Monday, March 24, 2014

White Man's March and Canadian Factionalism

You know, we have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Sebastian Ronin of the grandiose sounding Renaissance Party of North America. Sure, he's an unjustifiably arrogant bigot with delusions of grandeur, but when he is able to provoke reactions from boneheads such as this particular Rhodes Scholar, one can't help but be just a little appreciative of the work he is doing:

Later, the masked narrator in the above video did a public reading of James Thurber's "The Night the Bed Fell" at the New York Public Library.

Ronin is a bit of a shit disturber. And he's really proud of that notoriety. When the White Man March inevitably failed and the few participant were mocked by.... well.... almost everyone who was even aware of the effort in the first place, Ronin couldn't help saying, "told you so" in as wonderfully dickish a way possible:

Ah, the New Orleans Protocol. We'll get to that again soon enough.

There's a lot more to the exchange, but we think this provides the gist of it.

Still, there was at least one Canadian who believes that the event was an unbridled success:

BTW, thanks for allowing the public to view your profile John.
John Beattie, former leader of the Canadian Nazi Party, current spokesperson for the British People's League (which exists solely as a website and YouTube channel), and fading, doddering, relic of a bygone era desperately trying to claim relevancy in a movement that has LONG passed him by, was overjoyed by the "massive" success of the march. Still, one has to keep in mind that he also has spoken of the avalanche of interest in his efforts as evidenced by the fact that his, "youtubes" have been watched by dozens of people. Still, Beattie was disappointed that there was no march held in Canada, though he didn't know at the time that there were in fact two marches.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Southern Ontario Skinheads Gone Walkabout in Kingston

On March 15, boneheads around North America participated in an event called, "The White Man's March." Well, "participated" might not be an accurate description of what happened on that day. What might be a more accurate description is that a lot of boneheads talked about participating in, "The White Man's March" in their respective communities but ultimately did nothing.

Yeah, it was sort of a HUGE failure, though the boneheads would have you believe that is was really a HUGE success.

One group that participated in the event was our friends in the Southern Ontario Skinheads who traveled to Kingston, Ontario. Wes Smith was ever so kind as to provide some photos:

They apparently spent time flyering and acting brave when members of the Kingston Police Service asked them what they were up to.

Now, as this event occurred a few days ago, our dear readers might be asking us why we are so slow to update the blog. That's a fair question and deserves a an answer.

The reason why we haven't mentioned it until now is because we were trying to figure out who attended based on the shitty photo they provided (really, SOS members take terrible pictures):

Left to right: Paul McCarroll, Wes Smith, Dan "Buddy" Hall
(aka: Odin TheCelt.... really dude, if you want to conceal
your identity, you might consider a different ski mask and
jacket), Gatlin Gooding, Max Hynes, Luke Northmore, Jared Gilkes,
Simon Letourneau, "Mike White" (which may or may not be his real name).
We have an idea who "???" might be, but the focus isn't clear enough to make a definitive identification.

But still, we have to thank the SOS for their cooperation.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Member of Ragnarok Skinheads Has Died

It's been a few years since we last looked at the Quebec-based Ragnarok Skinheads, but it would appear they have lost a member.

Joel Gauthier apparently passed away during the evening of March 15. Thus far no details about the circumstances behind his death though it was described by a friend raising money for Gauthier's family as both unexpected and a tragedy while at the same time noting that he didn't want to provide too many details concerning the death as, "some of it [the details] is quite sensitive."

The information we get out of Quebec, while improved, still isn't anywhere close to where we would like it to be. That said, we don't publish all the information we get out of the province either. Last year, members of the Ragnarok Skinheads had a gathering which featured a flaming swastika:

We know that both Gauthier and Steve Legault were in attendance but we have been in the process of trying to figure out who else was present.

So, while we don't publish much about what is happening in Quebec, this should serve as a reminder to all our readers that the province remains a hotspot for "White Nationalism.

And we aren't just referring to boneheads:

Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois came to the defence Friday of a PQ candidate accused of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda.

During a campaign stop in Montreal, the PQ leader told reporters she supports Louise Mailloux — who has repeatedly claimed that kosher products are a scam for rabbis to line their pockets and help fund "religious wars."

Though she made those statements long before becoming a candidate in the Gouin riding, in an interview published in La Presse Thursday, Mailloux said she "absolutely" stands by them.

When asked about Mailloux's views, Marois praised the candidate's academic credentials....

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paul Fromm Goes to Bat For.... Michelle Erstikaitis???: Part VIII - Fromm Doesn't Understand How Prison Works

Back in June 2013, Wes Smith of the Toronto chapter of the Creativity Movement interviewed an individual who was brought to our attention by Paul Fromm who INSISTED that her legal troubles were as a result of her "White Nationalist" political views and not because she was a violent sociopath. We include a few excepts of that interview below:

Yes. We are absolutely terrified of Michelle Erstikaitis' political acumen.

But we do digress:

Not all that surprisingly, there are a lot of boneheads who remain confused as to why Paulie has taken on Erstikaitis' cause and not all of them are as... we'll say as forgiving, as Paulie is:

Wait, he doesn't respect us at all yet uses the information
in our blog to make his case? Cognitive dissonance anyone?
But Paulie has achieved some success in bringing Erstikaitis into the White Nationalist fold. She certainly seems to have been accepted by Paulie supporter Wes Smith and she had been attending a number of White Nationalist events, including a Doug Christie memorial (where she stood alongside Malcolm Ross and Marc Lemire), an event to support Brad Love, and a protest in front of the South African consulate in Toronto organized by professional Geppetto impersonator Sebastian Ronin.

Some of our more astute readers may have noticed, however, that Michelle Erstikaitis has been really quiet lately which, given her seemingly constant need to be the center of attention in some way, might strike one as a bit odd. Well there's a very good reason for that. Not long after her interview with the Toronto Creativity Movement, this request of the public was issued:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tyler Sturrup Appealing Murder Conviction

Late last year Robert Reitmeier was convicted of murder Mark Mariani. A year previously Tyler Sturrup pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison for his participation in the murder with no possibility for parole for 10 years.

Evidently, Sturrup wants a do-over:

Calgary Neo-Nazi appeals murder conviction

By ,Calgary Sun
First posted: | Updated:

More than a year after pleading guilty to the murder of Calgarian Mark Mariani, white supremacist Tyler Sturrup has had a change of heart and appealed his conviction.

Citing several reasons, including the psychological state he was in at the time, Sturrup has asked the Alberta Court of Appeal to overturn his conviction for second-degree murder.

And in his handwritten notice of appeal, Sturrup cites problems with his lawyer as the main reason he wants to take his case to trial.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

International Women's Day

UPDATE: Looks like Paulie decided to offer his $0.02.

First, leave it to a man like Paulie to complain that women have a day and then demand a full week for men.

Second, Paulie does realize these are illustrations. They aren't actually real women.

Third, real or not, we suspect none of these women, not a significant percentage of women, could  imagine, "doing it" with Paulie either.

A good friend described Paulie as porcine. We do believe we might start to use that term in the future.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ezra Levant and the Fine Art of Astroturfing....

.... allegedly.

We've written posts about Ezra Levant sporadically throughout the history of this blog, most recently concerning his racist stereotyping of the Roma people for which he eventually apologized (though only because Sun News was trying to get mandatory carriage at the time). He has championed bigots such as Geert Wilders and Anne Coulter. He has tried to help former Heritage Front leader Marc Lemire whitewash his past on his program not once but twice. He has engaged in character assassination of people he has decided he doesn't like for whatever reason.

Really, what we've written about Levant on the blog really doesn't begin to cover what a nasty piece of work the man is.

Oh, and he gets sued. Quite a lot actually. And many of those suits are successful.

We were reminded on the most recent lawsuit against Ezra Levant when we visited BCL's blog yesterday. In this case, Levant is accused of libelling a then law student (Khurrum Awan) who, along with three law students (all Muslim men), filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in both Ontario regarding an article in "Maclean's" regarding an article they believed was Islamophobic. The Commission in decided that the article did not constitute hate speech and thus the case went no further. However, Levant himself jumped into the fray calling Awan a "liar" and an "anti-Semite."

One can imagine given the number of defamation suits against Levant that it must be getting pretty expensive. But Levant, who does have a following of like-minded individuals, can be thankful that there has been a groundswell of grassroots support for him:

"Stand With Ezra" claims the following:

Well that's lovely. It's important to have friends and allies who will support your cause, especially when they are willing to set up a slick looking website to solicit contributions to fight the good fight.

That being said, we became curious about just how "grassroots" his support is, at least with regard to the website.

So we decided to do a WHOIS search.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

March 2014 Bits and Bites: Status of Cobb and Clifford

What does it say about ol' Sebastian here that he continually "likes" his own posts on Facebook?

Yep, Craig Cobb has pleaded guilty to one charge of felony count terrorizing (along with a firearms ban) in exchange for the other five terrorizing charges being reduced to misdemeanors. The reality is, and it's a shame it happened because we think the case against Cobb was a strong one, that a plea might have been necessary if Cobb was to face any sort of punishment. The case was undercut by a few individuals in Leith as well and the village's webmaster who acted in a way that was.... shall we say counterproductive? Yes, counterproductive works here.  In the end, this case is as much a lesson on how not to act when dealing with boneheads such as Cobb as it is in how to fight them.

But it also looks like Cobb, who thought he was getting out of jail that day, might be cooling his heels a little bit longer than he though. When he fled Canada after his arrest on hate crime charges, Cobb thought he was pretty clever and bragged about his "escape." It would seem that "escape" has come back to bite him in the as now:

Instead of accepting a plea agreement, South Central District Judge David Reich ordered a presentence investigation and deferred the matter until he gets that report. He said he wants to know more about the hate crimes charge that Cobb fled in Canada and the terrorizing incident.

That report could take weeks, up to another month, so Cobb was escorted from the Burleigh County Courthouse back to the Stanton jail, where he’d optimistically packed up and signed out earlier in the day.

This of course wouldn't be a proper "Bits and Bites" post without providing our readers with a little bit of vintage Goudreau: