Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GermBrit Comments on ARC

Looks like another of the Stormfront faithful have decided to give us a look over:

Losers and social outcasts? Dude, those are your fellow Stormfront members you're talking about.

Now aside from the inaccurate views on our relative economic positions and living arrangements, (we are members of a vigorous quilting bee, bird watching society and some of us had at least one date with a real member of the opposite sex and not with a World of Warcraft avatar.... we're looking at you Sparky!) we think GermBrit has a valid point here. Perhaps we should focus more on individuals more worthy of inclusion on these pages? Such as, oh, we don't know.... members of the Canadian Navy who post on Stormfront?

Meet Stormfront member GermBrit. Birthname Kevin Stewart. Having lived the majority of his life in British Columbia, Kevin is now in Halifax, Nova Scotia training to become a member of the Canadian navy.

Now isn't only a Stormfront member. He's also close to members of Volksfront based in B.C.:

McKee Update #2: Court Appearance and Claims of Innocence

Looks like there's not much love lost between Kyle "Rat Face" McKee and his former friends, now members of W.E.B.:

But more to the point, McKee made his first court appearance where we learned that a special prosecutor has been assigned to the case:
Special prosecutor appointed to Aryan Guard caseUpdated: Tue Dec. 29 2009 18:36:13 
The province has appointed a special prosecutor to the trial of Kyle Robert McKee.
McKee made his first court appearance Tuesday morning. 
He is a white supremacist accused of two counts of attempted murder after an improvised explosive device was detonated in northeast Calgary earlier this month. 
The 24-year-old is a veteran member of the Aryan Guard, a controversial group that has staged a number of marches and rallies in Calgary. 
His lawyer will seek bail for his client. 
McKee will be back in court January 5. 
A special prosecutor usually deals with cases that are particularly sensitive and complex.
The revelation that a special prosecutor has been assigned the case is especially interesting and, at this point, we won't speculate as to the reasons why.

Not that he doesn't have his supporters. John Marleau has referred to McKee as a, "prisoner of war" on the Blood & Honour forums, much to the confusion of the other members of the forum:

Of course one would have to discount the evidence such as bomb making materials allegedly found in McKee's residence. Then again, if McKee didn't commit the act, then perhaps someone with more of a motive did do it. Such as the individual spurned by a woman who was targeted (along with Sturrup) with the pipe bombs.

Like, oh, we don't know, John Marleau:

For all we know the status update could be the lyrics to a bad RAC song, but we think it's quite telling about Marleau's character and perhaps knowledge concerning the attempted murder.

We're so looking forward to the trial.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jeff Hughes: "They'll Never Take Me Alive"

The boneheads on Stormfront have painted Jeff Hughes (the neo-Nazi killed in Nanaimo lthis past October) as at best, a victim of overzealous police officers and, at worst, the victim of a calculated murder by the RCMP bent on taking out a White Nationalist activist. Even Paulie, whom Hughes had heard speak not long before his death, has gotten into the act.

Well, perhaps, just perhaps, Mr. Hughes was not the harmless man he's being portrayed as by the boneheads:
Man involved with neo-Nazi groups said police wouldn't take him alive 
Danielle Bell, Canwest News ServiceThursday, December 24, 2009 
The week before he died, Jeff Hughes told a former employer that if the police visited again they would not take him alive. 
"He told me he had a gun. I never saw it. I believed him," recalled Tyler Madison, 54, on Tuesday. "He told me, 'If they come to arrest me, they won't take me out of here in handcuffs.'" 
Hughes was shot and killed by police outside his downtown Nanaimo apartment on Oct. 23.

Madison considered himself to be Hughes's mentor and friend, despite his strong opposition to Hughes's involvement with neo-Nazi groups. He last saw Hughes briefly a week before his death, and says the man he describes as intelligent, charming and funny seemed depressed and agitated, and concerned about disputes with neighbours about noise. Madison feared at the time that Hughes was suicidal. 
He never married, had no children and no close family relationships, said Madison, adding Hughes was devastated two years ago when his cherished dog was put down.
His involvement with neo-Nazi groups brought Hughes to the attention of police. 

"I think that might have been him crying out for help," said Madison. "The social system failed him. People fall through the cracks." 
After his death, almost no one came forward to talk about Hughes, 48, and relatively little was known about the man whose life would end in a rare police shooting. 
Madison, who met Hughes when they both worked at a small Nanaimo information technology firm, said Hughes was lonely, financially strapped and suffering from a lot of pain due to arthritis. He took painkillers and was on lifelong disability payments. He did not have a driver's license and fixed the odd computer for a fee. 
Hughes shared with Madison stories of a troubled life, including a struggle with drugs and alcohol while living on Toronto streets as a teenager, a brief jail stint, a stay in a psych ward. 
He bounced from job to job and community to community, working as a chef and with computers.
Madison said Hughes was unhappy about being visited by an RCMP anti-hate crime unit, who were reportedly looking into his alleged distribution of hate propaganda. 
Police have yet to release much information about the shooting including how many officers were involved, how many times Hughes was shot and whether he had a weapon. 
The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit is leading the investigation, which includes an independent observer with the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP. The inquiry could take up to a year.
So, did did Hughes meet the RCMP with a weapon? Perhaps time will tell?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

AWPW: Update

Certain claims are being made by the woman we stated was the "leader" of the Alberta White Pride Warriors:

This site no longer works. It was created by a 15 year old child who had internet access from my home. That access has been denied, and as such, this site is no longer operational
I would shut it right down, except I don't know how to do that. If anyone can tell me, please email me directly at **********
If you are visiting this site via a link found at, let me say that first off, I, Cherissa ***** am NOT a racist, I did NOT start a white pride group, and lastly, I am NOT, I repeat, NOT married to a sex offender. My husband is a good and decent man named Charles, NOT Charleton. I do not live in Brooks, Alberta and this whole thing is the fault of a teenager I allowed to use my computer.
The author of said blog should be ashamed of himself, as should some of the people who commented on his "story." Ever try verifying your information? Maybe contacting people directly? Or do you only specialize in Slander? At least a few of the people who follow that blog were smart enough to ask questions. Like why if I am so racist, my facebook friends list looks like the united nations? Or why I would rant about freedom of speech, when I am not American? We in Canada don't have that "right."

The last line is especially telling, as it is a complaint made commonly heard made by our opponents when we call them on their racism.

You know in the spirit of the season, we'll bite. We will assume for the sake of discussion that you are telling the truth Cherissa and that you have been made the victim of a terrible fraud. And we will archive the article dealing with the AWPW so that no one need see it.

But you see, we still have some concerns. Such as who the person is who has posted on Stormfront and who knows so much of your life. Or the membership you and your husband have on a number of racist Facebook groups (we didn't by the way, "hack" into your account). And who posted a picture of yourself and three of your children on Stormfront. And why the people tied to the Winnipeg White Pride Warriors are saying the person leading the AWPW is a woman named Cherissa. And, well, so many questions to answer.

In other words, we would like clarification. For example, the 15 year old you accuse of having access to your computer and thus created the website. Well, just how did that person have access to your computer? And perhaps you might consider dealing with the other concerns too?

We await your response.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winnipeg White Pride Warriors: More Toothless Tigers

Another "group" that is trying to fill what they perceive as the void left but the implosion of the Aryan Guard is going by the name, "Winnipeg White Pride Warriors." As the name suggests, it's based in Winnipeg although the founder (who claims the group has 20 to 30 members and has been active for a few months) doesn't appear to currently live in the city:

Now, "honoryourlife" or Ryan here had made the following White Power cliche claims that no one buys anymore, if they ever did:

1. "We aren't about hatred, we're about being proud of our race."
2. "We aren't White supremacists."

You've been following this blog long enough now to know what's coming next, courtesy of Stormfront, right?

So, who is this terrifying scourge of ethnic Winnipegers?

Meet Ryan Brady, currently of Brandon Manitoba. Standing at an intimidating 5'3", Ryan also has class 1 diabetes, which means those ovens he suggest being fired up might have been used on him had he been subject to the Nazi eugenics programme.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Schadenfreude

We understand that the Calgary Remand Center makes sure to provide inmates with a piece of cake on Christmas.

Oh, how we so enjoy Wikileaks

Seems some enterprising young scamps have taken it upon themselves to hack into a few online racist websites, including Blood and Honour, Volksfront and White Revolution among others and offer it up to the curious public. The information is scheduled to appear on Wikileaks soon.

That got us to thinking. Wouldn't it be interesting if someone posted the same information on, let's say the Aryan Guard forum member list? Sadly, that site is completely secure due to the diligence of one Bill Noble.

Except, of course, when he left a massive hole in the security fence that allowed anyone to learn and copy the email addresses of every person then with a membership on the forums.

Did we collect that information? Oh, we'll never tell. ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009

An Oldie But a Goodie: Steeve McGarr‏ Was Arrested

We're a little bit late to the party on this one, but when we wrote about McKee's capture in Winnipeg a friend was reminded about another bonehead who had been on the lam and who was captured in August. He had been in hiding since 2003 but was finally picked up in Quebec City.

Steeve McGarr had been trying to establish a Canadian branch of the Creativity Movement, then going by the name the World Church of the Creator (until forced to change their name as a result of a lawsuit by the REAL World Church of the Creator which didn't want to share it's name with one of the more violent hate groups in the world; former leader Matt Hale is now in prison as a result of trying to have the judge in the case murdered). McGarr registered the fake WCOTC website, which contained materials clearly in violation of section 319 and some which may very well have violated section 318.

McGarr is now claiming to have had a change of heart during the years on the run and has renounced racism. He plead guilty to the outstanding charges, was sentenced to 6 months in jail and given 3 years probation upon his release.

Bill Noble should take heed of this. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn. You think you've gotten away with continued violation of your parole (not to mention refusing to pay taxes)? You might want to keep looking over your shoulder because there won't be a day where you aren't going to be safe from arrest.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't @#$% With Richard Warman: Part IV

It's been a while since we've posted anything in our, "Don't @#$% With Richard Warman" series, but we figured this one would drive his fans on Stormfront absolutely wild:

White guilty on four counts, not guilty on three 
A federal jury has found William A. White guilty on four counts and not guilty on three counts. 
The jury found White guilty of: threatening Jennifer Petsche, a Citibank employee in Kansas City, Mo.; intimidating several residents of a Virginia Beach apartment complex with the intent to prevent their testimony in a housing discrimination case; threatening Kathleen Kerr, an administrator at the University of Delaware; and threatening Richard Warman, a human rights lawyer from Canada. 
The three counts that resulted in acquittals were: threatening Petsche, the bank employee, with the intent to extort; threatening Leonard Pitts, a nationally syndicated columnist in Bowie, Md.; and threatening Charles Tyson, the former mayor of South Harrison Township, N.J. 
White faces a maximum of 40 years in prison on the four convictions. The lawyers involved are given 10 days to file post-verdict motions and to note appeals. After that, White will be sentenced.

So don't @#$% with Richard Warman.... and a bunch of other people for that matter.

And just to rub a little more salt in the wound, Melissa Guille's constitutional challenge has been rejected:

Happy holidays, everyone.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kyle McKee Update: They Got Him

We said it was a matter of time, and we were right.

Kyle McKee was arrested in Winnipeg.

Happy holidays.
Date: Wed Dec 16 09:55:11 2009Subject: PA/MRU #08-633
From: Emma Poole 
The Winnipeg Police Service, with assistance from the CalgaryPolice Service, has arrested a man wanted since November fortwo counts of attempted murder. 
Kyle Robert MCKEE, 24, was arrested Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009, at approximately 12:30 a.m., Central Standard Time (Winnipegtime). 
MCKEE surrendered to officers following a two-hour standoff at a home in the 500 block of Bannerman Avenue, in Winnipeg’s North End.
MCKEE was tracked to the home following a tip to police. Itnot known how long he had being staying in the house. 
He was last spotted near Regina on Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009, but was able to evade RCMP. 
MCKEE, 24, faces two counts of attempted murder, possessing, making or controlling explosives, and possession of a weapon or imitation for a dangerous purpose in connection with an explosives incident in Rundle on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009. 
A 17-year-old, who cannot be named under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was arrested earlier in Portagela Prairie, Manitoba, and charged in connection with the same incident. 
The Calgary Police Service would like to thank the Winnipeg Police Service, the public, and the media for their assistance in locating MCKEE. 
District 5 GIU Staff Sgt. Keith Cain is available to speak with the media today, Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009, at 1 p.m.This availability will be held at the District 5 office, 5401 Temple Drive N.E.
More information to follow. In the meantime, if anyone has any information on the residents of the home in Winnipeg where he was hiding out we would be very interested.

And to answer some questions posed to us, sadly no, on this the mainstream media did beat us to the story.

However, time for some educated speculation on out part.

Some boneheads close to the Aryan Guard were from Winnipeg. And we know that although they moved to Calgary that there are still people they know who lived in Winnipeg. We wonder if there's a connection?

We also know that John Marleau, basically the main cause for the events that transpired, has links to Winnipeg. And Jason Harley, a former Aryan Guard member who attended their first "White Pride" march in Calgary in 2008 now lives in Winnipeg as well.

UPDATE: Some MSM links concerning the arrest of McKee:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 2009 Bits and Bites

You know how Paulie says that he isn't a racist, but a proud, patriotic Canadian who wishes to honor the traditions of his forefathers? Well....

Good thing Paulie isn't a racist, eh?

On the Kyle McKee front, not sign of the pointy-headed little sewer rat yet, but he is still in contact with former Aryan Guard members though the "fan site" he created for himself on Facebook:

So who do we have here? The woman he knocked up when she was 16 (J.N.) and her sister S.N, a rat of another sort John Marleau and "Natalie Sonne" who is McKee's current paramour. You would think the police might be interested in speaking to these people who have had some level of communication with McKee since at least early December.

Actually, that reminds us of something. Not long after we reported on the bombing and the suspected involvement of McKee and a then 17 year old male, "Natalie Sonne" sent us a message to contact her. She had already shut down (or at least made private) her blog when we replied. We received this message from her:
I'm sure nothing I can say will prevent you from posting all sorts of information about me, but to be honest I'm done with all of this, and really just want to try and live a normal life now.
We challenged her to actually live up to that commitment. We said that she needed to spill to the police. If she made a clean break, we said we'd give her a clean slate. Very generous offer on our part, and to sweeten the deal, we even blocked her face on the picture with her and McKee. All she had to do is make a clean break. Only an idiot would reject such generosity.

"Natalie Sonne" is an idiot.

Given her actions during the last few weeks, it's clear that "Natalie Sonne" never had any intention of living a, "normal life." She just thinks she's been more quiet about what she's been doing.

So our very generous offer is now rescinded.


Meet Natalie S., who goes by "Natalie Sonne" on Facebook and other sites and "Hiraeth" on Stormfront and her own blog. Another pseudonym she has used is "deadbattalion." She's currently in her second year at the University of Calgary. Started in Business but switched to Computer Science, though she has taken a number of history classes; this semester Natalie took a course on Early Medieval history. Little Natalie's parents are paying for her education and evidently are not pleased about their little girl's involvement in far right politics.

She began dating McKee in January, we presume after his fling with another 16 year old had ended. As Natalie was at least 18 when she began dating, we assumed that she'd be a little long in the tooth for McKee's tastes in wome... children. But hey, we were proven wrong.

Have a good break from University Natalie.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well! That Was Rude! Fromm Doesn't Like Visitors.

We mentioned that Paulie would be visiting Calgary today and that some friends might be interested in attending his speech today. God knows that, considering how cold it was, Paulie should be thankful for anyone who would brave the subarctic winds to listen to a windbag.

But, when they arrived, Paulie didn't seem at all interested, as evidenced by the short video that was sent to us by an anonymous benefactor:

Now, when the welcome wagon arrived, they noticed that Paulie was all alone. In the past members of the Aryan Guard and others would have been in attendance, but today, nothing. One could blame the cold, or one could consider the possibility that, "White Nationalism" is so unpalatable in the aftermath of, oh, we don't know, attempted murder, that this will all that Paulie will be able to attract to his cause in Calgary. At least for now.

We're open to the possibility that Paulie may have found another venue. If he did, and there are pictures or video, please show and share.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Aryan Guard Collapse Fallout and Aftermath Part III: White Power Embarrassed by the Aryan Guard

Well so far McKee has managed to keep out of sight and is still a free ma..., well, not man. More like a free huma... no, that doesn't sound right either. Person? Hmmm, so.

Suffice it to say the individual who looks like a half drowned rat is still not yet in custody.

One of our favourite contributors sent us the following poster. Feel free to print it and distribute as you see fit:

In the meantime, members of the White Power movement in Canada continue to voice their embarrassment that the Aryan Guard and W.E.B. are on their side:

Interestingly, Bill Noble also admits that that Aryan Guard will be targeting minorities:

In other news, Paul Fromm plans on speaking in Calgary tomorrow. We wonder how many former Aryan Guard members will be attending his speech. If any of our friends in Calgary happen upon the speech, we hope they will be kind enough to send us some photos.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Genocide Studies as a History Course

An article in the "Toronto Star" caught our attention and we felt we needed to share it with our readers:

This Toronto history course makes student cry

December 9, 2009 00:12:00
Louise Brown Education Reporter

There is a Grade 11 history class in Etobicoke that has been known to make students cry. Teacher Shelley Kyte gets nightmares just from planning some of the lessons.

In a course believed to be unlike any other in the country, the focus is genocide, the worst of human atrocities. They have covered the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust already; now they are discovering Rwanda, a horror that happened during their short lives.

Here in Room 219 at Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy, near Royal York Rd. and Lawrence Ave. W., students as young as 15 have watched footage of a Tutsi couple kneeling before being beaten to death. They have learned that "everybody took part in the killing – even teachers," said student Joshua Watkis.

This week, they were to play Pax Warrior, a computer game that lets you imagine you are a United Nations commander facing horrific choices during the Rwandan bloodbath.

"It's heavy, what we learn in this course," said Watkis. "It's pretty raw; it's hard to watch, but it's real and the more our generation looks into stuff like this, the more we can stop it."

For the first time since the course was launched last year within the Toronto District School Board, a genocide class opened its doors to a reporter and photographer this week, plus two Scarborough teachers who hope to run the course next year and the board consultant who will help them with the highly charged material.

Despite initial controversy over the brutal subject matter, more than 10 school boards from as far away as Vancouver, Montreal and New Brunswick have expressed interest in the curriculum.

"You could do this course very badly – `Here's a bunch of atrocities, humanity sucks, let's all give up' – but we try to give children the tools to understand how those events are perpetrated so they can understand how they can be prevented," said Kyte, one of 20 teachers leading the course, and a co-author of some of its lessons.

"I screen out some of the more horrific material – that's why I get the bad dreams – and I limit the amount we do watch," said Kyte. "But I actually like when students get upset, especially boys, when they realize this isn't a slasher film. This is real. Some hide their eyes. Some cry, but they need to appreciate the gravity before they can develop empathy and then hope."

Trustee Gerri Gershon proposed the course last year as a way to teach teenagers "the depths of the darker side of human nature, because sometimes when we are moved by some terrible thing, it can bring us to some positive action.

"It's sad and it's horrific," she said, "but it's also very real and there can be a tremendous amount of rich learning about empathy and civic responsibility and not standing by passively when these things begin."

Students learn the eight stages a group goes through before committing genocide, as outlined by U.S. law professor Gregory Stanton: classify "us vs. them;" label them with symbols like the Jewish star; dehumanize them with slurs, such as Tutsi cockroach; organize groups to carry out the hate crime; polarize anyone who disagrees; segregate those to be killed; exterminate them – then deny it.

"These students can see violence all over TV and YouTube," said Kyte, but the course offers a way to analyze the roots of this type of hatred.

"This course really hits you hard. Sometimes when I leave the class I can't stop thinking of it for a while," said Keisha O'Leary, 15.

"But it provides awareness so people like us won't ignore it when we see it starting."

Perhaps our readers might consider lobbying their provincial governments to include a course related to genocide studies in their respective school programs of study?

Monday, December 07, 2009

He Will Not Be Mourned

Today, boneheads across North America are commemorating the immolation of neo-Nazi terrorist and murderer Robert Jay Mathews 25 years ago. In the spirit of the day, we thought that we would also recognize the day in the only way we know how:

What? Too soon?

Update: Hmmm, touched a bit of a nerve, have we? Good.

We'll feel sorry for Robert Jay Mathews the moment the surviving members of The Order express remorse for the murder of Alan Berg.

And as for the claim that Mathews was murdered, the fire that was set was a result of the grenades and ammunition he has amassed. Even then he had ample opportunity to get out of the building. He chose to remain inside the burning building, firing at the police the entire time. He made his choice. It was an especially stupid choice.

We'll mourn for the victims of Robert Jay Mathews and The Order. We will not mourn for him.

Have a lovely day.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

McKee Update

So far no news about McKee to speak of, though Bill Noble's Facebook certainly sounds a bit ominous:

The Valkyries Came Down From A Bloody Sky To Take His Soul When He Died Now In Valhalla He Is On His Throne With Other Fallen Warriors, He's Not Alone

In the meantime, McKee's 17 year old accomplice, who turned 18 recently (and thus confirming for us the identity of the youth) made a court appearance earlier in the week:

Special prosecutor assigned to neo-Nazi linked bombing case

Last Updated: 1st December 2009

The alleged neo-Nazi youth charged with a potentially deadly Calgary bombing made his first court appearance yesterday.

The teen, who can’t be named, did not speak during the brief proceeding, in which duty counsel Cathy Lane-Goodfellow asked that his case be adjourned until next week.

Outside court, Lane-Goodfellow said providing there is no conflict with the youth’s adult co-accused, she expects her office will take the case.

Crown lawyer Marlo MacGregor told youth court Judge Karen Jordan that Rajbir Dhillon, from the special prosecutions office which handles gang-related matters, will be assigned to the case.

The accused, now 18, faces a half-dozen charges, including two of attempted murder in connection with an incident Nov. 21, outside a Pinridge-area apartment complex.

Two home-made bombs exploded harmlessly in a parking lot after they were discovered by occupants in a target residence and tossed away.

A 29-year-old female who lives in the apartment said she heard noises on her balcony and allegedly found Aryan Guard founder Kyle Robert McKee lighting what she believes were pipe bombs.

A police spokesman said the devices would have been deadly had they not been thrown into the parking lot.

“The persons would have been killed had the device not been thrown from the residence,” said Staff Sgt. Keith Cain.

While the youth remains in custody, McKee is on the lam from the law, having evaded arrest in Saskatchewan last Wednesday after being pulled over by Mounties.

McKee, 24, who is wanted on Canada-wide warrants for attempted murder, was parked in a truck on a gravel road south of Regina about 2 p.m. when RCMP approached the vehicle.

He identified himself and showed his Alberta driver’s licence.

But when the Mountie returned to his vehicle to check his name, McKee and a youth with him sped away.

The youth in custody was arrested in Portage La Prairie, Man., two days earlier.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

So, What's Happening To Nazi Dad?

Remember a while back when we were discussing the epic of "Nazi Mom" and "Nazi Dad" of Winnipeg when the lost their two children after repeatedly sending the oldest daughter to elementary school with swastikas and other racist iconography drawn on her body with a Sharpie marker (when she was sent to school, that is, as her attendance was infrequent at best). Remember the efforts to get their children back -- Nazi Mom and Nazi Dad were now separated -- and Paul Fromm's indignation of the rights of these parents were being violated by the state? Remember the protest Paulie organized which drew a grand total of 3 unattractive dolts, and which Paulie himself may not have attended?

Then, there was the testimony which indicated that the racist drawings were the least of the problems. Then there was Nazi Mom who moved out east and couldn't be bothered to attend the custody hearing initially, and when she did go she was arrested for credit card fraud and then gave up her quest for her children. Remember that? And how Nazi Dad tried to claim that saying he couldn't draw racist symbols of his kids was a violation of his right to free expression?

Well, now word that Nazi Dad was arrested some timelate last month. Not yet certain of the charges, though it appears to stem from a case of impaired driving near Selkirk, Manitoba.

The "Master Race" indeed.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Paul Fromm Might Be An Idiot..... Again

A few days ago during the scheduling of Terry Tremaine preliminary hearing, Paulie was roasted for breaching conditions of the publication ban. The judge suggested that Paulie could face prosecution for his violation, leaving that decision up to the crown prosecuter.

A normal, reasonable person would then decide it might be better to abide by the court's decision and to keep quite about in in public. Not Paulie though. In a display worthy of any playground temper tantrum, Paulie posts a message on Stormfront, refers to Richard Warman (who Fromm seems to believe had supplied the prosecutor with the Stormfront postings) as a, "tattle tale" and then goes on to write about more in-court discussions:

REGINA. November 28, 2009. "Teacher, teacher, Joey, is chewing gum." We all remember the prissy grade school tattle tale squealing on another child to get him into trouble. No one, not even most authority figures, like the tattle tale. People tattle usually, not out of some sense of justice or concern about important laws being violated, but out of some form of vindictiveness, an effort to hurt someone, or, in those long past school days, get some other kid into trouble.

The Regina Leader-Post (November 27, 2009) reported: "On Thursday, far-right activist, Paul Fromm with the Canadian Association for Free Expression, drew criticism from Crown prosecutor John Stoesser for allegedly breaching conditions of that ban through an Internet posting. Fromm has been present in the courtroom gallery throughout much of the hearing.

[Judge Bruce] Henning reminded Fromm about the publication ban. The judge said he'd leave it up to the Crown to decide whether to pursue contempt charges, and advised Fromm to speak to a lawyer if he has any questions or concerns.

"A few more details should be added. On Thursday, just before former political prisoner Terry Tremaine's preliminary hearing into a charge of violating Sec. 319, Canada's notorious "hate law", adjourned until March, Crown Prosecutor Stroesser rose waving a two page download from Stormfront. He indicated that this posting had been brought to his attention (umm, by whom, one wonders?) and that it might constitute a breach of the court ordered ban on publication of the evidence before the preliminary hearing. Judge Henning took a quick glance at it and refused to act further, saying that, if the Crown had concerns, it was up to them to proceed.

Stroessser later said that he doubted that my report crossed the line, but, as a complaint had been made, he had brought it to the attention of the Court, and warned me to be careful.

My posting on Stormfront had carefully avoided revealing the evidence or even the identity of Crown witnesses heard in the first week of hearings in this matter in October. The printoff, lovingly highlighted in yellow bore a distinct resemblence to the style of a certain Ottawa lawyer known to be a chronic complainer. Can I prove who's behind this? No, I can't PROVE it.

I do see a pattern. Richard Warman, the Sec. 13 champion complainant, filed the initial Sec. 13 complaint against Terry Tremaine for his Internet postings back in 2005. He almost immediately, long before the matter was adjudicated, wrote to Mr. Tremaine's then employer the University of Saskatchewan, demanding that "appropriate" action be taken. Mr. Tremaine lost his job as a part time lecturer. Mr. Warman subsequently filed a Sec. 319 complaint against Mr. Tremaine, which led to the current charges. There has been an all-out effort to destroy Mr. Tremaine and those who support his right to free speech.

My earlier writings decrying Mr. Warman's war on Internet dissent or what he's called "neo-Nazis" led to a long a costly libel suit against me and CAFE.

In August, 2008, in Hamilton, Ontario, during the Warman v Jason Ouwendyk and the Northern Alliance Canadian Human Rights tribunal, Mr. Warman was lurking around the security men who were checking people entering the Court building. I wasn't sure what the security guard muttered and he assumed from my large lawyer's briefcase that I was a lawyer. He waved me through, without the usual wanding and search. I was Mr. Ouwendyk's "agent" but am not a lawyer. Warman hopped up early in the hearing: "Mr. Chair, Mr. Chair" (I wondered whether he'd be addressing the table next). He proceeded breathlessly to suggest that I'd lied and somehow evaded or avoided or subverted security. The tribunal chairman said, "Let's just move on."

However, you get the picture.

It is very dangerous in Canada to publicly dissent from political correctness, especially on the Internet. Warman had made the lives of dissenters hell, with a torrent of Sec. 13 complaints. Those who have protested these persecutions, like myself, have also come under attack. Lawyers like Douglas Christie and Ezra Levant who have stood up for victims of various human rights commissions have also been the objects of Law Society complaints by some in the "human rights" industry.

Paulie seems to be treating the judicial system, something he clearly has no understanding of based on this prissy fit or his "help" of various idiological allies. His failures however make it fun for us to ridicule him.

Paulie should be aware, however, that Mr. Warman isn't the only person watching who might slip information to the prosecution.

Chew on that a little bit.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Terrible Twos

Online for two years now. Given the events of the last month, we think it would be greedy to ask for yet another birthday gift. However, a dear friend sent us a picture that, given the police are still looking for McKee, is very appropriate:

And just for fun, we would like to leave our dear readers, especially those who have some historical background knowledge, the following question:

Isn't it just a bit ironic that RN is quoting text from, "The Catechism of a Revolutionary" written by Sergei Nechaev and Mikhail Bakunin?

Aryan Guard Collapse Fallout and Aftermath Part III: Backbiting and Threats

Earlier we mentioned how the Aryan Guard, which claimed to have disbanded in the middle of the week, has decided to ride out the storm. In reality, the old guard of the racist gang have likely moved on and it's the younger, more violent, less intelligent (if that is at all possible) members have taken over. What is most interesting is that at least some Aryan Guard members appear to be in contact with Kyle McKee, currently being sought on attempted murder charges. On his Facebook page, it looks like McKee has provided access information to an ally and is in communication with that person:

So, who is in contact with McKee? We're sure the police would be very interested, Natalie.

When it comes to the decision not to disband the Aryan Guard, Bill Noble has decided to address some questions, including suggestions that he take over leadership of the gang:

Noble is trying to sound conciliatory, however there is a great deal of animosity in the ranks of the former Aryan Guard. One young member and Marleau discuss the issue briefly on Facebook:

One of the people he's talking about, at least in part, is Noble:

However, that doesn't stop others from calling Marleau out, as evidenced by his further need to respond to accusations:

Marleau also addresses the issue of the "White Pride" march that he claims is still being planned and the issue of who is real and loyal:

But, just so our readers don't think that this is a squabble occurring only within the ranks of the broken Aryan Guard, we would point to the fact W.E.B. has decided to weigh in. Tyler Sturrup (one of the targets of the pipe bomb attack), using Robert Reitmeier's Stormfront account, posted the following statement:

We especially enjoy his statement that, "W.E.B word is law" considering the intellectual abilities of the W.E.B. brain trust. Case in point, Sturrup (pictured along with Reitmeier) spent months in jail, missing the March 21, 2009 White Pride fiasco. Why was he in jail? Because he stole a lobster from a Chinese grocer then pulled a box cutter on the person who stopped him. And why did he try to steal a lobster? He had stolen another earlier in the day and wanted to watch the two fight in his bath tub.

Genius, he ain't.

And if anyone thinks that the members of W.E.B. will be able to organize getting out of bed on time, never mind a march through the streets of Calgary, the former Aryan Guard don't have a hell of a lot of faith in them either to do something "useful" like "bomb a synagogue of muslim temple [sic]":

To which a nervous Marleau replies:

We're sure they do, but so do we, so we'll share your concerns with the our readership.

In all honesty, there is reason to be concerned. Back biting within the remnants of the Aryan Guard with the new "leadership" taking a decidedly violent and threatening tone, all the while in a conflict with the equally violent W.E.B. gang. Both groups claim they will take their, "activism" to the streets and off the Internet. Both groups have people who have been charged with and/or convicted of numerous crimes, including assault and attempted murder. Both groups have stated they will begin targeting minorities in the city of Calgary.

The police need to step up and deal with these people before someone is seriously injured or killed. McKee was building pipe bombs and amassing a supply of weapons. There's no reason to doubt that others in both gangs have done the same. And while their violence might take the form of targeting one another, we do fear for any innocents caught in the cross fire.

We had been warning people about the Aryan Guard (and the splinter gang, W.E.B. soon after we became aware of it) for years. We were right about them. Now, we're warning that the danger has not decreased and, in fact, may very well escalate.

Put these people away.