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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Terry Tremaine in Jail?

Paul Fromm posted the following on Stormfront today regarding Terry Tremaine :


Dr.. Terry Tremaine, Stormfront's "mathdoktor99"

Okay, stop there. Terry Tremaine was awarded a masters degree and was a sessional lecturer in mathematics at the University of Saskatchewan. Tremaine does not appear to have achieved a doctorate in mathematics. Is Fromm being purposefully deceitful by exaggerating Tremaine’s curriculum vitae? The far right loves their academics – the bulk of the adherents of racist politics are more rough around the edges – because they provide a the façade of credibility. But let’s continue.

was summoned to the Regina police station yesterday by one of the officers who arrested him and detained him, without charge, last June. At that time, the police seized his computer in an effort to shut him down politically. 

Mathdoktor99 is on his way to the police station now (9:30 EST) and expects to be arrested and charged under Canada's notorious "hate law": -- Section 319 of the Criminal Code for his Internet postings.

His suffering at the hands of Canada's thought control police stems from several complaints made by Richard Warman. Warman, who won a Canadian Jewish Congress "human rights award," last June has seriously damaged Dr. Tremaine's life:

* his complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission about mathdoktor99's postings on Stromfront resulted in a guilty finding. --In Canada's "mass democracy struggle sessions" or Tribunals, in free speech cases. the dissident is always guilty. Despite earning just over half the poverty level, mathdoktor99 was fined a brutal $4,000.

Okay, we have to interject again. It never fails that when Fromm and company are crying about Richard Warman, they inevitably bring up the so-called poverty of the people he goes after. Apparently everyone supporting racist beliefs and who are called on their beliefs are poor (draw your own conclusion about the Master Race from that bit of information). Tremaine, Glenn Bahr, Melissa Guille, John Beck, Tomasz Winnicki, Jessica Beaumont and others are “victims” in part because their poverty does not afford them the chance to hire a lawyer. We assume that Fromm and company believe this should be a mitigating factor in determining whether or not to pursue criminal or civil charges against these individuals. We would like to applaud Mr. Fromm for his enlightened views on social inequality before the law, but we have to wonder if he would apply these standards to individuals with darker skin who generally are poorer and less able to afford legal representation than better off, usually White, Canadians? Fromm and his supporters point to the high number of minorities in prison as a reason to limit immigration, or to claim that certain minorities are more prone to criminal activity. Maybe these minorities are more like Beaumont than Fromm would like to acknowledge? Do you think he’ll agree to represent a First Nations man or a Haitian woman facing legal problems, just as he advocates for White Nationalists?

* Warman then complained to the University of Saskatchewan and Dr. Tremaine lost his job and standard of living, since then being able to find only low paying, menial work;

* Warman, as is his habit, also filed Criminal Code "hate law" complaints which resulted in last June's raid on Dr. Tremaine and the theft of his computer.The Stormfront community rallied and, within a week, had bought him a replacement.

I'll provide an update as soon as I have more information.

Tremaine, a disgraced sessional lecturer let go by the University of Saskatchewan for his racist postings on Stormfront, is the founder of the Natitional-Socialist Party of Canada. He has attended and supported rallies and protests by the Aryan Guard, though the relationship between the two groups is in question given recent tension between some Aryan Guard members and Tremaine.

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1 comment:

Y_I_Otter said...

Could be that Tremaine's "doctorate"-- if indeed he has one-- came from the same antisemitic Ukrainian diploma mill Duke's is from.

If so, it's likely he's found an appropriate use for it in the bathroom, or as kindling.