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Doug Christie: The Truth Will Out (Part I)

When deciding where to start our discussion of the late Doug Christie's views on race, we decided that we would start with the political sphere. Christie was a long-time Western separatist. He was a leader of the Western Canada Concept Party (WCC) as well as the Western Block Party which Christie founded in 2005 (Ontario resident Paul Fromm ran as a Western Block candidate in Calgary during the last election as a result of a persona vendetta. He did quite poorly). An examination of the WCC platform is, in itself, quite telling particularly points 4, 5, and 6: 
4. An end to immigration to preserve our environment, culture and stability.  
5. Equal rights for all, with no special status for any race, or ethnic origin.  
6. Preservation of our Christian culture and European heritage. 
These three points contain boilerplate language that one might find on a number of right-wing publications and websites. The points also contradict each other. In essence, the platform argues for equality and against, "special status for any race, or ethnic group" while at the same time assigning special status to, "Christian culture and European heritage." It is further implied that immigration, particularly non-European immigration, needs to cease primarily due to the danger it poses to the hegemony of, "Christian culture and European heritage" in Western Canada.

More telling though were Christie's own views, more specifically how he expressed those views. For a number of years, the WCC published, "The Western Separatist Papers" newsletter, edited by Christie's wife. Christie had a regular column, "A Separatist Speaks" in which he discusses a number of issues related to his desire for an independent Western Canada. Of particular note was Christie's preoccupation with immigration from the "Third World" and the threat it posed to Westerners:
Massive influx of non-European immigrants of cultures totally alien to our traditional culture. Schools have to open late in Toronto to accommodate Jewish new years. Now Muslims want the same treatment naturally. Someone writes that it may be right to have Christian employees work more hours than "minority" religious workers. The affirmative action policies of the Ontario government already mean that 90% of all new jobs must go to non-white males. But about 50% of the new work force who are now in school are white males. So what does the government official say when asked what it all means to the future of thousands of able-bodied white male schoolchildren? He replied that the new law was "balancing the scales of justice and whether you like it or not, folks, it's coming."
The whole Canadian way of life is sick. Our European heritage is being progressively undermined while a whole range of other cultures are being promoted. The essence of the new culture is tolerance, tolerance of anything. The crime in Canada continues to increase and become more and more violent as the attitudes of the Third World become the attitudes of our streets. Violence is becoming racial while Ottawa demands that whites be silent about it or be labeled [sic] racist.
The above, as well as the following excerpt (here), are both indicative of a siege mentality:
Some immigrants are quietly going about building their beachheads for the much larger invasion force to come. The west is being colonized by India, China and the Third World in a strange sort of reversal of 19th century imperialism. This phenomenon is the Liberals' revenge and Quebec's revenge on English Canada. These problems are creating a vast underground economy of discontent in the European-descended population of Western Canada.
Another example of this siege mentaity:
The return to Canada and a brief unexpected trip to the Olympic games in Atlanta brought further realizations. The Vancouver Airport was a shock. Its size has tripled, making necessary a one mile walk for international passengers from some international arrival gates to the customs hall and back to a local connecting flight. Another sign of Canada's capacity to spend massive sums, increasing problems.
Secondly, it appeared we had actually landed in Hong Kong or New Delhi. We got on at an airport in a European city and landed in what appeared to be an Asian city. Thanks again, to Canada. We could see the desperate need to preserve our European culture and heritage in North America.
With Europe being increasingly conditioned to believe that immigration and multiculturalism are the wave of the future and Europeans being about 15% of the world's population, where is it expected that European culture and heritage will survive? Even language, the primary indicia of culture, is changing in Vancouver at a rapid rate with English as a second language to Punjabi and Cantonese in many areas. Such realizations make Canada and its massive third world immigration policies never approved by the majority of people a significant and serious threat to our existence in North America.
In Christie's view, "we" are being overwhelmed by "the Other" who's way of life is so different and alien to the wider culture that "they" pose a real threat to social and racial cohesion. When Christie wrote "we" he was not referring to all Western Canadians, but specifically of those he considered to be "real" Western Canadians. His concept of nationhood was very much tied to ethnic nationalism:

True nationalism is founded upon the cultural unity of a group, usually defined by language or love of certain values, in a geographical area. Nationalism is breaking out all over, even in the Soviet Union itself. Nationalism has been suppressed there only by the totalitarian terror of the one-party state, supported as usual by the state's media of communication. This is rapidly collapsing with the economic failure of large internationalist models. Nationalism is becoming the wave of the future.
Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Yugoslavia and especially Hungary are demonstrating the abiding strength and natural vitality of the ethnic nationalist cause. It is no wonder that internationalists both communist and socialist (the latter in the west) see ethnic unity as the real enemy of their ideological goals.
That is why, in countries like Canada, the internationalists always support the concept of multiculturalism, bilingualism and massive third world immigration. They generally favour any policy which will break down and weaken the ethnic unity of a country. They see the power of the state increased by every form of ethnic conflict and disunity. Those are the fuel of communism and socialism
Western Canadian nationalism is the wave of the future and we must preserve our cultural and ethnic unity. We must even regenerate it, to elevate our people to self-respect and the enjoyment and preservation of our land and culture. Until we acquire a sense of our identity, and learn to truly love our land and private property, we will remain prime victims for the plunder of the internationalist forces who see our land and resources merely as a means of prolonging socialist incompetence with further cheap supplies.
By extension of Christie's position, multiculturalism and civic nationalism are actually nefarious plots by nameless, malevolent, entities controlling national governments which aims to destroy social cohesion and a sense of identity by diluting society with hostile, alien, cultures:
They [emphasis added] slid it to us gently. Multiculturalism was really multiracialism. It wasn't culture which had to be accepted but whole new races of people who would import their culture with them. I am reminded of the long-forgotten supporter who once quipped, "The Indians know the problems of an open door immigration policy."

But it wasn't just "open-door." The policy of the federal government in Ottawa since 1968 was discriminatory. It systematically discriminated against Europeans and in favour of Asians, Africans, and South Americans, anyone but a European. The multiculturalists were then self-hating Europeans who desired "variety", "change", and "diversity" in place of harmony.

In the name of liberalism, they have created a tower of Babel. In the name of equality, they have created a cultural and moral wasteland and called it peace. Anyone who dares question their creation, its origin or purpose will find him or herself before the new inquisition to this state-religion of multiculturalism, the dreaded thought police, the Human Rights Commission. They [emphasis added], in the name of "human rights", legislate ignorance, stupidity, and in the end sullen and repressed hatred of the moral wasteland of what was a Christian European country. I am an angry rebel as one of the silent steam room audience said late, quietly to me, alone. I am angry it is true, and a rebel who can tell you why. Can my silent, carefully, politically correct friends tell you why they are to be not angry.
It seems self evident that Christie believed that immigration from European nations was being actively discouraged while immigration from non-Europea nations was being purposefully foisted upon an unwilling population. This rhetoric is not too far off of the Bob Whitaker mantra which is something we've addressed in an earlier post.

Christie's wasn't above using hyperbolic language in describing what he considered to be the dangers of immigration and the cabal of forces persecuting those opposing that cabal:
There is no right wing in Canada. It has been criminalized by hate crimes laws, human rights commissions and the media. These three operate as three sides of a gang rape. If one doesn't' get you the other will if you oppose, for example, third world immigration.
Any public meetings of Paul Fromm, protesting immigration will be fair game for massive disruption, near riot and police presence which focuses on excluding or intimidating the few old people who dare to come out and promote Fromm. There is our immigration invasion [emphasis added] unresisted by any political party.
A further example of what might be best described as xenophobia:
As remarkable as it may seem, Canada still continues to import persons hostile to our [emphasis added] way of life and dedicated to advancing their own tribe at an alarming rate. This process is motivated by those in high authority in Canada [emphasis added] who hate our way of life and European Christian society generally. This is recounted in the book by Peter Brimelow, "Alien Nation" demonstrating the breakdown of the American way of life through similar cultural suicide through massive Third World immigration.
To make his point hit home to his supporters, Christie uses the example of the 1995 Quebec Referendum as a cautionary tale for Western separatists of the dangers of ethnic minorities existing in a country who's "real" citizens have aspirations of self-government, as well as alluding to those nameless entities who thwarted the desires of the "real Quebecois":
Both Lucien Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau in the referendum and afterwards, told the truth about the ethnic make-up of their country. Parizeau said that they lost due to money and the ethnic vote. He could have said ethnic money and the ethnic vote. The reaction of the Canadian ruling class is typical hysteria. Sheila Copps is screaming "racist!"; the media are cautiously promoting the idea to see if it will fly. But all it proves is our thesis entirely.
Ethnically united nations are strong; multicultural nations are weak. The true French Canadians voted 60% for independence despite the bribes and threats. They are a people. The nay-sayers were moved by money, bribes and threats. The enemies of European culture everywhere know this only too well. [emphasis added] By this means, European culture and the white race is in retreat everywhere in the world, including Europe. There too, abortion, a low birth rate and massive Third world immigration are the propaganda weapons of choice.
While he was usually a little more careful, our readers likely can't help but notice that in the above excerpt, Christie writes overtly about the "white race" which he equates with culture while other, non-white peoples are presumably devoid of culture (at least one recognized as legitimate or of value). In fact, Christie seems to channel Kipling as he describes how white people brought civilization to who he seems to regard as backwards, and in return white people are faced with annihilation for their noble efforts:
One hundred years ago in 1895, the white race accounted for 50% of the world's population. It was dominant in Asia, both China and India, bringing law, language, technology, medicine, and culture. It was dominant in Africa, bringing modern European languages and Christianity. South America likewise was subject to European cultural influence. Now in 1995 the white race and European culture have been driven out of China and India. Our culture has been driven out of Africa as well (except for foreign aid). In South America a struggle continues, but even in North America, the white race is being dispossessed of land and influence by affirmative action, massive immigration, native rights, land claims and native self-government and the incessant demand to reject our cultural Christian values for the sake of "tolerance." Yet there is no such reverse tolerance.

Our percentage of the world population in that 100 years has been reduced from 50% to less than 15% and falling fast. Two fratricidal wars in Europe have done much to accomplish this end.
The last point regarding "fratricidal wars" will be expanded upon in our next article. Suffice it to say though that Christie's views on ethnicity place him squarely in the camp of Paul Fromm, the Heritage Front, and the Aryan Guard from an ideological point-of-view.

His views on Jews and events such as the Holocaust?
"I think the gas chamber story - I just can't believe it. I'm sorry, I'm just an unbeliever, but that's the way it is."
We'll have more on that in our next article.

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Davegeek said...

Just as a quick FYI in 1895 the "White race" accounted for nowhere near 50% of the world's population. Rough statistics found here:

show pretty clearly that Asia and Africa combined accounted for over 1 billion people. Australia, the Americas (home to a large number of people excluded from being "White") and Europe combined don't even come close to that figure.