all such labels against him or his small group saying it’s an effort by leftists to marginalize and demonise their message. For his part, he claims he will begin defamation lawsuits against anyone who labels him as a “neo nazi”.....In a written statement to RCI, Goudreau said “They call Jews like Ezra Levant and our Jewish friends, Nazis, it’s just fear-mongering. White pride is preservation of culture and heritage as we support our Native Pride friends and everyone has that right. We are not in favour of proposing hatred or supremacy over any other groups”.
The city of Peterborough initially decided to give the Goudreau a permit based on their belief that the protest would be peaceful, however given the Goudreau's history and recent rhetoric, one has to question the nativity of the person who granted the permit (see here and here as examples).  It seems though that decision has been reconsidered and a permit would not be issued however the Goudreau still plans on soldiering on.

This brings me the point of this particular article.

In addition to his planned rally, the Goudreau has been crowing about how an "antifa comminist" meeting had been infiltrated and exposed as the dangerous terrorist he and others have claimed them to be:

The reality is a little less dramatic.

A newly formed group, Peterborough Against Fascism, posted an open invitation to a public meeting to discuss how to deal with the Goudreau's rally on Saturday. As it seems difficult to infiltrate an event that everyone was already welcome to attend, at least one person with I think it can be generously claimed ill will in mind attended the event and made an audio recording.

So here, in all it's reasonable and rather glory, is more than an hour and forty minutes of the dulcet tones of hard hitting political discourse about strategy and and community outreach:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 30 Anti-Government/Anti-Muslim Rally in Ottawa: More Division... This Time Over Clothing

Dan Dubois, president of the Canadian Combat Coalition (after the coup that pushed out Ryan Dean in Alberta) claims that the following groups will no longer be attending the protest in Ottawa this Saturday because of a horrible, undemocratic, and unjust decision made by the organizers:
  • III%
  • Suffragettes Against Silence
  • Sons of Odin
  • Human Rights Defenders of Canada (I've never heard of this group actually)
  • And finally, the Canadian Combat Coalition 

This has lead to responses such as this from Georges' supporters:

Long story short, Dan REALLY wants to wear his CCC t-shirt but big meanies Georges Hallak and Storm Alliance Colin Oleary won't let him:

I am absolutely not kidding:

Some of the comments left on the video include the following:

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Part III: Northern Guard and Known Racist Supporters

The far-right in the country are continuing to prepare or September 30 and their Anti-Trudeauoloza festivities planned for various spots along the border. ARC is guessing that it will probably look somewhat similar to the anti-M103 events that took place during the spring -- some locations better attended than others -- but with numbers overall somewhat down as protest-fatigue sets in and the weather grows colder in some areas.

Quebec, having some of the more organized and larger ultranationalist movements such as La Meute, Atalante, and Storm Alliance, figures to be one of the more substantial protests. However there does seem to be some friction in at least one of the groups:

There are also rumors about the leadership being angry about buses being rented but not being filled since people who said they would be attending are flaking out, diminishing their numbers but, perhaps more importantly, costing them money that they would have rather not spent unwisely.

It will be interesting to see the Quebec numbers.

There will also be a contingent of the Quebec far-right making their way to Ottawa.

Last night Steven Alexander Gregory Dwalin Balin Gloin Dori Myatt posted a video of Georges Massaad interviewing Quebec Provincial Vice President Eric Brazeau. Brazeau, who among other things stated the Northern Guard are survivalists, claims that around 20 members will be participating in the Ottawa event to, "provide security."

Yeah.... they are a benevolent bunch, ain't they? I mean, sure the police will be there keeping people apart, but how much better to have a militia-type group seemingly with a penchant for at least rhetorical violence helping out? And they certainly aren't there to try and intimidate those who disagree with them.

Now, ARC has been taking a close look at the Northern Guard over in a series of articles over the past couple of weeks, a series that will continue. In the first article the groups misogyny and casual racism and Islamophobia were the focus. In the second article my attention turned to the anti-government and reliance on fake news and conspiracies. In both the theme of violence was prevalent as a means of achieving political goals as well as simply a end unto itself.

This post will take a closer look at some of the members and supporters who aren't even trying to cover up their racial views.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Guest Article: Update on the White Supremacist Threat in Ottawa-Gatineau

The following article has been provided by a supporter of Ottawa Against Fascism and is an update of the situation in the Ottawa area. The same individual wrote the article detailing the situation in Ottawa-Gatineau in May of this year:

The fascists and regular racist Islamophobes who were gravitating around the Soldiers of Odin, Proud Boys, Georges Hallak’s CCCC and a few assorted reactionary individuals slowed down with their rallies after their June 3rd one. As they prepare for their next one in a while on September 30th, rallying to the cry of Québec City’s Storm Alliance, here is an overview of their situation.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Former PEGIDA Canada Supporter and RISE Canada Iraj Gardner Speaks to ARC

When ARC reported on the PEGIDA Canada rally in London, ON which was again dwarfed in number by comparison by counter-protesters this weekend, I also included information that was sent to me by someone who at one time had intimate knowledge about how PEGIDA functioned. She had that knowledge because at one time she was counted among them.

The current members of PEGIDA who follow ARC have figured out the name of this source though she didn't make any effort to hide her identity. While associated with PEGIDA and later (briefly) RISE Canada, Patti Gardner was one of the most vocal Islamophobes this writer had come across on social media. Her comments were often caustic and incredibly hateful, a characterization that I don't think she would disagree with now. Unlike others who's anti-Muslim and racist bigotry was confined primarily to social media, Patti was an active participant in anti-Muslim protests with PEGIDA and RISE Canada, including the now infamous protest outside the Masjid Toronto Mosque on February 17 this year.

But a lot can change in a few months.

Ms. Gardner, now going by the name Iraj, has not only rejected the hatred of groups like PEGIDA and RISE Canada, she has actually taken the steps to converting to Islam after having taken the time to examine her beliefs and biases and studying the religion she vilified. When she contacted me concerning Mark Vandermaas' involvement with PEGIDA and his complaint against the London city council, I immediately recognized the email as coming from someone who was on the radar but who's name hadn't come up in some time. Of course I had a number of questions and Ms. Gardner was kind enough to respond in a very thorough manner.

What follows is a lengthy discussion with Ms. Gardner regarding how and why her views changed so radically. Of course we understand that people may be skeptical since this really represents a 180° change, but if there's one thing that ARC has been consistent in is the view that most people can become better people so on that basis, and because of what seems to be her forthrightness regarding her past, I've decided to give Ms. Gardner the benefit of the doubt.

She respond to my question regarding her conversion as well as at one time being featured on the blog:

Saturday, September 23, 2017

PEGIDA Canada Rally in London, ON Today: Outnumbered Again

Before getting into the news of today's PEGIDA event in London, ARC would like to direct readers' attention to this article detailing the history of far-right racist activism that has been present in the city for longer than this blog has been active. PEGIDA Canada in that context is merely the most recent manifestation of this phenomenon in London.

Regarding PEGIDA, after the drubbing they received in August, PEGIDA members decided to take another stab at rallying in London under the banner of preserving their, "free speech":

This change on tactic is in large part seems due to the efforts of Mark Vandermaas, a figure that some of our readers may remember from his involvement in the Caledonia stand-off. Now Vandermaas seems to have decided to take on the PEGIDA Canada cause filing by filing a code of conduct complaint against the London city government. A few days after filing his complaint, Vandermaas posted the following self-congratulatory video:

ARC was sent information from someone with knowledge concerning the inner-workings of PEGIDA Canada which includes speculation about Vandermaas' involvement:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Part II: Northern Guard and the News Media

When I published the story on the Northern Guard on Wednesday, I expected it would be the first of a two part profile of the group. However events that have transpired since the first article was published sort of scream for a follow-up detailing the reaction of the Northern Guard leadership and membership at large. In short, and as a very brief preview, I offer this for your consideration:

More on that to come.

A day after Northern Guard founder and president Nick Gallant posted his video bemoaning what he perceived to be shabby treatment by the media, he posted a second video offering the same though with the additional caveat that neither he nor the remainder of the Northern Guard will ever speak to the media ever again:

Or, in other words of social commentor E. Cartman, "screw you guys, I'm going home."

There are a number of themes that are apparent in Gallant's commentary, but among those themes is the fact that appears oblivious about the purpose of the news media. It's clear that he thinks the media is to report exactly what he says about his "club" and not dig any further. He wants the media to talk about only what he wants them to talk about and to avoid any probing questions. In short, he wants the independent media to act as a cheap public relations agency.

Dude, that's not how good media works. 

Yes, they will interview you to get your side, but when your public statements about the Northern Guard being against racism and merely wishing to support the community conflicts with the private statements that are rife with paranoia, support for violence, and really racist and Islamophobic statements, some of which ARC has highlighted on this blog, they are going to ask about the discrepancy if they are even half decent journalists. And when the explanation you provide seems wanting, well.... you're not going to look good and you will be exposed for what exactly you are.

For example, saying that you are concerned about the direction of the federal government likely won't raise any red flags for a journalist, except perhaps when the rhetoric is excesively profane:

However when you cross the line and advocate violence against the prime minister of the country, your claims of being a conservative club focused on charity sort of takes a bit of a hit in the credibility department and a good journalist will pick up on it:

Advocating for the murder of any person, never mind the head of the Canadian government, is not and never has been protected speech. People were arrested and charged for making threats against Mr. Harper when he was in office. That people are being arrested and charged for making threats against Mr. Trudeau is not proof that Canada is a dictatorship and that you are loosing your right to free expression. 

But then when people exist in an echo chamber, the real news, flawed though it can sometimes be, is dismissed as "fake"....

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Secret WCAI Facebook Page Shut Down and DeLuca's Goudreau Shout-out

So, the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam's secret Facebook group was shut down and despite his efforts to play it of as no big deal, Joey DeLuca is pretty upset.

In a rambling video (in which I added a form of editorializing in the form of related images and videos) DeLuca goes on and on about how liberals are snowflakes who deserve to have their heads kicked in with steel-toe boots, that the reasons why their rallies fail isn't because they suck but because "antifa" are more organized and better at shutting them down (which seems to me a tacit admission that the WCAI suck), and bemoan the state of the "patriot movement" which is rife with infighting. On that note he is especially critical of other "patriot" groups that condemn neo-Nazis in their midst.

Yep, DeLuca is fine with neo-Nazis and antisemites because he says they are all fighting for a common cause (getting rid of Muslims). In fact, he calls out the Jewish Defence League by name for their efforts to expunge Nazis and suggests that the JDL "get over" the whole Nazi thing and instead ally themselves with the Nazis.... because Joey DeLuca has evidently not heard the term Kapo and doesn't realize that Jews might not be keen to cozy up with Nazis because of that whole persecution followed by systematic slaughter thing.

DeLuca specifically mentions Devon Mannix and Kevin Goudreau by name noting how much respect he has for Goudreau.

Speaking of the Goudreau, he noticed that Georges was speaking poorly of him owing to the fact that the Goudreau is a neo-Nazi. As such, the Goudreau has decided to start lying about himself despite all the evidence that he himself has put out there that yes, he is a Nazi:


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Part I: Northern Guard Feel Press Misrepresented Them.... So Let's Get To Know Them Better

I have to admit that keeping up with all the new ultra-nationalist groups that, while small in membership are springing up like weeds, has been challenging. In part this is because they are so incredibly fractious in nature; personality conflicts or the desire to "be in charge" results in one group splitting into two or more. Those groups eventually fracture begetting new groups. So while the actual number of individuals involved might not be increasing and there is a lot of cross pollination, it sometimes feels as if the movement (such as it is) is growing quickly.

For example, this group is one that I had been paying only peripheral attention to before Vice and the CBC ran stories about:

Meet the Northern Guard which, while claiming to be a "national club" seems confined mainly to the East Coast and parts of Quebec those there are individuals from all parts of the country who have joined the Facebook group:

Like many similar groups (Storm Alliance, Patriots of Unity, the defunct Guardians of Alberta, etc), the Northern Guard is essentially an offshoot of the Soldiers of Odin. The president and founder of the group Nick Gallant was once the president of the New Brunswick chapter of the SoO. The provincial head of the Quebec chapter of the Northern Guard was once in an SoO leadership position in Quebec and was in fact a subject of an ARC article back in May:

I've also found that Bill Daniels and Michael Montague, the former (and rather short lived) national president and communications dude of the SoO are both members of the group. Daniels, Montague, Wallingford, and other Northern Guard members are also associated with the III% militia that has a small presence in Canada.

I was able to join their Facebook page a few months ago but I have to be honest in writing that I really didn't pay a hell of a lot of attention to them at the time. Truth be told I forgot I had access to the group until the Vice story was published, but after reading the English version I thought I would give them the once over.

Suffice it to say, they weren't pleased by the Vice article:

So upset in fact that Nick Gallant posted not one, but two videos to respond to the coverage. I'll deal first with the video he posted on September 10 but be warned that should you choose to watch the whole thing, you will be subjected to nearly 20 minutes of claiming not to care but then engaging in relentless self-pity, whining about being prejudged (and holy hell is that ironic given the content of their closed Facebook group), and numerous retorts that are more akin to "I know you are but what am I?" than anything resembling a cogent argument:

If ARC readers decide not to watch the video, I'll helpfully provide a very brief synopsis. Basically, Gallant claims that the media has misrepresented them in order to be able to print more negative stories about the Northern Guard in the future. In fact, they are not racist, anti-Muslim, misogynists, but are in fact a charitable organization that helps people. lots of people. More people than any of the "keyboard warriors" who are critical of the Northern Guard.

Certainly those who responded to Gallant's video agree with him, though the presence of one individual may be somewhat problematic:

Uhm.... if they want to be perceived as not being racists, they might want to consider that the Goudreau isn't going to help their image one bit:

But then perhaps I'm not being fair? After all, they may not be as familiar with the Goudreau as ARC and ARC's readers may be and if they learned who he was he would perhaps be given the boot.

So let's instead look at posts by leaders and members of the Northern Guard who are in good standing to better discern the nature of the group and if they were misrepresented by the big, bad, msn.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Not" Racist WCAI Leadership And Supporters Finding It Unusually Difficult To Actually NOT Be Racist

Yesterday Jesse Wielenga had been scheduled to be holding a rally in Winnipeg. A week or so before the event was to take place, Wielenga suggested that he and the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam would not actually show up and that the WCAI were done with rallying. While this remains to be seen in the long run, Wielenga and any WCAI member who happen to live in Manitoba, or those who would take a Greyhound as Joey DeLuca did in August to attend their failed Vancouver event, were actually true to their word and did not participate.

The same can not be said of antifa and other activists who showed up en masse and, by all accounts, had a really good time.

Still, WCAI vice-president Jesse Wielenga was active online September 8.

So was former WCAI member Jeremy Phillips and WCAI supporter Devon Mannix:

Yeah, for a group that continually denies being racist, they sure sound racist as hell.

In fact, both Wielenga and especially Mannix, turn the hatred up a notch when it becomes clear that racial and religious segregation would only be the first stage of a desired project:

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Woman Who Verbally Attacked Jagmeet Singh Tied to Rise Canada

ARC's readers are already well aware of the incident in which a woman verbally attacked NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh at an event in Brampton, ON. Of course the woman isn't named, but activists were able to figure out who she was pretty quick:

Jennifer Bush has been a frequent attendee at a number of anti-Muslim events including those held in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto and is suspected of being involved in the anti-Muslim protests of the Peel school board. Ms. Bush also looked familiar and while I initially couldn't place her, a journalist was able to make the connection.

Bush, along the dude who tore apart a Quran at a Peel Region District School Board meeting in March, and Ron Banerjee, participated in an event hosting then Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch who was at the time stoking fears of Muslims for fun and profit.

UPDATE 2: She also appeared at a protest at a Mississauga where she and the Rise Canada crew harangued children:

Protests Planned For September 30 Because.... Reasons?

While I anticipate that the anti-government and Islamophobic rallies that have marked the past spring and summer with diminishing returns will start to decline as fall arrives and cease almost altogether as winter takes hold, the folks the blog keeps an eye on appear to be getting at least one "national event" by the end of the month.

Among the primary organizers of this "national event" is the Storm Alliance. ARC's readers will recall that the Storm Alliance broke off the Soldiers of Odin some time back and is lead by the former national SoO vice-president and former Quebec leader. His second in the Storm Alliance, Colin Oleary, posted the following video earlier last month to let people know that people would be "rising up" across the country to "stand up for Canada":

Oh yes, there's a storm coming people.... eventually. Truth be told there's half a minute of silence where Colin just sort of stares at his camera while smoking and another full minute and twenty-eight seconds of Colin acknowledging the people logging on while waiting for others to appear. The eye of the hurricane is indeed a bit awkward:

Now, Colin is sure people will "rise up" and "stand up for Canada" but he's not entirely clear as to why and for what.