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Monday, March 25, 2013

Doug Christie: The Truth Will Out (Part III)

You know, it is remarkable how, when presented with the truth, how people in an echo chamber refuse to acknowledge it. Take our friends at Free Dominion, for example. Despite what we think is pretty strong evidence indicating that Doug Christie and those Holocaust deniers, klanmen, and neo-Nazis whom he defended had certain shared political beliefs, they continue to suggest otherwise. However, there are those who say even if he did agree with Holocaust deniers, it doesn't matter since he was someone who selflessly fought for everyone's right to speak and write freely.

You can follow the link here if you wish to read the full discussion, but we think that these few posts sort of encapsulate the debate (by the way, we have no idea who poster "Free Markets" is, but he or she has already been accused of being a supporter of the Collective. We suspect this article will only heighten the already existent paranoia):


Well then, shall we take up "free_life2's" challenge then?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

As an aside....

This is really interesting.

We're very interested in learning more.


Anti-Racist Rally Successful in Calgary

For five years, anti-racists have assembled to stand against members of the Calgary-based Aryan Guard who had attempted to co-opt the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination which takes place on March 21, calling their rally a "white pride march." In those years, the Aryan Guard (which later morphed into Blood & Honour) were outnumbered by as many as 8 to 1. Things became so hot for them in Calgary that they tried moving the march to Edmonton where they had to resort to a game of hide and go seek in order to avoid an equally large number of anti-racists. Efforts to hold a march in London last year met with unqualified failure, though anti-racists were quite successful in their efforts.

So yesterday, anti-racists again assembled along with members of Idle No More in Calgary in a rally to end racism. They met with almost no opposition as most of the membership of the old Aryan Guard, Blood & Honour, W.E.B. are in remand awaiting trial or serving lengthy prison sentences. Only two boneheads showed up, and one of them was Layton Bertsch who even boneheads don't take seriously.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Free Dominion Creeps Ever So Slowly Towards Sanity

Not that using "sanity" and "Free Dominion" in the same sentence shouldn't still be considered with a grain of salt.

Over the last few months, it has become increasingly apparent that a number of individuals, including moderators, have grown very tired of Edward Kennedy's rantings, much of which have been virulently racist and increasingly violent (he has been most recently writing about how he could sympathize with men who murdered their wives during divorce proceedings). A tiny sample of recent examples:

Okay, this one is from a few years ago, but still, Ed is not a nice man.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Doug Christie: The Truth Will Out (Part II)

Christie in his law kiosk
Not surprisingly, we've already been criticized for our focus on Doug Christie by our friends at Free Dominion, including what might be a veiled (and pretty ironic in light of their claim to be supporters of free speech) threat of, we suspect, future litigation for having the temerity to post and comment on what Christie himself published. But then this is all part of the whitewash of Doug Christie and his reinvention as a free speech hero who defended those who said or wrote quirky things about Jews and people of color. As a result, Christie has practically been deified while we and other Christie critics are vilified.

But then our Free Dominion friends might have a little bit of a problem. You see, while we are an easy target (they don't like us very much for some reason), it might be more difficult for them to vilify someone who leads an organization that recently hosted an event to raise funds in support Free Dominion (pictures here and here).

What does Meir Weinstein have to say about the passing of Doug Christie?

NOTE: While it might seem silly to black out the names of the other individual also involved in the conversation we decided that we would do so unless given permission to post his name here.

So why would the head of the Canadian branch of the JDL write, "let him rot in hell" regarding the passing of Doug Christie? Well, one thing we've noted here in covering JDL, the organization in general and Meir specifically, are pretty consistent when it comes to an understandable antipathy towards people who hold anti-Jewish or anti-Semetic views and who promote those views publicly.

Which brings us to the topic at hand. Was Christie, as Meir Weinstein appears to imply, deserving of such criticism?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Levant: Say Whaaaattttt?????

A short intermission in our Christie series.

On September 5, 2012, Sun News' Ezra Levant painted the entire Roma people as parasitic criminals on "The Source." Not surprisingly, the Roma community in Canada and internationally, a people who know what can result from such dehumanization based on past experience, took issue with Levant's characterization of the Roma people (we suggest most people, left, right, and center, would take issue with Levant's claims as well).

Well, today in a surprise move which we are sure has NOTHING at all to do with the efforts of Sun News to convince the CRTC to give the "news" network mandatory carriage (that would be cynical, after all) Levant has apologized... sort of... for the offence caused by his statements.

We aren't going to parse his statement, however we can't help but be drawn to one claim he makes about himself:

I am an anti-racism activist.

Huh? Wait. We couldn't have read that right. We'll go back and check that out again.

I am an anti-racism activist.

Yep. He said that. That sentence actually passed through his mouth and was said with a straight face... or at least as straight a face as Levant can make:

But we digress.


Mr. Levant, we have no illusions that you care all that much about us or our opinions, but we do want to make something crystal clear to you.

You are absolutely, positively, NOT an anti-racist activist in any way, shape, or form.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Doug Christie: The Truth Will Out (Part I)

When deciding where to start our discussion of the late Doug Christie's views on race, we decided that we would start with the political sphere. Christie was a long-time Western separatist. He was a leader of the Western Canada Concept Party (WCC) as well as the Western Block Party which Christie founded in 2005 (Ontario resident Paul Fromm ran as a Western Block candidate in Calgary during the last election as a result of a persona vendetta. He did quite poorly). An examination of the WCC platform is, in itself, quite telling particularly points 4, 5, and 6: 
4. An end to immigration to preserve our environment, culture and stability.  
5. Equal rights for all, with no special status for any race, or ethnic origin.  
6. Preservation of our Christian culture and European heritage. 
These three points contain boilerplate language that one might find on a number of right-wing publications and websites. The points also contradict each other. In essence, the platform argues for equality and against, "special status for any race, or ethnic group" while at the same time assigning special status to, "Christian culture and European heritage." It is further implied that immigration, particularly non-European immigration, needs to cease primarily due to the danger it poses to the hegemony of, "Christian culture and European heritage" in Western Canada.

More telling though were Christie's own views, more specifically how he expressed those views. For a number of years, the WCC published, "The Western Separatist Papers" newsletter, edited by Christie's wife. Christie had a regular column, "A Separatist Speaks" in which he discusses a number of issues related to his desire for an independent Western Canada. Of particular note was Christie's preoccupation with immigration from the "Third World" and the threat it posed to Westerners:
Massive influx of non-European immigrants of cultures totally alien to our traditional culture. Schools have to open late in Toronto to accommodate Jewish new years. Now Muslims want the same treatment naturally. Someone writes that it may be right to have Christian employees work more hours than "minority" religious workers. The affirmative action policies of the Ontario government already mean that 90% of all new jobs must go to non-white males. But about 50% of the new work force who are now in school are white males. So what does the government official say when asked what it all means to the future of thousands of able-bodied white male schoolchildren? He replied that the new law was "balancing the scales of justice and whether you like it or not, folks, it's coming."
The whole Canadian way of life is sick. Our European heritage is being progressively undermined while a whole range of other cultures are being promoted. The essence of the new culture is tolerance, tolerance of anything. The crime in Canada continues to increase and become more and more violent as the attitudes of the Third World become the attitudes of our streets. Violence is becoming racial while Ottawa demands that whites be silent about it or be labeled [sic] racist.
The above, as well as the following excerpt (here), are both indicative of a siege mentality:
Some immigrants are quietly going about building their beachheads for the much larger invasion force to come. The west is being colonized by India, China and the Third World in a strange sort of reversal of 19th century imperialism. This phenomenon is the Liberals' revenge and Quebec's revenge on English Canada. These problems are creating a vast underground economy of discontent in the European-descended population of Western Canada.

Doug Christie: The Truth Will Out (Prologue)

We wrote earlier that we will not speak ill of the dead, but that doesn't mean we will be complacent when many in the media whitewash Doug Christie's history, portraying him as someone who selflessly fought for people's right to speak freely and hold unpopular opinions. We've always said that our problem with Christie was not his defence of people who's views, (and in many cases actions, such as this recent case) were reprehensible, but that he held the same views as his clients. That remains as true now as it was when he was alive.

But then again we really haven't done a very good job of examining Christie or those views on this blog. In light of the efforts of some.... well.... revisionists who hope to bury a fairly lengthy historical record detailing Christie's ideological connection to his clients and supporters, we're going to attempt to provide an alternative (and we believe more accurate) point-of-view. And we will allow Christie himself to write that history.

We suspect that this effort may take a while, so much like our expose on Marc Lemire, we are going write a series of articles that we hope will provide a clearer picture of Doug Christie and his views.

We leave our readers with a preview of our first article:

Western Separatist Papers: October, 1994

Massive influx of non-European immigrants of cultures totally alien to our traditional culture. Schools have to open late in Toronto to accommodate Jewish new years. Now Muslims want the same treatment naturally. Someone writes that it may be right to have Christian employees work more hours than "minority" religious workers. The affirmative action policies of the Ontario government already mean that 90% of all new jobs must go to non-white males. But about 50% of the new work force who are now in school are white males. So what does the government official say when asked what it all means to the future of thousands of able-bodied white male schoolchildren? He replied that the new law was "balancing the scales of justice and whether you like it or not, folks, it's coming."

The whole Canadian way of life is sick. Our European heritage is being progressively undermined while a whole range of other cultures are being promoted. The essence of the new culture is tolerance, tolerance of anything. The crime in Canada continues to increase and become more and more violent as the attitudes of the Third World become the attitudes of our streets. Violence is becoming racial while Ottawa demands that whites be silent about it or be labeled racist.

Much more later. Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Michael Rosza in Custody

We wrote about this at the beginning of the month, but it looks like we've a bit of an update which will be welcome to those who say they were victims of  "Mike Rza":

By Standard Staff
A St. Catharines man faces sexual assault charges after a four-and-a-half month investigation by police.

Niagara Regional Police said an adult female reported in October that she was sexually assaulted by a man she knew at a St. Catharines residence on Sept. 30.

Michael Rosza, 24, was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of sexual assault.  

Again we urge anyone who might be able to help in this investigation to contact the St. Catharines police.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Doug Christie: April 1946 - March 11, 2013

Doug Christie, defence lawyer in controversial cases, dies at 66

We won't speak ill of the dead. This writer hopes that when his time approached, any suffering was minimized as much as medically possible and that Christie's last moments with his family were ones well spent.

But, from a practical point of view, we do wonder have to start to consider who will take on the types of clients Mr. Christie was famous for representing?

Barbara Kulaszka perhaps?

Time will tell.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Another Former Aryan Guard Member Arrested

In a February 22 post concerning violence in the racist movement, we also included an article and suggested that we would soon be learning more about the assault and it's link to some of the people we cover here on this blog. On March 4, while we were focused on Tyler Sturrup's guilty plea in the murder of Mark Mariani, we failed to also note that arrests had been made in the assault in Kitchener, Ontario:

CTV Kitchener
Published Monday, Mar. 4, 2013 1:45PM EST 

Three people are facing charges in connection with an attack at Victoria Park last summer.

On Aug. 24, 2012, a man was assaulted in the Kitchener park.

At the time, police said he was attacked with an unknown edged weapon and hard, metal object. He received cut to his head and abdomen.

Police announced Monday that three people were arrested in February in connection with the attack.

M.K, a 23-year-old Kitchener resident, was arrested Feb. 20 and charged with aggravated assault, public mischief and obstructing police.

Eight days later, two more suspects were arrested in Calgary and Winnipeg on Canada-wide warrants.

Calgary resident Eric Marshall, 25, and 24-year-old Lavoie, MB, resident Jessie Lajoie were transported to Kitchener and are both charged with aggravated assault, disguise with intent and conspiracy. 
Jessie Lajoie
Our readers will be well familiar with at least one of these names, however, for the benefit of any new readers who might stumble across our little spot on the World Wide Web, here is a brief introduction:

Jessie Lajoie: A friend of the "Nazi Mom," Jessie moved out to Calgary for a few years along with hois then girlfriend and became active first in the Aryan Guard and then it's successor, Blood & Honour (which was essentially the same group anyways). Jessie and others eventually had a falling-out with Kyle McKee and his loyalists, however Jessie remained very active in the racist movement. One such example of his continued active involvement is his participation on the Combat 18 forums where he serves as the moderator for the Canadian section using the name "Endsieg." After the birth of his child, and as many of those in the racist movement who claim what they do is for "white children" and "family values," Jessie abandoned the mother of his child and hooked up with another woman who was also for a time active on the Combat 18 forums. This woman's online name was "rizz88" but she is better known to friends and family as M.K. 

M.K: Truth be told we don't know a hell of a lot about M.K other than her, "on again, off again" relationship with Jessie. She was for a time active on the Combat 18 forums, but her account wa
s later suspended, perhaps at her request. She was reported to have been engaged to Jessie, but then the engagement was called off and they were reported to have broken up. Then we were informed that they were going to live together in Winnipeg, but only days before she was to have flown to Winnipeg M.K dropped out of sight, deleting her Facebook profile and seemingly making an effort to hide from the world. Given the time she did all this, a little before we published our article on the assault in Kitchener, we might have some cause to consider there might be a link of some sort.

M.K actually contacted us back in September, 2012 asking for us to remove her name and picture from the blog after we had reported about her giving Bill Noble a hard time about a post on this blog:

Hi , I have recently been made aware.

You have made a Blog post regarding to Jessie and Bill's arguement that I was apart of.

Let me first state that I am not longer apart of any sort of retarded movement regarding Nationalism and I was caught up in a mess.

Secondly , Jessie and I are no longer dating ..

That being said , I would like to ask if you could take me off this post. I have since deleated my B&H forum account. I have removed myself from anything dealing with so called Nationalism and Am Attending college for social work and would like a clean slate and fresh start.

If you are understanding of fresh starts please allow me this much as this blog post could damage my schooling and future career aspects.

thank you .


We gave her the benefit of the doubt and blacked out the profile picture on her posts. We also asked her, in return for our good will, to provide some background information on the movement, specifically about the assault that took place in Kitchener (we've known about it for some time, as well as Jessie's involvement, but had no absolute proof so we didn't report on it then). Her response?

OKAY , what?... uhm Firstly my image being slightly blacked out. to where just my eyes don't show is hardly enough

secondly as for the attack , I honestly wish I knew more details of who or what I know what i've heard from people thats about it. I know that it was not that severe though it was bad non the less, I know that it's scary , and a tramatic experience and that i wish to have absolutely no further envolvment with any of these people and have been trying to move on with my life in the best way possible but keep getting dredged up in these sorts of scenarios .

I've been terrified and was pre-warned and I did not listen , I have and need to move on with my life. and the post set my normality back ALOT.!

That's all you know, eh M.K?
Eric Marshall

Lies make baby Jesus cry.

Eric Marshall: A resident of Calgary, Eric has been someone we knew about, but at the time didn't think significant enough to really dig up information on or to write about. Seems we might have erred in that assumption. Eric was closely linked to a number of far-right figures in the Calgary racist scene, but did not seem to be a significant player himself and appeared to us to be relatively quiet. We do know that he's dating a women attending the University of Calgary who first name starts with the letter "t".

Might we suggest, "t", that you reconsider your choices of boyfriends? There ain't much of a future on the path you've chosen.

As for the victim of the assault, we've been told that it was another member of the racist movement and who also, for a brief time, resided in Calgary as a guest of the McKee-aligned Blood & Honour. He attended the last of the Calgary marches in 2011 and then later organized a march in London, Ontario, which went really, really, badly.

We're not sure if we can legally post this individual's photo as he is the victim of an alleged crime, but we think most of our longtime readers know who it is we are writing about here.

We'll provide more information as it comes to us.

Monday, March 04, 2013

WEB Founder Tyler Sturrup Pleads Guilty to Murder

Back in October 2012 Tyler Sturrup was reported to be drafting a charter challenge, the basis of which remains unknown. As such this comes as a bit of a surprise:

Former white supremacist pleads guilty in random, deadly attack

CALGARY- A former white supremacist has pleaded guilty in the death of a man who was viciously attacked and found dead in front of a northwest strip mall.

In October 2010, 47-year-old Mark Mariani was approached by two complete strangers behind the mall. They knocked him down and repeatedly kicked and stomped him. Mariani died of severe head injuries, and the motive behind the vicious attack is still not known.

27-year-old Tyler Sturrup entered a guilty plea in court on Monday in connection with the attack—the very day his trial was set to get underway.

“I think we were all preparing for a long, lengthy trial, preparing to go the distance for whatever we needed to do, and it was a shock this turned around like it did today,” says Mariani’s brother, Dino. “We’re all surprised by it.”

In court, Sturrup offered an apology, saying, “I cannot give Mark his life back, I wish I could. But I can take responsibility.

“I deeply regret my past violent and reckless behaviour. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused your family.”

Sturrup was sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole for 10 years.

While Mariani’s family left court satisfied some justice has been served, there is still another trial scheduled. Robert Reitmeier, the second man accused in Mariani’s murder, is set to face a judge in the fall.

With files from Nancy Hixt

Not sure how this influences Robert Reitmeier's trial, but it certainly makes things a bit more interesting. If we were to guess though, we would imagine that it doesn't look too good for him.

While the imprisonment of Sturrup will not bring back the life of Mark Mariani, at least he's off the streets for a long time and will not be able to hurt anyone. He might be up for parole in 2021, but given his personality and penchant for violence, we hope he rots there.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Sexual Assault Accusation Against Former Antifa Leader

NOTE: Received the following message that we are now posting to clarify Michael's relationship with the anti-racist movement:

MIKE WAS NOT AN ANTIFA LEADER. HE IS A SKETCHY SHIT TALKER THAT LIKED TO PLAY ANTIFA HARDMAN. Thanks for the PSA but Mike just hung around antifa/political circles and was just a dirtbag punk. Please clarify that... 

As much as we would like to believe that every person claiming to be an anti-racist is a decent human being (and we do think most are decent human beings), we aren't going to turn a blind eye when we learn about behavior that is criminal.

Consider this then to be a public service announcement.

A former antifa leader hanger-on from Niagara, now in Montreal, has been accused of committing a series of sexual assaults over the years, including assaulting minors. One individual posted the following in a discussion concerning the accused:

Michael Rosenberg
A 15 year old in Montreal and me back in Late September 2012. And many others before and inbetween. I have an ongoing investigation in Niagara against Micheal David Rosenberg aka Mike Rza. I hope he burns in hell. He's a sick human who needs to rot in hell.

Later she writes:

I went through being raped by him in my own home. I truly believe this young girl. You can't have sex with the unwilling. Let him see my comments as I more angry and full of raging hatred more than ever.


I keep playing this over and over in my head. I wish that I reported the rape sooner but I was scared of everyones' reactions towards me. I would of had more evidence to of convict him and then I wouldn't have to hear of another victim. I am guilt ridden in a way because of it. She is just a baby. I am older and can deal with it alot easier. It rots me to the core thinking about it.

Now, we understand rape is a pretty damn serious accusation, and though the source is a friend of a friend whom we trust implicitly we would be cautious about posting the claim in public. However, the accused kindly posted what amounts to a confession on his own profile:

This was posted yesterday.

So if you're a member of an anti-racist group, please do not associate with Michael Rosenberg (Mike Rza).  If you're a woman, avoid any contact with Michael Rosenberg (Mike Rza). And if you are a witness to any of the sexual assaults he has been alleged to have committed, please contact the police to provide a statement about, Michael Rosenberg (Mike Rza).

Montreal Crime Stoppers