Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Terry Tremaine in Jail?

Paul Fromm posted the following on Stormfront today regarding Terry Tremaine :


Dr.. Terry Tremaine, Stormfront's "mathdoktor99"

Okay, stop there. Terry Tremaine was awarded a masters degree and was a sessional lecturer in mathematics at the University of Saskatchewan. Tremaine does not appear to have achieved a doctorate in mathematics. Is Fromm being purposefully deceitful by exaggerating Tremaine’s curriculum vitae? The far right loves their academics – the bulk of the adherents of racist politics are more rough around the edges – because they provide a the façade of credibility. But let’s continue.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Infighting

Thomas Trenerry was banned from Stormfront for making threats, including death threats, against other users. Trenerry, posting as 'Canadian caucasian', was engaged in a long running dispute with another user who posted as 'KillerTomato'. Trenerry accused KillerTomato of being an informant and stated as such on the forum. He also sent private messages threatening this and other users. The infraction incurred by Trenerry and issued by 'OdinPartick' resulted in this exchange:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Paul Fromm and the Aryan Guard

With the deportation of Ernst Zündel from Canada in 2005, former school teacher Paul Fromm has emerged as the leading figure on the far right in the country. Though fired from his teaching position a decade ago and having his teaching license revoked during the summer of 2007, Fromm is still a busy beaver. He has advocated on behalf of Terry Tremaine, Jessica Beaumont, Glenn Bahr, and others who have been brought before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (contributing to the loss of every case) as well as losing a lawsuit to Richard Warman who sued Fromm for libel; Fromm now owes Warman $30,000.00 plus court costs. Even then he still has time (and money, though who knows from what or from whom) to travel about North America speaking to a cornucopia of the right wing, from the suit and tie bigots of the Council of Conservative Citizens to violent street thugs like the Aryan Guard:

I really enjoyed meeting so many of you in Calgary.Your dedication and enthusiasm gave me a real charge after all the dreary battles with Warman and the prune-faced politically correct.Happy Winter Solstice and a Merry Christmas to all. --- Paul Fromm (Stormfront: 12-12-2007)

This was the second time in 2007 that Fromm spoke to members of the Aryan Guard in Calgary, a group that Fromm likens to a bunch of go-getter youths who’s civic activism involves helping grannies cross the street and rescuing kittens stuck up in elm trees:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Rift Between Calgary's Aryan Guard and the Terry Tremaine Founded National-Socialist Party of Canada

We're currently working on gathering our sources together, but it looks like there is a growing animosity between some members of Calgary's Aryan Guard and the National-Socialist Party of Canada that was founded by discraced university instructor Terry Tremaine. One member of the A.G. appears to have renounced his NSPC membership in relationship to an ongoing dispute with another Canadian Stormfront member.

I will no longer speak on behalf of the NSPC. I am all for National Socialism but when commies start hopping on board to get info? I am out. -- Thomas Trenerry

Members of the A.G. and Tremaine have met on at least two different occasions, the last known being during September 2007 when they got together to disseminate propaganda leaflets in Lethbridge, Alberta.

John Beck

Name: John David Beck
DOB: March 8, 1968
Posts on Stormfront and other hate sites using a number of usernames.
Last Known Residence: Kelowna, BC
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision found at