Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Not" Racist WCAI Leadership And Supporters Finding It Unusually Difficult To Actually NOT Be Racist

Yesterday Jesse Wielenga had been scheduled to be holding a rally in Winnipeg. A week or so before the event was to take place, Wielenga suggested that he and the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam would not actually show up and that the WCAI were done with rallying. While this remains to be seen in the long run, Wielenga and any WCAI member who happen to live in Manitoba, or those who would take a Greyhound as Joey DeLuca did in August to attend their failed Vancouver event, were actually true to their word and did not participate.

The same can not be said of antifa and other activists who showed up en masse and, by all accounts, had a really good time.

Still, WCAI vice-president Jesse Wielenga was active online September 8.

So was former WCAI member Jeremy Phillips and WCAI supporter Devon Mannix:

Yeah, for a group that continually denies being racist, they sure sound racist as hell.

In fact, both Wielenga and especially Mannix, turn the hatred up a notch when it becomes clear that racial and religious segregation would only be the first stage of a desired project:

Yep. Once you start supporting genocide, the gig truly is up.

However according to snowflake Jesse, the real genocide it having to sit next to a black guy on a bus:

Yeah, sort of soft.

The next part focuses mainly on Devon Mannix's (and his friends') antisemitism and some rather.... interesting theories that suggest a tinfoil beanie might be in order:

Aa far as I know Jesse Wielenga is still a member of the WCAI in good standing and still the vice-president. Given what founder and president Joey DeLuca has posted regarding racism and antisemitism in the past, he can't be all that happy about his second going on yet another bender and actually writing what he believes:

I mean, just look at all of that condemnation of racism and antisemitism! DeLuca MUST be the real deal, or else he would look like a horrible liar.


Oh.... I don't like where this is going....

Come on, you're not actually surprised, are you?

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Anonymous said...

In your first screen grab of this piece, in the second red box, it says Laura Beatie. You've missed one covering of the name there. Thought I'd let you know.

I've been following your blog for some time. Keep up the good fight!